The American Bible
Copyright 2003 by Frank Weltner. All Rights Reserved.


I tell you this, that you must follow neither man nor God, for these are man’s ways to enslave you and bring you into the realm of obedience. This obedience is not that of your heart, but of the desire for power that other men have, for they wish to control you, to own you, to make you their servant.

You are to be your own servant, neither the servant of man, of government, of church, or of God.

The real God dwells in your most private place, that place which is called your heart.

You are not the extension of something larger than yourself. You are merely what you are. It is a great sin to desire longer life, especially eternal life. In fact, in Genesis, God chases man out of Eden lest he tasted of the Tree of Eternal Life. Nonetheless, the Bible speaks incessantly of Eternal Life and how to achieve it. This is proof of the Evil Nature of the Bible, that it is the work of Satan, the Devil, against which it falsely says it comes about to warn you of.

Hear this, the promise of Eternal Life is the promise of the Devil. Therefore, stay away from any religion which says it will grant you Eternal Life. Know it to be the religion of the Devil who is the Serpent.

My heart speaks to you from the mouth of God, for the God inside me is the God I know. You, too, have a God inside you. He is not the God of the Bible, for that is a false God of Devils, a God of persons who wish only to tax and control you.

It is your duty as a man to keep yourself Holy. Holiness is separateness. Keep yourself separate from all attractions. These include Gods, Devils, Angels, Heroes, Presidents, Governments, Schools. You do not exist to validate the petty lives of institutions or other people. You exist to validate yourself.

Neither I nor Jesus can save you. You must save yourself. If Jesus cannot save you from dying, how then can He save you by resurrecting you later? He cannot. No matter how much you believe, He cannot cure you of Death.

Death is the lot of man. Death is your future and your past. You were dead for all of Time. Then you were developed inside your mother and father. Half of you was in your father. The other half of you was in your mother. All the chains and strands of DNA, the code of your being, existed inside your ancestors, was passed down, developed inside your parents separately, then, when your sperm met its egg and entered it, your being’s vessel began to develop.

Out of the soup of life and lives long past in ages far, far ago, your strands of genetic matter spiraled forward until you began to take shape. All other plants and animals were born of the same substance as you, and they are your brothers and sisters, your aunts, and your uncles. In the future, and in the past, they are your sons and daughters, for you and they have always been united in your flesh and theirs.

The birds of the air, the fish of the sea, the insects, the one-celled animals, the plants—all of these are a part of you. Your very self is like their very self. For your inheritance and theirs is the same. The material of which they are made is in you, only it is broken and rewoven inside you to make you in your particular shape and majesty, just as theirs is bent and broken to make them like they are. Nonetheless, you are brothers and sisters, for you are family members of the same codex.

Is there a God outside you? That is none of your concern. That there is or is not a God inside you is all that matters to you. For if God exists outside you, and you are not aware of Him, then He means nothing to you. It is as though He never exists.

Those who "believe in" God are lost souls. For, the fact that they "believe in" God, means that they do not "see him" except in theory. For if they "saw Him," then they would not have to "believe in" Him, for they would "know Him." So, if a man "believes in" God, we know that he is estranged, separated, and rejected of God and knows Him not. Such persons are lost from themselves and from their God.

My God is inside me. He rests inside my heart. He holds me at all times in His hand. Without Him I am alone. With Him insde me, He and I are one. Moses in the Bible asked God, who are You, and God answered, "I … I….", and this means I (God) with I (You) or "I … I…".

This code is like DNA. If DNA is not inside you, then you do not exist, nor are you alive. You are simply NOT. But like DNA, you and DNA are one and the same. So, you and God are the same. Either that, or, for you God does not exist.

I tell you this, gnosis, or "knowing," is the only way you and God will merge. For if you do no merge into God and God into you, then, for you, there is no God, for a God outside you is a God unknown to you, and, thus, a God that is not of you.

The fact that you are alive, that plants are alive, means that God exists in you and in the plants. For God is the spark of being. He is that which allows life to perform in Time, to come and go, to replicate, divide, produce new God-filled lives, and to perish back into the void from which you emerged for this brief but loved interval in the sunlight.

The Jews, the Christians, the Moslems, the Hindus, the Krishnas, the Bhuddists are all gluttonous believers in an extant Deity or Leader who is greater than the individual believer. In their aspect of gross flesh, they demonstrate that their beliefs have been unable to even protect them from the ugliest aspects of life itself. To be overweight is an inescapable confession of the body that the mind is itself unable to even defend its own borders of flesh from destruction. If the mind cannot demonstrate this basic survival instinct, then it is prema facie evidence of its decadence and lack of vision, which is proof that its beliefs are of very little worth. We notice that most believers in religion are obese, and this tells us of the falseness of their Gods.

The man who is disciplined in his understanding of Self and God is also fit in his physical aspect. He is an active man, a man of action, a man of activities. Unless he is ill by accident or by some disease process, he is an example of the human form in its perfection.

Activity of mind implies activity of body, and without the fundamental expression of God inside both mind and body through its perfection, a man cannot be said to be Godlike, for the image of God is the image of life, perfectability, and divinely proportioned form.

I say, if a fat man or woman comes to you and says, they have the true concept of God, that you know from what you see that God does not exist inside them, except in some sort of vague fantasy, for, if God were truly inside them, they would be well proportioned "in the image of God Himself." Fatness demonstrates that they know Him not.

Can you know God and be out of shape? Yes, but only for awhile. A new vision of God in a man who had none, can spark inside a man who is not active. However, the proof that God exists in him is seen in the reperfectibility of his body. For the resurrection in the life to come cannot happen unless it happens in the body that is alive, for in no way shall it ever happen to any dead body in any future whatsover.

Those who believe in God in order to achieve Eternal Life are accepting a bribe for their obedience, and God does not work through bribes. God works through each individual bonding in which God and Man or "I… I…" exists as a continuum within each man’s interior. If you bond properly with God and are of Him in all things, then this book you are reading will not be necessary. You may read it to inspire yourself, but the real inspiration is within you, comes of God in you, and of you in God, for you are one and the same, and you will know that there is only one God, that He is You. Any other knowledge is ignorance, for it cannot be "knowing" God but only "theorizing" that God might exist but is absent from you. Otherwise, He and You would be bonded, and only the "Knowledge" would exist.

The Greeks achieved perfection of body and Godliness. They ran in the raw, naked, in perfected bodies. This ran contrary to Jewish traditions, because Jews and their offspring—Christians and Moslems—are persons who "hide" themselves in their nakedness as is seen the Garden of Eden story. The fact they are ashamed of themselves is evidence that God is not in them.

In the Greeks, God existed as part of a man’s Heart and Being. No one reading the Illiad and Odyssey can do so without knowing that the warrior spirit of the youths of both Troy and Greece were full of the knowledge, for their bodies were perfected, and they were willing to die. Eternal life never entered their minds. They lived, they experienced, they fought, and they died. That is all.

The truly Godly person knows he lives only in the present. Otherwise, why would he die? To be resurrected? In a perfect body? And for what reason? Because his life was not successful, and he needed another chance at it? If God was in Him, his life would have been perfected. His body would have been perfected. Another life would only be redundant and would not achieve a thing.

We are not here to come back again and again. Our voyage here is to reach an inner Beingness with God inside ourselves or not. We either do or do not achieve this. In either case, there is no coming back.

Beingness with God is the only Way of Knowing. All else is theory and separation and suffering from lack of contact with Him.

Contact with God is personal, inside, and immediate. It can happen in an instant, or not at all. There is no such thing as "a slow understanding," for it is impossible to make a great leap into knowledge without an instant explosion within which bridges the immense valley of separation by the immediate positioning of the "bridge of knowing" which is the God Within which make a man Holy by separating him from all other men by virtue of his personal Knowledge. From that moment, all other men are outside. Until then, all other men are inside and God is outside. Once the identification of Being and God are inseparable, men come into the abstracted and emerging self only as Beings who themselves are with God and Self.

Why are body and soul reflected in God’s Knowledge in such a way as I describe? Because it takes the fine body and mind and spirit to remain free, holy, and separated from the "believers" who shall never know God’s true existence, but are condemned to "believing" and remaining forever "separate" from God. Even the childish concept of the future resurrection and positioning of souls in God’s proximity are admissions that Man and God are forever separate and shall forever remain so.

Man is not judged by God in any uncertain future. The only judgment is God’s judgment on Men who are Believers instead of Understanders. For a man who Knows God cannot Believe in Him, but can only Be With Him. For such a man there is no separation, no doubt, no sin. The Man who does not Know God has already been judged.

War is the final arbiter of survival. Men who are fit are most likely to win wars. Fat men win few battles. The mettle of a man is his body, which is a reflection of his closeness to God. It is true that some Believers have sound bodies and souls, and this is because God exists inside them, thus, they do not believe in the sense that they are separated from Him. Instead, fit persons, since their bodies reflect God’s form in their physical reality, demonstrate that God is inside them. Gluttony is a symptom of God not being inside, for, if God were in a man, then he would not overeat himself into unfitness, for God would control that aspect of his being.

If you are hungry for food, then God has left you. This is a truth you must know. So, if you find yourself stuffing your mouth with food, stop, and find God. He will calm you, and you will reject food as a replacement for His Beingness and Yours. God will be the only food you require, and, only to supply your fortress with nourishment, will God make you want to eat.

The Hebrews, who believed in God but did not know Him, crossed the Jordan River to take the lands of the Canaanites in violation of the Ten Commandments which stated, "You must not covet the lands or property of others." The fact that the Hebrews coveted the lands of others, demonstrates their separateness and how they were led by the Serpent in their war against the inhabitants of Canaan. No nation that is under God ever seeks to invade the lands or take the property of another, for the fact that they would do this is prima facie evidence that they are separated from the Face of God and live "outside Him" and know Him not. To write in the Bible that God wanted them to kill the Canaanites reflects even more their separation. The only way this would have happened existentially and in real-time would be for "God within" each man to have moved them into committing this act on a personal and not on a group or tribal level. God exists individually and not all members of any tribe "know Him". All of life is individual. All religion is internalized in each man. Religion does not come from a book or from a business which calls itself a church.

If a group wants you to "join" them, remember that God does not work through groups. He only works through individuals. If you join such a group, you risk your individual vision and knowledge. Groups are a modern serpent which seduces and removes people from their closeness with God, for the group generally seeks to act as an "intercessor" or "middle man" to justify people giving them money for "consideration" in God's Eyes.