The American Bible
Copyright 2003 by Frank Weltner. All Rights Reserved.


Chapter One

As I was sleeping a small scroll floated overhead, which I grabbed and placed in my mouth. It was sweet at first, but then became very bitter. Then the clouds opened through a hole that opened up in my ceiling, and rays of light and lightning were cast about within and without it, and my bedroom walls became mountains and my bed became a soft meadow by a gently flowing stream, and I was amazed.

And the Lord came in a dream within His miraculously flashing clouds and said to me in a thundering voice as I lay naked on the green grasses of American soil and a miriad of fowl and beasts of the field swarmed in the sky overhead and grazed at my feet and all around me, "Take yourself and hide your people away so that they will escape the curses I have placed upon them for their transgressions. For they have wickedly purchased things instead of committing themselves to me. Their women have killed their unborn and hugged the filing cabinets in the offices of the rich corporate heathens whom I have killed through the years by my agencies."

And I, being shaken and truly amazed, said, Lord, explain to me what you mean. 

And the Lord said.

"Listen to me and hear me! Black Africans are the abomination of Noah, for when Noah, your father was drunk and had fallen asleep in his tent, the father of the African races did fornicate within Noah, his own father, as did his brother, Canaan. And thus, for raping his drunken patriarch, I did remove them both from the rest of mankind, placing them safely south of Egypt, separated from the sons of Adam, the good ones, by a dry, hot desert that stretched farther than even a thousand camels could venture. I did transform Ham and his brother, Canann, into black men, people who are repugnant and disgusting to look upon. Since that time, Ham has fathered this offensive race whose skin I made into blackest coal, for I have even enlarged their nostrils grotesquely, and I have thickened their lips to resemble those of a hippopotamus so no one would ever want them, I have decreased the size of their brains, and I have sentenced them forever to the lives of criminals, which they have made themselves to be, that they shall forever continue to be that criminal that Ham and Canaan was in these sexual violation of their own father. 

Chapter Two

"Do not adulterate your race with these evil people in any manner whatsoever or you shall doom yourself and your children to lives of pain and torment similar to their own, for their curse rubs against all who are in their vicinity, for I made them that way. So that, if you transgress my wishes and associate with them, I will see that they destroy your cities, make waste all of your schools, and commit crime after crime against themselves and you, until you have nothing else to do than to imprison and contain them for your own welfare.

"Yet it was not I who was responsible for this, for Ham was the son of Satan, whom I have allowed to transgress against me for my purposes. Many men have pieces of Satan inside their hearts, but those whom I have made black in the likeness of evil as black is the absence of light, those devils, which I placed in Africa, far south of Egyptís brazen temples and haughty Pharoahs, are the enforcers I shall use against my people when they, too, transgress against me."

"We have already transgressed against you, Lord, and our cities have been ruined by them," I said.

"I knew this for all of time," the Lord answered, "yet I allowed them to demonstrate my power. For, when you brought them here into your beautiful countryside, despite their ugliness which should have shown any reasonable man they were not to be allowed close to your people, yet, for money, you allowed them in. So, now you have been cursed with my curse, and, until you remove them all including their mongrelized offspring which are even high yellows, shall you continue to suffer. It is your choice. Keep them and suffer. Remove them and achieve peace.

"For, as you have brought Ham's race into you cities, and, as I have forewarned your fathers in many books against doing so, by so doing despite My warnings, you have laid waste your interior to the ravishing horde of evil which these damnable felons bring with them always. Even worse, your so-called 'best minds' have induced through human logic that the Laws of God, My Laws, are no longer in fashion in a world where I have been cast aside, and that Man has more reason than God Himself. For this, I have allowed your cities to be destroyed, and I have allow the Synagogue of Satan to rule you in their great newspapers and spewcast their monopoly NEWS networks which I allowed them to develop and/or purchase from you. Now, these minions of evil, these unholy and degenerate legions of criminals roam your nation, and, because of the Satan Spawn of your NEWS, you have been cursed by them and their African puppets."

Chapter Three

"What can we do to help ourselves," I asked. "Is there no way out for us? No Grace in Christ's death for us?"

The Lord said to me:

"There is not enough Grace in the universe to rid you of their peril, unless you 'come out from among them,' as is written in what you call your 'Old Testament.' However, those liars who pose as the authors of that book, yet are not but are imposters. They are the false Jews who call themselves Jews but are not.

"These are the people who are related to those who come to Israel today. I let them travel there from the USSR which they ruled in their Asiatic despotism killing my blessed Christians with impunity. Many of them live in New York City, Hollywood, and Miami Beach, flying back and forth to Haifa and the Eastern Europe where they killed so many of the Adamic Sons. 

"After lying about the real truth in the Old Testament, which they themselves contrived, as well as their New Testament of Deceptions, they have now told you in their presses which have become your tainted eyes and ears, blessed with Satanic evils, that these Africans are your equals. 

"No. I who am your Lord thy God, tell here and now, they are you inferiors, and I made them inferior forever. Even if you waste your seed in them, their use to you will be minor. Better to be rid of them and place your seed only in yourselves and not adulterate your people with such semi-human Satanic scum and filth."

Chapter Four

God paused and blinked, and the Sun when on, then off, then on again, and I shuddered fearfully, until He spoke some more on these matters, saying:

"I order you to tell your people this, that they have committed Adultery by bringing foreign persons with foreign gods and ideas to their nation, which is MY nation, and breeding with them. especially the Jews and Negroes. In Esra and Nehemiah, the people of Jerusalem deported all of their foreign wives and husbands to keep their covenant with Me to keep themselves Holy, and "Holy" means to be kept separated and pure. Any abdication of this is the SIN OF ADULTERATION OF THE RACE.. 

"It is time that you deport them all, be rid of them, each and every Mongrel amongst you, or they, being not like you, will do what the Jews did and betray you to Babylon and King Nebeccanezer, which they then betrayed Babylon to Medo-Persia, they then rebuilt Jerusalem yet worked with the Ptolemies to place alien Kings over it and bring in foreigners with foreign god to change Judah into a Greek world, then rebelled against Rome which I built up, then against Constantine, even Christianity, Justinian, Charlemagne, King Louie, Tsar Nicholas, and all the others, until I sent forth Adolph Hitler to end their four thousand year reign of terror, yet they were clever enough to escape their true retribution and being that abomination of evil known as Israel which is not Israel but a mockery of Bolshevik racism against the mamzers who are Mongrels living in those areas.

Chapter Five

"For Judah was a scavenging Kingdom which held sway over Israel, the Northern Kingdom from the South, taking over the sacred Ark of My Covenant with the Israelite scum, encasing it in a stone Temple to keep everyone coming to them in order to worship, and whom they taxed for their enrichment, making my worship detestable in the eyes of my people. Judah then rewrote the Old Testament to suit Judah, making the Israelites and themselves sons of Jacob, a twisted man, whom they invented, but I would never let a crippled man father the greatest and most blessed races in the world, yet they so painted me. For Jacob means "liar," and your God is not represented by a liar. I made them write that so I could prove to you of their treachery in these days.

"Those sons of liars lie to you in your media, which you must end by shutting down their presses and their many television stations. You must never let these liars own your eyes and ears and pour out their Satanic racist poisons into your minds, telling you to marry Negroes and other mamzers, thus destroying your DNA, the seed of Adam, and your destinies. 

"Instead, I command you to deport these denizens of the dark side of the world to a quiet place where they will stay, the same as I sequestered Satan in Hell for all those years, so he would not kill you. 

"For you must listen carefully to my words lest you miss their meaning, because the aim of the false Jews who claim that they are Jews but are not Jews is to dilute and adulterate your Godly seed line and then kill you as they murdered those tens of millions of innocents in Russia, for which I personally rose up Adolph Hitler in order to stop them from doing the same in Western Europe, which they were close to accomplishing, and then, to punish them. 

"For every crime, even the crime of corruption, adultery, and subversion, there must be one man come forward, at least, to oppose it, and Hitler was the man. Respect him, for the Jews have sought to defame and slur him. Know by that, that he is good, for they are evil and of serpent seed, sent to deceive and kill you out. 

"Do not trust them. 

"Hitler was a Saint who came to end their evil Bolshevism and to make the world safe, yet the false Jews who claim that they are Jews but are not Jews corrupted your own nation and tricked you, too, into fighting for the Bolshevik Stalin who had already murdered more than 65 million Christians, almost all of them true sons of Adam, of my flesh and blood, and my inheritance. 

"How you could do that, fight for Bolshevism, is beyond my immense imagination, yet for all of time, I knew you would do this, because I sought to punish you for adulterating America and the world with Africans, false Jews, Asians, and other manner of foreigners."

Chapter Six

The wind shifted and there was silence and the ephemera of lighting in the hollow and huge area where God was speaking to me...

"What else have we done to fall from You, Oh Lord," I asked, trembling for my life.

"You have worshipped things instead of me."

"You have allowed your women to become haughty and to feminize their men so that they resemble women in all ways. For I made men and women differently. For this reason, and to demonstrate their inferiority, I have made women less than Adam and his male sons, for Eve, a woman transgressed and thus corrupted her husband, Adam, and thus brought all Creation into disrepair."

"I have seen the fountains red with blood among many nations, all because the men took counsel of their wives. Wives tell their husband, ĎDo not be so hard on children and be good to your enemies,í but I tell you that whenever these men became so feminine as to seek their wives approval and did not slap them and contain their haughty arrogance, then did I make them weak as women and cause their enemies to come and slay them."

"Thus, even in the desert, as Moses was receiving the Ten Commandments which I set forth for Israel, did I watch as the haughty women in the baggage, mere cookers of food for families, whisper into the ears of their cowardly husbands, that I was a male God and therefore should be replaced by a female God so that these people could corrupt themselves forever. And many feminized men in that train of sorry losers whom I had mistakenly blessed as a favor to Abraham, did build a god of gold, a heifer, a female cattle god, to worship and shit upon in the desert. Thus, in so doing, did they shit upon my image, for every vestige of love for that god, did corrupt them in my sight, and cause me to further curse them with women, savage beasts, and ignorant persons with whom I forced them to associate."

Chapter Seven

"You who are in what I have given you and which you have called ĎThe New World,í but which is really older than you are, this vast land have I now allowed the mamzers to corrupt. The false Jews who are not Jews but say they are Jews corrupted you with feminized and pandering men who love to follow the vanities of their women of haughty spirits. Many of these women now control their husbands, and for a taste of their privates do their men bow down to them in strange ways and humble themselves as never before. These spineless men who sit in councils with women are abominations to me, for I have made men to be men and women to be women have I made unto them as their part and role and for which I created them to be and to always remain.

"Even more, I have tortured you endlessly with evil Asiatics who are called Jews who are not Jews but Communist Tsar Killers from the Caucasus Mountains. These are evil persons of Edom/Esau. In ancient times, I made them red in hair and countenance. Later, came new persons, less related even than before, people of the satan seed, persons, some families of whom owned most of the banks of Europe, the head of which I purposely renamed and legally changed Rothschild and whose name Roth is in German "Red" and the Schild of which is mean to mean "Flag". 

"And, so I have set within your nation men who serve Rothschild, the "Red Flag" of evil, men who own banks and who desire your racial confusion and destruction and who developed the ways of Marx as a foil unto you and a net in which to snare you. For Marx is a like unto a modern police trap, and when you drive down the highway, you are suddenly pulled aside and told to open your belongings and share their insides with total strangers, for you have transgressed, and this is only the beginning of the travails I will set to hurt you for your sins against me. I have given the Red Flag Jews who are atheists and not Jews at all the tools to do this in my name, and in my full vision, because you did not worship me and stand by me. Instead, you allowed them to corrupt you as I knew you would. And I wanted to use their evils against you, for you deserve to be punished always."

Chapter Eight

Then it was that the Heavens seemed to open and a speckled bird came down into me, and I knew that it was Jesus and St. John the Baptist, and a Lamb whose name was David Koresh sat by my side and said unto me, "Behold, you have found favor in the eyes of our God, for you have remained true, having stayed clear of the Churches which pretend to serve Him but which serve instead the greed of the banks that have oppressed you and stolen from you the inheritance that He had given to you. And so, by not standing up for the widow and the husband, you allowed the Reds to take your wealth that God and Jesus had provided you, and, by the pen and paper, to steal it from you."

Koresh said, "For what you have allowed the Reds to do in the understanding of Esau, the rejected one of God and of the blessing, which instead was placed unto the hands of Esauís deceiving brother, Jacob, with whom God wrestled one cold evening, and whose grip on Godís and Esauís ankle did make even Jacob limp forever, so, these Reds, the Esaus, these people of the Devilís carnage, have you allowed to take away your lands and to destroy your blessing. Instead of taking gun and sword in hand to kill them and drive them from the land in the name of God the Savior, now God has allowed the Devil through them to envelope you in lifelong poverty, the poverty of a people with no vision but the visions of Jews who are Esauís Reds and who control through the Jew tube your every thought."

And David Koresh held forth his hand, and I beheld it smoldering and smelling of burned wood and flesh. "Take my burning hands," Koresh said to me, "For the Lamb of God was killed by the Esau Government in Washington, whose men determined to war with Godís representative and slay him and his people while the world watched and did nothing."

And before me, Koresh provided a vision of the burnt Church. The forces of evil were arrayed outside his church in Texas, arrayed against Godís host.

These govermental devils had assembled for 50 days. They were there one day for each state or sovereign nation, thus 50 days. On the 51st day, the day of the kill, the Red Government controlled by the false Jews who say they are Jews but are not, but who are the Anti-Christ Killers in Washington, worked behind the scenes to bring an end to the Koreshian Church. This day, they poked holes into the Church and then pumped lethal gas into the Church. During this time, Rabbis who complain bitterly than Christians had not helped them in their deception which they have named their Holocaust, did nothing to help the Christians, but merely sat in their synagogues and said nothing. 

And God said to me, "Those false Jews who lie and say that they are my people have confessed their evil by professing nothing. Through their silence have they condemned themselves. They sat and watched a vicious encircling horde of central government criminals kill the babies of Adam's flesh as well as flesh from other serpent peoples. They watched them deny children food and water and medicines for 50 days to represent each unholy nation-state within their filthy Jewish corrupted government, which is more Boshevik than Adamic, which I have condemned to end for their evil deeds here."

Chapter Nine

"Why did you not stop them and save Koresh and his children?" I asked. "As you recall I had prophesied on radio for weeks that they would kill these children, for it was made manifest to me."

And the Lord said in a voice that shook the place where I was standing, "I allowed this to happen so that the fate of the American People would be sealed forever, and to remind me that I must punish and destroy them, and to allow them to commit murder against me and to kill the Prophet whom I sent, and to defame and lie against him, so that his death would be a fitting judgment upon all of their heads, for except for you, no one came forward to help me."

"Oh, Lord," I said, "You have humbled me, for I am as nothing before you. My utterings were but pissing into winds, my water blown this way and that and back upon me, and were insufficient even to matter."

"A voice in the wilderness, like the voices of my Davidian Saints who stood their ground in the face of the many evils I inflicted upon them. You stood tall and announced across your entire nation what they were about to do in killing those innocents. No one else, not one, stood forth, but the announcer which whom you spoke came to my side along with you eventually, and so he will stand by my side along with you as Saints to join these people in everlasting life."

"I do not wish eternal life," I told the Lord. "It is forbidden for men to have it."

"Nothing is forbidden to the Lord," he said. Then the Lord continued...

"It was my will to demonstrate to all mankind the evil of the Esau agencies of the Red Government in Washington, men devoted to chaos and death of all who oppose their tyrannies. And I caused them to be wild, to attack these innocents, women and children included, with the headless metal horses. And with these machines, in front of everyone, I caused your people to see these tyrants crushing their Christian cars before their eyes, yet they remained holy unto me, and they kept their powder unlit and dry and did not fire upon them and their unholiness. These are my Saints who died for you to live and to whom I offered death at the hands of those enemies of God, of your Lord. With these innocent deaths whose lovely cries tore my old Godís heart, and caused me to cry for them, these are the ones whom I have chosen as the instruments to purify this world."

"Through their screams and cries, did I weep for you. And my tears washed away the power of the tyrannical hordes who killed me and burned me to the ground, and these tears now demand the absolute oblivion of those offenders in the East who killed me, and who gassed and burned my children one by one, then lied about it to the watching world which saw it. For when Koresh and his people died here, so did I, suffering sure pain for all of you, but through Grace have we been reborn to save you from these evil persons you have placed upon your heads."

Chapter Ten

"Now, first," the Lord said, "Are the elections of these agents whom for two centuries and more now, you have falsely called candidates for elective offices. Listen to me. See this, how you have now in your midst, at regulated intervals, those corrupted games, these so-called elections, things in which persons who are pre-sold to the high bidder, to those who pay to purchase their favors, and who brag that it is they who own them, how they offer themselves as grand liars to your people, how they pose as false Dukes spewing venom in empty lying words to the people. Look, how they tell them they were concerned for them, yet they steal one-half of their resources from them in taxes making it impossible for them ever to be truly free."

"As a snare or speed trap on a highway, have I sprinkled these political toadies amongst you, people with meager saving and whom I see waving flags, and whose masters of deceit call themselves Congressmen and Senators, and The Honorable this-and-that, when there is only dishonor about them. I have placed them above you and you see how they sequester themselves like holier than average persons inside grandiose marble buildings constructed with high edifices that you must climb with many stone cut steps so that you will find them elegant and will see in your minds how their buildings have elevated them falsely and falsely humbled you as well so that you will do what they want and perceived falsely that they are better than you."