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Adam’s Bible




Chapter 1



  1. Hear, carefully, the vision of Michael Worley, a man of lengthy life befitting a prophet, a man who was born in Des Arc in the wilderness of tree-filled Missouri, and a man of ancient dreams, who preferred anonymity and peace, and whose eyes saw deeply inside to that dark shroud in which the heart of God continued to reside within Michael’s holiness of silent sorrow. For of his real self, no one knew, but of his other self, the one that looked upon God's grand vision, we have intimate knowledge now within his book.

  2. I speak of Adam's seed, which is my seed, for Adam is my father from millennia past. For God created Adam's heart and soul within the soil of Eden that he might have a decent human being with golden hair, white skin and blushing cheeks, and eyes of blue and hazel tinctures in whom to preach and live and walk upon these earthen worlds that God himself created all alone within a trillion galaxies, for there the empty planets filled with grasses and with trees now wait in abject silence for the grace of Adam's footsteps as he tends his flocks of sheep, his cattle, and raises up his blessed children who are the only seeds of God within these myriad worlds.
  1. Hear, America, and give ear to me, I, who am Michael Worley of Des Arc, Missouri, a white man of the pure seed line of Adam's sons, a man who lives within the wilderness, the place where white men came to put down righteous roots into the verdant soil, the men of God, those Adam's sons who fought those vile and evil aborigines who were the mamzer horde, filled with iniquities, who slaughtered them into their final dying gasps upon these glorious hills wiping away their foul memories, and who were the sons of Adam who have stayed to raise their Godly families.
  2. From my heart, where God himself resides in me, hear the Lord who speaks within my holy self, for I am of his seed, a son of Adam.
  3. He is whispering his words into my ears, stirring all of my soul with his righteous anger, all of it concerning these many once proud nations, who are now but fallen states, for we, of Adam's line, are in a state of ruin, caught up in this Great War of Annihilation between Good and Evil, which has gone on forever, and which only one side is mandated to win, and that is our side, the side of Adam, for only we are Good.
  4. For all the other races of men within this world are the Evil Ones of Serpent Seed, sewn by the Devil's lust and hate, named Lucifer, "The Fallen Light Preceding God," or "The Golden Snake of Dawn against the Eastern Hillsides," he who was the golden, light-filled serpent who raped Eve and bore in her his son, Cain, the Father of all Evil in our world.
  5. Behold, a vision. Chaos has consumed Adam’s flesh.
  6. Two towers plunge down in New York City, destroyed by the hands of serpent seed.
  7. They have entered into the hole of integration's deadly venom, dripping with the sordid Satanism of disintegration, which is Adam's sorry curse.
  8. For, I see within the Lord within my heart, who projects for me a scene so foul, of these two towers imploding in that teeming city of the serpent seeds, the place where many foreign devils come and go, those evil ones who come from serpent seed, and whose regurgitating mouths and flashing devil's teeth shall always bite into the innocent backs of Adam's holy sons.
  9. Oh, Lord, I see machines on sea, in air, and on the ground, the likes of which my nation never dreamed within my time.
  10. Two metallic birds sail atop a river into buildings filled with people on the day of hazards, and they bring them low.
  11. The Lord says, Evil abounds in the lands of Adam's sons. Iniquity runs deeper than a flooded river.
  12. Behold, the nation is wild and wet and weakened, for the doomed sons of Adam have been surrounded by serpent seed.
  13. They have schooled themselves like fish. They have been strung upon the twisted, wadded roots of ruined trees which were up-ended by the wild flow of Satan's serpent people.
  14. Like the river, Oh Adam, you have unleashed against yourselves these ravenous torrents of serpent seed people, who overwhelm your shore and devastate your land and eat away your soul and drive you from the will of God within you.
  15. The Lord moves inside me, speaking to me.
  16. I see millions upon millions of people, all strange to my Godly self, my inherited ways, my nation, and my mind, how my world has become so putrefied by foreigners of serpent seed, for they are Satan's sons.
  17. These aliens within our walls surround us in a deadly vice. They are the enemies of all of the Godly men of Adam's flesh, like me.
  18. Why are they here within the nation's walls?
  19. Behold, how men of evil slither across a thousand streets, all built by Adam's hands; they are the serpent seeds.
  20. Because Adam's sons despised my warnings, says the Lord, so they abound to drive out Adam's sons.
  21. For, as Adam has rejected the Lord in allowing these evil seeds inside his walled nations, so have I rejected Adam's sons, for I am following the will of Adam's seeds.
  22. The men of iniquitous ways sail in ships upon the sea; they sail within the air on wings of huge metallic eagles.
  23. Wherever the eagles land, the serpent people come out to slowly eat away the flesh of the Adam's Godly men.
  24. The serpent people float down to earth each sordid day like kings on automatic stairs, sliding as smooth as black snakes down a grassy hill.
  25. Disgust dwells within their serpent seed beings, from their head unto their toes; for these are hateful, hideous people. Behold, they arrive and plot continuously against the Godly ones.
  26. You shall find them here and there; and there is nowhere to find them not. They fill your lands with their disgusting features, ways, and hates.
  27. These devil seeds are sons of Lucifer. See, how they pollute your minds; note, that all that that I the Lord who dwell inside the hearts of Adam's sons have purified, do they infiltrate, destroy, pollute, and trash; for they lay waste the goodness I have given to the sons of Adam.
  28. Hear me, now, America. Foreign gods have torn in shreds our lush, green sanctity, our Godly hearts.
  29. The Lord within me says to me, I had promised you this land exclusively and no one else did I make welcome there. This was your nation, had you kept them out, for I gave these lands to you forever.
  30. Our holy covenant was understood at first. The two of us agreed to keep these lands pristine and holy, wherein the sons of Adam lived, free of all but Adam's sons, the ones the Lord created in Eden, on that glorious day, planting all their seed line in their Father, Adam, created with the Lord's own hands from sacred soil, then blew his breath into his lungs divinity and life, and kissed his lips as he awakened, innocent and beautiful, gazing down into his opening and loving eyes of innocence, his blush of loving red wine sparkling in his glorious face.
  31. So filled with God was that first man of goodness, that God named him "Adam," meaning, "the man who blushes."
  32. The Lord says: And so, through many years and hardships, I brought you safely to these and other shores around my world and settled your sweet, muscled children here beneath my mightiest oaks and elms.
  33. In many lands, I promised then as now to keep you safe, to make you holy unto me. And, in the old world, also, did you live and replicate, and in you was I loved by Adam's sons.
  34. I named you Adam, "the man who blushes in his face," for my love rushes in your veins, as it did from the moment I swam inside your blessed father's veins.
  35. For I breathed into your father, Adam, who stared into my eyes as he emerged from death into this splendid life. And, as he came to life, I rushed inside his heart where I remain, in all his progeny, as long as they are pure, of Adam's seed only, with not one drop of the Evil Ones within their veins.
  36. For I do not live in serpent seed, for in them is the devil, and, in evil, I do not reside.
  37. For in those days, outside Eden swirled the evil races known as mamzers, men of Satan, an angel of great powers to deceive, who had defiled my heavens, fought my ways, abridged my laws, nearly ruining all these worlds, who fought me, though I prevailed, and ran into this world where you reside to escape my wrath awhile.
  38. Immediately, the serpent defiled these men I made here, as I knew he would, for that is his way. So that every one of them was soon intrinsically evil for iniquities were implanted within their very seed, and in none of them remained I the Lord.
  39. So, then, to overtake Satan and destroy his disgusting sons, a new man did I make, Adam, your Father, and in whom I again walk these worlds of mine, in whose heart I recline and claim my rightful estate, my domains, and my inheritance.
  40. For I, the Creator and I, the Lord, for I am the only God there is, and in Adam only do I dwell.
  41. But you, oh, sons of Adam, believed that you knew better than your Lord who lived inside your hearts. The Wars of Extermination soon began, when you forsook your Lord and turned to him who is in the world and not of me. For it is he who hates you and I, the Lord, inside your heart and in your red wine blush, who love you.
  42. The serpent came again, that vilest dream of man, and, seeing I was in your heart, and that I delighted in you, he bit you with his long usurious bite, his serpent bite, deeply injuring your soul with mesmerizing stillness, numbing you, manipulating all your lives, bending you down to Satan's iniquity in staunch slavery to his schemes of integration, miscegenation, immigration to deplete your strength and kill you out, to mix in you unclean ways of living, money making at your laborious misfortune, and all the other vileness that they make against the Son's of Adam in whom the Lord reclines forever.
  43. For the Lord reclines in Adam only, not in other men. For they are all the serpent seeds who are the incarnated evil ingrate sons of Satan who oppose the Lord and all his glorious people who are from Adam's holy seed.
  44. You have been wasted by the serpent’s bite. You have defiled your lands.
  45. They have placed rusty nails inside your bodies, even in your hearts, for they intend to kill you all.
  46. Oh, hear me, people. I instructed you then, as now, to separate yourselves into this holy wilderness, where I will shield you from the evil ones.
  47. At first you followed me and listened to me in your hearts, but not for long. You changed your thoughts. You broke our covenant.
  48. For, a snakelike dance of evil slithered within your heart and mind, and in its wild gyrations, you were teased into a deepening slumber.
  49. The long circuitous tail of the serpent’s bending ways redrew the paths I forged for you, and in subtlest details did the enemy of Adam seduce you.
  50. And, when the serpent bit you, there grew inside that egotistic inner eye of pride which floated in the serpent's sin of haughtiness within your heart; you realized within the message of the serpent’s guile--that you knew better than your Lord;
  51. The serpent people whispered to you from far away that you must prove your independence from your loving Lord. Then did you defile yourselves before us both, serpent seed and Adam seed alike.
  52. You ordered inside of your domains which I have vouchsafed for you alone as people holy to the Lord, forever separated from the evil men, these foreigners whose foul behaviors now defile your very worship of the Lord inside your heart, the bond I have with Adam's sons which I have always cherished, and, so, from your songs of praise and offerings within your heart, I had loved you back tenfold.
  53. Yet now! Now! Behold, how you have broken me apart, for your foul treachery against your Lord has torn me into a thousand lifeless shreds.
  54. You have gone in serpentine ways in your betrayal of your covenant with me; so, tenfold my hatred for you has been unleashed in me; my anger shall bite deeply into your ego, far deeper than the lashing bites of the serpent’s dancing tail.
  55. I shall punish you more, for you deserve my wrath, and I shall unleash it with great joy, because you shall have earned it in your deceitful dealings with me.
  56. For you have cursed your lands, your sons, and your wives who lie with Negroes dark and deep, their legs hooked behind both ears, shrieking their lust to the highest heavens, and I have heard them do this night by night. Do not attempt to lie to me. I have seen it. I see all things, even from the time before these times.
  57. I have made all things good for you inside these lands I gave you freely, and for which you have refused to repay me in respect and honor, fealty, obedience, and grace within your heart (where I recline and wait for you to come to me and ask for guidance in your life as always.)
  58. Now, I shall refuse you sustenance. Oh, Adam; your bread shall be thin of nutrients, and although you eat, you only fatten yourselves. Your muscles waste away to nothing.
  59. And your enemies in your cities already slaughter you as rapidly as they abort their own fetal sons, for I have made you woman-like, easy to kill as are their fetuses, easy also in a prison for them to love, despite your desiring them not to do so.
  60. For I shall have my revenge a thousand times for each of your transgressed promises which you have made to me.
  61. Your curse shall be your immigrants, so many disgusting people of the Devil's kin who wish you dead, and your ex-slaves which I warned you not to import in the first place for they are serpent seeds of the basest type.
  62. For these transgressions, your wives shall always be as whores, as is your nation before my eyes.
  63. For, by your order and your laws, it is filled with serpent seed who bite your backs and make you suffer in the deadly and unending regalia of their vileness.


Chapter 2


The word that Michael, of the family of Worley in Des Arc, Missouri, saw concerning the United States, Canada, The British Empire, and Europe, the New Israel that God has blessed.


  1. And it shall come to pass in the last days that a great mountain of usury that holds sway upon the European people, those who are the sons of Adam and the best hope for all mankind shall find a greater mountain of belief placed atop that materialistic mountain that the evil ones maintain from the deep foundations of their banking schemes, a mountain of belief that shall be affixed forever upon those of these fiendish devils.
  2. The Babylonian usury which is the biting serpent of the devil, he that tempted and destroyed the first family of good ones in Eden in the serpent's bite that despoiled Eve's and Adam's offspring and produced a fiendish murderer named Cain, the serpent's bastard son born of sin between himself and Eve from which the evil ones flow and hold forth against us even to this modern day of many troubles.
  3. In those days, travail and woe shall sail in on the wings of devils, in the laps of dark angels.
  4. No one shall be left alive, unless they grab the footstools of holiness which I have placed within their hearts.
  5. For in the churches, mosques, synagogues, and pagan temples within the European sway, exists only evil and dread and no redemption.
  6. And people shall come and go to empty banks, those horrid temples which have bled them dry of their whole sustenance, temples of usury, the bite of the serpents fang, which tore from the heart of our people their greatness and power, sapping each heart of strength, using their own work products for evil, for the men of the serpent races to buy up all the newspapers, magazines, book publishers, radio, music, film, video, and television properties, through them to defame our Lord and God, to tempt in their snakelike manners our daughters to marry Negroes and others who are not of our kind and of whom we are forbidden even to deal or live next to dare we not harbor next to our homes ones who hate us and connive, pending our sure destruction at their claw hammer.
  7. Woe to the elderly woman who seeks peace in the Lord within her heart only to find the sanctuary within her heart shattered, her shuttered windows bursting asunder at foul and devilish hands, and, as a Negro with a claw hammer tears apart her body, her face, her soft haired meeting places, and her legs, and who ties her to her bed as she cries for mercy yet receives only his terror and his hatred for her, and enters her body with his blackened appendages, pulsing in and out, shooting his anti-white serpent seed into her aging womb, to forever pollute her purity, despoil the sacred temple of her ethnicity, and adulterate her forever in the eyes of God.

    The Sons of Adam Suffer from Rejecting the Lord in their Hearts


  9. And the people in woe shall lift their prayers to the Lord of their peoples, the Holy One whom they have rejected in their daily sacrifices to their Temple Malls of Pleasure, to the television sets and radios and music machines from which vile and sexual rendering dances glow like snake tails before their eyes day and night, flashing their evil messages to corrupt them, to tear them from the hands of God and pureness, to render them adulterous and unholy, to take apart their separateness of inheritance and render their utter mongrelization by the mixing of their seeds which those that God and his geographies had placed as sacred fences to keep them far apart, free from inter-breeding into a poisonous soup, a soup in which all mankind would gag and vomit, lost in a miscegenistic supplication of evil, and the sexual prayer to their private parts, and never venture inward to commune in welcome holiness within their inner peaceful hearts.

    The Wickedness of the Serpent Seed in Adam's Lands and How It Ruins Adam's Seed Line by Destroying His Holiness of Separation


  11. For God dwells in the mind and heart Adam's seeds, those men through which the seed of Adam flows.
  12. This holy heart of Adam's sons is protected by his awesome hands, as he guides Adam's families through lives of vast futility lest they fall into perdition of racial and theological adulterization.
  13. For they must not fraternize with those who are not of Adam's seed, the tribes that God made with his hands, for the evil tribes of Cain, the serpent seed people, born from the rape of Eve. And through this act of vileness, evil entered Adam's wife through serpent strikes that licked deep into her holy seed, producing richly hideous mongrels whose lives are filled with sins of murder, assault, rape, tyranny, hatefulness, and vindictive attacks upon those Godly people that our Lord blesses naturally each moment that they live and breathe his holy breath within their lungs.
  14. Even those of Adam who are poor, who lack power over others, but possess that holiness and power that God Himself placed inside their hearts, the power of Adam's sons to see and know their God, to feel the Lord within them, know the intimacy of the way of Adam's lips when they were kissed by God.
  15. For then, his breath entered Adam's being and still resides forever in our breathing, passed into us from generation to generation through Adam's unspoiled seed, at least as long as we do not commit the unforgivable sin of adulterating our seed lines which contain all of the inheritance of God.
  16. For only in Adam's son, those Northern European people, does God come inside to live. All others are of serpent seed; they are the devil's children. In them, there is no God, nor never shall be, for he shall never rest inside the children of Lucifer.
  17. He shall judge among Adam's sons and all the other ethnic groups, who are of serpent seed, laying hands upon those whom he blesses and keeping them from those who curse him.
  18. He shall see to it that those of Adam's seed, the ones who are pure, who daily blush his red wine of love which flows within their blood and who contain his breath that flows forever in their lungs, shall live and shall be saved, raised high upon the mountain that crushes out his enemies and theirs, declaring war from the Lord's mountain down upon the mountain of the serpent bite, of evil usury that he shall lay waste beneath his lofty edifice of love and power.

    The Redeemer Exists only in the Hearts of the Sons of Adam -- The Mentality of Separation which is the Holy Spirit


  20. Thus says all of the sons of Adam who is our Redeemer:
  21. Oh, sons and daughters of European Culture, let us come together, let us walk in purity upon this Earth. Let us deport from us the evil ones, those who darkly hate us, who stalk us with knives, claw hammers, and pistols, who rape our grandmothers, and who seek to putrefy our races with their Satan seeds, making our sons into darkened images and mere shadows of our former goodness, ruined men forever lost from God, adhering to the serpent seed within their adulterate flesh, men darkly peering out at us with hateful mongrel lust, wishing us harm, hoping to transfix us like themselves, nailing us upon the crooked branch from which they are whittling our numbers down, and mocking us within their disgusting and distorted features.
  22. You have given up your inheritance to the Supplanter and Destroyer. You have worshipped things instead of God's love for you, instead of keeping yourself holy by separating yourself from the unholy ones who are not of your seed.
  23. Your women and sons have conspired to work with them, to school with them, to shop with them and from them, and even to lie with them in beds of evil and by this abomination to despoil your progeny and lay waste your future.
  24. By living in close proximity to the serpent seed, those wily immigrants, these trolls of mankind filled with Satan's rebelliousness and hatred for your souls, have you wasted your fitness to rule the world I had given you, to govern even yourselves.
  25. For you have chosen the ways of the evil ones, the ways of material grossness as opposed to the simplicity of natural goodness of the divine mind and of his pure Adam seed in which, for centuries, your ancestors passed down to you the breath of God Himself.
  26. Because of your miscegenation, those of you who mated with the serpent seed people, you have destroyed these millennia of genetic passage in a single stroke of lust outside your seed line.
  27. For in an evening of sexual bliss, you have torn apart your bloodline, mixing gold with dross, and contaminated all your future kind forever, which is the unforgivable sin of blasphemy against the Mentality of Separation which was purposefully mistranslated by your enemies as "the holy spirit."
  28. For the "spirit" of which they spoke is your own "mentality" of being. And the word for "Holy" is in reference to the manner in which you should always keep yourself separated from evil people who are of the serpent seed. For these people of Satan have always hated you and wished you harm.
  29. The unforgivable sin which is Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit explains how you have fallen and refused to give yourself to God alone inside your heart.
  30. Instead, you give yourself to the mall temples where you trade in dollars as you economically stroke and fornicate with the serpent seed, the anti-races, they who hate you and will always want to destroy you.
  31. For, when you lose the purity of your seed line, your children lose all connection with God for all of time, and their seed line curse cannot be removed.
  32. You have slept with the enemy of the Lord, and so your God has left you. For you are despoiled, and your children are ruined forever. Because of you, they are born without the breath of God within their lungs, without his presence in their hearts, without his seed to pass him down through all their generations. Thus you have ruined your future and committed blasphemy against the holy spirit which is the Mentality of Separation.
  33. Now, women seek even to rule men, and men seek to humble themselves before their women and children, never standing up as men but living soft, feminized lives of the wastrels into which they have made themselves.
  34. For they are adulterers of the spirit and the flesh, fornicators with people of dross inheritance, mixing gold with tin, and silver with sand, until there is no more left of the Holy Spirit of fleshly and spiritual separation that God has demanded.
  35. Now, the men bow down before women, and their leaders are men with women eyes, pandering to women and to dross races and ethnic orders for votes in defiance of the Lord's dictates never to number his people. Instead, they are constantly numbered.
  36. They are even polled every two years, numbered by their votes, and their leaders reflect the godlessness of their democratic despoliation.
  37. For democracy is an idol that you worship, which takes you further from your Lord, who is the one whose tender presence rules you from your heart.
  38. They seek refuge in electric toys, television sets, videotapes, CD players, DVD players, all of which demonstrate in their bedrooms and living rooms the vices which their dross beings, now mixed with the blood of the lusty serpent, crave for 24/7.
  39. This is the number of their vices: Twenty-four-by-seven, for it is without end. And, as the body waits for another blast of its lust, the 24/7 revolves about them so that orgasms without producing the breath of God but of the Devil becomes their only desire.
  40. For, if they thought they were doing good, they would immediately cease their physical serpentine meandering with men and women whose seeds are not of their own kind. But they see the evil and move steadfastly and resolutely forward into it, their eyes staring as serpents toward all objects of their lustful cravings.
  41. Enter into the rock upon which your continents float, for it is within the foundation of all matter which is so solid that not even Satan may live within it, that God himself lives and thrives, for this is the foundation and rock of our planet, and in it is God himself forever and always.
  42. From this rock did Good men come. But from the air above, that which is nothing, did the Evil One thrive, for he is hot and weak.
  43. But the Lord is cool and hard as stone's foundation as it rises high above the shores and dwells forever in your heart, solid and unwavering.
  44. If you tie your sails to the wind, no matter how far you travel, the going will be at the whim of the air, and the air is a betrayer.
  45. Yet, the rock is permanent. Hold fast to the rock, breath the air through lungs that God himself breathed goodness into, and pass on this blessing to your children by not adulterating your seed with the seed of the Devil.
  46. For when the Good Ones breathe, they are protected by God's own breath from merging with the Devilish air outside, for God is inside, and, as long as your seed remains pure, He remains in you forever.
  47. Break the chain of the seed of God, and you are lost, and nothing can reclaim you.
  48. Religion is not a business. Today's priests and ministers see themselves as persons going about the business of raising funds and enticing stupid persons into a tent or room to pass a collection plate before them in the name of a God from which they are estranged. For they cannot find him but can only "believe," which is proof that they are not of him and can never be of him.
  49. For God dwells only in the chosen few, those whose parents passed down God's breath into the lungs of Adam's sons, from him to them, and none other need ever try to see him, they cannot see him, for they are barred forever from the Lord's presence, and of him can they only know his wrath.
  50. There is no way of entering into the Kingdom of Heaven except by inheritance through the seed line of Adam's sons.
  51. Do not go near the House of Jacob surnamed Israel, for Israel is a word which means "the man who fights against God," which he was said to have done successfully for one entire night, for it was Jacob who was the liar and the Supplanter, whose serpent seed, like him, seeks to poison you and to rob you.
  52. Cease doing his business. Buy nothing on usury or interest. Own no cards of credit. Starve him into the ground where he lives. Pass laws against him and his laws. Eject him and his people from the face of the Earth.
  53. Until you do this, his children shall nibble at your heels, seeking to rob you of what his children cannot have, for they have sold their birthright to Cain's people, yet pretend to be the sons of Jacob, which they are not, for you are all that is left of his sons.
  54. Now, they wish only to destroy you.
  55. You must destroy them first or be damned to the perdition of adulterization of seed which is a place of horror, and from where your children can never be gathered into the arms of God, for such mongrelized beings are mamzers who are lost to Satan, the Serpent, and barred forever from God's breath.
  56. Stand upon the hills and shout how the Lord is coming to set things straight, to cleanse your lands of the Temple Malls, to burn out the credit card merchants, to turn off the messages of evil that pour from the serpent's eye of your television sets to mesmerize and destroy you with his snakelike, hypnotic tempting.
  57. Association of any type, whether it be via integration, immigration, travel, side-by-side housing, fornication with non-seed people, or the vile pretending of equality even of those far, far beneath your station of inheritance by means of God's blessings is wrong.
  58. You can never mix your seeds with theirs without despoiling all that you have in you to pass on to future sons forever, for in the seed of Adam only, non-adulterated, pure, and holy, is the Lord.
  59. The Lord is coming to extinguish all the messengers of evil, for he shall appear in the skies and peer down through your heart and your eyes into the unsightly machinations of evil you have purchased, to blot out the all serpent seed temptations, and to replace them with messages of holiness, separation, purity, and the sanity of self-appointed holiness of total separation from the evil ones that your own blood has passed on to you from the day of restoration in the Garden of Eden wherein God made you of the flesh of himself instead of that of the devil and his agents.
  60. Cease to associate in any way with the men whose breath is in their nostrils only and do not seek the Lord's wisdom from within their hearts
  61. For they are mimicking the men of evil, men of the devil, of the serpent, whose breath is cold as ice, and who cannot move when the freeze comes and cannot function in the great heat of the day but must hide himself within the rock's crevice, close to the foundations of the world from which he says he rebels, but must return to maintain his life.
  62. Cease doing any business with them, and come out from among them.
  63. Send them away to other continents where they will not tempt you with their sordid criminal aspects, imparted into them by their satanic race-mixed beings, bodies, and minds which are transfixed by the mind of the Serpent.
  64. Remove yourself from them, for they are the men who have been serpent bit and cannot come back in all of time to the purity of the Holy Spirit.
  65. It is the Mentality of Separation which is the Holy Spirit which maintains the presence of God's breath and being within your veins forever and always.
  66. Deny the Holy Spirit and suffer the unforgivable sin of mongrelization, a wretched and irreversible sin which separates all of your affected offspring from God.


Chapter 3


God Curses Adam for Contacting, Befouling, and Integrating with Serpent Seed Around the World


God Lost as Adam's Seed Mixes within the Vile, Evil, and Iniquitous Seeds of the Serpent Seed People Who are of The Devil


  1. For, behold, the Lord, the God of European nations and peoples, and all of those of Adam's seed who blush around the world.
  2. The Lord has left America, Europe, Russia, and the British Isles, and his presence is lost to them.
  3. In all these places, where the Sons of God who breathed his breath through Adam, where the Lord inside these men was passed down seed-to-seed through all the generations, has he vanished into serpent darkness leaving their lands to all the serpent hordes to conquer.
  4. Thus, their nations are despoiled. Their bread is merely padded with fiber; it lacks any life-sustaining nutrient.
  5. The seeds sown in the ancient fields have they tampered with. They have been destroyed. Aliens living amongst you have destroyed your plants; they have placed diseases and altered genes inside all the seeded nuclei, destroying their abilities to sustain you. Even as the crops fail, you are already without energy, for your bread is empty.
  6. When the seeds are planted, there are fewer crops. Although the government numbers the bushels in trillions, nonetheless, if the wheat and corn and oats come in at all, their kernel is without merit.
  7. All that the people eat is empty and reflects their inner souls, for in them there is no God, no hope, and no future vision.

    Children and Women Lead Adam's Nations as Adam's Curse


  9. The Lord has taken away all your leaders. There is no iron in your muscle. Your men are like ignorant draft animals and mechanical cars without feeling or conscience.
  10. Women and children rule your governments, young people so untried that nothing can come of their activities but the nothing that is inside them. They are unschooled, and, even when they are schooled, their teachers, so afraid of criticism, have passed them on to graduation even, those who cannot add, cannot read, cannot reason, cannot control their emotion.
  11. The land is ruled for the benefit of youngsters, those of little mind and care, whose intellect is shallower than a mere wetted field after a rain with not an inch of drayage, so shallow even never may a ship of intellect even pass within the night across their foreheads, much less know ideas or ideals.
  12. There are no goals, for there are no leaders, only children dressed in suits of the day, pretending knowledge where there is no knowledge. Only the outer show is present, and the inner is empty as a jar whose food has poured out upon the floor.
  13. The generals, colonels, majors, and lieutenants have no sound coming from their mouths, and they merely push papers back and forth, and, upon close inspection, they are young children, immature and without the knowledge to lead anyone. They are merely ego and bluster, and so the armies, navies, and air forces are in disarray, for they have become merely the play fields of the indigent and unemployed.
  14. I will give the nation over to its children as a plaything, for the men are not fathers and the women are no longer mothers. Instead, they yield their love from families to office machines and filing cabinets in buildings constructed out of cold glass and steel, buildings which I shall destroy in moments before their horrified eyes.
  15. For they shall die in their madness to earn money at the expense of their children,
  16. and, in doing everything, and nothing, for their children, so I shall make their children rule over them, disrespect them, and place their tennis shoes upon their necks as they push them to the ground under foot.
  17. And the people shall be oppressed, the good and honorable shall be goaded by the bad and the ugly, the ignorant shall rule the intelligent,
  18. the strong shall yield as women to the weak ones, the children shall mock them all and rise atop them and take over the reins of power, and their immature hatred of authority, of parents who never loved them but loved the deadness of work instead, shall make stripes of blood flow across their faces as their children mire them in the mud, dragging them across the hidden stones, because of their dislike for them.
  19. The children shall I make proud as lions.
  20. The adults shall I make fearful as babes about to be tossed from the edge of a passing automobile by the uncaring hands of their children who resent them.
  21. That same resentment shall the fathers who are ruled by their despotic children have against them, tossing their sons and daughters like chattel into the streets.
  22. In these days, men and women, shall cry for their brothers and sisters to take power over them, offering them even their homes for a moment of peace, but there shall be no peace.
  23. For they also shall be fretting at the messy apron strings of their angry and powerful children who shall rule them with an iron fist and give them little pity or hearing.
  24. In those days, the fathers and mothers, who are already divorced and living selfishly to the disgrace of their homes and races, shall find themselves penniless and without attorneys to help them, for the children shall have power in the courts, in the legislatures, in the cathedrals and churches, in the schools,
  25. and the teachers in the schools shall be their students and shall write papers for them and sweat over their answers to their hourly tests, for if they answer wrongly, even if the answer is right, they shall suffer severely for it at the hands of the children who shall run their lives for them.
  26. For in these days, many fathers and mothers never married before having their bastards hurled blood-dripping into the world atop a frigid, cool, metallic gynecological altar-table in a medical temple.
  27. In these days, parents without marriages shall eat the brass rods stuffed into their mouths by their angry children who shall have no respect for them and shall treat them as animals, for that is what they were in not having the honor to marry and teach their children respect, obedience, and worshipful adherence to the ways of God from ancient times.
  28. For America and England and Russia and England and New Zealand and all other places where the sons of Adam ruled are ruined, and all the people therein are transformed into seamless garments without threads, for the weaving of their very societies as well as clothing, that which covers their nakedness, shall unravel all their lives long.
  29. I shall say to them, woe to their souls, woe to their spirits, woe to their ways of life, woe to their temple malls, their banking temples, and their ungodly armadas of weapons with which they have meddled in the worlds of the poor, making them poorer yet for all their efforts to uplift themselves.

    The Lord Promises to Destroy the Wavering of Adam's Seed as a Punishment for the Unforgivable Evil of Integration


  31. I shall tear asunder these nations, disembowel their people, make them as helpless ants, just as they made others around the world quake in fear of their weaponry, so shall I make them into the colonies of the low and disgraceful.
  32. Never again shall they wave their swords in the air, control the brazen skies with weapon-stuffed aircraft bent upon destroying the homes of lowly native people who possess nothing to fight them with, for I shall make their thousands of planes sail to the ground in flames, like a gaggle of geese.
  33. Thousands of them shall sail into nowhere. They shall leave their airports and never return, and there will be weeping from the sons and daughters of the captains who flew them, for I shall slay them all, lest one of them escape my wrath to wreck havoc upon the poor and helpless nations of the world.

    Adam Cursed for World Exploration to Discover and Fornicate With and Corrupt More and More Mamzers


  35. The history of the world they have destroyed is the countenance of evil, which I have seen and judged.
  36. Having seen in these faces of war against those who were too weak against them, like the killing of mere children by criminals with clubs and no means of defending themselves, so shall I slay them.
  37. And I shall make them weak, and I shall place over them the refugees from the nations which they have destroyed, and in their ignorance and hatred for them, I shall allow the serpent seed from their colonies in evil lands to come into them and destroy all that they have, taking from them all hope of redemption from me.
  38. For the mamzers you destroyed had stayed unto themselves, not polluting your people, yet you went to them and integrated, emigrated, then fornicated, stole, and wielded unfair powers over them, destroying their make-believe gods and their cultures, teaching them they were like you, which they are not and can never be, even telling them that I will reside inside their hearts if they believe in me, which I shall never do, and then making sport of their helplessness and their respect for you in the manner of staying far from you for thousands of precious years so as not to bother you nor to have you bother them, as was my fervent wish, and which I had planned to remain that way forever, so that none of you would ever see each other or mix in any way whatever.
  39. For of Adam's seed, I cannot stand their bullying of the weak and poor.
  40. I have given them everything, yet that was never enough for them. Their hearts became greedy for more, and, when more was not enough, more on top of more, until the entire world was bent under the unfair whips and yokes they prepared for them.
  41. Woe unto the wicked, for they are white and yellow, yet only those of Adam's sons, so pure and blonde with blushing faces are my people, and I shall slay them all.
  42. I shall swoop down, controlling their skies, blinding their eyes and ears, and like aliens from outer space, I shall demean them, take away their powerful resolve, and set up their children as well as their alien captives whom they pretend to be their equals as their rulers, and I shall wipe their face in their power until they are afraid and weeping for their lives.
  43. As for my white, blue-eyed, and blonde people of my holiness, the sons of Adam, they are my people no longer.
  44. They are the whipped defeated people, the ones whom children rule over, the ones who allowed women to assume high places over them, the ones who abandoned all fealty to family and goodness, the ones who invited all the cursed serpent seed who are the Negroes, false Jews who say that they are Jews but are not Jews at all but of Asian ancestry, Aborigines, Chinese, Japanese, other Asians, and half-breeds into their lands to trash their cities and their farms.
  45. The Lord stands up to judge them, to sift them like grains of sand, for like specks of sand and dust, they have become nothings.
  46. What they have done to others, even to those of no import to me, so have I returned it tenfold upon their lands.
  47. I have laid them waste, and I have raped their men with long rods which have opened them to the air and left them screaming in fear for their very beings. For I shall have my days of revenge, and I shall make them as low as dirt.
  48. All the trinkets that their haughty Negro lusting women wear like baubles upon their necks and wrists and fingers shall I remove. I shall make their women lower than Africans, Aztecs, Incans, and Australian Aborigines, even lower than the false and lying Jews who are just Asians, whom I have cursed throughout time for their atrocities against themselves.
  49. Their murders condemned them in my eyes; so did the wars of the Europeans and Asians, and I shall wage war against them to my heart’s content.
  50. The women shall dance with low live serpent seed of various colors—blacks, browns, reds, and yellows of the basest sort—from unsuccessful nations and races, from religions in which little girls have their hearts torn out on tall altars beating wet, red, hot in the hands of cruel priests.
  51. I shall make their women lust after Negroes, give them over to wine and beer and drugs, allow black males to accost them with claw hammers, to cut them with knives, to debauch them with drugs until their lungs no longer breathe my breath but lie as still forever as the morning quiet of Satan’s ever-present dawn, coming before me, pretending to be as me, yet they are low and pressed like dawn’s light against the ground, close as a snake’s belly.
  52. These girls shall dance upon the television sets to music in which singers speak of lust, of craving their bodies, of wanting their various bodily openings, of seeking only the feel of their touch, but not the warmth of their ever-enduring love, for that shall be a thing of the past, and the order of the day shall be lust with African blacks by Adam's Northern European whites and visa versa, until all of my ethnic powers that I have invested in my peoples in all parts of the world are undone by their lustful desire to undo all that is good in the world, by killing out the holy seed of Adam.
  53. I shall make them think with their orifices, wet with lust, for their minds have they not used for decades.
  54. Instead, they have toyed with experimentation, undoing the admonitions that all societies have against such evil, and they shall pay the price for having judged their Lord’s wishes as wanting, and, in their own wantonness of judgment shall I judge them, giving them over to lust and drugs, giving them ugly children with no respect for their parents or for anyone, children of no direction, of no connection to the past, merely children of the flesh, with no family, no father, a mother who is drunk with drug addictions, and a school where they are beaten nearly to death by felons.
  55. And it shall come to pass that the armies shall fall at the swords of their conquered nations, which only recently bowed before them, weeping for their lives.
  56. Now, led by children of low estate, Negroes and others, these armies shall turn tail and run, screaming like women across the length and breadth of the world, and there shall be no end to the atrocities that I shall allow their colonialists to inflict upon them, for they themselves have never shown mercy, though they have always acted as though they did, yet they did not fool me, for I see everything they do.
  57. The nation’s gates shall be torn from their hinges, the aliens shall enter and exit at will, bringing with them alien Gods whom I detest, foreign ways which have caused them to do despicable things to themselves, and these shall they do in the cities of America and all of her powerful nations who are friends and allies from Canada to Russia to Australia.
  58. No nation of the modern world shall I leave untouched by my wrath, for they have dealt others severe blows, and I shall destroy them in like kind.
  59. Even the mamzers shall my rage destroy, for they in their presence even are they committing vilest evil to the seed of Adam's holiness.
  60. Hear me, I shall bring them low for their iniquities, and I shall unleash against them those whom they have mistreated, from their children to their enemies, both of whom hate them with passion for their wickedness done to them.


Chapter 4


The Few of Adam's Pure and Holy Sons who Remain After the Cleansing Shall Renew Adam's Nations with Pure Seed Adams Again -- The Women Shall Obey their Men Again and Know their Place in the Home –


  1. And in that day of sorrow, twelve women shall sleep with one man, hoping for children, to carry on the names of their dead ones, saying:
  2. We shall grow our own food, eat of it, and our clothes shall we sew ourselves out of whatever scraps we might find among the ruins of our nation.
  3. We shall never again suffer ourselves to shop in the temple malls of the false Jews and the other mangled seed lines with whom they work for they are serpent biters.
  4. They came, and they waited in silence to destroy us, for we disobeyed God by letting them come into our borders where they simply waited for the right moment, and then, they struck us at once.
  5. Now that we have learned, Oh, Lord, never again shall we open our borders to any but our own kind.
  6. No other ethnics shall be allowed to set foot upon these sacred lands, not even as visitors, for they hate us, and wish only evil upon us. For, when we let them in, they will not leave. Therefore, have we learned, and we shall never let them in at all, for in only this way shall we be separate and holy unto God.
  7. And the women prayed to the lord of their house who was their husband, saying: Only let me have the name which has been given me and nothing more. Let me walk the ruined road naked, if it may take away the reproach of my past wantonness.
  8. Then, they said: We shall be weeping and digging into our sorrows, never shopping the temple malls for pleasures, for we wish only the name of our husband, and of the luxuries we lust for none of them, for it is they that caused us to give up what is truly good in the world and succumb to the serpent bites of our eternal enemy, Satan, and the settlers of Cain's evil seeds, the masters of usury and deceptions, those vile persons whom we had let into our cities, unawares, in violation of our covenants to remain holy and separated from the evil ones, for we listened to the mouths of Satan's tribe and not to the heartfelt kindness of the Lord's breath that he breathed into Adam on the day of our creation.
  9. Thus, the women shared happily the few men who were saved from the destruction.
  10. In that day twelve women bowed before one man, sharing him, gladly taking him into them, and in joy birthing his children, giving up all sham of equality, all semblance of womanhood's material lusts was the nation reborn in goodness.
  11. The women swore no more allegiance to those goods of man's handiwork within the malls which they had taken unto themselves as a greater God than he who breathes his holiness and grace into their lungs and gives life to them. Now, have they remembered their places.
  12. Then, and only then, shall the branch of the Lord exhibit its flowering beauty, exude its fragrance, and implant within his people a new beginning from the ruin which they accomplished in their falling away from God's all-knowing and all-seeing eye.
  13. On that first new day shall the fruit of the earth be given in splendor and greatness for the remnant from which the sons of Adam might rebuild their honor, re-establish themselves in God's glorious armor, and restore their pride so they might rule again over lesser men and not succumb to their lusts and thereby be brought lower than the feet of Satan from which I must again destroy them for their own good.


The Destruction of Corrupted Adam Nations Builds a New Tree (Nation) of Right-Minded Adam Seeds


  1. Amid the dog packs whom the Lord sent forth as a punishment to prey upon his people who had fallen into wandering the malls did the Lord build a new tree of strong resilient branches.
  1. It is the Tree which he shall plant inside their hearts, covering them with his power, and once again allotting them the wisdom to work their way as a blessing to all of Adam's sons, a Tree that hangs on hangman's ropes all serpent seed upon its branches until their breath is ended and mankind is free of them, especially those born of Satan's spawn in the Garden of Eden through Cain's illicit birth via Satan, his father and Eve his mother.
  2. For Cain was the Son of Satan and Eve, the fallen woman to whom Adam swore fealty even after she had sinned against Adam and Him.
  3. For men like Adam love even those who have fallen, and he did so love Eve enough to give me up and taste the bitterness of his own death, though he did not have to.
  4. Adam did this, because he was My Son, and, thus, his love for Eve reflected my own love for man himself, which is sent with blinding light across the world each day I rise above Satan's blistered dawn and, thus, I blot him away with my magnificence and my loving eye, he who remains in the Northern Climes in European lands, those who are born of God's breath which imbues love and intelligence into them, instead of the deadly offspring of the devil's serpent lust which imparts a desire for power through the worship of material things, which include inside their evil hearts a desire to hurt others, to rape, steal, assault, and lust after other men's wives, instead of worshipping all the good that comes only from me who am the only God of these worlds, shall be fortunate.
  5. For he shall have women and children who again bow down gladly at his feet, restoring him to his Adamic God Breath, imparting to him once again his stature as lord over whatever home in which he rests his head and loves his wives, as the sole human lord over his wives and children, the sole provider and protector who, like my own overseeing eye, has he himself become the theomorphic being whom I placed upon the ocean world on which you live whose forests of green branches are lush beyond compare.
  6. For only in the few do I exist, and only those who are of Northern European blood can come to me for sustenance.
  7. All the other ethnic groups, I detest, for as much as they pretend to love me, it is their hatred of my true love, the Sons of Adam in whom I have given all the goodness that the world contains, it is their hate of goodness in these little Adams that I detest of them.
  8. As long as you stay away from them, I shall protect you. Send them away forever, far, far away into a distant land and time.
  9. Have no truck with serpent seed, for they have brought you low, and that is the mamzer goal, to undo all the greatness that I have placed in you.
  10. When the Lord has washed away the filth of the destruction of the land and restored the true man as his own, and not a tool of greed, deceits, and the continuing satanic serpent bites of his enemies, then shall they weep with joy, bend their knees before him, and worship his greatness as they should have done from Eden's time.
  11. Then shall the Lord have purged the blood from New York, Philadelphia, London, Moscow, and Melbourne, so that the streets which run with the blood of the blessed shall be cleansed.
  12. Those who were destroyed at the hands of their lessers--Negroes, false Jews who claim that they are Jews when they are not Jews, Asians, Mongrels, Arabs, Persians, Aborigines--those of deteriorating inheritance whom they had mistakenly added to their empire as those who were their fraudulent equals when they were not equals but without the Lord, for they were Satan spawn, men who issued in dark shadows from the devil's serpent seeds through Eve to ruin the human race and drive into its heart a wedge of materialism, the sons of Baal, Moloch, Mammon, Isis, and the others, those who drove evil stakes of vilest gore between the Lord and Adam's Sons.
  13. They have once again conquered these serpent seeds and cast them out in the name of the Lord.
  14. And the Lord shall create a great barrier of armies between them and the Satan people who seek to destroy them so that they shall never again, even as a guest, be allowed within sight of the blessed ones lest they again seek to deceive them and thereby, in their lies, again destroy them.

    Each Adamic Man, Woman, and Child Shall Become a Holy Prophet for the Lord


  16. And there shall be an altar erected in the heart of each man, woman, and child, and each shall be his own prophet, so that no one shall be able to come again between them and God.
  17. Each shall bend his inner knee to he who made them, prophesying in his name, uttering inside words beyond knowing, visions that cannot be copied onto paper or told to anyone, known only to each of them as a personal insight, a secret perception, a thing so inexpressible that it is best not uttered.
  18. For each man, woman, and child shall be a place of refuge for the Lord, who shall never leave them, who shall walk inside them as long as they do not eat of the tree of judgment of good and evil which is the deceitful lying mind of the serpent trying only to displace the Lord in Adam's many hearts, because the Lord inside them shall give all the guidance in these matters that any of them shall require.
  19. Nor shall they lust after eternal life, that second hideous tree the serpent wants for them, but being pure of heart, they shall stay away from assemblies in which men are told of Gods who can make them eternal, for that is reserved only for the Lord to understand and know, and if he so designates, then might it happen, but not unless he sees fit.
  20. Even so, it is not the purview of any man, especially the sons of Adam, to even know their future, for Eternity is forbidden to all who believe and who walk in the way of the Lord.
  21. Thus has the Lord crafted within each of them who survived, with his own hands, a refuge unto him, and an Eden in their hearts, that human place where he shall walk and from where the Lord gains entry to the world of man.
  22. For the breath of God that was breathed into Adam, was the breath and life of the Lord himself, and no other men shall ever enter in to his domain, except only he who breathes of him.


Chapter 5


The Lord's Delights Again in the People of Adam who are Northern Europeans


  1. And now I sing a song to my loved ones, the northern nations of the White Europeans, whom I have blessed with many prophets, kings, and civilizations, and the power to love mankind.
  2. They have built farms and cities and circled themselves with walls of earth, brick, and stone.
  3. They have built huge defensive lines to keep out those who would undo them and bring them down. Inside these lines, they have been successful beyond compare with other nations, because I am with them, for the breath I breathed into Adam is in their breathing at all times.
  4. They and I are together. I am them, and they are me. We are entwined. For that is what I gave them as my gift.
  5. My loved ones built factories inside their walls and farms filled with livestock, grain, and tuber plants. Wealth poured out upon their lands, all of it from the work of their honest, strong, and hardened hands.
  6. All the stones in their fields did they pick away so that their ploughs could not be stopped or broken, and the soil brought forth a great bounty for many years.


The Sons of Adam Betray the Lord and the Lord Against Punishes Adam


  1. And now, O loved ones, you who inhabit these earthly gifts I have offered to you, you who are the people of America, Europe, Russia, France, Germany, the Balkans, and the many British Isles around the world, the sons of Adam in whose blushing faces the very goodness of my sacred blood shines forth.
  2. I made you of my breath and blood and seed. As Adam breathed, so breathe you me. You are my fire, my mind, my intelligence, and my blessing.
  3. It is only I who have made you strong, but I shall now withdraw my strength, for you have not cherished me in your heart, but instead, you have become headstrong and quarrelsome, meddling in the affairs of each other and of those who are very poor around the world, as I made them poor for reasons of my own, but I never gave you the right to oppress them as you have done.
  4. Therefore, I have opened all of your defensive lines, and I have made your tanks and ships like jelly against your enemy's assaults.
  5. I have used your enemies as my troops to destroy you, for I have caused you to let them into your nations, to control your presses, your banks, your brothels, your media, your governments, your religions, your armies, and your armaments, knowing that they would use such control to destroy you. That was My will, not theirs.
  6. I made them to do this to you, for I knew that you would need to be chastised, so I selected the right agent to do that.
  7. These Trojan Horses have I placed inside your various walled and terrified Troys. Now, they control all that you see, hear, and think. As a result, they have laid you back upon your beds of relaxation, entertaining you in their media properties until you have become quiet and gentle as lambs, ready to be led to your own slaughter.
  8. Each day you labor for them, sweating like animals for their profit, and, each day you come home, drink the bottled drugs they have sold you to make you feel powerful by destroying what is left of your minds, turn on their TV screens and watch the sports, NEWS, movies, shopping channels, and Zionist-Christian services which I detest, and other properties of theirs, until it is time for you to sleep, so that you can wake up and work for them again tomorrow.
  9. What could have been done in your factories and farms that I have not done to make them great? Nothing at all. But now, because you have forsaken your duty to remain ethnically purified and have invited the aliens with dangerous ideas and the serpent seed with which you ruined your selves into your realms, now, I shall destroy you, using them as my agents for your decimation.
  10. For the sins of vilest immigration, integration, miscegenation, and mongrelization of your Godlike ethnicity, you deserve not to prosper, not to invent, not to live, and they deserve also a world where your inventions, arts, and laws will no longer aid them in their evil ways, so that I may punish them ten times more than I shall allow them to punish you now.
  11. I have drawn down your drawbridge, and your castle has been breached.
  12. The enemy is inside the gates and he fully intends to destroy you.
  13. All of the food that I have given you shall be consumed by others.
  14. All of the factories I gave to you shall be shipped to other nations where the poorest shall compete against you and destroy all that you have.
  15. Your walls have I trampled to the ground.
  16. I have made you crazy, so that you have allowed strangers to simply walk into your home, to take a seat at your table, to take your daughters as their wives, to inherit your lands, farms, and factories, to drive cars and use gasoline that was meant for you, but which now you must share with them, thus driving the price of that commodity and all other goods through the ceiling, and their serpent seed co-mingled with your own removed I the Lord forever from your children's seed, for they are mamzers now and cursed by God and loved by Satan.
  17. I have ensnared you like a songbird in a net, grabbed your feathered wings. The more you flutter to escape, the deeper your feathers move into the fiber, until you are without power to stop the hand that descends down upon you, lifts you from the net, cuts off your limbs and head, and devours you in his kettle.

    Adam's Nations Utterly Destroyed


  19. Your factories have I blessed with thorns and nettles. Your parking lots are filled with holes so that cars can no longer come with shoppers to your malls. These temples of Moloch's insatiable greed, which are your hideous shopping malls, shall I cover with vines and birds' nests, and only mice and rats shall move across what is left of their show windows and floors. You will be afraid to enter them, for you know they are dangerous places that are filled with traps that shall lure you to your death.
  20. Your blessed land have I made barren. No rain falls upon the rock-hardened soil. Only wolves and foxes run across the prairies which you used to abundantly farm.
  21. Your great engines of agriculture are rusted hulks, and only bean vines cover them like green tents in an abandoned camp. Now, the corn that you grew, which you polluted with seed that was dead and tampered with and so failed you, that corn is no more.
  22. All over the world, the catastrophe you created in your madness for making money from the hunger of the poor has now made you poor, made you hungry, made you weak and dying from lack of nutrients for you have ruined all the seeds and staffs of life.
  23. For you are skeletons walking between abandoned factories, about to abandon your own factory as your body shuts down organ by organ, unable to find a grain of wheat amid the rubble of your once great empires to sustain itself with life.
  24. Woe to them who join nation to nation, house to house, farm to farm, family to family, race to race, religion to religion, who have no roads or means of access, for all is held by foreign and domesticated enemies, by banks who never die, never pay taxes, never give up or share their things with others, economic conspiracies that only want profit at the suffering of others, for they know only greed but never do they realize love.

    The Iniquities of Immigration, Integration, and Miscegenation of Adam with Serpent Seed Bring Curses from the Lord


  26. Many houses shall be desolate! Their stairs shall rot for want of children's' footsteps. No laughter shall ring through their kitchens and family rooms. There are no families, no wives, no husbands, no daughters, no sons to carry on.
  27. Only the silent specter which has descended upon you due to your inability to protect yourselves from the evil ones who have always ruined every nation and city of Adam's children in which they ever lived, for you chosen immigration, integration, and miscegenation.
  28. You have invited criminals and serpent seeds into your homes, into your nations, allowed them to pass unencumbered through your ports and gates, and now they have undone you, torn you into shreds, sapped your power and stamina, and made of you their sexual playmates and playthings, and all the while you have watched and even participated, thinking that this is enjoyable, this is good, when, in reality it is your death sentence and always was.
  29. For the enemies whom I placed inside you as Trojan Horses crept across you lands, amplifying their voices and subtle lies through the presses which they purposely purchased for that purpose, to destroy you.
  30. Five thousand factories no longer yield a single nut or bolt. All are silent as the rotten fields where only carrion play among the parched and disfigured stubble.
  31. Radiation seeps through the buildings in your cities, placed there by your enemies whom you simply allowed in, saying, Come and live with us and be as us, never understanding that I made them unlike you, placed inside them a hatred of you, and instructed you to keep them distant so they could not harm you.
  32. But no! You had to invite them in, offer them your daughters even whose mongrelized children their foreign sons fathered, placing in them all the vilest seed of Satan, making of them such a hateful reservoir, that I can no longer even breath inside them.
  33. Thus, all of your progeny has lost its contact with me. Thus, did you lose all that I had begotten to you through Adam, your Father.
  34. Woe to them who rise up early in the morning to work! For their cars shall not start. Their highways are in ruin. Their homes are unheated and uncooled and unlighted. Inside there is only dread and darkness. The great tumbling generators are silent. All their parts are as corrupted as the hearts of the people have been made sour.
  35. When they trudge to their factories, they find them grown over with weeds. Their children find their schools rotten from the inside out, and their roofs are rotted and fallen onto their desks. There are no supermarkets, no filling stations, no trains, no airports, no streets.
  36. All is in disarray. Everything is missing that was once a part of the order of life.
  37. What bread is found is caked with mold, and the sustenance that once resided in the wheat that composes its destroyed body is a vile and horrid specter of poison. There is no nutrient inside. To eat of it brings only vomit from its victim.

Adam Is Self-Devoured by His Own Sinfulness


  1. Behold, the poor and lowly have conquered all you owned, have raped your women and your men, have tortured your families even unto death.
  2. They have placed plastic ropes about your wrists and have forced you to march in cold rains and winds and in heat to their nations where you are made to serve them, and even to reside as paid lovers in their pornographic hostels, where all of your previous fantasies have become all too real to you, so real you wish you had not dreamed of them beforehand, for your dreaming them has caused them to happen.
  3. Your flesh shall your enemies and your family devour at the same table, speaking in foreign tongues, worshipping gods meant for Pygmies and Bantus, not for men of your previous station.
  4. Now, I see you have no position, only pity, only disgrace, only pain and suffering. Gnash your teeth and weep, for I have betrayed you ten times more than you betrayed me, for I am an angry God who does not take your betrayal lightly, and, so, you, too, shall not take lightly the betrayal from me that you have earned by your constant iniquities.
  5. For I shall slay you as many of you raised and killed your cattle before the butcher's tables and, later, in the meat packers factories, marching you through long narrow cattle tunnels of no escape, where you shall hear the agony of screams from your neighbors up ahead in the slaughter house where they are being ritually dismembered, their stomachs torn open and cleaned even before they are dead, their skin pulled from their muscles by pliers, and their meat carved up by jagged meat knives for sale on the tables of cannibals.
  6. And where your own sinful footsteps have been leading you, into these tunnels of torture, your own dreadful screams filling the ears of those in the line of death behind you, brimming them up with the horror up ahead, which is the horror of yourself in agony, Oh Adam.
  7. For you have been wicked, and so I shall be wicked.
  8. I shall skin you alive, hear your screams, kiss your torturous last gasps of life, for they fill my nostrils with a great savor, for you are an evil and treacherous people, and only justice of the highest magnitude befits what you have done and how you have misused your colonies, enforced your will on the poor and innocent, carved them up with knives and religions that mean nothing to them, for they shall never be my people, nor, now that you have contaminated your breath with the breath of Satan spawn shall you ever again be mine.
  9. For blasphemy against your own flesh and blood is blasphemy against your Lord, for his breath is what makes you separate and holy, and when you quench that breath through committing adultery by either living close to or fornicating with mongrels who have not my breath in them, you have killed me in you and cut me off from you forever.
  10. The Lord your God suffers not fools to be his people. Instead, he dismembers them one and all, sending them like weeds in a garden into the burning fires where they are consumed once and for all, for with such treachery among you, there is no reason for you to exist any longer.
  11. You have not the reason nor the will to live, and you have not lifted a finger to protect yourself, although you saw your end coming, as every one of your cities perished before your eyes at the hands of the vermin you invited into your houses to contaminate and adulterate your lives.
  12. As the flame consumes the chaff, so also does my wrath consume you in the ovens of my hate for you, and to be rid of you, and your Satan breath of hatred for all peoples including your own,
  13. I shall rid everyone of you by feeding you to cannibals so that you may truly integrate into their beings as you have claimed was your wish, and which I shall fulfill.
  14. The anger of the Lord is kindled, and no one shall stop it, not even time, for the Lord is time, the Lord is eternal.
  15. What God has planned shall happen. There is no other way than The Way of the Lord, for it is destined from the beginning of time and cannot be altered.
  16. In the burnt cities weep the immigrants around the fires where they gnaw the flesh of their captured natives, feeding on the flesh of Adam's host.
  17. In the air, blackened with birds, a great rush of wings, clouds of hunger, and the fluctuations that pluck the host of Adam's flesh to the very whiteness of their bones, way past that glorious grace and beauty wherein once the blush of God once shone within its loving wine so red inside their glowing faces. Yet, that is not all. The dogs and rats come to eat the bones, to break them apart with their teeth, to taste the sweet marrow.
  18. For the armies of the Lord conscript themselves from all of the lowest of men, especially in times of darkness where the host of Adam's people have turned to the dark side, have invited the vile, iniquitous, and unholy men to enter their lands and contaminate them and to eat them and their wives and children, after torturing, raping, and burning their flesh with embers, then skewering them on iron stakes.
  19. And the once proud nations of my people, behold, do not offer to lift one of their effeminized fingers in their defense, for I have paralyzed them with fear and self hatred which is their due based on their sins, and even while they are enslaved, raped, worked, and slaughtered for the foreign cannibals' needs, all the while their nagging wives and children disrespect them, shove their cowardly bodies here and there, until all are beaten down, captured, and eaten.
  20. In the center of the cities and farms, see I the final consummation of the flesh of Adamic men by the foreigners they have stupidly and wantonly invited within their lands.
  21. My lost people could have seen it beforehand, but the evil ones, whom they allowed to rule their media, to change their religion, to seek dollars instead of family love, tricked them with their millions of tiny serpent bites of subtle poisoning of their souls into waiting and watching and doing nothing.
  22. Behold, the death of the people is near. Smell the plates of their flesh served in the streets.
  23. For, with all their factories grown up in vines, and all of their plants ruined by bad seeds of the genetic patent makers, the only food left is the Body of Christ, and the Final Supper shall be themselves.


Chapter 6


My Vision of Holiness -- Redemption from the Sin of Integration -- The Lord's Wrath Upon Adam's Sons


  1. In the years of my becoming holy, when the nation at large was consumed in material and lustful ways, did I feel the Lord inside my heart.
  2. He was holding me in his hands, as though I were a babe, and we both floated in the jetsam of my inner fluids, moving back and forth through my arteries and my veins, inspecting every part of my being from inside with loving and constant eyes.
  3. The Lord was with me all those years, speaking inside me, without need for words or sounds, for I felt his every thought, felt them with the constant subtlety of being, just the same as when rain appears upon a quiet field wetting it to the very depths, yet not a drop is detected, only the softness of its purest dew alighting so gently in waves of cool refreshment, enfolding onto the field as though it were coequal with the invisible oceans floating forever inside the arms of the planet.
  4. Thus, spoke God to me, his thoughts becoming my own, imparting his greatness into me as though I were a sponge in the Sea, as the lesser which is porous soaks up the greater and becomes commingled with it until its very being is absorbed by that which in which it has become engrossed.
  5. For I was a receptor of him who was in me, as I am today, and hopefully, if he so wishes, shall I always be, or until he casts me off into the pit of death to which all of us, both good and evil must someday enter in.
  6. The Lord created images of himself which were beautiful beyond description. He presented himself majestically in colors, sounds, and sights which dazzled my being.
  7. Now, he was a whale flashing neon colors, next he was changed into a magnificent mountain upon whose summit flowers spewed forth like a river of color as though coming through clouds and pouring out all the way into the valleys below.
  8. He transformed again and again into all things including people, children, birds, shellfish, reptiles, insects, each more magnificent than the other, and all dazzling my eyes with their colors.
  9. I saw the Lord once as a bird with magnificent wings of gold which stretched as far as the eye can see, then suddenly the Lord was instantly transformed into a million colorful and surging schools of minnows in a quiet sea rushing headlong into endless vistas.
  10. He came through me in many forms, flashing and thundering, pouring into me as a rainbow shedding and re-gathering its spectral being, color by color, blinding and rapid and pulsing within their comings and goings.
  11. For the Lord is all things to all people. And to the world, the Lord is everything at once.
  12. Thus, the Lord transfixed himself as all past, present, and future creations, one-by-one, mysteriously immutable yet totally changeable in the many aspects of his unchangeableness, flickering as all things at once within himself, glowing, pulsing, rumbling across the glorious skies, and I was awestruck and filled with admiration for his greatness.
  13. I was humbled that he would present this vision of himself within a mere mortal such as me, revealing how he is everything at once, in so many fantastic forms, each overlapping into another, into all, to insure that in my mental smallness I would at least gather within myself some glimpse of how he is at once everything that is and for all times before, now, and to come in all the several potential futures.
  14. For he is everything that ever happens or could happen, and we, even the smallest pebble, even the smallest creature, are hooked to his being, for without him we are nothing, and without us in the great chain of what he is, he cannot be what he is meant to be either.
  15. For we are a part of all that is, down to the smallest spec, we are even of things so small that they are beyond the most powerful magnifying instruments; yet, even there, does he exist in grand complexities.
  16. Yet, though he was perfect and inside me, I was unclean, having been a part of the world at large, where all things striking us are bent as though through a wicked lens.
  17. All things coming to us are altered by the material nature of our planet, our biological beings, and our senses which are only machines which can approximate the true shape, colors, sounds, temperatures, and frequencies, so that most of the entire world about us is kept from us, yet it impacts us as from a ghostly aura at the outer rim, beyond our perceptive capacities.
  18. So much of God Himself is also hidden, that he must be either intuited, seen with machines invented by us that go beyond our senses, or translated onto metaphoric planes which we can perceive as approximations of that which is beyond us, or else we'd see them not at all.
  19. All these things both big and small he lay inside me to perceive.
  20. God placed all of himself within me, despite the uncleanness of these worlds in which I must live my sordid yet beautiful life, and he made of me his Garden of Eden, and he came and went within me, and all the Trees of the Garden were in me, yet of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Tree of Eternal Life, did I hide from and not perceive nor eat thereof, and with the serpent did I not lie down as did our ancient mother to our suffering and pain.
  21. The Lord placed coals of fire inside me, saying, with these have I made you pure again. These coals were red hot, as the coals of lava in a volcano, yet I felt them not so much at that, for God's hand was within me and upon me and around me.
  22. Then flew through me the seraphim whose wings were said to adorn the Holy of Holies and to open across the Ark of the Covenant. Now, they opened atop me as I lay down in the position of a dead man assuming the shape of a golden box. I could see their wings atop me.
  23. And I heard the sound of angels singing as though pure tuning forks filled with divine pleasure had suddenly stroked the universe with perfectly luxurious sounds even more remarkable than the chords inside a cathedral's massive organ.
  24. These sounds were holy, separated from the world in which I lay, for they were neither bent nor shredded by their closeness to me, and in the grave distance between myself and those melodious sounds, grew a tension in which energies beyond compare grew into a soft encircling mist in which tiny lightening bolts surrounded me in a glowing and most holy chimera.
  25. I rose from the ground ensconced in an eerie light, laid out still as a corpse, alive yet unmoving, pristine and quiet, the beautiful glow of lightening bolts radiating from all of my parts, making me appear as a being of ultimate perfections, transforming me into an angel's grace.
  26. It was then that I felt the surge of God's grand strength so powerful that all of time seemed to collapse within me, displaying all that had happened, was happening, and would ever happen, and all in a single instant as though God had encapsulated all of his thoughts within me at once.
  27. I was all seeing, powerful, beautiful, aglowing with elixir of heaven, streaming through galaxies amid creatures so beautiful and different from those that exist within our sphere, that I was dumbfounded and overwhelmed with the absolute power of God to create things in accordance with the potential for the multiplicities that become the universe's life, matter, and energy.
  28. I was flowing in the greater rivers of forces which are the arteries of God himself, surging through his being, as though his body was now for me, what my body on Earth is for him, a conduit in which he floats. Now, I was flowing in his own body, a conduit within his arterial streams, which are so numerous I cannot begin to describe them in the least.
  29. For I was united with all the energies and times and potentials, unable to speak for to do so would be to tear apart the very fabric of the continuum of all that is. For nothing within that continuum is static.
  30. All sounds, sights, frequencies, and imaginings flow in fast moving and intermingling unions. These intermixtures come and go, unite, tear apart, reunite, weaving and reweaving themselves, as they roll through all beings, elements, and energies and bind together all that is enthralled.
  31. And I heard the voices of the Lord saying, Whom shall I send?
  32. And I said, Let it be me.
  33. And He said, Go, and tell this people on the edge of my many Creations, for they hear yet hear not, see but see not, perceive yet perceive not.
  34. Make the heart of these people bled with joy.
  35. Remove the pity that has been sprinkled upon them in death, war, murder, devotion to greed, the extreme vileness of integration with the serpent seed people, and incessant meanderings into powers that are beyond them.
  36. Make their ears deaf, their eyes blind, and their skin without feeling, lest they change their ways and avoid the punishment which they owe to me, their Lord and God whom they have flung out from their inner selves, preferring to fondle material things made of their own hands, not mine.
  37. For I shall demand that they not be healed. I shall see that they suffer for the suffering they have created for themselves.
  38. For that was their wish from the beginning, to gain power over others, to yoke them like cattle, to work them, to gain from them what they themselves would have had for themselves had they not existed to yoke them.
  39. Then, I said, Lord, how long shall they remain blind? And he said, until their cities be wasted away, without inhabitant, and until all houses be without children, wives, and husbands, and the land be utterly desolate.
  40. And the Lord removed all men away from the land. There were earthquakes, and the comets in the heavens swooped down into the planet's sides and boiled away the life forms.
  41. All hell broke loose upon Earth and in its heavens, boiling the oceans, sending high into the air choking flames and dust which glowed red hot, consuming instantly all who touched it, for they imploded into shattering ashes.
  42. Only the barest few survived, those who were off in small caves and dens, sealed away. They quaked in fear, cursing the Lord their God, feeling emptier than ever. The Lord filled them all with utter darkness all around and all within to which they continued to cling.
  43. They were barely able to breathe in that foul iniquitous atmosphere which was gaseous, rumbling, and white hot, for it was so suddenly and immutably evil that even the lungs of the wicked could barely sustain life within the fiery peppercorns of molten dust and microscopic asteroid pieces that rained fire for many years upon those seething wastelands.
  44. Oh, Lord, I said, how shall they survive these things, and, the Lord answered, they would not, except in another realm, they would, or else all of mankind should be lost forever, which the Lord told me would not be all that bad, considering what they had done to waste themselves, and that he had only obliged them by giving them what they deserved.
  45. For, as evil begets evil, the Lord said, so have I begotten onto them what is their strongest suit, for I am only the bearer of their wishes in these respects, and what I have allowed to befall them is what came from the wickedness of their own hearts.
  46. And I said, Lord, please save them.
  47. And, the Lord said, Yes. So, I shall.
  48. He said this and a myriad of other things, as I slid through times and universes beyond all normal imaginings.


Chapter 7


World War One, Balfour Declaration, First Serpent Seed Place on Supreme Court, God’s Punishment of President Wilson


  1. And it came to pass in the days of early Empire that the English and the French were entrenched in battles against the Germans in what was known as The Great War, and this was 1914-1919 of Our Lord as it was measured in these days.
  2. And the Lord placed a vision in my eyes to see these battles of the Marne, Verdun, as well as the March for Paris in which hundreds of thousands of Adam's sons were mutilated by their own kind upon the fields of battle.
  3. I watched as they were shuttled to the front in trains and trucks, shivering in their uniforms, knowing full well by the ambulances funneling their way past them from the thundering front lines, that this would be their last day to breath in and out God's furtive and loving breath.
  4. At times, the Lord placed me at the same time in ancient battles where swords, chariots, spears, bucklers, and shields vied for position and advantage, covering me in blood, for all wars exist in the eternal Knowledge.
  5. In many battles in The Great War, I saw myself as a soldier, plummeted by guns and shrapnel, and, in a thousand faces of agony, my screams reached up into the heavens where the angels flew on wings that tipped forward as the wings of seraphim over the golden box of the ark of the covenant of which God had made me to resemble and feel in his many visions.
  6. And I witnessed Jews who went up to London and who spoke with Lord Balfour whom they enlisted to help them gain a letter of acceptance for a new and unwise Jewish State in Palestine where they could establish an Empire of Evil, and, with that in hand, they crossed the seas to New York City where they connived to embroil the Sons of Adam in the United States in their battles.
  7. The Lord showed me how they visited with the heads of the banking and military great ones in the New World.
  8. He showed me how many of them were Jews who ran these institutions for the Adamic men who were their secretly enslaved workers, though these Adamic men had absolutely no vested interest in either Zionism or what the United States was doing in Europe, nor in their Judeo- Bolshevism, nor did those on the other shores of the Atlantic know anything about Zionism, Judeo-Bolsheviks, or intrigues, except that in their newspapers, the evil ones told them they nonetheless did have a vested interest, if not in Zionism, at least, in The Great War's outcome, which was another lie of Jacob's deceitful and all-seeing eye.
  9. The Lord showed me how their evil eye is always open and spying inside the countries where his people coil together, quiet serpents nested among the innocents, doing them much harm, striking them with usurious serpent bites, turning what might have been an Eden into a false Jewish hell of fire and brimstones, all sealed by unwise signatures on contracts given to Adam's sons by them.
  10. And the Lord said to me how it was told to the President Wilson and his advisors that the United States must do battle against the German people, but Wilson said, No, at first.
  11. The Lord, said that a man who was an attorney, named Louis Untermeyer, a false Jew who like all of the others said that he was Jewish but was not a Jew, a man of great evil and deception and power, who represented a harlot of sorts, a secretary at Princeton University who was always sleeping with men greater than her own station in life, who had slept for awhile with Woodrow Wilson himself at the President's Mansion at Princeton University when he was President of that Institution, a woman who was now sorely pregnant with some new lover's child, but not Wilson's child, but nonetheless a little bastard.
  12. And the attorney demanded blackmail from President Wilson in the White House itself, based on his earlier amorous actions when he lay beside the lady, asking for $40,000 or he'd tell the Jewish owned presses, recently purchased to put the United States within their thrall, what Wilson and the lady had done, and that they would ruin him as President with that information, or at least destroy his marriage, for they would shout it across the land.
  13. Standing in the White House, in the Oval Office, the Lord presented President Wilson.
  14. I saw that he became angry and told Mr. Untermeyer to return to his banking towers, courts, and newspapers in New York City without the bribe money he had asked for.
  15. Tell the entire world, Mr. Untermeyer, I witnessed Mr. Wilson say to him, For I would never allow my nation to go to war with its brothers in Europe because of blackmail against me by some lowly Jews.
  16. But Untermeyer, being a crafty sort, turned in my mind's eye which the Lord had made clear as a sunny day to me, and, in the dream the Lord gave me, I stood in the White House as he told Mr. Wilson, he himself would pay the woman the money if he, the President, appointed as the next Supreme Court Justice, a certain Jew named Louis Brandeis, who, like Mr. Untermeyer, was a child of the serpent seed of Eve through Cain, and would accept a letter concerning Zionism from Lord Balfour and join Britain and France in The Great War.
  17. And, being weak and afraid of him, as the Lord showed to me, Mr. Wilson agreed, even to waging war, but only after several ships had been sunk in British sea lanes, thus making the way free to appear as a hero before Congress and declare that evil War.
  18. Just one Jew, Mr. Untermeyer said, Surely, only one Jew cannot undo a nation.
  19. What a lie that was.
  20. God help us, for this was done forthwith, and General Pershing, fresh from losing track of General Poncho Villa in Mexico, the villain who had shot up a Texas town, was called to lead the United States in The Great War.
  21. And Brandeis was appointed to the Supreme Court and set about destroying it at once, saying that whatever a court ruled concerning the Constitution's intent was more important than what the ancient non-Judeo-Founders meant.
  22. Then the Lord said to me, go forth now to the War's Front and see the battles as they are fought.
  23. I was reluctant and afraid, but on the wings of seraphim, sequestered in a golden box, I was transported to several places of death upon the battlefields.
  24. Heads flew past me, and I felt great hurtful clods of dirt and metal, the immediate hurling of mortar and cannon shells close by, triangulated from the all seeing eyes of enemy guns miles distant from us.
  25. And the Lord saw that I felt flowing blood across my face and hands and feet from my fellow men who were shredded into broken parts by the onslaught of incoming shells, and I felt my body broken into pieces, and heard the Lord saying,
  26. This is thy body. Eat of it in remembrance of me and my people of whom you breathe their breath which I imparted into Adam, your Father of Fathers. Drink the blood which is the wine of the fields, the blood line of inheritance which is yours from me forever, and the wine within your sacred blushing faces. For I, the Lord thy God, has brought you here, and by me shall you return safely to the other shore.
  27. Gas and tanks rolled through me as I became a specter on a screen, projected by lights against the stage of death on which The Great War was fought, men running through me as though I had become the ghost of thousands of fields in which they perished every day, screaming of families left behind on the other side of the great ocean, so far west their homeland that it seemed their souls would never reach there even in some afterlife, which may or may not occur.
  28. And I was made to stand before General Pershing as a prophet and say, Fear not, General Pershing, for the Lord is with you. He deserted you in your search for Poncho Villa, and here, upon the Fields of France, you shall lose many men, but the Lord says The Great War is the destiny of men, and it is your nation's destiny to toss the scales to the French and English, and so you shall.
  29. And I heard my voice saying, Let us march against their underground bunkers by the thousands, rapidly advancing across the fields, for with the Lord's all seeing eyes searching the battle for our side's victory, we shall surely prevail.
  30. General Pershing did not listen, Instead, he called me a spy and sent me to the Provost Marshal's jails where I languished for many years during which the Lord showed me the sufferings of our nation's men at the hands of their Adamic brothers in this great European fratricide that would not seem to ever end.
  31. I appeared in front of General Petain of the French, saying in his language, You shall prevail. The Lord has sent me to tell you. The Germans are nearly finished. Hold fast, for their front shall collapse, and you shall defeat them at Verdun, the Great Mountain where you have fought these many years. You shall enter into its inner dungeons and have your way.
  32. And I was sent to another dungeon, so that two me languished at the same time in both places. And the Lord was with me always, and I also walked all the battlefields within the cannon's spray, and the Seraphim touched their wings over me and made me safe within the golden box in which the stones of the ark were contained in the warmth of my being,
  33. Images of the war and of all wars danced through me like the waves of music from a symphony, the music whining with violins, violas, horns, and all manner of woodwind instruments, so that the musical accompaniment and the battles of history pertaining to me and the great ark itself were manifested in all parts of my being at once.
  34. Here, I saw the Moabites slain, there, the Edomites, here the Cushites and Egyptians ran, swords clanking, blood splattering across my face, warm to the taste and touch, the blood of Adam and of his enemies both.
  35. And the Kaiser said, Let us go against France, Russia, England, and the United States, and we shall crush them on the seas and lands, for our men are better, our factories produce more armaments, and our people are steadfast and true.
  36. And they were, yet the Lord had different ideas about The Great War which included the imposition of a great tyranny upon the Earth in Russia under the serpent seed of Jewish horror as punishment for this blood-letting.
  37. For I heard the Lord say, I shall place a Jewish state in Russia, run from their stronghold banks in the West without anyone knowing it, for I have given these serpent seed the power to control all information, so that I have made you blind.
  38. I have done this, because you disobeyed me by allowing them and all of their vile ways inside the new worlds I had prepared for you. Now, I shall use them, who are your own sin against yourselves, to punish you.
  39. This war, I started with a single Anarchist, the Lord said, taking me to Sarajevo where I saw Ginvrillo Princeps, an Anarchist in the organization started by the Jewish activist from America, one Anna Goldman, slay the son of the Archduke Ferdinand and unleash the dogs of war amongst the Adamic men of Europe, weakening them for the kill.
  40. The Lord told me, Ginvrillo Princeps was the angel of death sent by the devil, by which he meant Anna Goldman and the entire horde of anarchists, Bolsheviks, socialists, and democrats whom we had allowed to live side-by-side with us, thinking in our innocence that God was wrong, that we were smarter than God, that we knew better than He what was good for us, and that the serpent seed were not so bad as God had told us in our hearts.
  41. And yet they were even worse that the Lord had taught us. Far worse.
  42. Then, the Lord said to me, You sinned by allowing foreigners into your lands and not expelling them, though you knew that they were serpent seed whose father was the prince of darkness.
  43. Now, you are embroiled in their intrigues. If you had followed me, I would have spared you all this horror, but you rejected me and let the serpent seed into your heart.
  44. For your iniquity, I am gleaning your fields, for the bodies left after the battle are mine, for they are the fallen ones of the Devil's Plans. And I shall pick them up and drop them into the caldron and burn them away, for these are as nothing.
  45. I asked the Lord why these dead persons were nothing, and the Lord answered me, saying,
  46. They are nothing because you abandoned them here to die, knowing full well they would die in your service. By doing this, you have told me they are expendable. And those who are expendable are not worth saving. I am following what you have willed, for you, and not I, have condemned them.
  47. And the heads of Germany and Russia were smitten, but the head of Russia was smitten worst, for he was smitten second, the Kaiser having lost his heir in Sarajevo, the Tsar losing his entire family and his own life in Erkatinberg at the hands of a Jewish assassination squad for his transgressions against his people in continuing the war with such bull headedness.
  48. Thus, was Holy Mother Russia, the Christ Child Nation, made into an atheist stronghold for seventy long years, the length of exile in which the caldron of tyranny would rework the Russian psyche and pull from its bones a new feeling of God's wonder based years of their Jewish debasement at the hands of Kerinsky, Trotsky, Kaganovich, Gengrich, and thousands of other activist Jews involved in Judeo-Bolshevism and bent on destroying the Body of Christ with all of their sadistic vileness around the world.
  49. Moreover, the Lord spoke to me saying, The Great War is a gathering of Eagles and Falcons. Here, the best of Adam's kindred lie upon the poppy fields, from Flanders to Verdun, Paris to Moscow, and all the birds come to peck out the eyes of the heroes, for they were foolish enough to follow the dictates of the serpent seed people and destroy themselves in the various "-isms’ which they have spawned in their Satan seed as snares unto you.
  50. The Lord said, I am punishing you for disobeying my words and not staying separate from all other peoples.
  51. In the future, I will shatter you many times for immigration of aliens into your lands. You shall even stoop so low in the near future as to allow your women to marry Negroes, at the will of these same serpent seed who shall fool you even more next time, and for this iniquity I will seek to kill all of you.
  52. Oh, nations of the West, listen to my voice and cries. The Lord shall muster his spirit to condemn you for your condemnation of yourselves.
  53. For you have allowed yourselves to be covered over in their lies, to let them whisper into your ears day and night, publish into your eyes day and night, transmit motion pictures into your homes, and holograms, and all manner of creations to entertain you into exposing your nakedness to all of your enemies, yes, even importing them to your cities where they shall politically activate to destroy you and bring you low.
  54. And it shall come to pass in that day, after The Great War and during its feeble strivings laced with Adam's bloodline across the length and breadth of Europe and the Caucasus Mountains, that the Lord shall send a plague to kill millions of you again, far more than in the war, all the way into the Heartlands of America.
  55. And the carrion shall watch as the funeral processions rob them of their gore, secreting your dead and embalmed bodies to the safety of the 20 million graves you shall dig yourselves, for you have betrayed the Lord and he shall likewise bring you to ruin.
  56. And the Lord smote President Wilson with a grave disease which blocked his abilities to rule, and so his wife, who by now knew about his illicit love affair and how the war started by its blackmail, how Brandeis was also by that iniquity allowed to ruin the courts, took over the Presidency, and thus a woman ruled over the House of Adam in Washington, D.C., effeminizing the government, womanizing the White House, emasculating the Presidential decision-making functions, and bringing all to ruin.
  57. And the Lord smote the Nation further with a President whose name became an echo of evil, a thief and another womanizer named Harding who was a whoremonger, thief, and and liar, as was the United States of America, all of its leaders, and the hidden evil ones into whose moneyed hands its control had passed unannounced in their presses where all that truly affected the nation was kept silent as serpents in wait.
  58. Oh thoughtless and stupid nation, you who are so proud and do the devil's work, who bow beneath the feet of the bastard serpent seed of Cain, those whom you have allowed to own your media, banks, companies, lands, and governmental agencies where all decision-making rests, all that effects you, even your lives, thus, have you defiled your nation, your Lord, and your people, for you have fornicated with foreign people, foreign gods, foreign "isms’ newly invented and flashed in the presses before you, and these have all come to bring you down into Sheol, meaning the Gates of Hell itself, a place of death and dread where you are going but do not wish to go, a place where you have made your bed in life, where your enemies have prepared more chains for your shackling.
  59. And in those days, God shall send Judah's false ones against you, and Mexico, the Caribbean, Quebec, English Canada, the Middle East, and the Pacific Rim against you.
  60. Your opened borders beckoned them, saying, Come and kill us. So, they came into your lands to slay you and to make of you their captive, to enslave you, steal all you value, even take your government for themselves to rule unfairly over you, O Adam, and you shall not lift even one finger to defend yourselves, for the Lord has made you effeminate and soft, adorned you with decadent goods, and made you too fat to move on your behalf.
  61. The lean ones, immigrants you brought into your home, shall slay you. And your scientists shall destroy your farms by tampering with the seeds so that nothing shall grow.
  62. And it shall come to pass in that day that the King and President of Mexico shall extend his rule over your lands by a mere swipe of his pen upon a piece of paper into lands already populated and filled with Mexicans whom you allowed to invade you day-by-day, never offering resistance, and none of your own shall live next to them anymore.
  63. Even then, you shall shrug and do nothing, for your hearts are made as the hearts of the mud people your children are becoming as they intermarry into foreign loins and lose their holiness forever in the mix of serpent seed, becoming mamzers, mongrels of the basest sort, the foul ruination of the holy race of Adam's sons, becoming evil children of the basest serpent seed.
  64. With rifles, aircraft, cannons, and gasses shall his men come to kill you.
  65. And your homes and lands shall become grown up with briars and weeds, and there shall be no one left to tend it.
  66. Only the vines and tall overhanging trees filled with carrion birds stuffed to their breasts with human flesh shall show any signs of life. And the cities shall be canyons of sharp, broken walls where glass fills the valleys, and wild animals scurry through the weeded streets.
  67. And Adam's holy bones shall fill a thousand little boxes on the edges of each city and town, and of you, those bones are all the Lord shall have of Adam's son, and all on account of your unfaithfulness, waywardness, and iniquities.
  68. For you, as Adam's sons, have followed empire at the expense of your hearts, and the way of empire leads always to death and destruction until nothing is left to you.
  69. For you have kissed the idols of evil, the idols of integration, miscegenation, racial adultery, and immigration, which are the vile kisses of iniquity and which bring annihilation to God's most precious and separate people, for you were never meant to live with such as low as those of serpent seed through which these vile men oozed in cursed and evil seed.


Chapter 8

The Lord’s Prophecy Through Michael’s Sleeping Pen –America Will Be Adulterated – Adam’s Sons Will Lose Their Divine Seedline – Adam’s Son Sinning Against God’ Will


  1. Moreover, the Lord said unto me, take paper and pen and write on it concerning your past and your future.
  2. And I found a pen and held it close in my hand. With the Lord speaking inside me, I held the pen as a flower holds tightly to the seeds around which its colors wrap themselves in accordance to the patterns of its flesh that are written into it by the hand of God, so, also, were my hands wrapped around this pen.
  3. And God being inside me, moved the pen upon the paper in precisely the manner and words and meanings as you shall read here.
  4. And behold, I swooned into the deepest slumber and as I slept that night, I dreamed that I was lying with a woman and that we bore a son, and God wrote me on that paper how the nation would encounter many difficulties, as it always had, before my son was ready to begat his own son and many more before that son begat his own, and on and on, so many troubles were there to come, and so many sons.
  5. And as I dreamed, my hand and the pen wrote down what God wanted it to write, although I was not altogether certain what it was God was writing as I slept and dreamed, yet my hand was moving and the pen was writing it down.
  6. Then, said the Lord, behold, a nation of many sons, but only those that are of Adam's seed are chosen to be mine. The rest are chaff to be smitten and burned at the end of day, as you might burn your field after the stubble is scorched. For the stubble burns away from the many fires which farmers set long days after the gleaning.
  7. In the brilliant golden glare of the Sun burn those fires night and day, and, standing with pitchforks to turn the stubble lest it not be consumed entirely from the fires, the man who does the burning goes about his business until all of it is consumed and the land is black and filled with ashes.
  8. Thus said the Lord, beware, for all weeds are of the evil ones, who are of Satan. They are the stubble, grown like a cancer into the field. They are not like you who are the people of God and of Adam's breath, which is the very breath of God himself.
  9. Therefore, the Lord commands, these evil men, who are busy trying to destroy his people, who are the only people of God, these Satanic men must be consumed in fire so that they perish completely from your midst lest they administer unto and into you the very poison that I have allowed the serpent's seed to reproduce inside them so unfaithfully generation to generation.
  10. For their poison oozes from them and contaminates all who are of Adam's seed, for they are the evil ones, and are antagonists against the good people of God, and they live as Satan's spawn only to serve Moloch. Moloch is an ancient, wasted god, who rules over greed, chaos, enslavement, and tyranny, and it is Moloch's breath which they have spread like nets across my people.
  11. Beware, lest they ensnare by their closeness to you, for it is easy to fall into their charming ways.
  12. If you shall live side-by-side with these serpent seed who are the children of Satan, then have you agreed to the false maxim of the world which they control via deceptions.
  13. And, as a result of your transgressing my desires and commands and having allowed them to reside close to you, as I had forbidden you to allow, then I, too, at your command and at your rejection of me in favor of evil, will obey your wish, and I shall allow them to stay and I shall see to it that they shall prevail over you and destroy you.
  14. For the Lord says this, that the source of their pride is the total destruction of all good in the world which the Lord has made possible.
  15. While they make statements about the poor and how you should help the poor, yet all the while they are busy making your people poor and their people rich and powerful. In addition, their voices of evil are magnified each day against you through the media which they have taken care to monopolize to your direst harm.
  16. For before each child you and your people have begot by adulterating your holy seed with serpent seed, their fathers and mothers, and their father himself, shall see to it that the nation shall fall and rise in battles, from the eastern seaboard to the Rio Grande River and north to Alaska, for her enemies are many.
  17. The Kings of England shall have owned you forever, before you ever thought of denying their authority to do so, and, when you did, you chose instead, the way of the Evil Ones who are the vilest serpent seed,
  18. for many of them were the false Jews who claimed that they were Jews and yet were not Jews, but were the ones who funded, at that time, the Armies of the Continental Congress, loaning them money, and, as George Washington reported, at exorbitant rates of usury,
  19. making the situation they themselves had caused in the great rebellion against England, even worse, for all of you, as they sucked from you your life's blood inside usury's old and rusted cup.
  20. Yet, that was not enough. Since the money they had gotten was paper and of no worth, after the Adamic men were led into Canada to escape the horror that had befallen them in the Revolutionary War, the Jews began to trade in propaganda with those Adamic men who were left, knowing they were few and that they were ill-prepared to resist them now that the Tories had been banished into wildest Canada.
  21. So, they whispered lies into the ears of your people, as they had against the King, spreading sedition once again, all in the hopes of being paid for the scripts of paper they had held, having loaned them and also having purchased all the rest of the script for nothing but empty promises, knowing they would trick you into redeeming them in gold.
  22. Because you had betrayed my Holy King in England, who was yours as well, and whom I anointed in holy oils upon his throne upon his coronation, I made you headstrong as the devil.
  23. They were those with whom you fell in, killing the Adamic men of the English King, all proud and dressed and assembled in squares like boxes of red cherries on the fields of battle, shooting them through with your well-aimed, smoky muskets from behind trees, fighting as you did like Indians whom you yourselves despised, yet, nonetheless, you took upon yourselves their ways in this regard.
  24. So, now, hard pressed by economics, which the Jews had insured would crush you, using usury and banks to dispossess you rapidly of your free holdings via the illusion of private property and deeds, which they confiscated through loans, taxation, and writs from the local magistrates who treated the evil ones as equals, doing the work of the Devil though they, the Christian magistrates, were Adam's children, also.
  25. Thus, did they persuade your leaders to meet in Philadelphia, there to betray their people's freedoms and form a federalized central state, which the Jews could more easily control and use to crush out your Godliness through their many abuses of my laws and will, and in their hatred for the sons of Adam in whom God resides, and not in them, for they, the Jews, are serpent seed and born of Cain's foul criminal mind.
  26. The Constitution they wrote for you was a load of straw, already seething with flames, burning hot when it was ratified, and the one sure thing that it contained was slavery for you, and the promise that all of the greenbacks held by the seed line of the serpent, the Jews themselves, would be repaid in gold at face value, by your seed line which is the seed line of Adam, all the paper that you sold them for nothing, you had agreed to pay back in that Constitution with interest.
  27. Oh, ye nation of fools. You have followed the leadership of the viper and transcended all the good I have sent you, turning it in the ashes of the burnt hearth, charcoaled and blackened by the flames of greed into which you consigned yourselves.
  28. Now, therefore behold, because of your rebellion, the Lord brought upon you a flood of rivers of alien people streaming into your shores, many from Africa, the land of burnt men whom I cursed for their murders, assaults, anger, and ignorance.
  29. For I created them as foils and as links between Adam's holy men and serpent seed men, and they came to your shores, most of them floating in Jewish boats, the Jews who sold these ugly mamzers to farmers in the south and factory owners in the north, as slaves, servants, butlers, as though my people were too lazy or busy to fend for themselves.
  30. And, for these evils, they brought to their shores a poison that would destroy their communities year by year, until they have the courage to deport each and every one of them forever from the face of their lands.
  31. In that day, when the Negroes and lesser men who are not Adamic peoples are forced to leave these properties, the fields of America and Canada shall again blossom and produce food, the cities shall rise from the ashes to which Negroes and immigrants have reduced them, and civilized man shall again rule his own destiny, as I have promised.
  32. Behold, the words of the Lord: All you must do to save yourselves is to remove these many weeds you have allowed to be planted in your holy fields, and the holiness of the fields I have given you shall blossom again.
  33. For, if you continue to hold to the weeds, to press them to your son's body, to let them sleep with your daughters and bear their wantonness in sour fruit carried in them and born to them, to let them bastardize your offspring in this way, removing my sweet breath from them, then I shall curse you forever.
  34. For I shall curse you, Adam because you have done such evil all these many years you have cursed me, which you performed by breeding with the serpent seed instead of those of Adam's blessed breath.
  35. Thus have you cut your progeny from the branch of my trunk, and I have left them alone, in the cold winds, unmindful of my wonders, forever.
  36. After you are destroyed, because your children have adulterated your seed lines, even if their children who are mongrels believe in me and worship me, I shall know them not, nor ever shall I know you in the future generations of those children, for it is all a pretense, a sham of befuddlements, led by preachers demanding tithes for God, from those in whom God shall never flow again.
  37. For if you have adulterated your God-source through these base seed lines of Satan's sin-filled thrall, then I shall not know you, no matter what your greedy churches say, for all they want is money, and I am not in them, neither in the churches nor in the mongrels born of serpent seed mixed with Adam's seed, for with the devil shall I not reside, and so forever, they are lost to me.
  38. For I reside solely in the unadulterated blood of Adam.
  39. Behold my words, that once you cease my flow by associating with those who are not of me, you enter the blood lines of the Devil, and in them I cannot find refuge, for I do not wish to mix with them.
  40. Therefore, if you choose them and their seed, you choose also to lose me, for you have blasphemed against the seed of God, and you have cut yourself off from me forever by seeking refuge in the land of the mongrels in which the Devil dwells at all times.
  41. Associate yourselves, and you shall be shattered and broken into pieces.
  42. Nothing will stand.
  43. Take counsel together, and it shall always come to nothing.
  44. Speak the word, and it shall not be heard nor shall it stand the test, for God is with only one of you.
  45. For the Lord spoke to me, pen in my hand, scribbling his pleasure, saying to me and to the paper, that I should not walk in the way of this people, saying:
  46. Make not of yourselves a confederacy, nor a federation, nor any other government that includes these people, for I will see that it shall not stand, and, if it stands at all, it will stand against you, shall waste its powers overseas, and shall dash the brains of your children in battle alongside these people who are not of me, and, in most cases, only on account of them.
  47. Pray to the Lord inside you, not to the Lord of the Churches, Synagogues, Mosques, and Pagan Temples, for these are the middle men of the Devil, come here to rob you of your money and your soul.
  48. For I am a personal God, and either I am in you, in your breath, which is the breath of Adam, or I am not, in which case you are cursed forever and can never find me.
  49. The Lord says, these people are a rock of stumbling and a source of dissatisfaction, for they shall never support you, but shall do what they can day after day to destroy you, to weaken you, to betray you, for they are not of you, and, therefore, are they jealous and without souls.
  50. They may pray to me, yet I shall never hear them. My heart is set against them, for I despise them more bitterly than I despise alum.
  51. Their very presence is distasteful, and it hurts me when they are close to my people, for when they poison you, I, too, feel the poison, for you and I are the same, for my breath is inside you.
  52. And when they say they speak unto my word, they are lying, for they are not of my word, but are against it in every manner of speaking, and they use their presses, radio stations, and NEWS stations to confuse you, to do battle with your beliefs, and to bring you down.
  53. Why do you not defeat them?
  54. Have I failed to raise you the right way?
  55. Is there something missing in you, which even my presence in you cannot overcome to make you see your approaching doom at their hands?
  56. Arise, and toss off their yoke, their controls, their propaganda organs which they have purchased wholesale in order to totally destroy you as a people.
  57. Arise. Kill them. Take sword, bomb, rifle, and go to them and kill them, for they are no good, and they are an evil odor within my nostrils. Wherever I sense them, their stench slithers up into my nose and mocks me.
  58. But you have not aided me in ridding your selves of them. For this, the blackness is all around you, and the abyss is at your footsteps all along the way, and, with each step you take, you are close to the edge. Soon, you shall tumble into the darkness forever, unless you take strength through me and kill them for me.
  59. For if you let them win, I shall leave the Earth forever. Then all things will die, and darkness shall come upon you.
  60. People will travel to here and not find you or your world, for it shall be gone. Not even a hole shall remain to reveal that you were here.


Chapter 9


Race Mixing – The Greatest Sin – The Unforgivable Sin of Blasphemy Against Adam’s Holy Seedline – Adam Must Never Live Close-By to Serpent Seed People – They are Satan’s Covenant People


  1. Nevertheless, the darkness is never without end, for the Lord has sent to us his spirit, which is in us, and even when we are gone forever, His breath, which is our breath remains forever sweet and lovely to behold and feel, for the heart of the loved one is the heart that contains Him who is the ruler of the universe and the Creator of all things.
  2. The people who were lost in darkness on a world that disappeared, shall nonetheless have solace, for the Lord is with them even unto death, as he breathes inside them, holds them from his resting place inside their hearts, and listens to their cries as a mother and father listens to their baby.
  3. For we are his children, each of us his son and daughter, each of us the savior of all, for since his breath is inside us, our inhaling and exhaling is the beginning, middle and end, for when we breath in, we bring in the Creation, when we breath out, we Re-Create what he has made for us and of us, and when we pause between breaths, and there is nothing, that is the world which has disappeared forever without a trace, a world of nothing, yet we are still alive, and he is still in us, and our breath is still there.
  4. For in some divine manner, we shall never be wiped away, for if we were, the universe itself would collapse, for it is the breath of the Creator and his people that keep the cosmos balanced, for the balance of breathing is the tone in which the universe comes and goes in flux, and we are the cadence of the Creator.
  5. For we and him are one body and one self, as he is in us and of us and cannot be separate from us, unless we sin by adulterating our breath through race mixing, in which case we are doomed forever to be without him in us.
  6. The Lord says this, that race mixing, associating with them, living close to them, being with them in any manner is the unforgivable sin, for the mixture of God and Moloch does not occur. In these cases, God leaves the person and never returns, and he is lost, and his breath is not what it was, nor that of his children nor his wife, for, what he does, she does. Yet, what she does, if she sleeps with a mamzer who is of the devil, is not the same, for the soul resides in the man, and the woman exists as a means of reproducing the man, for she came from the man, and not vice versa.
  7. For each of us is a Child of God, each of us his only begotten son, and with each son born is another messiah elevated to his own personal throne, for each one of us is the defender of the Creator, the practicing teacher whose very breath intercedes through God himself, and each of our breaths is him interacting with the cosmos, for through us, does he become attached to his material world, and, without us, he is alone. For we, as sons, fulfill him.
  8. That is why he is inside us, why we know him and do not merely believe in him, why he walks inside us always, speaks into us, hums into us, feels us, is with us in all good times and in all extremities, and, when we sin, he sins also, for he is in us at all times.
  9. So when we sleep with someone, he is sleeping also with someone, when we have pleasure, he has pleasure, when we hurt, he hurts also.
  10. For he is our guardian, and a guardian is always on guard, and the true guardian is the Lord God who breathes in us through Adam's gift which is the red wine of God's blood within our glorious and smiling faces.
  11. As the body of God, we are his body, and all that we do comes through him, and in a million or more of us, there he is, seeing from each of our sets of eyes, feeling our love making, feeling our dying times in great spasms of pain, for his breath is our breath, his being is our reason for being, and our bodies and minds are the gardens in which he has decided to reside.
  12. Therefore, are we the savior of ourselves, for through him we live, are his sons, and through our comings and goings is the world cleansed day and night, and in no other way it is made clean.
  13. For only the Lord can clean a world from end to end, and only through the intercession of a people in whom he resides as counselor, law giver, friend, father, mother, son, and daughter.
  14. For he is all things, and so are we, and we are also the messiah. For we gather ourselves together, and, in our souls, we commune, which is to say that we and God swim together in the river of life, and, thereby are we the healers, the givers of vindication, and the bridge between hell and heaven on Earth. Only through us may the world be saved.
  15. The British Isles including America, Canada, and the Southern Cross Nations, and Europe all the way eastward through Russia are our homes. All other peoples are for certain, Satan's seed, and them can we not save, nor does God care about them. For they are not of us and not of him, so no matter how much they believe in him or pray to him, and finance the churches and cathedrals of their masters who are the collection plate priests.
  16. He shall not recognize nor save them, for these are lost men forever and not worthy of redemption.
  17. For we are the Seed of Adam, the Breath of God, and the Sons of God, and salvation comes only through us and in us.
  18. Stay, therefore, oh, people, far, far away for the others. For in the eyes of God they are without merit no matter what their churches and synagogues and mosques and temples tell them, they shall not be saved.
  19. For they are lost people and cannot be redeemed, for God is outside them forever.
  20. For they are evil and were born of serpent seed, the children of the devil's hate for Adam's sons, so hateful that he rape our ancient mother, Eve, and gave her Cain, the cursed one through which they curse our people.
  21. For we are the Seed of Adam, the Breath of God, and the Sons of God, and salvation comes only through us and in us.
  22. But, behold, O Adam, for you have not cut off the foreigners within my lands, and therefore, shall I, the Lord himself, who lives within your heart, cut you off from me, for I shall not live in a land where they dwell, for I am a good God and the evil one in them I do not allow near unto myself, nor do I allow them to rub noses with the people in whom I have placed my breath and in whose hearts I do recline in loving wonders.


The Vision of Future Wars If Adam Continues to Associate with Serpent Seed…


  1. Therefore, your cities are destroyed, for the Mexicans have come into your cities, and while you were asleep, unarmed, trusting of them, and they did burn you out.
  2. They have destroyed your factories and homes, your schools, bridges, and power plants, even your gas lines have been broken, cut and blown to bits in the cool night breeze.
  3. And the armies of Mexico march through your cities. Texas is lost, so is Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, and Illinois. Chicago is a memory of its old self, and the people have fled into the wilderness, drinking with their cupped hands from Lake Superior, hoping the Mexicans shall not find and kill them.
  4. For you have not worshipped me by giving way to my presence in your heart, and instead, you have wasted your lives in the pursuit of trifling things.
  5. You have valued beer over ethics, women over families, cars over quiet evenings with your sons, guiding them in their formative years, teaching them how to see me, and instead, by working so many useless hours for the serpent seed, you are too tired when you come home, and your sons know you not.
  6. Therefore, I have sent them against you, not only Mexico but Israel, China, and France have attacked you. They have closed their factories to you, and you die for lack of parts for everything you own and require. Thus, your economic system has collapsed, your armies are hungry for parts, and you are in darkness day and night.
  7. Because your leaders have pursued intrigues in foreign lands and opened your lands to invasion by your enemies and held you back with their lies and promises to protect you from the serpent seeds who drove across your borders with impunity while doing nothing to end the destruction of your lands and cultures through this massive unwise immigration.
  8. So have I, too, destroyed you. For you are a worthless nation, filled with Satan spawn, people of low repute, people with whom I shall never live, Mexicans, Negroes, Aborigines, Mongrels, Asians, the falsest lying Jews who are not Jews but Asiatics and yet who always claim that they are Jews, and, therefore, have I left your heart, to escape the vermin you have brought home with you to feast upon your lands and take your goods.
  9. Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts are in flames, their cities wasted by the brown skins whom they have brought there as their equals, all in contradiction of my laws.
  10. For I made each tribe and race a separate tribe and race, yet you have seen fit to disobey me, to fill your hearts and homes with their darkness, and there is nothing in this for you except evil, for they are evil in their hearts, yet, you were ones whom I made to be the good ones, and you betrayed me.
  11. Alabama and Mississippi are no more. Foreigners are killing my people in Kentucky, West Virginia, and Missouri, as I foretold they would, yet you would not listen, for you knew better than the Lord.
  12. Had you listened to your heart, where I held you, I would still be there with you, but you refused to hear my voice inside you, and, therefore, have you lost the Lord forever, and death and enslavement shall be yours.
  13. Darkness is everywhere, but in it, even there, the Lord resides with you, even unto your death, Adam, for my breath and yours are always threaded together, for you are Children of God, Sons of God, and I am Father to the Son.
  14. Your daughters also rest close to this Father's Heart, for I shall never leave them, even though they have betrayed me with their integration, immigration, diversity, and adulteration of their seed, yet with the mother shall I stay, at least until they perish.
  15. But, once their seed is mixed, then are their children of mixed seed lost to God forever, for I shall never enter them for they are serpent people, and, one drop of serpent blood does keep the Lord from entering them.
  16. Even if I have left you in the world in which you suffer, in the other world am I always with you. In your betrayal of me are your lost cities, towns, and villages which you have tossed away so easily to the foreign devils you invited there to stay as so-called friends to you. They only wish to kill you. Also, Adam, I have suffered more than you in this.
  17. And the Lord said: Behold, the father suffers for his children ten times more than does his children whenever one of them should stumble, for the heart of the parent is easily smitten.
  18. To give life is to mourn all that is bad which befalls it.


Chapter 10


The Absolute Vileness of Immigrants – Their Danger to Adam’s Seedline – The Forbidden Nature of Inviting Serpent Seed Men to Live with Adam’s Sons


  1. Behold my words.
  2. Take heed, for I warn those who have perdition in their hearts, you who do not respect your less fortunate neighbors' rights.
  3. Listen to the words of the Lord, for your unrighteousness in high places has destroyed the goodness of my nations. You have brought my people low by integrating with the serpent seed. In their greed and yours are you mired.
  4. And I shall punish you for each and every one of your cruelties to my people who have trusted you.
  5. You shall not escape my the cruelty that I shall return to you which shall be ten times worse for you than what you have done to the poor against whom you have travailed.
  6. Although your nations claim to help the needy, yet the poor which you claim to have been helping are just as desperate now as before. Your concern for the general welfare is merely words, and you know it.
  7. Behold, there is no substance in their leaders' promises nor is there truth in the grandiose gesticulations of their postured kindness, for, if there were, the poor today would be as wealthy as kings, yet they are as poor as anyone alive a hundred years ago was ever poor.
  8. Words and promises, these are all they have given. I know their words are without substance, and I know their promises are false doctrine.
  9. They have fallen from me. Most of them know not their own breath contains my breath, which is the very the breath of the Lord, for if they knew, they would respect all of my edicts concerning the poor, the widowed, and the permanently injured who cannot work to help themselves.
  10. There is money enough for millionaires to have more, but there is never more for the poor to have even the merest increase in help. This is an abomination against the Lord.
  11. The leaders, in their absolute corruption as human beings, have utilized inferior people, especially Negroes who have little intelligence, as a part of their schemes to win elections, saying to them, Negro, if you vote for me I will give you something, yet nothing is given that even matters, for it is all lies, and, if the Lord had not made the Negroes so stupid, they would have figured it out and long ago ceased to vote to punish those who commit these lies against them and abuse them with such dishonest conduct, but, as it is, they go on and on following leaders who also go on forever, dangling political lies before them.
  12. Behold a price is to be paid. And you shall pay it in proverbial spades. What shall your nation do in the day of invasion's end, when foreigners and Negroes burn its buildings to the ground? When your streets are full of flames and even taxes cannot be gathered from the rubble? Then, shall they weep for the nation, not until then.
  13. Behold what I say. I shall leave them. Without me, they shall be unable to fight, and, even with me, with armies of Negroes and lesser men than Adam's people, mere serpent seed of little force, I could not help them, for I choose not to work with such men of evil. For they have placed enmity between themselves and me by their conduct and their low thoughts, and by their congregations with the sons of serpents.
  14. And the Lord gave me a vision in which the armies of Mexico swarmed like snakes through the Californian cities and from hence into the various states with guns and tanks, leveling all who dared to resist them, and the Lord allowed them to do this, yea, even helped them.
  15. Oh, Lord, help my nation, I pleaded.
  16. The Lord said inside me, No, I shall not only do nothing, but I shall help the Mexicans, for the people of your nation have not done what is right, and I have decided on their punishment.
  17. For having integrated, they have ruined themselves, for they are no longer Adam's sons, but serpent seed.


Vision of Mexico’s Future Invasion of the USA due to Adam’s Rejection of God in their Collective Hearts in their Obeisance to the Evil Serpent Seed…


  1. And my mouth opened and prophesied in this manner, using the words of the Lord who lives inside my heart and breathes in my own lungs when I breathe:
  2. Mexicans, take the spoils of your invasion which these fools have made so easy for you, having opened the doors to their homes as a child might so do to a murdering thief, all full of trust, smiling into his eyes in the innocence that is perfected in children who are so enjoyable to witness.
  3. For them, the dark-skinned Mexicans, those who have always hated you and wanted to destroy you, because of what you did to them many years ago, slaying them across the prairies of Texas and stealing two-thirds of their realm, your carnage is a thing of pleasure, and you shall endure it at their hands.
  4. For the diversity that you worshipped in your vile iniquity against the Lord, worshipping the idol of integration and miscegenation as the Jews told you to worship, always following their orders in lock step, this, O Adam, has become your death card, and you have played it on your own.
  5. I shall send the Mexicans into your hypocritical nation where you have lied about loving me and wanting me to be your leader, but instead, turned your back and worshipped Moloch, drifting from your heart outside you to the temple malls, many of them staffed and run by Mexicans, wasting your energies on worthless things with which you played a few moments, then lost interest, and tossed away for the trifles they always were.
  6. You have tossed away an empire.
  7. You have set up many enemies as Trojan horses inside your gates. I have watched with amazement how you did much of this in the name of the false Christian Jesus which was foisted upon you by Caesar Constantine who was a great liar and pretender for the Church which hoodwinked you, for its ministers are beggars of money, builders of expensive buildings, and who, like Constantine, know nothing of me and my reality.
  8. For if they knew, they would not be misusing their leadership to undermine your nations, to import persons who are cursed by me into your lands, persons who would as soon kill and betray you as eat and breathe.
  9. Yet they consume themselves with false ideas that they have defeated you by their cleverness and their strength, yet their pistols and knives and their sticks of explosives are not illustrations of their power, for it was not these inventions that have the power to overtake a nation but the power of God himself.
  10. So in their haughtiness with you, and in their egotism in destroying you and claiming it was on account of something that is not of me, shall I bring them also to naught, and re-establish you and your nation over them, allowing you to punish them for their hatefulness of you.
  11. For the light of Adam's breath shall consume them,.
  12. For my people shall look inside their hearts and weep into my arms inside themselves where I reside and ask for my deliverance.
  13. When things are at their worst, when they are in their prisons and their slave camps, when they are worked day and night, when Mexicans, Negroes, and French Canadians pop the whips upon their backs and command them to labor faster than they can.
  14. Then shall I wait until their weeping has awakened me fully, and only then shall I strike their enemies and kill them for their iniquities.
  15. And it shall come to pass in that day that I shall come with them as the leader inside the many and innumerable hearts of my army of holy ones of which you are a part, and, as a whirlwind, we shall murder them all where they stand, killing them in all manner of ways, sparing not a single man, woman, and child, and, what should have been done when they first crossed the Rio Grande and were allowed into a nation that is not their own, shall be done day and night until they are consumed like a forest burned clean by fires, and not one of them shall be alive when the Lord has finished slaying them.
  16. And my people shall each rejoice in their hearts, and I shall reside in their presence, and in themselves shall they again find me and worship me, and never again shall they reopen their malls of Moloch, or their churches, synagogues, cathedrals, mosques, and basilicas, but shall stay at home with their wives and children and make it their business to raise strong Adam children and not persons without souls who can only consume material things and make my enemies rich as kings on their working backs.
  17. For when I have forgiven you all of your vile iniquities and rid you of the immigrants and make illegal all the laws of integration that have destroyed your peace, the burden shall be taken off your shoulders, and you shall not be taxed nor governed, and no one shall be allowed to lie to you concerning me and how I dwell inside you.
  18. For in this new world I shall build, which is a world that some of you already understand and live within, there are no churches, synagogues, temples or mosques, only persons experiencing me as I walk inside their hearts, as I murmur to them my words, as they go about their lives in my presence.
  19. My way is the way of the heart, and I am only for those who have the breath of Adam in them.
  20. The others on the Earth have I cursed, and you shall stay clear of them or be killed by them, for that is how I have made the world, and you had best take counsel of it for your life's sake.
  21. I am the only nation you shall ever require, for I shall govern you always, if you come inside where I dwell in those of you who are my children, the children of Adam's breath, the breath of God Himself, which I am, and which I breathed into him, and which, if not racially inter-mixed, has been passed down into you, the people of Northern Europe, those who blush beneath their glorious whiteness.
  22. And do not be misled. No matter how much you believe in me, you are not of me if there be one drop of non-Adamic blood inside you, for that drop is the drop of poison that kills the entire Adam. The devil is in that drop, and his poison is death for your soul, O Adam, so stay clear of intermarriage and the adulteration and ruination of your children forever, time without end.
  23. For racial mixing is the original sin, the goal of the serpent seed within your lands, and it is without grace or mercy, for it is permanent darkness, passed down forever, with no God inside Adam's clouded and darkened adulterated heart to cut the void away.
  24. All such souls are empty and damned to eternal perdition, and their lives, though outwardly happy, are lives of evil ways, of thoughts that do not contain the truth that I bring with me to those who have me in them.


Chapter 11


The Lord Promises Adam Military and Spiritual Superiority, Government, and Leadership over All of the Serpent Seed


  1. And out of my people there shall come a rod of brandished gold, strong as carbon steel, composed of many roots and offshoots, a multi-sceptered rod that sleeps inside the hearts of those who are true descendants of Adam, who are unadulterated by the serpent seeds, and whose breath is yet the very breath of God Himself.
  2. And a mountain bearing many trees shall grow from out these holy rooted rods of gold and steel that shine forth out of Adam, for they are a hidden people about to arise and strike, a people who are yet so strong, yea, not even the whirlwind can defeat them.
  3. And the Spirit or Being of the Lord shall recline inside their hearts, the way the Lord in Adam's sons has always loved him, giving all of his children comfort, strength, obedience, power, discipline, guidance, and joy.
  4. And the understanding and wisdom of these holy remnants of God's recreation of Adam and his children in Eden's holy place, though cast out, yet live, for it is their destiny within these many times to redeem the world for good against the evil ones.
  5. The sons of Adam shall gather around the world, each in his own home, consuming fresh foods, amid the counsel, spiritual knowledge, and understanding of the Lord in a relationship with God which is far higher than the fear of mere serpent seed people who can never know the Lord, for they only pretend to know him through believing in him, yet never seeing him, yet hoping he will come to them, but he will never come to live inside them, for they are serpent folk and born of the devil.
  6. They produce the evil snake-like path that winds its way deceitfully about the sons of Adam.
  7. They are the path of iniquities and death, the path of people dark and mean of spirit, evil ones, the ones the Lord shall never walk within.
  8. These Adamic Men, who feel the presence of God minute-to-minute, and who have done so all their lives long, and throughout all of their time and times long past, and have always felt him inside themselves, shall he utilize to judge the poor and reprove the meek of the Earth.
  9. And they shall not judge after the sight of the Lord, but their eyes shall contain his judgment, for he and they are one, and so, with righteousness shall they judge the poor and the rich.
  10. And God shall use them to smite the lands with his rod, to exact equity from the rich who have committed iniquities, and he shall slay the wicked.
  11. And righteousness shall be the belt upon their waists, and their legs shall be as iron.
  12. And their reproductive organs shall be made extremely powerful giving them the seeds and stones to propagate their goodness through the world at large, the mental and the physical power to rule over everyone, to reproduce their kind in fruitful love, each in the image of the Lord.
  13. And they shall glow with lightening flashing about them in a glowing chimera as though a million candles are lighted inside them which shall add to the confusion and amazement of the devil's non-white men and women who are so marked so Adam may stay clear of their deceptions, for God is never in them, so they do not blush nor glow in a chimera of lightening, for they are not white, though they may seem as though they are a shade of white, for that is part of their deception.
  14. The world shall also dwell inside them including the cougar along with the lamb, and previously vicious wild beasts shall lie with them in tameness and shall rise to protect them when they so need, and all the cattle in the land shall never be eaten again by carnivore beasts, but instead, they shall graze inside his fields with wolves and wildcats as friends and family.
  15. Even the nursing child shall have no enemies again so that a poisonous snake shall never harm them, and the weaned children shall play with the poisonous snakes and not be bitten.
  16. Nothing shall they injure in all of my kingdom, for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord.
  17. Even the waters in the sea float in great disturbances atop the vast mountain ranges far below the surface, as the turning screws of the giant ships pass overhead and typhoons churn about them pushing out gigantic waves that threaten them, yet not a creature shall be disturbed.
  18. And in this day shall my people rise atop the earth, take over its control, meet out justice to the damned, and they shall stand as military masters all ablaze from head to toe with my greatness, leading all the people, who shall see my glory shining from their presence.
  19. And they shall make the nations meek, and shall rule in their stead in the face of the Lord who lives inside them and makes them shimmer in the electrical display of my magnificently glowing storm clouds, hovering above and about their bodies, making them flash in my divinity of lights forever and never cease doing so.
  20. And it shall come to pass in that day, that the Lord shall set his hand again the second time to recover the remnant of his people, who shall be left, from America, England, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, France, Germany, Russia, China, Japan, and all of the other nations where they have been taken in ships over the years to languish in non-Adamic covenants whose governments have done their best to corrupt them but could not.
  21. And he shall set up a place for all the nations to come and bow down to the Lord, a nation of his remnant people.
  22. And all of the outcasts of Adam's seeds shall be gathered unto themselves to become the envy and respected wonder of the world's lesser and inferior peoples who are the children of Satan.
  23. And the men of Adam shall fly against their captors, those of Satan's seed, the Jews, the Negroes, the Aboriginal natives, the Mongols, and the many mongrelized quasi-races and slay them unless they bow their knees in supplication.
  24. And the Adam people shall destroy their power and despoil them and make them smaller in stature than they were already, reducing their size, further damaging their inferior mentalities, and rendering them impotent to ever protest again what the Lord hath written for their judgment.
  25. And the Lord shall judge all of them, and although the Lord shall use the remnant people of Adam's sons as his military and personal headquarters.
  26. Nonetheless, it shall not be the Adamic people who judge, but the Lord who is inside their hearts, to whom they own all allegiance, joy, and understanding, and in them shall he come and go before the world at large.
  27. And the Lord shall utterly destroy the tongue of the Babylonian and Chaldean People, especially the wicked ones who lie and call themselves Jews but are imposters who invaded Russia from the steppes of Mongolia, who converted to Babylonian Talmudic religion, then called themselves by the name, "Jew," for it suited their aims.
  28. All of their media shall be ruined by the Lord's own hands, so that not one word of their deceptions shall ever again be hurled into the eyes of the remnant people nor into the eyes of anyone else ever again.
  29. And the Lord shall wipe out the lie of association with foreigners.
  30. And there shall be an electronic and instantaneous highway which the remnant shall own and utilize for their consummation and discussion, so that they are never again separated even though they are living at the various corners of the world as emissaries of the Lord's will.
  31. And the Lord shall engulf the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans with permanent highways so that his people may access all of their lands forever and never again be cut off from one another, and, only they shall use them, for the Sons of Satan shall be barred forever from traveling anywhere or associating with anyone other than themselves, same as the Sons of Adam are forbidden to associate with others, and even then, only under strict supervision by the Sons of Adams and on notice, That anyone who violates this rule shall do so upon immediate pain of death for themselves and their children and their nations.


Chapter 12


How Adam’s Sons and Daughters Shall Again Converse with God Inside their Hearts


  1. And in that day you shall look inward, saying to me, Lord, you who are inside me, living with me day and night, you who speak inside my heart and who has guided me forever, from the day of my birth to the day of my death, for death comes to all including myself, though you were angry with me, I see that eventually your anger is turned away, and you shall have comforted me and my people.
  2. This is my salvation, the existence of you inside the hearts of all of the people of Adam whose breath is your breath, breathed into us by your loving and conscious lips tenderly touching the lips of our Father, Adam, in the Garden of Eden, and in this breath is your song, your being, your wisdom, and your goodness which is swimming inside the divine flesh of each and every one of us who is alive through his seed.
  3. Therefore, with joy draw I up water from wells and fountains which are the wells of your salvation and ours, for my body is your well and your fountain, and from me comes the wetness of the world from which life sprouts on the wings of spring.
  4. And in that day shall you say, praise to our Lord, declare him in your hearts, in your breath, in your seed from generation to generation, and praise to your ancestors who did not adulterate your flesh and draw God up out of you, but, nay, made certain he should reign forever through your flesh and line, and henceforth, be certain to do the same for your offspring so that he may prosper in them and that they may prosper in him, for they are one and the same, and from them spews his fountain.
  5. For you have exalted yourselves through his wet and warming presence inside you, making way the future for all mankind, especially for the few who are saved by the Lord's presence in their flesh and hearts, for the Lord and his people have performed so many excellent things upon the earth.
  6. Cry out, you inhabitants of Adam's flesh, for great is the Holy One of Adam, he whose breath flows through you day and night bringing within you yourselves his presence which beats in ecstasy inside your hearts.


Chapter 13


The Horror of Russia


  1. Now sing I of the horror of Russia, how it shall end, which Michael of Des Arc has foreseen within the mind of the Lord who is inside him, for he is an Adamic man, a prophet and a man of many visions, and all of them are true.
  2. Lift up yourselves and fly the flags of your states and nations, for the cultural horror has been overthrown.
  3. And their false nobles who accounted themselves as the lowest of the people, yet who dined like royalty upon pheasants and duck, who lived in dachas, and drank to excess, have been handed over to the gulags in the basement of the Kremlin Tower, for judgment.
  4. I have commanded my holy ones, of the Adamic men, to assemble in the Soviet where the Parliament has met to tear into shreds the documents that made possible the Bolshevik Party, for the Lord has destroyed the rights of Liberals to treat with utter distain the freedoms of the people.
  5. And I have raised up from several usually weak men strong nerves, for I chose four of them, not wholly of Adamic seed to do my handiwork, and by their names are they known as Gorbechev, Solzenitzhen, Yeltsin, and Putin, but I know them by the name of divine justice.
  6. Their tenures in office shall be short, but the effect of their decisions I shall make cumulative, and shall last long enough to cure these unfortunate and captive nations of Adam's people who suffered their seventy years of abomination under the tutelage of those false social doctrines tossed like wizard stew into the cauldron of Satanic seed known as "Marx's Child."
  7. In those days, the noise of a silenced multitude shall shatter the silence imposed by blood under the rule of the false ones of Zion's distorted and shamed image which is Bolshevism.
  8. These four men shall I make to rise up and conquer the day, and there shall be rejoicing in nations of Adam's sons around the world.
  9. What seemed to last forever, shall be seen to be only a moment in time, a time of punishment against those who were neither wary nor vigilant about the men who call themselves Jews yet are not but who are only the ill begotten children of Satan acting as harlots to that ancient religion to which they have falsely associated themselves through their lies and cunning for more than two thousand years.
  10. Those who helped them came from a long way off, manipulating soviet banks through the electronic systems of the world, causing financial ruin to befall them.
  11. Also, I caused many more of them, those who are Satan's sons, to assault them from within as Judeo-Mafiosi who preyed upon all of their institutions eating away their profits, until there was none left to worry about.
  12. I allowed many to witness their collapse on screens within their homes as I condemned to death this Satanic village which had absconded with decency and ruined the lives of millions of Adam's seed people in whom I have breathed for millennia.
  13. Wail, oh, Russia, for these demons who had grasped your people in their tiny fists of iron and paper and held them tight and murdered them have met their final end.
  14. Their years of domination, their atrocities, their presses of propaganda have ended, yet have they not died.
  15. For the Mafia of which they are a part shall I allow to continue to rob and murder in your streets, until you come to your senses and take matters in hand and round them up as they did to you for seventy years of dread.
  16. For to end this madness of theirs you must kill them all. If you do not, I say this, that they shall continue to destroy your people. You must kill them off to be free of them. That is my will.
  17. When you rise up to slay them, their hearts shall go faint, and all their bluster and bravery shall be seen as bombast and pithy words, meaning nothing.
  18. And I shall make them afraid of you and of the world. Pangs of sorrow shall suddenly grab hold of them.
  19. I shall make them easy for you to do away with, for I shall make them beg for mercy as your wife begs mercy in her moment of birthing from the unendurable pain of a new life you have put inside her, bursting her apart in its own frenzy to escape her womb's warm, yet wet prison wall.
  20. For all endeavor to be free is met with great pain of unendurable agonies, as is the parting of the ways, which tears apart the continuum as you feel yourself go into two separate turns at once, ripping yourself apart into the two potential worlds, for when you do this, you will live in both of them in different lives.
  21. So, you wail at your loss of your other self, as you are torn to shreds to accomplish your decisions.
  22. These devils who ruled Russia with an iron fist shall be amazed at their weakness, and their faces shall be burning in flames, and their screams shall fill all of Russia.
  23. And those around the world shall see their burning faces on their television sets.
  24. And those who own those satellites and networks, who are of the same people as the Judeo-Mafia in Russia whose faces are burning shall quake with fear for their own future.
  25. For it shall be seen by them all at once as it was when the Soviet Union, in which they reveled, was broken apart like a chard from a weak and easily broken pot.
  26. Behold to the evil ones of Russia, Europe, China, Israel, and the United States, for you who reside there for evil's sake are many, for the day of the Lord shall be cruel for you.
  27. He shall avenge your horrors against his people with wrath and anger, and his indignation shall cause you to curse the day that you were even born, and, know now that he curses that same day you were born and has done so throughout all eternity.
  28. For your death from the anger of the Lord comes, filled with wrath and torture.
  29. And the heavens shall fall in fire upon you and upon the earth as the machinations which you have labored to invent are unleashed against you.
  30. For I shall send to you all the bombs, gasses, and mortars, and they shall burn holes into your cities, ripping apart your bodies which were born of Satan seed.
  31. But many of the Sons of Adam shall I spare, for I, the Lord, shall clothe them in a shroud of protection through which neither flame nor metallic rod shall enter to harm them, though the others are all gone from the wasting of that day by the bombs that fall from the skies in a frenzy of flames.
  32. And for years, the stars of heaven shall not give their light, and the sun shall be darkened for many months and years, and the moon shall be no more for an even longer time and times. And I shall punish them all, both the evil ones for being evil and the good ones for allowing them to have free reign over them when I was there inside them to toss them off. So the entire world shall be punished for these things.
  33. I will cause the proud and arrogant to cease, and I will make the haughty low as the dirt into which they have pressed the faces of others. There, also, shall I press their faces.
  34. I will make good men rare as fine gold and as sparse as rare metals in the worthless coinage that you have cast from useless dross.
  35. As all things are bought by paper, which stands for nothing, so I see to it that in those days shall the world be worth nothing, not even worth the vile spit that drips from the mouth of a ravenous and frenzied dog. For my fierce anger at them shall be expressed mightily.
  36. I shall shake the heavens with my bolts of fire in the clouds rising as high as to the stars themselves, and I, The Lord, shall lay eons of plasma in many colors in a symphony of dancing rainbows across my skies both day and night so that those few who are left alive in the midst of my righteous anger shall cry for their immediate deaths out of fear of me.
  37. And the earth shall be like a chased soldier, whose rifle is lost in the battle, being shot at again and again, plummeted with ash and metals from exploding skies, crushed to the ground, lifted up by one explosion after another, and crying to be allowed a final death, anything but this endless dread of coming and going into and out of the eye of annihilation.
  38. Everyone alive shall flee into his own heart, and those with the devil in them shall face their devil, and those of Adam who have God inside their hearts, shall face their God, and these beauteous blushing souls, who are the sons of Adam, shall stare into His eyes and know more than a man should ever know and be filled with the Lord’s awe and dread.
  39. Their captives in Russia shall rebel, especially those of Mohammed's Eye, and they shall come against the Christian nation states and slay them with bombs, bullets, and grenades.
  40. Gasses shall fill the air with death and cause many stricken Christians to fall to the ground, unable to breathe, and their skin and lungs shall be boiled with blisters as they expire.
  41. I shall allow the Arabs to dash their European babies into pieces in their rage for the indignities which the Judeo-Bolshevik whores within the communist party have committed against their people for seventy years.
  42. And I shall allow many of the Mafia of those who falsely claim to be Jews, but who are really the sons of Satan, to fall into their hands to be done with as they please, which they shall not enjoy but shall dread, so that their screaming shall be heard in all quarters of the world as a harbinger of things to come for all mankind in the deadly future and especially in the future of the evil ones who have amassed most of the media with which they have cursed the world of Adam's people, exposing them to evil thoughts including the adulterization of God's breath by miscegenation with the cursed Mongrel breath of Satan's children.
  43. Behold, I shall set the Persians and the Babylonians and the Turks upon the Russian bear, and they shall set about righting their wrongs in the cities where thousands shall enter into the realm of revenge, for the sons of Satan have brought this upon them, as in their cowardice, the sons of Adam were cowards, for they merely cringed and allowed themselves to be misused by the evil men of their time.
  44. And Russia and its captured lands shall be like Sodom and Gomorrah in their last days, visited by the all-consuming fires of civil wars and internecine battles, and they shall be raped again and again by those against whom they caused great harm for so many years.
  45. Many parts shall be uninhabited except by rats and birds and dogs, for the people shall stay out of there because the memories of what happened are so near to them.
  46. Only the wild beasts of Russia and the Caucasus shall lie down there and shall make their abodes in the houses that barely stand as broken eggs against the dust and ash. And the wild beasts shall cry in their desolate houses, and the Kremlin's palaces shall feel the padded paws of wolves, and the empty shells of St. Petersburg shall house thousands of swarming birds that once fed from the eyes of the evil ones as they lay in the ashes for so many days with no one left to bury them.
  47. So, Russia shall be a place for carrion, except for a few good men and women and children whom I have secreted away in the far off mountains and valleys and whom I shall protect as they wait for renewal in the times which the Lord, who is inside their breath, has planned for their glorious and blessed future in the Northern Lands of the Russian Bear and in the clothing of the Eagles of the Romanov Tsars whom I had loved with all my heart and whom the evil ones murdered to spite me.
  48. I allowed them to do this, for I could no longer stomach the transgressions of the Romanovs against the poor and defenseless people within their domain for so many years,
  49. and in their releasing of the false Jews as citizens within their lands, these foreign devils of the serpent seed who had always wished to kill them in their vileness and their hatred for all of Adam's goodness.
  50. And thus, I gave all of the Tsars, even their children, over to the cowardly guns of the Bolsheviks, whom they released into their empire's blessed streets in defiance of the Lord inside their hearts, those who claim to be Jews but are not, but are only the cursed ones and sons of the serpent.


Chapter 14


The Impact of the Arabs in the Middle East on the Adam’s People of Russia


  1. For the Lord inside Adam's breath reaches deep into his heart and thus consumes him with his love and wisdom. On him shall the Lord have mercy and set them in their own land, and his brothers shall join together in common, and they shall worship the Lord inside them.
  2. And the peoples shall bring the Arabs as captives to their lands and enslave them, making them rebuild that which has been broken by them, and they shall serve the people of Adam for several years and shall be ruled over by them, yet they shall be cast out as demons once I have finished using them for my peoples' sake.
  3. For if the Arabs were to stay in the land of Adam's Russia, then would they overcome the good with the bad, and the devil in them would destroy what I have desired to build there. Therefore, shall I make them leave when I am done with them, and I shall set forth armies of iron and walls of earth, stone, and metal to contain their borders so that they shall not harm us.
  4. In these days, shall the people in Russia rest from sorrow and worship joyfully in their hearts where God remains forever. his love shining a light within them which causes them to glow within continuously with amazement, joy, and wisdom, listening to the Lord's voice within.
  5. You, who are my kindred, shall take up the songs of the Lord and all my proverbs against the devil people, those in whom I am not but Satan their father is, those who have so recently and harshly oppressed you, and you shall use these inner tools of which I am the master designer to build of me a weapon inside yourself which your enemies shall never breach, as long as you keep faith and only marry Adam's children.
  6. For, if you disobey me by destroying me, which you do when you fornicate or associate in common as neighbors with those in whom I am not present, then shall your power flow from you, and you shall again become weak as the tiniest insects, for the closeness of the serpent seed people is a poison for you.
  7. I have broken the staff of the wicked, which has been used against you. Hence, do not rebuild it by coming close to them in any way whatever, but stand clear of them, forever keeping yourselves holy and pure in perfect separation, for they are a snare to you and to my goals for you.
  8. He who killed my people, who led them into fear, who misled them with lies, who printed newspapers filled with deceptions, he have I killed for you, for I am the heart of God that dwells only in you and in no others, for the others are of Satan, not of me.
  9. Oh, Jews, Oh, Arabs, Oh, Bolsheviks, the containing fire in which you have been cast down to burn, has caused all the nations of the world to rejoice that the Russia you have violated in past and future has been stilled forever, and you shall not again destroy my people.
  10. I have cast you down, and all the nations look upon you as a conquered people, serpents of despair who languish for want of power, for it has been taken from your slithering paths. Your pomp and bluster has been busted into bits and pieces, and the noise of your national anthems are no more.
  11. Death's worms are spread throughout your bones and cover you about in their evil shroud.
  12. Satan, how you are fallen. Son of the morning, bird of dawn, angel of deceptive words and ways, you have been undone, and your people have I captured and used as slaves and sex dolls. For it was my wish to humiliate you and bring you low.
  13. I saw to it that other nations laughed at you, seeing you as serpents of impotence, weakness, and illusory wantonness, and, once they saw you for what you are, as a deceptive manner, unworthy of leadership, so did they reject you.
  14. I have filled the inner persons of my people, and their minds and bodies shall not include you, but shall keep you far away where you cannot speak or dance or cast spells against them, for I have destroyed your power to do these things utterly.
  15. The nations now see that it is I that make the world to tremble, the nations to quake, and not you. For it is I who made the world that you once controlled into a wilderness, and I rejuvenated its weeds into tall cities, peopled them with buildings whose tops are so high they brush against my starry nights.
  16. All the nations of the earth now look upon the Jews and Arabs with disdain, for what they have done is disgusting, inhumane, and criminal. I have cast them all into a sepulcher, a grave, a casket, and I have sealed the lid so that they shall not climb forth again to destroy my people.
  17. And Russia shall go down into Hell and join them for she was cast down by them, yet, in another world, where Adam's people live, shall Russia thrive, free of them, and full of the Lord's breath in his people.
  18. And I shall swoop down upon the Middle East and destroy all that are there who threaten my people.
  19. Even the brooms and the reeds of their musical flutes shall I destroy so that there shall be no cleanness and no singing in all their lands.
  20. And I shall break their will and shall make them shrink from their Korans and doubt themselves.
  21. Rejoice not, Zion, for Israel shall fall. The Arabs shall I use to chastise your Bolshevik madness and to wrench from you all of the coins and gold that you stole from those to whom you lied, ruled, and deceptively misused in a thousand ways, exercising the serpent bite against them time and time again. Israel, you are dissolved, and your people poured out into the oceans, and you are so hated for your evil ways, no one will take you back, but you will remain in limbo as regards all the nations.
  22. The sands of Mongolia shall hear no war cries, nor shall ponies' hooves smash the rivers and the valleys as they gallop.
  23. China shall wither and die, and she shall not harm Russia again.
  24. I shall lower the mountains in Tibet so that all can conquer them, even the smallest child.
  25. For the waters of India shall dry up, and the semen of all of the men who encircle Russia shall vanish and be no more.
  26. For you have threatened my people, and so I shall destroy you and keep you ever distant from my loved ones, keep you close to Satan, your father, whom you love, and whom you shall always be with, even after I have secured him underground so that he is no longer a danger to anyone.


Chapter 15


The Lord's Chastisement of The Mongols for their Evil Sins Against the Sons of Adam:


  1. Woe to the Rosichian tribes in the Mongolian steppes, for their fornications with the daughters of Russia shall be brought low, and the sons of Adam who live therein shall no longer fear for their women's virginity in the face of their military might.
  2. And the celebration of the Night of Love shall end in all of Russia, for no one shall be absolved of lust by pagan gods, yet the men and girls shall be fruitful and shall multiply, so that my breath shall blow across the skies with great force, stronger than the Norse winds frolicking inside the winter's coldest edges.
  3. Behold my words, for Mongolia and the Tartar Lands are laid waste and brought to silence, and the ponies no longer seek the dead goat in raucous holidays.
  4. Instead, the people squat in huge tents watching television sets, soft as a pillow, unable to even climb atop their horses, for I have made them gluttonous and fat with the ridiculous cuisine of the supermarkets, yea, even into the prairies where the bubonic rats and foxes scurry through the over-grazed grasses and all is readying itself for a new desert, devoid of all life except for snakes and insects and the occasional fox.
  5. The governor of the Mongols is unable to reach his nomads, nor to make them do a thing. They are lost to the sublime screens, and the satellite dishes beside their tents beam fantasies into their lives, pictures of cities with frightening traffic, filled with cars, and whores pimped into their business like a wind blowing in the scalding afternoons upon their wasted steppes.
  6. In Ulaanbaatur, the dusty streets are steeped in drugs and gangs roam the alleys and corners, angry youths with firearms who slay their masters, make waste their banks, and empty the shelves of all foodstuffs, for their constant harping on the merchants has made them poor and tired, unwilling to restock their shelves, so the people starve for want of goods, and the currency is like grass being burned in the evening fires, giving forth smoke but neither light nor heat, for it is worth nothing.
  7. In their streets are the Mongols in sackcloth, weeping, tearing at their eyes, their hands reaching toward ancient stone totems which their Bolshevik Masters had already immobilized with axes and hammers, shattering their countenances, removing all their magic and force, so that now, only the arms and none of the icons, and there is nothing inside them for they are filled with the breath of the devil, and the devil is all they are or ever shall be, for they cannot be of the Lord, even in all the ages of times immemorial, for they are lost forever, for such is the Lord's way and will.
  8. They have been placed for the chastisement of the good ones, and nothing more.
  9. For them, redemption is not possible, and it would be easier to revive a drowned man than to place a real soul inside their bodies, for they are always soulless.
  10. In Olgiy, the boys die of starvation, and the rats eat the flesh of mothers who have died giving birth to the children of immature warriors who have ravished them without mercy, preferring the soft flesh of women and the rapid release of their seeds to the discipline of armies and the torturous adventures of armed warriors stretching thousands of miles through Arhangay, Bayanhongor, Bayan-Olgiy, Bulgan, Darhan Uul, Dornod, Dornogovi, Dundgovi, Dzavhan, Govi-Altay, Govi-Sumber, Hentiy, Hovd, Hovsgol, Omnogovi, Orhon, Ovorhangay, Selenge, Suhbaatar, Tov, Ulaanbaatar, and even Uvs all the way to Kiev where they blade in half the Christian hordes, leaving no life within their wake.
  11. For they have leavened their muscle with breads, eating not of the flesh of goats and horses, but the flesh of women, and so they have become like women in mind and body, unable to attack Russia anymore.
  12. For the cry and wail of war is gone in Mongol lands, and only the whistle of winds among the fatted remains of a once hardened race of warriors floats upon the southern tumult of the Russian steppes.
  13. Only wailing and the whining of women and the laughter of young boys in the likeness of girls; this is all I have left them.
  14. For these devils have I emasculated and made low as snakes, befitting the serpent bite from which they have sprung upon the Russian summers where their angry hoof beats once carried those bloodied Mongol battle arms, sporting hardened spears and swords, cutting like bloodied butter as they knifed with fierce Mongol cruelty into the shattering skulls of Holy Russia's Christian farmers, all of them, the sons of Adam.
  15. From the Gobi Desert to Yakutsk, are the Mongols silenced, for I have defamed them, lowering them even further than have I lowered Satan, who is their unholy father, for I have ripped away their strength.


Chapter 16


Curse of the Lord Against all of Russia's Southern Border Nations


  1. You shall send a counsel of men to Mongol and Kashmir, who shall be killed in their several places, and for this shall I defend you, bringing upon them disasters so brutal that they shall be severally chastised into submission.
  2. For I shall make the earth around their cities quake so that their buildings of dirt and brick and wood shall crumble as old hen's eggs left unattended after imprisoned chicks have eaten their way out and run away fearing the fangs of dogs and wolves upon them.
  3. From Moscow to Calcutta, and from Siberia to the Gobi Desert shall my hard arms pound upon them, and the land shall open and many shall be killed.
  4. Like a bird sent forth into the world never to return to the freeing hand so the daughters of the southern Pagans shall be unleashed into their disappearing in the moments of their anguish, so have I, the Lord, who dwell in Adam’s heart alone and in no others, so have I, the Lord, made it happen.
  5. Let not these men nor their women take refuge among you, for they shall corrupt you and turn you against your heart as others have always done, causing you to look outward at the many problems and criminal acts that abound among them.
  6. Instead, take up the sword, and, when they come to you, do as they have done to your counsels, and slay them upon the spot.
  7. Do not hold a court and ask attorneys what to do concerning them, but kill the judges and the attorneys if they interfere, for they also are the corrupters of your heart, for they only do the work of Satan who is in them.
  8. But if my own outcasts from them come to you, let them in, but isolate them at first until their ways of Satan are expunged from their hearts and my countenance within them again shines forth, else they shall retard your ways and hurt you as others have done with whom you have associated despite my warnings not to do so.
  9. Oppress the oppressors and give sustenance to those of Adam's breath, yet to all others give only death and destruction lest they once again, Oh, Russia, lay death and destruction upon you and your people as did the Bolsheviks of Lucifer's despotic lights, who swept down upon you and ate your heads until their plates were high as trees with your flesh.
  10. In mercy shall my throne be established in each of your hearts, but never in a single place.
  11. For, if you establish a throne for a man to sit in judgment over you, then shall I leave you, for then shall you have chosen man over the Lord, in which case there is no place for me inside you, for man's judgment from a throne or government office is the blasphemy against me that cannot be tolerated, for it is the toleration of a deadly poison.
  12. I have made you strong, entered you to live therein, to make you holy and strong as steel cast in the Lord’s fiery foundry. Cast me not out of you. Make not governments to rule over you, but rule over yourself in the midst of my possession, for, as I possess you, being present in you, thus, do I give you all the birthright of the world.
  13. And I hold you tight to me, and my arm of steel shall fight for you, defeating all enemies, and requiring no President or Prime Minister or King or Priest, for you are all of these to me, and I, the same, to you.
  14. Therefore, because you are following my ways, have I laid waste the Mongols and Kashmiris, and all of them are effeminized and fat.
  15. Or, if they are strong, have I made them into self-hating and exploiting gangs, same as I made the Jews of Russia, to exploit their peoples, sap their energy, and make their desire for power over you unachievable.
  16. For the glory of Mongolia is despised. All the nations laugh at its travail. No longer do the sons of Adam sit around their hearth fires, weeping in fear lest the Mongols gallop headlong across the nearby hills to slay them unawares, for I have made them horseless, swordless, and without manly stones between their legs, for they are now like soft women, even the few men who know themselves as such among them.


Chapter 17


The Salvation of Chechnya and Its Brotherhood with Mother Russia - Both Sons of Adam's Seed


  1. Woe to the rebels of Chechnya, for it shall go heavy for them. The City of Chechnya, which is its capitol, shall be leveled by mortars, bombs, fires, and the advancing armies of the Muscovites who shall not allow the pearl of their Southern states escape.
  2. Because you have rebelled against Mother Russia in her days of travail and weakness, she has slapped her child, smashed it against the rocks, broken its fiber, destroyed much of its will, and made of it a ruinous heap.
  3. The cities are forsaken, and the flocks of sheep wander amid the starving people who grab at them and burn them upon spears of iron over open fires, for the hearths are in the open starry skies, and even snow comes down upon the meal plate, as their freezing fingers painfully form around the tiniest bits of mutton, eaten without the graces of spices or forks or knives.
  4. The walls of Moscow are tossed down, so that Chechnya sees its moment to escape the Mother's harsh hands, yet escape is dangerous beyond compare, and an angry mother, bloodied in battles, has been known to kill and eat its many children rather than let them get away, for her mind is not that of a woman whose love may be unrequited.
  5. Instead, she will impale her fingernails into the flesh of Chechnya, and hold tight, as her baby screams to escape.
  6. In these days, the glory of Adam shall seem as nothing, and the breath of God shall run lean and thin inside the mouths of his children, and, as a family fraught with fury, fighting day and night, many shall be beaten and left to die in the midst of rage.
  7. It will be as when the farmer gleans the field and finds nothing, not even blades of grass, much less a seed or two, for the devastation is complete, the farms burned into stubble, and the stubble reduced to ashes.
  8. He who gathers an ear inside the ash, shall suffer a strange death, and Chernobyl shall rumble a second time in their hearts and flesh, and boils shall join open sores, and they shall wish they were dead from the earthquakes I have sent them as warnings, yet from which they did not gain a moment's respite.
  9. Yet shall I leave a few parcels of food for the faint at heart so that they shall look inside and see my face residing in their bodies, floating within their arteries, veins, and organs, speaking softly, and glowing all of my warmth into them, if they only have the inner eye to see and the inner ear to listen for my calls.
  10. And in that day, many shall see me for the first time and know the Holy One inside their breath, the Father who created Adam, who is their Father, and who bears the sign of God in their very breath, as the air comes in and out, and I flow in my divine ways inside their beings.
  11. For they and I are one and the same, and they are the most blessed of all men, for the others, who are not of Adam, shall never know me, but only believe they know, but they shall be demented in that knowledge, for I shall never know them, for their lives belong to Satan, who owns them.
  12. In these days, they shall not look to manufactured goods sold at stores for comfort, for there shall be none, and so I shall be all there is, and so they shall look inside and see me and want me, where, before, they entertained their emptiness with the consumption of goods made by their own hands, and not the fervent love of God inside themselves.
  13. Now, they have come inside to rest with me, and so now, I shall make them strong once more.
  14. In that day shall the strong cities of Chechnya be rebuilt, resplendent and with great armed walls for protection, with schools in which the presence of God is found and in which students are taught about their relation to Adam and to me and how my breath and their breath is the same, how I shall again teach them to never allow anyone who is not of Adam to sojourn in their presence.
  15. For if they commit again such an evil act against me, I shall again leave them and allow Satan to destroy them as I did when Holy Mother Russia was given over to the Bolshevik Jews to kill them, torture them, and make their lives into a living Hell where once there had been something akin to the Kingdom of God.
  16. In that day of loving me shall thy plant grow tall and thy children multiply, and Moscow shall no longer be an enemy but a friend and confidant who collaborates with you on equal terms, not as a nation that crushes you, but as a nation of equals who respects and seeks to protect you from harm, and all of it done without occupying you with a single soldier, but respecting you and remaining far away, except when you are in distress from the Moslems who press upon you from time to time.
  17. Your harvest has been deep yet sorrow is always afoot in you.
  18. The sound of the seas sweeps across you in angry storms, for you are ensconced in the precipice where many nations join and push against you, vying for position and power, and you are in their way. For the rushing of nations about your borders is like the rushing of rivers and seas and the waving trees in a protected garden when the wind comes and pushes against them from without.
  19. The nations shall rush in toward Chechnya but the Lord shall stay inside their flesh and in their souls, breathing with each breath they take, both in and out, the beginning and the end of breath, protecting the Seed of Adam for all time, as long as they do not adulterate their flesh with the mamzers, who are godless mongrels, who are their enemies, and stay true to their people in marriage and living areas and never allow other races or nationalities to associate or even to come close. If they do this for me, then I shall stay in them and protect them and their nation.
  20. For in the evenings and mornings I shall chase their enemies off, away over the mountains and down the valleys, sailing like dust and leaves caught up in the wind I have prepared for them, rolling like a whirlwind out of their place of rest.
  21. And behold in the evening, trouble, yet in the morning, are they not there, nor have they robbed us in the night as we slept, nor killed us, nor taken away our sons and daughters as slaves. For they are missing, and such is the lot of those who stand against us now that we are saved within ourselves by the God within us, He who made our Father, Adam.


Chapter 18


Napoleon's, Lenin's, and Hitler's Invasions of Byelorussia


  1. The men of Byelorussia have been over-run, trampled into the ground.
  2. The boots of France, Germany, and Moscow variously scatter their bones within the sandy soil, plowing them into the land to be resurrected in stalks of wheat.
  3. Many shall die in those days, and the songbirds of the field shall sing songs about which no one knows, for their histories are in the birdsongs, and no one knows anymore their languages, ways, or gods.
  4. Those that send ambassadors find few persons who remember, so difficult was the time of endless destruction, the march of boots, the tanks with pleated tracks that bulldozed cities, farms, and bridges into the perfect flatness of endless horizons with nothing to break the horizontal madness all about the land.
  5. All who inhabit the world, and dwellers on the earth, see, how the Lord has done to these people what he might do unto you, for his anger is without limits, and his patience has come to an end!
  6. Bend your knees, turn your vehicles, and go away, for if you gaze upon their sorrow, they, too, might enter into you, and you, by looking upon them, might likewise bring their ruins to your homes and unleash the same upon you and yours.
  7. Be not smug, Oh sons of Adam, for Byelorussia is you, if the times are ripe.
  8. See how the rivers swim with red liquid as the blood of countless generations make their way to the oceans to be scattered among the many nations. You, too, shall be scattered, for it is the Lord's will. For the Lord shall make a Byelorussia of you.
  9. He shall murder all your men and make your women to lie down with Mongrels of another kind, breaking apart the branches of your trees, rendering Adam's seed without proper heirs, without cultural sustenance, and without hope, for, now it shall always be as if it had never been, for through adultery of the race of Adam's glorious sons is it wiped out, gone forever, never to return.
  10. For its people were sat down upon a wall as high as a mountain, then cast down and broken into pieces, none of them surviving the fall, none of them left to carry on.
  11. Their women, the few left, fight for the semen of the enemy so that they may have a child, and thus they pollute themselves forever.
  12. Their seed is shattered; and their homes become the properties of alien minds and ways. All is changed forever. Nothing is the same. All is lost. They have been trampled under foot, their rivers re-routed, and the way they walked made new, so that nothing within their land, as far as the eye can see is ever theirs again. For they have defiled themselves, and I am gone from their breath.
  13. Except that these few remain secreted under the rocks and bricks, all would be lost. For this remnant have I saved, and from them is there hope for their future, yet they must respect me, learn from me, feel me inside themselves, do what I tell them to do inside their hearts.
  14. Hear me, my children, for I am inside you. I am there inside them.
  15. For I am the Lord their God, and I am them, one and the same, and, if they do not follow me, then they are not Adam's sons, but are lost.


Chapter 19


The Rape of the Balkans by the Satanic Forces of the Judeo-Bolsheviks of Russia


  1. The travail of Estonia and its Finnish-Urgu people cries in the Nordic nights for resonant feelings.
  2. Her people have been lost to the Judeo-Bolsheviks.
  3. They are found swirling in the syndicated Northern Lights of the Northern States, those colored fingers which seemed of God, in pagan minds of ancient times, fingers of the Lord that scratch the starry skies with vibrant colors, and send horror into the hearts of her invading hordes.
  4. Listen to me, Baltic peoples, for you are Adam's child, for Dan runs deep into your estuaries and your Northern Seas.
  5. The Arctic ice flows lock your people in where other tribes cannot so easily sail to you, although you sailed to Northern Shores on Viking ships, and slew the non-Adamic peoples who worshipped things of stone, false gods, and slew themselves in sacrifices most forbidden.
  6. Estonia has fallen.
  7. The Satanic Ones of the Judeo-Bolshevism of the Soviet Union's vast infernal hell, sent forth in armies marched North from Moscow, came with guns and routed out her leaders.
  8. Journalists from New York City came along, reporting nothing, yet approving in their darkest hearts, for communism was their hidden side, the shadow world in which they plotted the extermination of the whole Adamic race, so deep their hatred of the Lord ran through their dark Satanic hearts.
  9. Semitic killings ran throughout her cities, and the screaming gushed beside the bloodied homes of villagers and government officials, anyone who might have mind and firm conviction, those who might resist. Semites came with guns for them.
  10. For when minorities rule a vaster horde, the only way to keep above the fray is killing all of them who might rebel against them.
  11. Thus, Estonia has fallen. She lies prostrate upon the steppes of Russia's northern wilds.
  12. The urge to atheistic materialism swoons in blood from all of her Nordic veins, gushing with the breath of God, fallen into the earth, drained of its beauty and romance.For they had not heeded all my wishes.
  13. They had married foreigners from Russia, men and women of the vilest serpent seed, men who betrayed them, secreted their cities’ maps to Russian eyes which peered to Northern States for victories to salve their wounded pride for having been enslaved within that Pale of Settlements where Jews were long sequestered by their Christian neighbors, sentenced to remain there for their murderous and usurious addictions long ago within the Russian steppes.
  14. Many at their hands had died. Many by their contracts lost their wealth. And so they earned their exile to The Pale of Settlements from the Tsars.
  15. Now, newly released into another seething hell of their creation, these vile Jews whose secret veil was that vain deception of the serpent seed now known as Judeo-Bolshevism, ruled an empire vast as Rome's, and filled with bloodied scalps, heads that rolled, priests whom they routinely crucified and cut away their gonads while they lived and breathed, for in Russia, vile Semitic hatred for the sons of Adam filled the skies with Luciferian rage.
  16. The Semites brought their laughable book, Das Kapital, by Jewish writer, Karl Marx, whose name is smeared forever by their bloody ways, and, Karl himself, was paid by Jewish bankers in New York to write his foul manuscript to fool the Europeans, men of Adam's blood, to follow the vile Satanic people of the world, the Jews, under that new name of "Bolsheviks."
  17. Now, Adamic men lie cold upon the Nordic snows, slain by the crooked Jewish hands, including all the Jewish Commissars of the KGB, the Jewish Red Commissars of the Jewish Prophet, Leon Trotsky, whose mother named him David Bronstein, who had come to Russia once again with millions of Jewish dollars in his belt, from Jacob Schiff, the Bolshevik Grand Master and the owner of the Rothschild Bank they called the Guaranty National Bank, headquartered with the many vile serpents in New York, which was the life and horrid blood money of the Judeo-Bolshevik's Red Revolution.
  18. Oh, people dead, without the breath of God within your lungs, those of you, who were the blessed sons of Adam, who were cast down by Satan's race of Jewish monsters, those who killed one hundred million Christians in the Evil Empire, why did you not listen to my voice inside your hearts when I was there with you?
  19. Was blindness kindled there by ancient gods that you once worshipped in Estonia, whom you knew as the Urgu's horror gods? For you were told to shatter them, to bury all their images, and never keep them close to you. Did you forget? And what, my people, did that cost you?
  20. Sing a song of death and dying, mourn for Adam's people.
  21. Most were taken from their homes outside their towns and shot in the back of their heads by monsters, the serpent seed, ruled by Satan in their hearts, those who instinctively oppose my people, men of Adam's line, whose breath contains my essence, because in their vilest Judeo-Bolshevik hearts, there is none of me, for in them only iniquity reigns, and so Jews since Cain have always wished annihilation of the sons of Adam.
  22. These are those who gunned to death the men of Estonia, same as they did once again at Katyn Forest in the Polish hills and in a thousand other unnamed sites, for they are blood-sick with devilish rage against my holy people, for they hate the sons of Adam and they wish them dead.
  23. They have turned away the rivers, fresh with blood of Adam's men, casting all their fluids north into the Arctic flow. Minnows nibble at their flesh and creatures nestled at the darkest bottom of the Arctic Seas swim within their black remains, feasting off Adam's bloodied parts.
  24. This is the outcome of Russian evil at the hands of Satan's men, the Jewish rage of hate, that which festers in their hearts in every nation where they nest and wait to strike against the men of God's own breath.
  25. For God is not within them, only Satan, and his dark angelic breath is heard each time they breathe around you, my poor people. Keep them far from you, else you, too, shall perish at their bloody hands.
  26. I am your God. I say, remember history, for it remembers you. Each thing that happens is repeated, for my world is but a song. Each line of music finds its harmony, each age an octave of my melodies, and so, each act repeats, now here, now there.
  27. Beware, for it is coming at you each and every day, and what was here a year ago, is here today. The song remains the same, as do its singers.
  28. The symphony that did away with vast Estonia up North, also had its way with other nations to the South and East and West, and more shall come to sing its deadly tunes.
  29. For Satan's men abound within your nations, Oh Adam, and when you think they're gone, you find that they have come again, or even live next door, or talk to you each day inside your films and television screens, for they have ways to getting to you, for you interest them far more than you imagine, and for many of them, anything that they can use to ultimately place you in the hands of Satan, they shall use. For that is what they do.
  30. For all the purposes beneath the Sun, these Jewish Satans always come, to bribe, to buy, to rate the money that you spend, to live, and trade, to harvest all you earn through interest, taxes, and to buy your body for a song that they have written, for their contracts are the songs they use to lure you into giving up your vast possessions and your very lives, so Jacob's men may take it from you and make of you their slaves.
  31. Surely the Presidents of these new nations shall not let them come again.
  32. But, No. I see, despite the deaths that they have suffered, many of them still allow the deadly race to live within their lands, a time bomb ready to go off and kill them once again.
  33. Oh, men of Adam's breath, follow my words.
  34. View the deaths in Old Estonia and Russia, everywhere they've ruled, and deport all the false Jews who are not Jews but only claim to be the Jews for once and all, locking them out forever and making yourselves safe from Satan's evil ways. Blockade any nation that supports them and refuse to trade with those that do, as well as with the Jews, for they are evil and will kill you, as they always have.
  35. And yet, deceptive as they are, they still complain the opposite, for they maintain the lie that they are innocent victims, that you instead have killed them.
  36. Beware, my warnings, Adam's sons, for they are liars of the first degree.
  37. For they are Satan's cursed sons.


Chapter 20


The Curse and Glorious Future of Estonia


  1. Oh, Germany and Russia, you have both squandered the military and manufacturing wealth of Estonia, your greatest military and manufacturing asset.
  2. In this land and nation, the educated people read everything that man has ever written, yet it has served them not as well as one might want to expect, for they looked away from me and toward the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, seeking inside their International Bolshevik and National Socialist hearts to work for money, Mammon, Moloch, and material goods which befits a manufacturing people, but not a Godly people, turning from the Lord who lived in each and every one of them, and working with their hands within Satanic factories filled with the stench of iron and oil, climbing down the stairs to ground themselves in the vileness of heavy work, in alloys of metal and not alloys of spirit, and who focused themselves not in spirit, mind, and goodness, but only in what it might profit them to lose their God within.
  3. Yet it profited them not at all. Instead, it caused them to cleave to chaos, war, and famine, the sound of boots marching across their fields, the stench of burning cities, the rotting corpses of their sons and daughters heaped up at many towns' edge.
  4. Tell the people, says the Lord, how I framed for Adam's rule in these great northern lands of the Estonian wilderness, two periods of chaos, twenty years of German rule and twenty more of Russian.
  5. In between these forty years, shall these sons of Adam die of wars, exterminations, hate of Lucifer's Bolshevik Jewish shadow men, Jewish killings night-by-night by the Judeo-Bolsheviks of Russia, whom they own and whom the serpent seed New York Bankers fund to perpetuate their anti-Christian hate.
  6. Adam, I have taken you away to be slaughtered for your crimes against your soul. You have slain the Mentality of Separation from other peoples which I allowed you to know only as the Holy Spirit, Holy meaning Separate unto the Lord (Myself), and Spirit (your own Mind and Being). For doing this, you killed that part of you in which I live.
  7. Then, your lives were hopeless, for you had no center, neither God nor Devil, only Man whose sordid history is blood-filled, crazed, and heaped high with horrors beyond imagining.
  8. So the Estonians were lead away naked or half dressed, placed in boxcars, scuttled across the frozen tundra to languish in Judeo-Bolshevik prisons known as gulags, which were named for kulaks, those Ukrainian peasants whose faces were the first to be seen within their barbed wire walls.
  9. There lived my people, the glorious sons of Adam, faces pressed against the wires, crying in their hearts, the beautiful blushing people in whom I live, of all nations, for many years, starving to death at the hands of their Semitic betrayers, re-suffering the crucifixion of the Christ they worshipped.
  10. I watched them wasting away into death by means of certain and slow and sadistic starvation.
  11. For the false Jews who are not Jews but only claim that they are Jews drove into the hands of Adam's sons their brazen rusty nails.
  12. Adam, for your iniquities in letting serpent seed inside your lands, before they placed those nails inside your bodies, have I forsaken you unto the people in whom you trusted.
  13. After all, sons of Adam, you had betrayed your Lord by choosing them instead of me. And to commemorate your vile rejection of me for serpent seed, I have allowed these nails implanted through your bodies by the serpent seed.
  14. For I am the Lord your God, your inner self, your heart, your breath, and without me you shall die. When will you learn this lesson and your next Estonia avoid?
  15. For I am your sword, your iron, your muscle. Without me, you wax into weakness, and all who wish you harm may do so with impunity, for I am the power and the vindication of myself, and you, my people, are the masters of my being, if only you do not betray me and destroy your destiny.
  16. For, if you deny your master, then the master is master no more, in which scenario the master denies you also.
  17. Then, are you alone, and I, unhappy; then, I must leave your hearts, turn out my lights, vacate your premises in darkness, so the Devil may enter you and have his evil way inside you.


The Lord’s Song of Love for the Adam’s Sons of Estonia…


  1. Do not forsake me.
  2. Look within.
  3. See me.
  4. Know me.
  5. Combine yourself with me.
  6. Incorporate your being.
  7. So we intertwine.
  8. I am the Lord.
  9. And you are my body.
  10. I come to you to help you.
  11. Estonia, I loved you.
  12. I weep for you.

    Estonia Restored to World Power and Respect when God Returns…


  14. Yet, you shall return to me, and I shall return to you.
  15. Again, we shall rule bravely all the Northern Lights, and you shall rule your destinies, for they are yet my destinies as well.
  16. Listen to your Lord, Adam's sons who dwell in Estonia, for I see ministers from far away, once again in your cities, meeting with your leaders, your spires and steeples rising high into the Nordic Sun and Stars.
  17. Even England, Germany, America, Spain, Russia, and China shall come to you as equals and exchange papers, recognizing you are mine and they must therefore deal with you, for under my seal, which is in your many hearts, shall your power reside for all to see.
  18. Oh yes, Estonia. I loved you always, even in your worst of times. For even as I left, forsaken by your cold material choice, banished from your inner souls, I looked back upon you and wept for you, seeing what the Jews' diversity had done to you.
  19. And I knew in my mind that knows all things, that soon you would request me back, that I would come, and be with you, for you and Adam and myself are one, and of that one, the Jews shall never be a portion or a part.


Chapter 21


The Ukrainian Holocaust of the Judeo-Bolshevik Deception


  1. Woe to the Ukrainian people, for a devil and a deliverer shall come upon you, the first from the East, who is the devil, the second from the West, who is a son of Adam.
  2. The devil seeks to eat your soul from your heart, to tear the Lord from your inner self, and I have seen that he shall have his way with you.

    General Lazarus Kaganovich, Devilish Brother of Stalin’s Wife and a Bolshevik Jew, Is "The Butcher of the Ukraine"…


  4. Across the plains where kulaks plant their fields of grain came the brother-in-law of Josef Stalin, General Lazarus Kaganovich, a false Jew who claimed to be a Jew but was not.
  5. Stalin married Lazarus' sister to make himself appear to be more related to the Judeo-Bolshevik Mafia than his mere friendships and business relationships with them would indicate, they that ran the entire Red Revolution and ruled the Soviet Republics, both from Moscow and from New York City where the many devils who are Jewish serpent seeds sat and laughed.
  6. This butcher whose Jewish name was Lazarus was a Devil's man, replete with armies, preaching hate against The Ukraine, saying, "Come, let us kill these traitors who choose The Ukraine over Mother Russia as their Motherland!"
  7. What he meant was, "Come, let us kill the Northern Europeans, those who blush, because they are of God."
  8. And so, the armies under Lazarus came, wielding rifles, swords, and cannons in swift trains dressed up in the Jews' New Five-Pointed Red Star of David. Trains of Semitic death against the unarmed Christians scoured the Soviet countryside for citizens.
  9. These Judeo-Bolshevik-Semites arrested them, placed them inside boxcars. Then, they routed their boxcars to the frozen north, to the extensive Arctic wastes, and told them, "Now, plant corn and wheat or we shall kill you!" Yet, they gave them none to plant.
  10. All their cattle, grain, and homes were confiscated, given to the basest Russian peasants, people specifically chosen for not even knowing the rules of farming.

    Trofim Lysenko, the Devilish Jewish Scientist, Hater of Christ and Christianity, Destroys Both Livestock and the Sons of Adam with His UnGodly Bolshevik Science.


  12. And a great one, who claimed to be a prophet of science, whose pronouncements gained recognition among the ignorant who ran the Bolshevik Affair, who called himself Trofim Lysenko, stood before the Soviet Parliament.
  13. Soon, this vile serpent seed had them chanting a Judeo-Bolshevik ruse that all animals, all plants, all men, are created equal, and that, therefore, the breeding of prestigious livestock with those of non-productive breeds was the truest communist way, decreeing all of the cattle must be interbred, mixing the best with the least.
  14. It was not long thereafter that the mass adulteration of the people repeated the adulteration of their farm animals.
  15. All cattle breeds were ruined through this miscegenation by misguided Judeo-Bolsheviks involved in animal husbandry, who lived and roamed within their land, wiping out five centuries of livestock breeding.
  16. For, the Jews among them, who had the guns to make their plans into laws, poured the good into the bad who were the non-productive ones, producing vile herds of cattle thin as rails from which neither meat nor milk might come enough to feed the people.
  17. Oh, Lysenko! Your Jewish ideals were evil, as was your Satan seed that dwelt inside your Jewish heart and in the Judeo-Bolshevism flowing in filth out of your serpent seeded throngs.
  18. For now, you have ruined your Russian breeding stock, made waste the very cattle that produced your milk, and reduced to leanness the herds of animals, so they became as unproductive as the serpent seed from which you came.
  19. Your people cried, shivering in fear, afraid of you and Lazarus, for you both roamed free, filled with evil, pointing your fingers this way and that, rounding up everyone with guns beneath your Red Star of David symbols, ripping apart the very fabric of your nations, for you even ripped apart the genes that God builds life upon, and keeps it separate for His ways to be known.
  20. For want of breeding fail the people, cattle, and the grain, leaving nothing in its stead, for the mongrelization impedes all national recovery, making it useless to outbreed the bad, for the worst of each is alloyed in the hearts and bodily semen like a viscous poison. Such mongrelization of people, animals, and plants shall never be erased. All essence of God is missing in the seeds of all their offspring now, depleted by the useless arts of mind and by man's infernal feelings of his miniscule power, all of which are futile in the face of God's commands and wants.
  21. For you, oh, Russia, have destroyed the very essence of your world, for you have torn asunder all the delicacies of life itself. You have committed evil.


A Genetic Tower of Babel…


  1. You have threaded together good and bad, producing a monstrous nightmare of quazi-life forms, seemingly like men, like cattle, like grain, yet somehow depleted of the divine force and energy that gives to life its yearning to improve.
  2. Instead, oh, Russia, you have Lysinkoized, Bolshevized, and Semiticized yourselves, parting all your ways from God's grand plan, replacing the Lord’s great plan with man's, a plan to keep all people and all cattle dumb and docile, easy to contain, and non-productive.

    Michael’s Vision of the Ukrainian Famine…


  4. I saw a heifer standing in a field.
  5. Her bones showed through her sides.
  6. A human babe suckled from its teat, a babe as thin as death, its leanness indicating death was soon to come for it.
  7. Its eyes, like those from which the heifer gazed, were larger than life, made massive by starvation's toothy grin, for even had there been some food, the heifer and the child were made to eat and drink and still to die, never to have health or energy, nor reproduce.
  8. For they were cursed with Satan's ways, their insides ruined, crossed with evil strains, doomed to lives of utter condemnation by the Lord.
  9. And I saw a skeleton named DEATH eating from a child like this one, knife and fork inside his hand's white bones, his teeth chewing nothing, for inside the child was only emptiness and loss of self and hope. And DEATH laughed as the child's body was consumed before me.
  10. Overhead, I saw the Moon, red as blood, hovering so low in the sky, that even trees rubbed gently on its underside as it slid across the stars, painting the tree tops with its reddening glare, for the sky glowered like flaming blood, burning forever bright against the land's dark edge. Demi-gods climbed up from the soil with bones of people which they gnawed, for all was given over unto DEATH, and, even I felt that bony hand upon my ankle, pulling me apart, consuming me, my mouth screaming to the idiot unlistening winds in which the many bloodied trees wiped their sides against the Moon's beams.

    Michael Asks the Lord Why the Jewish Bolsheviks were Allowed to Act Like God Himself and Kill these Chritians…


  12. Oh, Lord, the evil of these Bolsheviks.
  13. Why?
  14. Why, these false Jews who are evil ones, why do they prance like little gods upon these ancient hills, killing Christians, acting as equals of the sons of Adam, when, in truth, they are of Satan's soul?


Chapter 22


The Battle of Britain; World War Two; The Many Deaths of Godly Men by Serpent Seed; Adam's Revival Through God's Love for Northern European Men Whom He Blesses in their Holy Hearts


  1. The burden of my vision confronts me, pushes me under the soil, rises me up above the mountains, jettisons me into the verdant valleys, awakens me within a battle's raging hole where men and metal meet and blood flows loudly into all the air amid the screams of desperation.
  2. I have seen the death of London, all her buildings burned.
  3. The airplanes fly unmanned above her roofs, sending bombs of fire deep into her heart, burning her out, like a surgeon's burning punk burrowing into an open sore, flaming into horror the infected spot, all to save the victim from herself.
  4. Inside the homes, the children weep, surrounded by burning bricks, their eyes ablaze, their lips saying,
  5. Oh Lord, help us, Oh Lord, do not let us die in this calamity, for we are Adam's children, we are yours, so help us, Lord.
  6. So many lie inside the earth, their lungs no longer breathe, and God is fled from out their hearts, and only worms caress their fallen faces, as they sleep deep inside the cool wet soil.
  7. Here lie so many sons of men that Adam bred, the sons of God, the men whose arms so strong, whose hearts so full of God, their blushes red and fair, would rally to the cause of good, yet now they are asleep within the soil where dead men stretch beneath the stillness of the hushed, cold underground.
  8. In London, Bremen, and Berlin, in Moscow, Koblenz, Danzig, and Kiev, so many children lie in silent state, waiting for nothing; the earth above them, pushes all around, its coldness creeping deep into their lifelessness, within the silent gardens of their God abandoned forms.
  9. Oh serpent seed, you who are the hateful hearts of darkness, you who murdered Adam's sons around the world, you made a ditch that stretched across the continents, and into that gross hole you piled a million holy corpses of the sons of God.
  10. Then you piled upon another, then again, upon another, always digging, for the wars you caused inside those nations, consumed the very men you hated so, for their deaths depleted Adam's nest, leaving little hope for Adam's future.
  11. New York, San Francisco, Sydney--all have suffered at the hands of Satan's horde, the false Jews who ran the Judeo-Bolshevism scam, creating it behind closed doors to pile the bodies of the men of God into a mountainous heap of death, unseating all the sons of Adam, ruling over them with your deceptive ways, cajoling them in your monopolistic spider web of media so every other voice of man was stilled to deadly silence, and placing Satan high above God's aims for man.

    The Lord Rebuilds Adam's Sons from the Smallest Remnant


  13. I see all devastated, all consumed, and yet, a remnant do I envision now, some here, some there, some free, and some enslaved.
  14. Some know not whom they are, for hidden from them is their core of being and the holiest heart of God that lives within them, never hearing much of Adam, never knowing they are Adam's child.

    The Holy Nail of Adam's Crucifixion & The Redemption Through God's Holy Love for Adam's Sons


  16. I see a nail hammered into all of the sons of Adam around whose gilded metal tip the fine elusive veil of God is fixed.
  17. About the bloody portal where the nail embeds its tail, wherein its tiny head is poked, I see a lightning clouded sky in wondrous storming, for the lights of God flash there within the nail.
  18. And, from those light-filled clouds comes forth the ultimatum of the Lord, that force divine that brings about the glorious reseeding of the nail-pierced children in whom all those holy nails are driven, shouting, Lord, why have you crucified us?
  19. And he answers, For you are my sons and daughters, for also I am you, I, too, am crucified in you upon these nails.
  20. We shall be together always, even to the ends of time, for you are Adam's children.

    The Lord Inside the Hearts of Adam’s Sons and Daughters, Speaks of His Divine Unending Presence in The Northern Europeans of the World…


  22. And I heard the Lord say to them all.
  23. I am the Lord. I am in you. I am in all things divine. I am always here inside you. Come inside and play with me, and listen to my mind, what I intend for you, and I will teach you things the likes of which you never dreamed.

    Michael’s Sees God Within Adam in All Ages Throughout Time…


  25. And I saw that in those days, despite the cities, all of whom were dead and cracked like eggs, mere piles of bricks, a new beginning rising on the heaps of ashes, and a place far from the city's killing fields, upon the continental edges, where Adam's feet could walk across the future beaches of the world, push wetly into the cushioning sands of time's forgiveness, against the tides, to come and go, be seen, then be erased away, as all the lives of men and women come and go across the ages of all time.
  26. And inside some of them, stood God and Adam, holding hands within their beating hearts, exchanging all those silent words of their relationship from Eden until now, that, swirling in their faces, the red wine of love, which is the blood, of Christ, and God, in Adam's holy sons, the only people in whom God resides, which I knew then was what the Lord had sang inside my heart wherein his hands were placed in graceful love inside myself:


God’s Words of Comfort to Michael and to All of Adam’s Race…


  1. It's you and me. We are each other. I am here.


Chapter 23


The Jewish Commissars Murder One-Fourth of the Sons of Adam who Dwelt in St. Petersburg


  1. The destruction of St. Petersburg is complete for the men of conscience.

    The Slaughter of the Sons of God by the Jewish Bolshevik Commissar, Gingrich Yagoda, the Jewish Exterminator of the White Christians, in St. Petersburg…


  3. Those who trade in knowledge, wisdom, and intelligence are gone, taken away in nightly raids, by false Jews who claim that they are Jews but who are not Jews, only those whom the vile Judeo-Bolshevik named Gingrich Yagoda, led, false Jews all, though men with Red Stars of David on their hats, they slithered like silent serpents down the streets in dead of night and hauled away the good ones, who were sons of Adam, beauteous men and boys with glorious blushing faces, leading them down the stairs, blindfolded and afraid, their heads covered with pillow cases and black sacks of evil cloth, never again to see the sun or moon, and never again to be seen by their glorious, screaming children.
  4. For the murderers of St. Petersburg were the denizens of evil who are serpent seed.
  5. They were each and every one of them Judeo-Bolsheviks, dire members of a deadly trade, a group who falsely deemed themselves the Jews, yet all of whom were false Jews, aliens, Mongols with bizarre ungracious grins, and seditious crazy eyes, their minds opposing all that God commands.
  6. These damnable serpent seeds were never the real Jews, but outcasts from the Mongolian Steppes, murderous Mongols with frenzied swords, lusting for the blood of Christ.
  7. Instead of Jews, they are foul genetic mamzers, these people mongrelized by interbreeding, those who ruined at least two races, maybe more, through lust and not through heaven's gates as set forth in the laws of God for man's glorification and by the laws of nature which are also laws of God.
  8. For their marriages destroyed the flesh and seed of Adam's sons and tore God out of their hearts and souls, for mongrels are the Devil's favorite evil toys, for being cast down and fallen from the Godly state, they hate the purest race of Adam. For in the glorious sons of Adam and in them alone does the Lord recline.
  9. And thus, being cut off from God themselves, and seeing God exists inside the sons of Adam only, emerges in their evil hearts, their hatred against the glorious sons of God.
  10. So, Satan in their hearts, sends them into raves and rages, so the vast horde of false mongrels, many of them counterfeited Jews, hold back their heads and scream into the darkest night, then come them in determined marches against the sons of Adam, as in St. Petersburg, to kill them one-by-one, just to feel their evilness and the vilest power they wield in all of their hateful, maddening serpent seeded rage against the Lord.
  11. For they hate the holy ones with all their wickedness which, being of the Devil, they shall always be, forever dark and mean, the deadly ones, the serpent seed, the Anti-Christ, haters of our Northern European men, destroyers of our Adam seed.

    Michael's Vision of His Death at the Hands of Judeo-Bolsheviks:
    Michael’s Vision of His Own Execution at the Hands of the Vile Serpent Seed Jewish Bolshevik, Gingrich Yagoda…


  13. Then came my vision.
  14. I felt their footsteps coming up the stairs toward my apartment, kissed my wife and children, hugged my dog.
  15. Their boots are loud, because the Devil's walk is strong and booted, and being the thugs they are, they pound heavily upon the floors and stairs in each and every wicked step they hurl. They knock upon the door.
  16. The pillow case falls down unraveling around my head, my children crying. I listen as one of them is knocked against the wall by a sadistic Devil.
  17. Out I tumble, stumbling down the stairs, their boots kicking at my sides like the seedy animals they are, all set upon their kill.
  18. Once in their van, tied in their sinister knots of hemp, I listen to them speaking, laughing at my plight.
  19. "Oh, Lord, you are yet with me, I endure this all," I said inside my heart, for the Lord's breath was still inside me.
  20. And He walked inside me, knelt and prayed with me each moment of my life, "for I am Adam's son, and thus your son as well, Oh Lord."
  21. Out they pull me, bend me down. I hear the hammer click upon their gun and feel the gun steel cold against my neck's soft nape and sail into the stars.
  22. Then nothing.
  23. Darkness.
  24. Oh, Lord, you who are my guide, and I your Adam, you and I were one.
  25. It is enough.
  26. I awakened, peered into my heart, saw God inside me.
  27. I was listening to his voice.
  28. I remembered all the while that I had dreamt this dream of death, had seen the surly face of Jewish Commissar Yagoda and his evil men, yet it was not a voice the way we know a voice we hear.
  29. For it was more like waves, the many pulses of a million interlaced and changing thoughts, a trillion seas of thinking deep within me vast as oceans filled with whirling thoughts, and wet with ideas.
  30. I saw my thoughts dragging like nets across the seaways of my mind, filled with fish.
  31. Each glorious idea was like a trapped minnow bearing a thousand names and places, filled with strange, miraculous ideals, beautiful to behold, warm to the mind's envisioned touch.

    The Vision of St. Petersburg's Destruction by the False Jewish Bolsheviks


  33. Oh, St. Petersburg, seaport of the Russian plains, the City of St. Peter's Holy Arm, you came to Russia to complete the pledge of trade between great nations.
  34. For these nations lie upon the sea lanes where this city swims, its harbor gleaming blue and green in the dazzling lights of stars and moons and suns, all swirling round about.
  35. Dear St. Petersburg, your people are alone, for I have squandered all your leaders, all your holy ones.
  36. This was your punishment for giving over all your arms and loyalties to Tsars and Empires, not to me.
  37. For St. Petersburg, you chose riches, gold, and art works.
  38. You rejected God's own eyes that dwelt inside your bright blue eyes and blondish hair.
  39. I had made you beautiful beyond compare, the brothers of the Swedes and Danes, rich of mind and body, strong of heart, filled with the Lord in every breath you breathed, all children born of Adam's breath, and breathing it so heavily that ice clinging in the winter air paused in crystals with each breath you took, so filled with love of the Lord and of the Lord's being in you, that the instant of your breathing in and out, when breath upon the coldest air did hang, came purest crystals laced with ice, and each was filled with parts of God's own glorious mind, and so they glistened like a lightening storm within the splendid light.
  40. You have I given to the Devil's men, the Bolsheviks, to clean the table bare, to rid my nostrils of the rancid odor of your lusts for gold and silver, spices, and the forbidden fruit of new lips against your own, all brought for fun upon your ships from Africa and that New World--the Africans, Eskimos and Indians, the cursed sons of Satan with whom you adulterate yourselves, spoiling your seed and driving me from out your heart--for I shall never dwell inside those sons of Adam who have slept or walked with Satan seed.
  41. For even closeness by a mile or more shall cause me great discomfort, what then the sounds you made in bed in screams and grand orgasmic lust, all locked and licked in Satan's fondling arms,
  42. I disappeared and left your heart within its sudden sea of evil. For these iniquities, I left you, gave you up to Satan, for you chose him, through these serpent seed with whom you walked and slept, and by these choices, you rejected me.
  43. Oh, city of ships, my dearest beloved St. Petersburg, I have destroyed your present and your future.
  44. Only buildings stand where once a valiant race of Adam's children lived, replete with muscled arms and golden locks of hair, abilities to ride the Russian plains like God's own holy angels on the backs of horses and to plow those festering icy seas with ships of hardened wood and iron.
  45. Oh, Men of Adam, you who once rode plains in battle tossing heads away upon your swords from hardened biceps, you whom I allowed to ride the massive iceberg waves of maritime adventure. You have fallen by rejecting me for serpent seed. Thus, I have hated you as well as I hate them. For in them does the devil fornicate and reproduce his hate for me.
  46. But when I loved you, all the while my arms surrounded you in love, my lips caressed your inner parts, for I dwelt inside your body's garden.
  47. But now I love you not, for you have chosen Satan over me, and thus condemned yourselves to Satan's side, which now you know as Death, for that is what miscegenation is, the death of God in man.
  48. Your souls shall howl in winter's nights through all of time, your souls whistling in the winds, your death, God's breath, that whispers only Satan's sighs, flows through the trees of summer, flashes in the leaves below my lights, for in your future is no rest, no God, no light, but only waste and darkness.
  49. And the ships you sailed shall sink forever in the deeps, and new ones made of ugly steel shall sail beneath the polar caps, filled with poisonous fuel, and many of them shall collapse beneath the waves, fall down into the crushing density of Ocean's deepest parts, imploding onto all the men within, like coffins, settling into bottomless seas.
  50. Then, only cameras from inquisitive exploration ships shall ever see them to appreciate their suffering and the horror of their deadly plunge from me.


The Resurrection of St. Petersburg and Adam in the Future


  1. Take a musician now through all the streets of St. Petersburg and play the songs of life again. Make sweet the melodies of music.
  2. For, in future days, a remnant there, still pure in Adam's blood, and filled with my own breath, shall rise and found another city there, chase out all the mongrels in whom Satan lives, and content themselves with me.
  3. And then shall peace and grace re-enter all the tombs of St. Petersburg. And homes within St. Peter’s City shall ring with children's laughter.
  4. Smiling wives whose husbands love them day and night shall stand inside their doorways waiting for their footsteps to return from work to love them in the glorious Northern Lights, and inside all of them I shall wander heart to heart, embracing them in spirit, deeds, and love.
  5. And all the merchandise and trade of St. Petersburg shall come as second and not as first, for I am first. For only when you keep my ways and love me in your heart, will I be with you, keep you safe from Satan's awful seed lines and their evil ways by which they shall always seek, as serpent seed, your gross annihilation.
  6. Only when I live in you and breathe within your breath, shall you endure upon this earth, for that is what I do.


Chapter 24


The Cosmic Destruction of the Earth of Adam's Sons by the Lord's Rage in Michael's Vision


  1. Behold, the Lord makes the earth empty, lays it entirely waste, void of life and substance, turns it upside down in carefully furrowed fields, and scatters all the people thereof into foreign places.
  2. And it shall be the same for all. The end shall come upon you whether you are good or bad, a son of Adam or a mongrel's off-breed snare. It does not even matter whether you are priest or layman. You shall die like all the others.
  3. These are but a few of the many dead I see: The factory worker and the manager, the usury banker and the foil who buys using his most expensive credit at costs beyond compare, the cook and the diner, the buyers and the sellers, the farmer and the city dweller.
  4. All are dead. There is no escape. I shall empty all the lands. I shall despoil them in their totality. For I have spoken, and it is therefore done.
  5. The planet fades against the field of stars.
  6. Its people mourn. Even the haughty ones who think they are better than the others cry for their souls, for they are afraid.
  7. The earth shall dwindle, because its inhabitants have wasted it, destroyed its water and its soil, darkened its air, poisoned its vegetation, and destroyed even the seeds of its once glorious and productive fields.
  8. Now, nothing lives or grows, for all the laws of my inheritance are shattered by their tampering hands, and the everlasting covenants of life are broken.
  9. You curse the earth, which you devoured.
  10. You who dwell within the desolation you have made, beware. For you have utterly destroyed my perfected place, the small blue Ocean planet, where I set you down, surrounded by my overwhelming love for you.
  11. Yet, you rejected me. You chose not me but immigration, integration, fornication with the serpent seed, all of which I forbid for you to do.
  12. Yet you defied the Lord's commands. And, so I left you to your own devices. The world have I forsaken. Your evil whims required it of me.
  13. You have rejected your Lord's wishes in this world. Therefore, have the inhabitants thereof been burned, and few remain, and they are the unlucky ones, for the lucky ones have passed away and no longer suffer what is left them.
  14. The seeds do not send shoots of green new plants.
  15. The guitars do not play, their strings are hard as stones, unable to be stroked
  16. All comedies have ceased. All liquors have lost their happiness to those who drink.
  17. The cities of confusion are destroyed, and the homes are shut up never to be entered again.
  18. No wine, no merriment, exists.
  19. Each city is desolate. The highways are quiet and still. Everything is like the emptiness before the widening shadow of the lightning bright bomb of nuclear ecstasies, casting death all about, whose radiation is the least of all your worries.
  20. They are my remnant people in whom I breathe, through Adam's seeds, who lift up their voices in the wilderness of vast destruction. Inside their hearts, they sing for all my majesty, praying that I, their Lord, shall be with them forever.
  21. Therefore, I say, make great fires upon the seacoasts of the wasted buildings, proclaiming in your hearts the sanctuary of yourselves in which I live and breathe with you and hold you in my arms.
  22. I have heard your songs inside yourselves throughout the uttermost parts of the earth and sky, even your glory sailing in your beaten ships wherein you ride the waves.
  23. I hold my ribs, I yell,
  24. "My leanness! My leanness! Poor me!"
  25. The treacherous dealers--usurers, Bolsheviks, and almost all of them, false Jews--have robbed me, taken all my food away, laid waste my home.
  26. I see the snare and the pit and the poison inside your water, in your air, and in your land.
  27. If you climb from the pit, I shall snare you. If you extract yourself from the snare, I shall fling you back into the pit.
  28. For the windows to me are inside you, and there is where you must go. Do this, or you shall surely die.
  29. The earth is totally broken down, dissolved, and pours out into the starry night, a river of death and drunkenness. The earth staggers like a drunkard through the heavens, trailing comets in its wake, boiling apart in the filthy spewing of their watery graves.
  30. Then shall the high and mighty as well as the low boil in the same flow of the watery graves of ice that sail across my heavens. They shall all be ashamed including the Moon, the Earth, the Planets, and the Sun.
  31. Yet in the dead seed of Adam shall I dwell, even in the icy flow of earth's dislodging.


Chapter 25


Michael's Prayer


  1. Oh Lord, you are my God, inside me where you walk, shall I be always with you.
  2. I will praise your name and feel your wonders for you have done wonderful things in me and in the world, for your laws and edicts are the ancient truths about which universes live and die, where planetary stars transfix the forms of life that flow from out your many loving ports and sides.
  3. For you have made cities where nothing was and nothing where cities were. You have made places of greatness rise and fall. You have both created and destroyed. For you have made of all the cities a heap, even fortified cities have you ruined with foreigners whose filthy ways destroyed them, tore them into shreds, pulling all their buildings down upon the earth itself through their evil ways and vindictive infestation.
  4. For the strong shall worship you inside their hearts, but the weak, who can never build, but only can destroy, can only see you weakly, through a smoky lens. For them you are a mere theory about whom little can be known, and so they shall never build a city, for without you, no city can exist.
  5. Therefore shall the men of Adam, the strong people of the cities, those who build and fly their ships into the stars to trade between the far flung galaxies, glorify you in their very breath where you reside as force of life and goodness inside the hearts of Adam's sons.
  6. But in those inglorious ones who are the serpent seed and who harbor hate for all you do, who are the sons of Satan's side, only destruction to good abounds, for in their foul iniquities that slither through their winding evil minds resides their enmity towards you and yours, so we must not befriend, but kill them for your sake.
  7. For you have been a strength unto the poor of all the earth, because your people, those of Adam's seed, brought forth grand laws, designs, buildings, arts, musical symphonies, medicine, hygiene, navigation, meteorology, and a thousand other sciences reflective of your love for them, but which, in all the sons of Satan never lives.


The Place of Integration as the Destructive Force to Kill Out All Good in the World


  1. We, the sons of Adam, are the refuge from the storm, who deal out mercy to the sons of Satan; whereas, they, the children of Devil, only seek to kill us, steal, and bring us low.
  2. You have brought down the ignoble offspring of the sons of Satan—Negroes, Asians, Arabs, false Jews who claim that they are Jews but never were the Jews, and the Mongrel half-breeds of a billion unwise lusts—saving us from all their evils, for you loved us, and you hated them.
  3. And in the mornings shall you rise early to pin down Satan, he who lies upon the earth in falsest golden glare of light and cast him into hell and bind him far away, and we shall do the same to all his people, keeping them away from us, making integration, immigration, and miscegnation a crime punishable by death, for it is the surest death to Adam's sons whom they are raised to hate and whom they seek to kill and seek to send into the darkening pits of annihilation.
  4. We pray that you shall take hold of us, O Lord, we who are the remnant men of Adam, that you might swallow us into your heart, where we shall live behind the battlements beyond which none of Satan's crew shall stray to harm us.
  5. We also pray, O Lord, in doing so, shall you also swallow death in victory and wipe away his pale from all the planets, so that his name shall never again be heard or spoken.
  6. It shall be said, in each of us, "Our Lord has saved us. For we are in him, and he is in us."
  7. And in this day of consuming shall the Lord rest his hand upon us all and all the evil ones—the false Jews, the Bolsheviks, the Anarchists, the Freudians, the Masculinized Womenists, and those of Satan's breed, who are the haters of Adam’s holy seed—shall be sewn into a basket and dropped into a sea from whence they shall never swim up toward us again.
  8. And he shall spread his hands amongst them and slay them, rendering them lifeless and without power, stirring in their midst until the noise falls from a tumultuous rage into perfected quiet.
  9. Then shall all become stilled in the world of evil, so the good shall thrive. And the Lord shall be our fortress and in him shall the good be born.
  10. And so that the Tree of Good and Evil shall never be tasted, shall we live in Good only, and never know a thing about it why it is Good, but shall we only be it.


Chapter 26


The Transfiguration of the Worlds' Messiah in the Missive Hearts of All of Adam's Nations


  1. Oh Lord, you are my God. Let me sing your song in the day of glory. We have a strong wall inside our Lord.
  2. Behind his parapets are many swords that dangle in our enemies' faces, bright and deadly as a fire that burns away all things that come before it, thus burns he the ones who are the evil ones.
  3. My Lord, open the gates inside which allow the righteous nations to enter into you, whose minds are quieted and assured in their knowing you. You keep us perfect and in peace, for we are you in breath, in life, in mind. Our every thought is your thought. Nothing that we think have you not thought for us.
  4. Trust, my people, in the Lord forever, for in you rests his everlasting strength. For the Lord God brings down those who do evil to you, smashes the usurer of every type, he who wields the serpent bite of your destruction in the contracts that he bears for you to sign yourselves away to Satan's lair.
  5. Oh Lord, you bring down low those who dwell on high, rendering them impotent and weak, even making them into dust.
  6. The way of the Lord is the way of the just, for it is righteousness, uprightness, and separateness, all of which are holy attributes, and we shall follow you forever, explicating in our lives and feelings all you say to us inside our hearts where you have taught us, made us know...
  7. Our desire does not exist, for to be with you is all we know, all else have we forsaken. You are all to us. With my soul have I felt you in the night. With my spirit shall I seek you each and every morning. For on the earth, which is outside and foreign from me as is night from day. For I am of you and not of them.
  8. There shall you deal out judgment, which is not from me, for being in you and you in me I shall never know judgment, as you are always me and, therefore, do not judge me, for you do not judge yourself, for you are perfect.
  9. Though I am not you, yet I am. I am and I am not. I am I am. Me. You. We. There is no separation, no belief, just that you are here inside, we are together, inseparable, forever merged, and indelibly imprinted each into each. For you are never changeable, nor are those whom you have blessed.
  10. When your hand is lifted up, am I lifted up.
  11. They will not see, but they shall see.
  12. They shall be ashamed for their envy at my kind, and me, and the fire of all your enemies shall devour them.
  13. Lord, you have ordained peace for us. You have wrought all our works in us. Other lords besides you have had dominion over us, but by you only shall we ever make mention of your name. They are dead, deceased, and shall not live again, but you, Oh Lord, you are forever, and you go on and on; whereas, they shall never rise, nor set, and no one shall visit them since you have visited them and brought about their virtual and material end and laid them low forever.
  14. You have increased the nation of Adam, Oh Lord, and have established them throughout the nations and the planets up above where you have sailed with us in ships of gleaming glass and metal, to your stars, your galaxies, and filled them up with you inside their hearts.
  15. We are your Noah, each and every one, and no Canaan and no Ham are in our seed. For we are purified in you. We have followed you to all the ends of time.
  16. As a woman in travail of childbirth, pouring out her prayer, filled with pain and dread, crying in her pangs, so have we been, Oh Lord. We have been with child, we have been in pain, we have been torn to pieces by the bloody serpent seed whom the other side transfixed across us and our paths, thereby to condemn us, taking us away to dungeons, torturing, then killing us.
  17. Oh Lord, please let them rest, the sons of Adam who are gone, or bring them up into you that the righteous dead shall feel the final solace in yourself., so those that dwell in dust may wake and sing at your behest, so that the earth cast out her dead.
  18. Come, people of Adam, enter you into my chambers. Let me shut my doors about you. Hide yourself in me for a little moment, then shall the indignation of your mistreatment pass, said the Lord inside my heart.
  19. For the Earth shall cast out her dead bodies, and all shall be reborn of me, shaking in pain and screaming with all the travail of a woman giving birth, and all the men upon the earth shall scream in her pain.
  20. The dew shall rise off the herbs, and the rain shall cast down upon all the earth a new awakening and a fowl garment to clothe those who went unpunished to their graves.
  21. For, behold, the Lord shall come out of his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquities, and the earth of the future shall no longer cover the blood of the slain, but shall reveal their bones, disclose their blood, and shall no more cover over the wherewithal of their slaying.
  22. And those that did slay them without cause shall have punishment for cause meted out upon them, before I cast them back into the void and make the world clean, so clean they shall forget that evil ones ever happened.


Chapter 27


The Ripening of the Vine of Adam's Northern European Sons to Redeem the World Through God's Love


  1. In that day, the Lord comes upon the lands of Adam with sharp sword, hard as the finest of steel alloys, fully carbonized, harder to destroy than diamonds.
  2. With this sword shall even the largest of creatures, even a leviathan, a whale, in the shape of Eve's serpent, yet larger than a palace be slain, emitting a spray of redeeming blood that shall cover much of the surrounding lands, for the anger of the Lord is sharpened by the misdeed of his people.
  3. In that day, sing into the empty cities. Find a bottle of wine, half empty, and feel its aroma entering your Godly breath, for it shall enrich you with the blood of healing, for the Lord's pruning of your vine has ceased on this day.
  4. And out of that bottle shall come a vine, which you shall plant, and from it comes the sweetest wines and scrolls which you shall read as you drink of its richness.The Lord tends this vine, and he shall keep it for you, night and day, wielding high his sword against the serpent seed gatherer and spreader, the one who brings evil and retribution upon your worlds.
  5. The Lord says, before his vine of replenishment, I, the Lord, do keep the vine. I will water it every moment. I will keep it holy.
  6. The Lord shall place the vine inside each of the people of Adam in whose breath he sails into their hearts, for the vine shall enter and save all of them from the bite of the serpent, for to eat of the vine, shall the serpent surely die.
  7. Fury is not of the Lord, for the Lord is stronger than weeds and thorns and briars, stronger even than his own thunderclouds and lighting rods with which an unrepentant tree is set aflame and all its inhabitants destroyed.
  8. For the tree is a nation, and the animals living within its branches, as well as its cells, bark, and leaves, even its roots, are the nation's people, its history, and its outer form. Yet its strength is positioned inside, where only the tree itself may behold it, feel it, and preserve it.
  9. He shall cause those to come out of Adam to take root, to blossom and to bud, to fill the face of the world with fruit, and no serpent seed shall ever dwell within its branches anymore.
  10. Has the Lord smitten him, as he wiped away those who smote Adam? Or is he slain according to the slaughter of those whom he has slain?
  11. He sails in the roughest wind, his sword dashing and hacking the serpent's breath into piecemeal.
  12. In measure, when the vine shoots forth, you will debate, but it shall not answer, for the serpent's bite is destroyed and is no more there.
  13. By this, shall the iniquity of Adam be purged. The vine shall have all the fruit to bear away his sin, for he shall use his fruit to good measure, and each of them shall make a cornerstone of the new temple inside each of their hearts and nevermore worship in a church or synagogue or temple or mosque or a pagan grove, nor shall they worship material things, squandering their work in endless expeditions to shopping malls.
  14. Nor shall their newspapers and television sets be filled with anti-Adamic propaganda, whose venom is poured out into festering poison pools upon the earth by those who call themselves Jews but are not, but are the sons of the serpent from whose seed they are propagated as the children of Satan.
  15. Instead shall the beauteous sons of Adam, in whom the Lord reclines, live lives bespeaking the very sacred breath of God that flows within their lungs and mouths.
  16. And their holy lives shall be filled up with love, forgiveness, and one mind with God, so that they shall want for nothing more, for what they have is pure and filled with the Lord's rewards.
  17. All across the worlds of Adam shall the fortified cities be desolate, for each man of Adam's kin is his own city, his heart a church unto himself, and his body a Garden of Eden for his Lord.
  18. When he lies down beside the older trees, flames shall consume their branches, and all their parts shall be consumed utterly, even the forms of their machines, their informational systems, and everything that has made them strong.
  19. All shall be burned asunder and shall not rise. And all the information that is required shall reside within the vine, and it shall grow inside each man, where once it grew outside.
  20. Then, shall the Lord's trumpet sound inside thousands of men at once, the ones he left alive, the remnant that He saved.
  21. When the sound of the trumpet is heard, they shall come who perished in all parts of the world and in the outer spaces of the universe, and shall worship inside themselves, silently, the Lord themselves, their God, themselves, and when they ask the Lord who he is and who they are, the Lord shall make their own lips form the words, "I am, I am," meaning "I am you. You are me. We are the same one."
  22. Only, He is forever.


Chapter 28


England’s Bombings in World War Two -- Adam's Sin of Drunkenness Which Blinded Him Into Pursuing Such Vile and Iniquitous Wars of Annihilation Upon His Own Kind


  1. Woe to the crown of England's pride, to the drunkards of her legendary pubs, the towering inferno of words at Hyde Park's fury stand where people of no merit are pandered, men who bore all who hear them, saying all they wish to say, which is more than they rightly should.
  2. Woe to England's beauty, for a fading flower lasts not a moment longer, and the days of love are few and wasted, as wine from the lips of a drunken fool, who no longer even tastes his raucous bouquet of grapes, but only falls to the table's floor.
  3. Behold, the Lord is mighty in his rebuke, casting nets across the islands, dropping bombs into the roofs of buildings, burning out the cities like a hearth upon which too many meals have been eaten, and now the hearth itself is the only meal worth having, burning all the homes away.
  4. The crown of England, Europe's pride, shall be trampled under foot.
  5. First shall the German planes drop nest after nest of sweetly seeded bombs, hotly falling into the laps of homes, schools, precincts, hospitals, lakes, and streams, until all is consumed in flaming ruins, a conflagration of unhappy tidings, dropped from the heavens to people hiding in sewers and subways, trembling from the onslaught.
  6. And the glorious beauty of England, all her beautiful homes and churches, all her bridges, all her towers are brought low.
  7. They are condemned to ruins of blackened stone, their carved wooden trellises burned away, their intricate wooden church interiors wiped clean by hellish flames, dropped from the twisted crosses drifting in the darkness overhead, perched on helmets strapped atop the heads of German pilots in those metal birds, birds with wings of steel instead of feathers, built with wheels and bombing turrets frozen open dropping awesome bullets into cities where the British people scream.
  8. I see each metal plane, and there, behold, where their glassy bird’s heads poke their ominous eyes into the starry night, I see bombardiers navigating bomb ports in these fortresses of death.
  9. They are sailing the skies above to Merry England for the transgressions of her people, especially their friendships and agreements with the Devil Men of banking—all the Rothschilds, Wieshaupts, Schiffs, and Mellons, and the children of the Rockefellers and the Guggenheims—all of whom control the wealth and are the Marxian denizens of banking, commerce, and that Satanic New World Order in which Adam's men are castrated by the filleted knives of the men who said that they were Jews but were only of the Devil, of the serpent tribe, and dead-set against Godliness and Adam.
  10. In England, France, and Germany, in Russia and the Balkans, Italy, Spain, and Yugoslavia, in America, in all the British Commonwealth, the people drink themselves into a stupor, causing God to leave their hearts and step away.
  11. Then, comes the heady arguments, the crimes against nations, men marching into the homes of fellow men, across the world's edges, bombing out defenses, opening streets that head straight into the cities, running tanks with cannon straight into the enemy's many eyes, and blinding them.
  12. They have erred through beer and wine, and all their tables reek with vomit and spilled plates of food, so everyone is left to starve amid the ruination of the plenty that abounds.


The Connection Between Integration and Self-Deception Of Which God Had Warned Adam


  1. Who shall teach Adam knowledge? When shall his people rest from the weariness of murder? Shall his arms ever cease from lifting themselves against each other and turn, instead, toward the bleak Adamic hater hordes, those Africans and Jews, those Moslem men and Native Aborigines, whose hearts are filled with hate for Adam, to smash their insolence to dust and kill out all their Satan seed forever?
  2. For knowledge of survival among Adam requires precept upon precept, line upon line, adding to the argument that Adam is the one who should rule, not they with whispering voices in cloaked rooms of politicians with the waving dollars of Adam’s betrayal as their vile enticements, committing treasonous acts against the sons of Adam, and all in the name of Moloch's money.
  3. For lack of knowledge, for inability to articulate, for the stupidity of giving over all their media unto the Jewish Satan seed, which hated them, for this are they led to the slaughter, nothing else.
  4. For, they have lain with the Devil, and with them has the Devil had his way. His serpent seed has overwhelmed their minds, pushed back their Godliness, and blinded them to those considerations of survival that most men would love to follow, yet not them. For Satan's words are sweet.
  5. They are the wines to make them drunk, to sprawl them on the table, then to kill them, one by one, each fighting mad against himself. Wherefore, the word of the Lord inside their hearts was hardly noticed, never heard, amid the din of battles, each killing Adam, each murdering his inner God.
  6. For the massive murders coming twice to all the continental homes of Adam in the name of Wars of Freedom, Wars of National Will, Wars of Patriotism, were, in fact, wars of Satan, fought against the minds and souls of Adam's blessed men.
  7. Thus, rattled all the swords of Jewry against the Whites of Adam's breath, the swords called Communism, Anarchy, Capitalism, Freedom, Democracy, Congress, Parliament, Freudian Ideals, Sociology, Psychology, Movies, NEWS, Theater, Music, all of it orchestrated by the so-called Jewish "Voice of Reason," most of it nonsense, bringing to his knees, the Christian Body, mass of Adam's flesh, the holy ones in which the very breath of God, not Satan, flows.
  8. Yet Satan in these Jews who are not Jews but falsely call themselves Jews, but who are really serpent seeds cast from the serpent bite into the womb of Eve, which through vile rape, brought forth murderous Cain who killed his half-brother, Able, the good and holy one.
  9. Thus, was Cain cast out and marked for all the world to see and to avoid, eschewing all his evil ways, his murders, his relentless drive for money, power, and wealth, his need to trick and scheme and steal through his contractual deals, using Godliness, which he cannot believe, being of Satan's flesh, but only uses to the harm of those that do, namely, Adam's heritage, the white Anglo-Saxons, Germans, French, Lombards, Russians, Swedes, Vikings, and all their offspring in the New Worlds which they dominate by their Godly virtues.
  10. The sons of Adams are stomped by Cain’s descendants, the Jews who are not Jews but falsely say they are. Their claim is only based on greed and immense, egotistical ravings.
  11. Behold, it is the Jews who are not Jews but call themselves the Jews, who use the cunning power of greed to lay the groundwork for supplanting Adam of his blessing and inheritance.
  12. For the Jews hope that Satan, and not God's own people, might enjoy the Earth itself.
  13. Wherefore, the Lord said, to Adam's people, Hear me, you who have made compacts with the Devil, who is represented by those men who say that they are Jews falsely, for they are only Satan's men, not Jews at all, and have adulterated even some of your offspring by mating with the daughters and sons of Satan all around the world, where I have sent you, because you taught the people of Satan's seed My Words, which they are not privy to, nor can they understand but only say they do, for they cannot so much as catch a glimpse of me in their Satanic eyes, glinting with Devilish lusts and yearnings.
  14. For these transgressions and iniquities, I shall kill you, hand you over to the minions of the Devil's crew, the false denizens of Jewry, those whom you have let come among you and pollute you, own your banks, your NEWS, your stocks and bonds, and have allowed the vast confusion of their many lies to replace the truths I have always taught you in your hearts.
  15. For, as you have rejected the Lord, who is your blood line, so has your blood line rejected you, and as that blood line is the Godly line of blood, passed down from me through Adam's flesh, thus, you rejected me.
  16. For if your blood is adulterated, mixed with Devil blood, and Devil men associating with you thus corrupted your dear sons and daughters, producing vile new serpent lines, so then have I found my way to leaving you, for I shall never live with them.
  17. You have made their lies your refuge, and these lies have led you to these wars in which your arms are never tired of murdering the many Adams I have spawned amongst you all these centuries.
  18. What is this madness? How did God's own people come to follow Satan's ways? Was my voice not good for you?
  19. Did I not cleave into you like a bird secreted into the underside of a hidden bluff's secret entrance? Did my feathers not carefully cover you and hide you forever from harm’s ways at the moment of your otherwise certain deaths in my nest of love I built in you? Did my soft and loving feathers not sweep in luscious swirls through your beauteous soul?
  20. Did I not give you my divine comfort and the hope of many futures? Therefore vows the Lord God, who is your heart, I shall lay waste the lands of Adam and rise high above your corpses, those sole survivors, those false Jews who seek to murder you, who trick you everyday, who lie to you, and whom you now believe instead of me.
  21. For any man of Adam's grist, who listens to his heart, yet continues that vile sin of slaughtering other white men, men like you of Adam's blushing face of goodness, is no man that I shall love, but I shall leave behind.

    Integration with the Serpent Seed Led to Adam's Annihilation in Wars Against Other Adams


  23. I say, evil begets evil only, and the Lord comes not into the evil lands except to burn them out, deplete them of their evil ways, their devils, and their serpent seeds.
  24. For I replanted the Earth with Adam's seed, while they, the minions of the Devil, circle those new Adam men I made to save the earth, and then they cast their lies like nets across a sea of fish, bearing away the Christian men within their holds, frozen forever in death, secreting them into dire oblivion.
  25. The factories and buildings are falling. The lines of plummet, by which I fixed them as straight, now twist against the earth erratically and fowl themselves within the ruins. Right angles now are broken, tossed into the midst of the destructive rage of wars, all brought to you, because you did not keep yourself Holy unto me.
  26. Instead, you brought these Jews into your presence. Now, you die for their illustrious causes, none of which are real, for only you and I are real, for we are the only God upon the earth, and they are only devils. But the day will come when I will bring you back to me.
  27. The Moon and Sun and stars will circle overhead for many years. You shall rebuild your lands, reseed all these Adamic people with your offspring, bring the semblance of your Lord to life inside you, hear my voice again amidst your deepening sorrows.
  28. Then, shall you also defile me once again, seeking an elusive Jewish lie, the lie of multicultural sins, forcing into your lands, Negroes, even Pygmies, Indians, Arabs, Japanese, Samoans, Filipinos, Haitians, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Eskimos, Aborigines, all the devil scum I told you not to live with; these shall you bring to live by you, to bring you down into a raging civil war in which you have one choice, to either kill them all or have them kill you all.
  29. Oh, people, in whom the earth resolves its arguments, in which all good is brought, toward which all evil people tend, for they in all their evil wish to kill you, and to do so they must live by you, must infiltrate and spy upon your lands, must act as friends and carefully avoid the honesty by which you would see instantly their vileness and their hatred for you, until that day they strike and kill you in your sleep.
  30. Give ear. Hear my voice. These aliens among you, those you brought here from your hateful colonies, the ones I gave you out of love, these aliens are filled with hate for you, and this you know, for all their words toward you express their hatred, all their lawsuits, pickets, grievances, and acts of congress passed for them, all are against you.
  31. You are their crap child, the human offal beneath their feet, which they hope to rub off in the name of democracy and civil rights, when, in reality, you, the majority, control democracy and civil rights, and yet, they have disarmed you, made you into women.
  32. You have disgusted me, your Lord. Inside, you made me sick, and so you feel a thousand illnesses inside you, brought on by your self-hatred, for you hate me all that much that you would destroy all the handiwork that I have made for you.
  33. In your iniquity against me, against my orders to be holy and to remain separated forever from these serpent seed, you have squandered my love for you and wasted me in you.
  34. I have prepared for you your own meal, of yourself, a meal of squandered hopes, of dreams turned into nightmares, of lives poured into devil forms, children of evil and not of good, newspapers owned by devils, and a land of aliens in which I am forbidden to even enter by the devilish laws which you have made for their amusement.
  35. Thus have I allowed these wars, and I have given Jews who are not Jews but falsely say they are to own your very seeds and plummet them of all the goodness that was in them, thus you starve in eating them.


Chapter 29


America Punished by Serpent Seed as God's Revenge for Adam's Treachery Against the Lord


  1. Woe to America, also.
  2. Have I not given you enough? I have made you wealthy beyond most nations on the Earth, yet have you not betrayed me more than hath England?
  3. Woe to you, evil children, following the Devil's ways, abandoning my own, for you have disobeyed the dictates of the Lord.
  4. You have brought into your homeland, serpent seed peoples who are filled with hatred for the Sons of Adam in whom I reside, and these devils bend their minds on your annihilation.
  5. You have elevated evil, and, in doing so, you have followed the false Jews in naming the methods by which you shall annihilate yourselves at their instruction.
  6. Oh, Adam, two mamzers, two false Jews, who claimed that they were Jews yet were not Jews at all—Immanuel Cellar and Jacob Javitts—Senators from the Jew's most populous State of New York, where Jews are king, seduced your Congressmen in the year Nineteen Hundred and Sixty Five, two millennia since the advent of their supposed Lord Jesus Christ, which they call by the Jewish euphemism, "the birth of the Common Age," to avoid even saying his name, whose message you profane by dealing with the Jews whom Christ warned against consistently, for these two Jews penned law in which no Sons of Adam can immigrate into your nation any more, so that only serpent seed can come and live and violate your sanctuary, and plot against you, seeking in their evil minds, your death and your annihilation.
  7. Oh Adam, beware your foolishness! Trust not the serpent seed, for they are death for you. That single law brought not enough death to Adam's sons for you.
  8. So then, you followed a second false Jew, Frank Lautenberg, the Senator from the State of New Jersey, another Jewish bastion of hate against the Northern European men who are Adam's blessed sons, who wish to slay you, wipe you out, debauch your nation with their serpent seed, and send you to Perdition's darkest pit of White extinction.
  9. Frank Lautenberg, the wily butcher of my people, who are Adam's Sons, in the year Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five, promulgated an abhorrent racist law against the sons of Adam, for your government consistently betrays the sons of Adam for the vile serpent seed minorities, those who wish your death.
  10. Behold, Oh Adam, the seditious Congress, haters of the White man's holiness and fearful of my power within your hearts, my sons of Adam, who were, as usual, more interested in the corruption money of these false and hateful racist Jews whose shekels fell like water into their open and awaiting hands for all of their grossest Jewish briberies, illicit funds for their campaigns, which they valued in their evil Congressional hearts far more than whatever value they might have in representing you, the vast majority of citizens.
  11. That mamzer's evil law, called "Lautenberg's Amend-ment," also made it even more illegal for your own good kind, the glorious sons of Adam's people, to immigrate to your nation's homeland in America, and demanded, in the corruption of that racist law, that mamzers, who were here already, could bring thousands of their evil relatives to live with you, and to even push you from your rightful state as the majority and register them to vote against the sons of Adam in favor of the Jew's own racial Party, the Democratic Party, a low-life Judeo-Bolshevik Party that raised its satanic laughing head inside America along with all the mamzers who reside within its rotten core, each bent on killing you, for your extinction is their final goal.
  12. Woe to you, beautiful blonde haired, blue-eyed children, who are the sons of Adam, you in whom I find so many faults!
  13. For I commanded you not to betray me, for you know already, if you do betray your Lord and follow the iniquities of serpent seed, the Lord shall send disasters on you, so that all things you desire shall leave, and destiny within the pool of Adam's sons will not bode well for you.
  14. You did not heed the Lord inside your heart. Yet, I am he who dwells inside your living breath.
  15. Instead, you have walked behind the false Jews, pretending to be their lap dogs, allowing the vilest low life serpent seeds they choose for your adulteration into your lands in contradiction of my warnings, for I have always said to you, Let no Jews within your lands, for they shall corrupt you, adulterate your seed, and thereby eternally destroy you.
  16. They shall legislate to end your lives, for they are set on your annihilation. But you accepted all of their evil and connivance and rejected all the Lord had said.
  17. You rejected me, and you allowed these liars who falsely say that they are Jews but are not really Jews but are merely Satan's spawn to dwell beside you in your cities, to do their harmful work of your corruption, where they have purchased all your newspapers, television stations, movie companies, sports networks, NEWS networks, music networks, banks, and politicians and have used them to corrupt you, enlarging their evil voice grotesquely, whispering evil against your race day and night, seducing your daughters to marry Negroes and destroy the seed of Adam, and, in their vileness, always bent on your annihilation, these false Jews are always placing before you and your sons and daughters and your wives and all your evil politicians all that is ever seen or heard, and it is all uttered in the flow of hatred against Adam's sons from the vile sadistic voice of Satan.
  18. The false Jews who are not Jews but who claim to be Jews yet are not, but are serpent seed, have corrupted your lawmakers for the sake of Satan and not me, paying them money to betray you, to author and pass, even over your objections, the vilest of race hating laws that allow only anti-Adam persons, those who have an enmity to you and to your Lord, those who have conspired against you and who hate you in their serpent seed hearts, to enter your nation, to destroy you.
  19. By doing this, you have betrayed me sorely. You have filled me with disgust and hatred for you. Because you have fought against me, in rejecting my commandments, rejecting all my love for you, I will use these same disgusting people you have chosen to associate with, in place of me, rejecting in your heart all of my love for you, to destroy your cities, corrupt your governmental liars who lie in wait for their corruption money and their endless bribes, infest your schools with their hostile, criminally ill, and mentally inferior children, infest also your schools with hateful anti-European teachers armed against the sons of Adam and mentally imbued with the vilest propaganda that it is possible for a teacher to muster against your glorious Northern European race, commit violent crimes against your men and sons and women and daughters which are so vile I shall not herein describe them.
  20. In addition, you will waste your wealth in feeding their babies, housing their criminals in prisons costing more person per year than you spend on your entire family, all for nothing, for Satan seed people, people of little worth, those who are evil and despised and whom I kept sequestered from you for all of time, to protect you from association with their vile seedlings, until you brought them home across the deep blue seas to roost within your borders and infect your children continuously with their racial poisons.
  21. Now, instead of respecting your own people, as I have taught you to do, for it is what I do; nonetheless, in complete defiance, you place their faces on boxes of cereal where you and your children worship them in all of their racial dysfunctions and their hatefulness for your own kind.
  22. Your NEWS commentators have Mongrel faces, Mongrel ways, and hatred for you. Also, they smile at you and pretend to love you as they bring you down into new hell’s solely of their making.
  23. You cannot see a program in your home without some Mongrel staring at you, and the false Jews have placed them in all the television shows so that your face is wiped with their dirty faces, and the mud of their beings is interlaced with your minds at all times, creating in you feelings of revulsion, confusion, and all of the chaos that Satan himself has prepared for you.
  24. These seditious powers, to turn your love of self and God, toward hate of self and God, have I granted the false Jews of Satan's seed, to commit these crimes against you, as punishment for allowing them into your society, to corrupt you.
  25. For, I told you they would, but you would not listen. So now, you must dance on their stages of corruption and breathe the vile stench of their Mongrel hordes, with which they have arranged to kill you.
  26. For the end to race mixing is death, for Adam's race cannot live with the vaster horde of evil in the world, for I made Adam's nations smaller, more refined, and of higher character, for that was my reason for creating them, that, as a remnant of the idea of what man might become, a race of good and intelligent beings, filled with the breath and fire of the Lord, myself, their God, breathed into them by my very lips and procreated through their generations, provided they kept themselves from the half-brothers of the seed of Satan, who like Cain, will always seek to kill them, they might forge a better world and erase the power of Satan which he brought to earth when he rebelled, and humble him who says he cannot be humbled, that he is cunning enough to overpower the Lord.
  27. And you have made this so, for you have allowed him in through these ugly bastard people whom I hate, for they are evil and not of me, but of him whom I detest, for he is evil, and I am good. I cannot live with you, if he is here so close to you.
  28. Your cities and your schools, they reek with false Jews, Negroes, and the fecal odor of serpent seeds which you have scattered in your bed, wasting my promises, and making yourself reprehensible to me and to the world at large that laughs at you for your mistake and you stupidity, your own betrayal of your kind, for no one else on earth has done this evil deed. Just you alone.
  29. In every nation where the people blend, my work has been destroyed, and soon each such nation falls and is no more.
  30. For nations, I have made of singular groups, each of them filled with common histories and flesh, and those not of these things, they no more live as nations, for they cannot live that way, and so they fall, and, most as not, they die.


The Mamzers Destroy America's Cities

  1. I will distress Washington, New York City, Miami, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Charlotte, Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Chicago, and all the cities in your land with Negroes, Arabs, Jews, Moslems, Mexicans, Chinese, Aborigines, and all the others.
  2. They shall set about to argue in their streets and homes, to single out the Adamic men to persecute, as they have always done in jealousy, for you are pure and beautiful to me beyond compare, and most of them are held in vile repugnance in my mind, for I abhor their evil ways.
  3. The multitude of strangers inside you are like dust and sand, the granules are overwhelming you, covering you in their death.
  4. Like worthless chaff, they fall upon you.
  5. At night, they stalk you, kill you, rape your relatives.
  6. In business, they steal through their collusion, and, when they cannot steal enough, they call you names, and then they lie and say that you are prejudiced against them and other vile accusations, for, if you were prejudiced, they would not be in your cities, but in their own, across the deep blue seas, and where I saw fit to place them, far away from you, where they belong, for it is I who am prejudiced, for I see into their evil hearts as dark as coal, as evil as the pits of hell of which the ancients wrote, for they are vile beyond compare.
  7. So, why have you invited them into your homes? Were you too happy? Was your wealth and power not enough? Did you feel that my ways were mine, that you were not mine, or did not wish to have me in you, helping you? If so, I'll leave you to them. Let them have their way with you awhile.
  8. Nothing is more certain than the knowledge that the more you learn of them, the more you will appreciate not being with them. For even you, as vile as you are in your rejection of the Lord, are nothing of the likes of them, for I am still inside you.
  9. Of them, there is not one person in which I dwell, but he who is evil and hates me dwells in them. This being so, he also sees that they hate you as well, for you and I are one and the same. We are not them and never can be.
  10. These strangers have already crushed to death your cities, ripped away their pumping hearts, their streets, their arteries, their businesses, their homes, destroyed their centers, made them weak.
  11. Because they would not work, your factories were sent away, and now you languish without work, for it has been deported to escape their vileness, no one wanting them within their businesses, for they are thieves and will not work.
  12. I made you from the dust, dust within the ruins of a ruined world, and now you have surrounded all your homes with dust, the vile remains of devil people reproducing at a rapid clip, for all vile denizens, like animals, and which they are, do breed and breed and never see the God within, for in them I shall never come.
  13. Though they may pray to me in their Satanic minds, never shall they reach me, for a wall of separation have I placed between the devil and myself, so that his fall may be complete and never shall I see his face, but only yours.
  14. Yet, when you place these evil creatures, shaped like men who are but animals, within your midst, as I am in you, seeing out your eyes when you have opened them, I stare into the minds of Satan, whom I see, but you do not see, for in you exists a doubt that, being Godlike, as you are, all other nations also feel your Godliness, yet I tell you this, that they do not, for that is my decree for them, that never shall they know the Lord, nor feel his love inside their Devilish hearts.

    Adam's Sojourn in the New American Hell Made by Integration and the Vileness of Political Correctness


  16. You are as a hungry man now.
  17. When you eat, you are not filled. Whenever you drink, you remain thirsty. This is because, since they are in your midst, and I cannot see them, I have left you.Only when you see them not, do I return.
  18. Yet, turn a television on, and there they are again. Visit a restaurant, and there they are again. And then I leave you, for I cannot look upon their faces and be me.For I am good, and they are of the devil, they the serpent's seed, the vilest creatures on the earth, and not of me. Therefore, when you are with them, I am not with you, and I am gone from you.
  19. When you are away from them, then I come again into your heart. It is the opening and closing of the door to heaven. See them and heaven ends. Be away from them, and heaven opens up.
  20. Americans, you who have tarnished your minds by association with these devil seed people all your days, in contravention of my desires and will, you have made yourself the earth's laughing stock, and you are the most hated of all nations.You stagger as a drunkard, for inside you are unworkable things, stumblers, persons who cannot learn, who cannot even learn to walk, for I am not inside you. You are paralyzed by them.
  21. Until you rid yourselves of them, you shall suffer all your days from their iniquities, and all your powers shall dissipate into the air.
  22. Even when you draw near to me in your heart, I may no longer be there, for, if you are in the presence of a mamzer, one of Satan seed, I must be gone out of you.
  23. Though you live with evil, I cannot. That is the law of God, so I am out of you.

    How Adam Must Be Brave Enough To Deport the Serpent Seed In Order To Be Healed Again


  25. You must dislodge these criminals, deport them from your midst, or they will surely kill you. Look how your prisons burst at the seams with them, because there are so many behind bars, for they are criminals and of the serpent seed. And you say you have no idea how that happened. They are evil and were always evil, and that is how and why it happened.
  26. You disobeyed me, bringing evil seeds to cast their filthy lives upon these sacred shores, all at the behest of the controlling hoarders who rule you now, and who say that they are Jews but who lie and are men of the devil, not Jews at all, but deceivers, killers, the men of the Soviet Union who killed 100 million Christians in cold blood, all Northern Europeans and the sons of Adam whom the Jews have always hated, sought to kill, as soon they will do with you, killing you for your stupidity in letting them close to your throats which they have always wished to cut.
  27. Surely, the way you turned things upside down, destroying all you have has discomforted you. Yet, when will it give you the understanding of what must be done? How you must kill them.
  28. If you don't stand up and fight, reverse your course, and force them out entirely, you will surely die, for they have always killed you, and they long to do so now.

    The Beautiful Day of Renewal With the Serpent Seed Removed from America


  30. In the future days, shall the cities be clean and spotless. No blemish shall be in them.
  31. Hear the Lord, My people have avenged themselves. Their enemies have perished. They have either sent them away or they have killed them where they stood and mocked at them.
  32. The schools no longer bleed from many knives and guns. Instead, the children come, and if they have a knife or gun, being of Adam's seed, they would not use them. For such is what the Satan seed would do, not them.
  33. For the terrible ones, you have once again brought to nothing. You have cleansed your cities of the evil ones, sending them to their homes in other lands where they can steal and kill amongst themselves. You shall not be bothered any longer.
  34. Your newspapers are clean of devil seed, for you have sent away those false Jews of Judeo-Bolshevism and Judeo-Zionist hate, and you have punished all the politicians with whom they have cavorted in your presence, selling you for Jewish money, and all of it done not only behind the doors but even in the open as you watched and did nothing to protect yourselves.
  35. Now, those days are gone. You have cleansed my lands of these serpents.Now, when you see the children who are the very seed and work of your flesh, and the factory things which are the produce of your own hands and of your children's hands, you shall rejoice and be secure again and never see a serpent seed amongst you, for I have cleansed you.
  36. Now, you no longer have to feed, employ, imprison, medicate, and counsel all of the damned who are the mamzers and the mongrels of the world with whom you had polluted your own lands.
  37. You have withdrawn into your heart where you have found again the Lord who loves you. You are safely hid now from the serpent seed of Satan's offspring. Once again, you know how wonderful the world I deeded you shall always be.
  38. For in that day, again shall I guide you, nestled in your hearts and singing in your breath. And the lands and rivers shall be healed, the cities bright and clean, and all the lives you live shall be happy. For I, the Lord, am there.


Chapter 30


The Lord Curses the Evil Israeli Nation Who Are the Murderous Sons of Satan's Serpent Seed and Admonishes Adam Not to Trust Them

  1. Woe to the rebellious children, says the Lord, who take counsel, but not of me, and who cover over with a covering, but not of my Spirit, that they may add sin to sin.
  2. They are the ones who walk through the streets of Haifa, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv, dreaming the lies of old false Jews who have been iniquitous to the people in that land, for they have stolen their inheritance, and it was not of my doing but of their headstrong witness for themselves, which was, indeed, against both me and my people.
  3. Therefore shall the strength of Israel be to your shame, and the trust you have shown them is as the trust in a shadow, for it knows but form and little substance. It is an illusion, and it lacks muscle or strength to aid you in times of trouble.
  4. For the Israelis know only their own selfishness, only their greed for the land where the ancient holy places rest. These places are mere idols of myself, lost in history. Do not resurrect them. They are broken reeds, and they shall never again play music that is pleasant to my ears.For these were always the places of iniquity, of idolaters, adulterers, whores, and men of deceptions through and through, always lying, always cheating, presenting themselves as the owners of my Spirit, when, all along I was within the sons of Adam, theirs to have, and no one else may have me.
  5. For I am the Lord of Adam, no one else, for all others are fallen flesh, born of Satan. Only Adam contains the fist of God, the flame of Holiness.
  6. Yet, you have chosen the Devil's men, the people of Israel, those who formed out of hatred in their hearts for Adam, the Soviet Union, a nation of idiots, of murderers, of schemers, a nation controlled by false Jews who pulled all the strings, killed all my nobles, all my Holy Family of Tsars, then painted them in their false presses as bad persons, when, in effect, they were steadfast, holy, and filled with my Spirit.
  7. They are all ashamed of a people who could not help them, a people of deceptions, of links to many evil groups, not only Israel but Zionism, Judeo-Bolshevism, Communism, and The Democratic Party, whose serpent seeded bow is bent around its savage Jewish mamzer laws of hate against the holy people who are the sons of Adam's flesh. They lash the backs of Adam's sons, for which I, the Lord, six million times have damned them, for six million is the number of the evil men who are the serpent seeds who hate my people and prepare the guns of their slaughter.
  8. They are ashamed. Israel is weak and can only harm them. It has no fleets of ships, no squadrons of aircraft, and no armies to help in case of battle. Israel is a bedpan for the illness of the Judeo-Socialist cause, a freak child with an adolescent cry.
  9. Israel seeks what it not hers and manipulates Adam to die in her stead, for she is the Devil, and her evil stench is penetrating the entire world.The burden of the beasts of Tel Aviv weight heavy on the crowns of Adam, for their monopolies have bought them powers far beyond their numbers.
  10. For this reason, they should never have been allowed inside of Adam's walls, for they are Trojan Horses, men of crimes and evil beyond description, all of them bent on one thing, and this is the destruction of the sons of Adam in whom I, the Lord, recline in lovingness.
  11. Anguish and pain flow from Israel to all the crowns of Adam from England to Australia, including Canada and the United States, for false Jews exercise in them control. They wield the power, and pull the strings that move all the non-Jew hands, including those of Ministers and Presidents, all bowing in obeisance to the Jewish pride, mindful of their beast masters, and willing to play their fools for them to be electable.
  12. Yet, at the first notice of trouble, the Israelis will desert them. All their protests of readiness for war are bluster, bombast, and deceptive wisps, most of it written in their monopoly newspapers where they wangle the men of Adam as a shepherd leads his sheep, even to the slaughterhouse.


The False Jews Who Are Not Jews But Satanic Rebels Against God's Holy Race, the Sons of Adam


  1. Now, go and write it on a tablet and seal it. Let it last forever, never to be extinguished. For the false Jews who say they are Jews but are not, those who have stolen Palestine and called it by my name, which I have not authorized them to do, these Satan seed people, bent on destroying all of Adam's lot, shall be your worst enemy.
  2. Already, they have spied you out, stolen many secrets, sold them to your enemies in China and the Soviet Union. Do you not remember Martin Sobel, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, and William Perl, how they passed your nation’s secrets to the Jewish Bolshevik Regime in Russia? Do you not remember David and Ruth Greenglass, more Israeli spies? Have you even lost your memory of Jonathan Pollard who compromised so many spies, causing deaths and harm to many secrets? Have you not heard how Benjamin Schwartz gave China secrets for ballistic missiles, which now might easily and rapidly reach the cities of America? O Adam, so many other Jewish spies are there, those you have not found and never shall, for the Jews are your eternal enemy.
  3. You have always been their fools. This is a rebellious people. They are like lying children, sons and daughters, those who pretend to know the Lord, but will not listen to him. Who will say to the prognosticators and the seers of your times, See not, and, to the prophets, few of whom you have, Prophesy unto us all the right and honored things, even if you have to lie? Speak to us of easy things, quiet and smooth? Tell us that the wrongful is good, that we may know not how we sin? For these words have you spoken all your lives, afraid to see the truth.

    Adam's Sons Warned to Turn Away from the Jews or Die


  5. Adam! Get out of my way! That is your wish! For you want to be rid of me!
  6. Instead, you bow down before hateful Israel, the false land of God, where the Lord does not reside, when all the time, I sit inside your very hearts, inside your breath, and speak to those who will not listen, for you have chosen evil and opposed the good, so that now, between the Jewish newspapers and you own lost situation, have you set yourselves on gains which are not worthy of your beings, for you worship icons, idols, and you give them names which you call brands, and on your televisions which you use as holy temples to your minds, you worship Buicks, Budweisers, RCA, The New York Times, Southwestern Bell Corporation, and a hundred other little gods with names like Yahoo!, names of fools, befitting all the foolishness inside yourselves, for you have fallen from your holy state and are the worms that devils play with, lost, forgotten.
  7. Lest you fall farther and die, you must awaken, cast them off, deport and kill them, get them off your backs, for, unless you fight, they will continue to destroy you, use you, tax you, corrupt your minds, and lead you toward destruction. Turn aside, out of their paths, the paths of Jewish deceitfulness, out of the way of Judeo-Israel, Judeo-Bolsheviks, Judeo-Democrats, Judeo-Republicans, Judeo-Integration, Judeo-Immigration, Judeo-Miscegenation, and Judeo-Corporate-Brands, for these are lies and liars who will harm you.
  8. They have let the aliens destroy your land, opened your gates to all your enemies, and intend to do you in, until the last of you is dead and gone. Do not play their game.
  9. Withdraw from their maddening rush of hate toward you, and look inside. I am there, waiting, for I plan to rescue you and send them packing, making for you the beautiful nation you deserve to be.
  10. Your iniquity in walking down the wetted beach in Jewish shoes, following the devil's seed, Satan's words, the path of death, this shall I reverse and bring you face-to-face with bravery and strength. I shall make you strong, and you shall slay these godless enemies, and you shall stomp to death the Trojan horses set like snares within your lands to kill you, those who seek to wipe you out, to kill the Lord that lives in you as well. Listen to my words, and you shall prevail against these evil hordes.
  11. Your high walls have been breached, O Adam, yet you shall beat them back, push them through the ruined walls through which you let them in, and send them back to all of the evil lands from whence they came, and you shall tell them, if you tell my secrets or you do things that harm us, we shall come to where we sent you and shall kill not only you but all your people, every man and woman and child and all your cattle. Then, we will burn your nation to the ground and sprinkle salt so no one shall inhabit it again, wiping out your memory forever.
  12. For thus says the Lord, the Holy One of Adam, the breath of the Holy Ones in whom he lives and only in them and in no others, In turning inward you shall hear my voice, and my words shall comfort you and warm you, make you strong, make your sinew like rope that cannot break, and save you from your enemies who are here, outside, and arm themselves against you, seeking to wipe you out.
  13. Say not, we shall flee in space ships, or that we shall fly in airplanes to an island, for if you do, then you shall flee for sure, and the outcome is not good, for you shall perish in panic, and I shall not be there to help you, having fled from those who turned against my promises and words.

    The Lord in Adam Shall Aid Him in Fighting the Serpent Seed and Defeating Him Forever


  15. The Lord is in you. He shall wait for you to come to him. And when you do, he shall be ready. Then, soon, shall you, too be ready, armed with his embrace, his love, and his strength. Though one thousand infidels come at one of you, my presence there shall win the day.
  16. Each son of Adam's sons is not alone, but armed with me. My arm shall be his arm, and not even vast armies spewing charging hordes of entire nations hurled sadistically against the few can over run him.
  17. I shall smash them as I smash a bottle made of glass, for I shall toss them to the ground, and I shall shatter their defenses, for, against me are there no defenses that can hold.

    How Adam Shall Consent to God's Will by Giving Up the Jews' Satanic Malls and Other Vile Diversions


  19. The Lord waits for you to come. Your dying cities shall consume themselves with ruins. Your plants shall dwindle in patented seeds that do not blossom into fruit.
  20. Yet the people of the United States, The British Commonwealth, Europe's States, and Russia shall not die, for they shall rise with me in them, and they shall toss the Jews, Negroes, Mongols, Abori-gines, Arabs, Chinese, Japanese, and other races out from among them, cleanse themselves, then turn to me to guide them, strengthen their arms, and keep them safe, vowing never again to let their enemies within their gates, neither for profit nor corruption lest I take their leaders out before the people and we hang them from the trees in front of the very rooms wherein they would otherwise have governed, for such evil is over, their iniquities are finished, says the Lord.
  21. You shall also burn your malls and all the articles inside them, all the baubles you have sought to own, for they are gods and graven images to you, and they have driven you away from the Lord's own loving eyes. Burn not for these things. Instead, burn in your heart for the Lord.


The Lord's Gift of Love and Health Upon the Sons of Adam Comes Upon Them for Their Obedience to God's Will in Their Hearts


  1. Then, shall he give rain for seed, bread for the ovens, water for the faucets. Then, shall you live within your means, craving not the things of your neighbors or the objects made for Jews neither by Adam's hands nor by the hands of slaves, but only the basic needs of comfort you require.
  2. Instead, you shall worship me, and I shall give you health. The fatted ones, as though readied for slaughter, shall I redeem with foods that please their palettes yet do not destroy their bodies and their health, for I shall return them to my Godly Image and re-enter them and sanctify their lives.
  3. When I am in them, they shall never want for food, and they shall always be thin and strong, eager to run and exercise, and the eyes of the girls shall seek the boys who were once deformed by laziness, and so shall the boys' eyes seek the attention of the girls who have shed their fat and become ladies of great beauty whose minds are on the Lord who is in their heart.
  4. And I shall increase their progeny a million fold, so many Adam's children shall there be, and when they love and lie together in their bed, I, too, shall lie inside them, feeling all their love, and rushing through their veins in glory as they breed for me a new set of Adams over and over, replenishing the earth with our kind, and only ours.
  5. In the days of the great slaughter when their enemies are led away in jet airships to their motherlands, and those who fight their deportation notices shall we kill and bury them in fiery graves so that the smoke shall reach the heavens as a pleasant scent to me, knowing we have cleansed your living areas of all their hatefulness against you and their deadly plan to kill you first.
  6. The light of the moon shall be like that of the sun, and the sun shall be seven fold like the light of seven days, and you shall sew a flag for all the men of Adam, and on it place those seven suns and seven moons for the days and nights of our cleansing.
  7. Behold how the name of the Lord comes from far away, burning with his anger, and the burden of its power is heavy. His lips are filled with indignation, and his tongue is like a devouring fire, and the Lord shall place a bridle in the jaws of Israel and all the tribes who have invaded you and turn their heads this way and that, forcing them to do my will, and I shall discipline them as I sift the nations like a sieve. Many shall I cause to err using their bridle to turn them in the wrong direction, for I shall kill them all for their iniquities.
  8. Woe to those of lies, for I am coming to slay them in their holy places where they have made all things unholy for they wounded the pride of my people, and for this, they must pay with their lives.
  9. I shall sing to the world in a glorious voice, my song coming from the thundering clouds. The lightning shall demonstrate my power and my anger, and I shall pound down upon the lands with my arms, shaking the mountains onto the floors of valleys, burying the people in a mass of stones, and all the material things that they hold dear, including all their useless books of little knowledge which they use to persecute my people, shall I cleanse from off the world.
  10. And the Israelis shall I smite as with a rod, and all their nuclear weapons shall I use against them, playing harps and lutes within the air, as they disappear into the night, becoming all the light that Satan musters in those massive bombs which they have made in violation of all the laws of man and of the Lord. And like a pile of wood upon the altar shall I burn their bodies, so that all are gone, all are burned before the Lord for their iniquities, for only this shall end their Satan pride, shut down their evil serpent ways, and cleanse the earth forever of their hateful plans, for they would otherwise kill out my people. For this have I slain them all, and not one Israeli, not one Holy Place, is left.
  11. For the Holy Place where I reside is only in the heart of Adam's soul, and all the rest are serpent seed people, and I am not in them and never shall be in them. For I am the Lord the God of Adam only, but of Satan are all of the others born. And the Lord shall wipe clean the slate of Israel so that never again shall it be lived in, nor shall false altars there be built to him.
  12. For only in the heart of Adam lives our Lord.

Chapter 31


The Foolishness of Relying on Jews as Allies, for They Never Support Anyone


  1. Woe to the children of Adam who have trusted the false Hebrews who say they are Jews but are aliens unrelated to them, imposters, people of deception, murder, and hatred for Adam.
  2. For their fleets are nil. So are their armies. So are their air forces. If you have need of such, the false serpent men of Israel shall never come to your aid. Instead, they will make alliances with your enemies to save themselves, and they shall wreck havoc with your banking, your industries, your NEWS services, your elections, tossing your nations into chaos and severe internal crisis, for you have given over your security interests to them. They are your sworn enemies. They seek to see you dead.
  3. Beware, O Adam, the false Jews who claim that they are Jews but who are not Jews have no God inside their hearts, for only in Adam's sons and daughters does the Lord recline. So they are blinded by their emptiness, for inside they are void and empty, only darkness there resides. They hold only the rush for power and money to stem their flood of hatred for the sons of Adam and their feelings of self-hurt; for they are serpent seed, the sons of Cain;. They have no guidance, nowhere to turn, only the darkness of their empty hearts.
  4. How Being Close to the False Jews Contaminates the Lord in Adam's Heart


  5. I shall bolster your courage, and, when the false Jews who own your every parcel of land, your every glass of water, your last crumb of bread, take even the little you have hidden from them and make away with it to defeat you, then, when things are at their worst, will I see that you are at your best.
  6. I shall come inside you where I am always with you, and in your heart and muscle shall I comfort you and make you stronger than all the other men upon the earth. Though your enemies are many, yet are they bereft of me, and you are few but filled with me, for I am the power and the glory forever, and I shall fight your fight for you, even though you have been foolish not to deport the false Hebrews from your shores and to incarcerate them in a place where they can never again escape to hurt you, even so, shall I bring my sword down upon their throats at battle time.
  7. Now, the false Jews and all the other heathens who are non-Adam people but Satan's children, the serpent seed monkeys, those who are so low that I shall never look them in the eye, for I cannot so contaminate myself with sight of their evil natures, they are all but men, but you are as Gods. No. You are not God. For that is what I am. But as the bodies of Godly dwelling, you are, in your own way, the vicarages and altars of God here on earth, and you are all the God that earth is ever licensed to possess.
  8. There are none so powerful as you, for I am the difference between men and the sons of God whom you, who are Adam's sons, the white men who blush red in the face, happen to always be, unless you commit the unforgivable sin of adulteration of your offspring by marrying a serpent seed and wasting the germ of Adam inside Satan's kiln, wherein your seed shall die, and his survive you. For I am stronger than Satan, but I shall not mix myself in him, for should I do so, the universe would be altered and confused, and the force that keeps all things moving in constant order in the continuum would begin an utter and final collapse, and all life, all matter, all energy, and even myself, the Lord, would crumble, for if I waste my power inside my opposite then I am not your Lord, for in those serpent seed is that evil which is embedded forever in the pit of darkness, so they wander about as Satan's seed, devoid of hope.

    The Lord Shall Help the Sons of Adam Destroy the Demonic Jews to Make the Earth Safe for The Lord and for Adam's Sons


  10. So, I will destroy the false Jews, in accordance with everything that I have promised Adam's sons. For to let the false Jews, who claim they are Jews but are not, kill my people, few as you are, would be to allow myself to be terminated also in your being. For I would have no one in whom to see the universe, and I would either perish to the earth’s viewpoint for want of seeing through your wondrous eyes or create a new set of Adams from which to view these worlds anew, and, in any case, you would be dead, so my hope for you would die as well, and, as I the Lord say, I would be terminated, at least from the perspective of all present and living Adams, whose eyes would cease to look upon themselves in constant Godliness.
  11. Therefore, says the Lord, behold, I shall for Adam's sons slice up the false Jews, and lift up those in all of the European nations and dash them to the ground, silencing their Satan calls, their insidious need to annihilate Adam's seed and dash out the spirit of God upon the earth. For they hate God and the Holy Spirit with all of the Satanic bile, that which they carry and propagate forever within them across the many times that earth has endured.
  12. For in that day of desperation, when the false Jews of the Satanic seed people, and their black followers who are also of serpent seed, are cast out forever from the light of God and forbidden to integrate close to Adam's sons, then shall Adam's sons break all of their Satanic idols at my command—their cars, their televisions, their electronic toys, their radios—to prove their loyalty to me. And when the last connection to the Jewish world of cursed media is destroyed, then shall their powers be shattered, and their plans come to nothing.
  13. No one will be able to hear their voices, learn their lies, and hear their insidious hatred of Adam's people day and night. So the earth shall be still of the hatred of the false Jews who love not any man, not even their own kind, for once and for all, and I shall remove them from you forever. They shall flee from my sword's bite. All the snakes inside their hearts shall I slay. And none of their nuclear bombs will be useful to them. For I shall render their illegal weapons as impotent as I have made them before me. For the men of Adam shall slay them, each and every one of them, and I shall see to it that this time none are left alive.
  14. It will be like Sodom and Gomorrah, and he who looks back shall be turned into stone and ice, never again to breath or to see, for everyone from then on to see, to point to, and to wonder how I the Lord could do that to men, yet I can, because I am the Power and the Glory of Adam and none can defeat me. For I shall make of them a nuclear disaster and a wasteland forever, lest even a cell of their bodies remains to contaminate the earth’s remains in Israel. From Russia to Australia, from New York to California, the Adamic peoples shall be free from all of these devils.
  15. For I the Lord have spoken these words, and so they are sealed up to be opened in the proper time and place wherein they shall happen.



Chapter 32


The Glory of Adam in the Aftermath of the Great Cleansing Away of the False Jewry


  1. Behold, inside each man of Adam shall the Lord be alive and brilliant as a flashing jewel in which lightening blazons in his core to warm his interior with Spirit, empowering him to amass beauteous muscles so that he appears as a Greek God, yet he shall be ten times more glorious, for inside him, hurling him forward, shall be the force of the Lord who is in him. I shall alight like a forest in flames within the hearts of the men of Adam's flesh, and I shall protect him and his kind from harm.
  2. For in those days all others shall be filled with fear and dread, as a woman in travail, as a child tossed upon a bloodied battlefield, seeing the swords come down through bleeding necks of the brave fathers, until one cuts viciously into his own skull and darkens his vision forever. For I shall make the cities as burned forests, and only stumps shall remain where once great and massive walled buildings stood. Gilded domes shall lie in the dust like broken egg shells filled with the bones of iron that once held them high in the air, and all shall be twisted and bent as the minds of the evil ones who persecuted Adam and wished him dead.

    The Masculinization of Women and the Feminization of Men Cured by the Lord's Command


  4. Women shall be afraid. They shall strip themselves naked and run through the broken streets, pulling their hair and crying, dressing themselves in ashes and burnt clothing, acting like madness has come across them, pretending that the hideous ruined clothing they have pulled from the smoldering ruins are the finest linens. And the men shall spit upon them and make fun of them.
  5. The men shall pose as Gods, luring the women to them, pulling out the legs of those whom I have made mad, all those women who followed the false Jews into masculinizing themselves in the pretence that they could ever replace men, so that they may end their foolishness which occurred when so many of them pretended to be the equals of men.
  6. Oh, women, your time of shame has come. You have been humbled. No courts or lawyers exist to cauterize the stones of your husbands, and they are far stronger than you and always were. Your rings and necklaces no longer flash and glitter like sparklers in the sunlight, and the only beauty that you shall ever find are now the blessed Adams, the men in whom I have entered and out of whom I have spread my light beams and my glowing wonder, giving them the ardor and power and vision in your feminine eyes of glorious men, stunning as youths who appear as victorious and strong masculine youth-gods which you suddenly crave beyond all knowing.

    Destruction of the Idols of Government, Architecture, and Society in General, And Its Replacement by God's Love


  8. There is nothing left but men and women. The palaces of government's huge egos are crushed like spilt wheat under the grinding stone of the mill houses. Like dust, the buildings lie upon the ground, and the smallest wind moves wisps of them into the air. All is burnt, all is leveled. There are only stone, and dirt, animals, plants, and Adam's people.
  9. From on high, have I poured out my Spirit upon them, and I have entered them unawares, creating in them a new feeling of goodness and warmth, a knowledge of whom they are, how they need no governments, no police, no laws, but I am their government, their law, their conscience, their energy, and their constant mentor.
  10. We are in love, Adam and I, for we are one and the same, floating in the ruined world, yet for once there is again justice, hope, and a new beginning, a world without Satan seed, for so many were forced upon Adam by the evil ones, that I became afraid for him, and so I ended them once and for all.
  11. Now, hear me. There is little use for rebuilding. You have everything you need. I will provide you the food and drink you require. My command is to be fruitful and multiply. Make love.
  12. Farm the land I have left you. Build no roads, no cities, and no empires. Set forth no governments, for I am in you, and no government is higher than I am inside you. Why then should you bow your knee to a higher authority when he is already inside you? Would you bow to the lower when you already contain so much the higher? And, if so, why would you be so unwise? And which of you would be higher than the other, all being equal in your connection with the Lord, which is always the same within each of you?
  13. I tell you it would be perverse for a man of Adam ever to bow to another Adam much less to a mamzer government as you did in the older times, when you regularly prostrated yourselves before serpent seed men, making a mockery of your Godliness. And, as the Lord reminds you, since I am in each of you equally, so that all of you are similarly Holy in my visitation of your being, and as I mentor your thoughts and desires, why would you want to bow to anyone, for that would be mockery of my holiness in you.
  14. Remain steadfast, holy, and unto me. Never bow to anyone again. For I, the Lord, do not bow, and, being in you, neither shall you bow, for, if you do, I shall leave you, for you shall have tried to make me bow in defiance of me.
  15. These things have I seen and heard from my vision of the Lord. Amen.

Chapter 33


The Futility of Man's False Civilizations as Replacements for The Lord


  1. Though the land seems destroyed and its cities laid waste, none is without Godliness and hope, for only the waste is quiet, but within the people of Adam whom I have saved with the strength of my arms multiplied within their hearts and minds, as when they first fought my battles and established their Kingdom of God within the bounds of their nations, which exist wherever they travel or sit or sleep or wander without meaning or goal, for I am there inside them.
  2. However, they have sinned against me. They have raised up things above the Lord, and thereby have they disrespected me. Therefore, I have wasted all of their achievements—their buildings, their mechanical devices, their inventions—all those things which their minds and their hands have delivered into their petty man made world to make it complex and harsh against their children's' touch, all these have I destroyed.
  3. For I created Adam not for the things of his hands, but for the things of my hands, for the soils, the rivers, the oceans, and the plants and animals that replenish themselves before Adam's wondering eyes, and for nothing else did I create him.
  4. Yet in his great factories, Adam blasphemed against himself, as though saying that God in his heart was not enough, and so he wasted his efforts in creating hand made products, simple things, instead of worshipping me inside his heart.
  5. Listen to the Lord your God, stare deep into your inner hidden self where I am ensconced, for I am as a burning lamp unto you, giving you the light and the wisdom to feel my way within your world, which is the world of my hands, not of your hands.
  6. You must never devote yourselves again to the superficial creations of your hands and minds, except inasmuch as I am in you, and whatever you create, you shall do for me.
  7. What profit you if you make a "thing" and interest an honest man of God in its paltry distractions? It is merely material, and in short time it will corrode and be gone, and no one shall ever remember it.
  8. But I who am your God, who live inside your breathing lungs, who sail through your organs, veins, and arteries, who rush headlong through you when you impart your blessed seed into your wife, to find that precious egg in which my image also rests in miniature, ready to give forth a whole new Adam for your world and mine to see. I am all you need, my sons of Adam.
  9. Now I ask, oh Man of God, what is there in your world that is the equal of yourself, which you might make with your hands? Is there anything you make beside yourself that would reflect my own immensity and depth of being? Are these material creations anything but mere distractions? These are specks within the universe.
  10. Why should you distract yourself from the Lord inside your lungs and heart, the one who is far greater than all other things around you? Would you purposely descend the staircase on which life is perched and reach so far below for something lesser? And, if so, what type of bargain did you make that is so worth yourself descending far beneath me?
  11. Am I boring to you? Did I lose your concentration? Did you see at all my valleys of green grasses and blue streams meandering through my lush meadows? Did you not notice the deer playing in the forests and the birds following a mysterious urge to run with the golden eye of the sun through the blue skies, season to season, always returning in spring to make nests and lay their eggs and raise their young for you to see and admire? These were but a few of the things made by my hand. Also, I made the flowers. Have you made anything the likes of a rose in bloom?
  12. Remember this: Your factories were merely tombs in which you labored, far away from my wonders, and most of what you made were useless things, merely rough inventions meant to turn a profit, worthless things you used to lure some Adam like your own sons and daughters into love for material objects and reduce their inner vision, to distract them from their hearts, from where I live in all of them, to simply turn and view something less than me. For all these things are vanity, useless junk to be tossed asunder at a moment's notice once an instantaneous or immediate delight in seeing them is lost.
  13. For I have made for you these mountains, streams, and valleys, skies so full of stars, your mind is made to wonder at the grand variety of lights above you in the glossy nights on earth, and yet you looked away from these gifts I made for you.
  14. To mock me, and to make yourself like small minuscule gods and salve your puny egos, you made small things, pretending you were great, when you were not.
  15. For all the things I make, you cannot fathom. For you are lesser than your Lord.

    The Lord Inside Adam's Heart Longs for Adam to Dwell Inside and Not Outside Himself to be With The Lord


  17. The products and services in which you waste your lives are merely man made idols, icons, and deceptions. These are only the decadent things that a fallen man without knowledge of God seeks to use as entertainment, turning his life into little trifles. For I, the Lord, am far above these "things" of man's crude handiwork.
  18. Do not be such a fool as to choose man over the Lord who made you. To do so chooses death above your life, bad over good. Why should you even wish to become a man who is dazzled by the tawdry spectacle of things?
  19. This is another evil in the world, for a man lost in his things is a man lost to his own heart, for without me is a man lost forever, wandering through faulty ideas and products that wear out and fade, until he loses his way in the Mall of Moloch, and then stumbles inside to my domain, which is himself, and says, "Yes, this is where I am, where I belong, where God and I are floating in this world."
  20. Come to me again, my children, all you of Adam's flesh, and I shall provide for you, as I always have, all the food and water you require.
  21. You need only to stay with me, sojourn inside yourself within my arms. Feel my power in you.
  22. I tell you now, if you leave me, if you search for "things" instead of me, then shall you reap what you have sown, a life of things, a life devoid of righteousness, a life set forth on roads of many pains, a life of greed and wanting, and you shall be a mere series of events again, a man who is more an animal, for he is without the nourishment of the creating Spirit around which he spins and breathes, a pupa without a pupa case, a child without a father, a fetus without the mother's wet consoling womb, a life without a heartbeat, and a man who has descended into that lifeless dust from which he came, and where he was before God breathed in him and kissed his dying lips into a wondrous world.
  23. Then sprang forth upon the earth something that was missing for many years, and it was goodness and the ability to achieve wisdom from the Lord within who would gather within Adam all of his divinity so as to impart what a man of Adam's stature might behold and find useful.
  24. Woe to you all, for your iniquities are many. You have forsaken my handiwork for your own, and so have I made waste what you have made from your hands.

    Death of the Serpent Seed and Their Evil Media Meant to Distract Adam from The Lord


  26. For New York and Hollywood are gone, and the satellites that poured their lies into your hearts to entertain you into denying my existence, which the serpent seed people who owned and ran them sought to do, all for your destruction, destroying the Lord inside you, leaving you alone, softening you for the final annihilation of your people, the sons of Adam, Godless and defenseless, easy prey for serpent seed to kill, all are gone.
  27. Using these for all their evil plans they laid against you in their evil ways, they did their best to keep you in their thrall and to keep you from looking inward where I am, which is inside of you, not them.
  28. Because I love you I have destroyed these evil ones who have perished on the blood splattered and blazoned tip of my sword's razor edge. Let also perish the hate that their NEWS and films imparted to your hearts. These articles of entertainment built by serpent seed to misinform and kill you, were filled with images of many mongrels of the serpent's wasted seeds. They were meant to harm you, make you think what is unthinkable to Adam, for even the pretense of merging into serpent seed and losing your connection to your God forever is anathema to Adam and to me, even more so to an earth devoid of goodness and devoted merely to sustaining profits for the seeds of flesh in whom all the devil's will is the most welcome guest. I have stilled their universal hate for all the sons of Adam including their seditious and adulterous films, which told the sons of Adam to adulterate with Negroes and with other serpents.
  29. I have laid waste Canada and Mexico. Venezuela is no more. All across the Western Hemispheres, few people sit in dust where once their mammoth cities rose in concrete and metallic shells and hypnotized the sons of Adam with their smoky, belching factories, producing goods to keep their minds from knowing what the Lord imparted to them, making sure they stayed outside, within the world of Satan, un-centered, never plunging inside to the very core, into that heart of God’s sweet love within them.
  30. For all you saw about you, I have stilled. The world is but a cinder. All is darkened dust.


The Lord, Not Government, Is Adam's Leader. Destroy All Roads To Keep Government Away Forever


  1. Hear me now. The animals are fearful, and the plants seem dead, yet I shall make them flower, and I shall bring again, on golden chains, to hand to you, cattle, sheep, and fowl, of the earth, porpoises and whales, of the sea, great flocks of geese, to darken all the skies, and plants that shall abundantly replenish all the places where you live. What I have created, as my gift to you, do not destroy this time.
  2. I have leveled and removed the roads, the harbors, and the airports, so that you cannot be entered by some outside force, no central government can have their way with you, and I command you never to rebuild them, and, whenever someone builds a road, kill him and destroy his road works, for a road is only built to make way for a government that hates your freedom to drive along its thoroughfare, to interfere with you, to make decisions you should make yourself, to drain your wealth into its coffers, and to leave you poor.
  3. You must be your lord and counsel, you and I, not others ruling over you with chains to bind you. Trust in me. For my all-seeing eyes shall lead you to the good. Remember this: That outside help involves the possibility of your corruption. Those who come from other worlds, come to deceive and to enslave you. They have prepared, before they even come, their ultimate deceptions for you, and they want to utilize their powers of fakery to enslave you once again.
  4. Henceforth, no roads, no bridges, and no outside routes shall I allow, for these are only for the purpose of descending toward the ancient dungeon of enslavement which all men in empires know and dread. Do not allow them in. This is my command. You shall destroy all roads and bridges and all airports, and, if someone comes and says he is a government, I command you, to kill him then and there and hide his body. Never speak of it. For he is of the serpent seed. He cannot live without you, and, for him to live, you must cooperate and bow before him, serving him, and, if you do this, I shall leave you, and he shall do whatever else he can to slay you, for that is why he lives.
  5. You and I alone shall hold the day. Let no one come between us. I, the Lord, have spoken. Heed my words, for I am your heart's desire, the warmth of understanding, and the Lord that dwells in Adam. It is I who make the Seas and Mountains, places stars within the heavens, and regulates the seasons. It is I who live inside the seed of Adam's flesh, who power the reproduction of the plants about the earth.
  6. No bug nor mammal lives that I have not created and maintained. For it is the Lord who is the force that operates the world for you, and it is I who live inside the heart of Adam's seed alone, and in no other human beings, for they are not of me but of the devil.


Chapter Thirty-Four


The Lord Shall Lay All of the Serpent Seed Nations Waste Killing Them Off the Face of the Earth Forever


  1. Behold, I shall destroy utterly all of the enemies of Adam. I shall make waste their lands. Even their fertile fields I will make into dry deserts where nothing grows. A sidewinder shall slither the sands of time, and he shall hunt in total futility, even for hours, only to find a single rat, one of the few that is yet alive. If you inspect the sand, not even microscopic things can live there anymore. For I have laid them waste, just as I have laid to waste the men of serpent seed who persecuted all the men of Adam's breath.
  2. For I, the Lord, have promised to make waste those who have persecuted me, those enemies of Adam, in whose body I am housed, and where I have always kept myself exclusively, locking out all of those detested mamzers who are Mongrelized and wretched, and who are of Lucifer and follow Satan's ways all the darkening nights in which their lives travail.
  3. For they are not of me, and only seek their solace and their refuge in their profits, wealth, and entertainment. For God is nowhere in them. All of these, the Mongrels, have I killed, and, even all their lands have I lay fallow, stripped of life. For now, no one can live in darkened places where their evil babies nestled in their serpent seeded wombs were birthed and raised amidst their evil ways.
  4. No more can Adam hear from them the howl of rape, of burglary and stealing, murders that seemed endless in the mamzer nights, nor of their criminal minds at play in all the cities found in North and South America, in Africa, in Europe, in Arabia, in Asia, and India, those evil stirring streets, dark places where lived the mamzer folk in crime and disgusting lifestyles and in non-civil mannerisms of all sorts, and who held their sway round about the sons of Adam where they were integrated with them, and created havoc all the days of their degenerate and sordid lives. For I have killed them all.
  5. I should have killed them in millennia past, for they are evil and opposed to all that Adam has, which is the Lord himself, who dwells in Adam's host. Of green and luscious valleys, I have made new deserts where they died without a drop to drink. These deserts of the mamzer nations swirl now in winds of heat and biting sands. Dunes drift through all the empty streets where Negroes, native Aborigines, false Jews who are not Jews and never were but claimed they were, and, Mongols, Chinese, Samoans, and all the other mamzers lived.
  6. All these evil places have I made into blank and silent islands where plants no longer grow, animals are scarce as hen's teeth, and murder no longer reigns as it once did before, but now takes a needed break to rest, to stop their endless flow of mamzer blood into the soil of planet earth.
  7. I have stilled the infant's wail. No child in mamzer desert lives. None cry and scream, nor languish in the death of mothers dying sadly at the hands of a killer father who has raped and strangled her. No more shall babies die in slow starvation as their elders sit around their skinny forms and feed themselves full with bananas, mangos, and coconuts. No more does road-kill happen here, for all the engines and the cars and busses lie dead with bodies rotting in their inner carriages. Nothing but bones and quiet, all the mamzer voices are as still as shadows on the distant Moon, each city a hushed crater in a sea of sands, for no one moves, and all are dead and gone.
  8. I have judged them with my sword held high. My arm has crushed their spears and ended all their endless cries of victim hood, their wail against the Adams of this world, their stupid petulant cries for vengeance against the only good men on the planet's rounding drop, as turns the world before the giant eye of sunlight that brings life and food and happiness, all gifts to Adam and his kind.
  9. Walk now in the deserts of the quiet. Here, lay the dreams of evil, perished in the Lord's triumph victory. For evil always perishes, and only God will ever know the time of death that comes to wicked men, knowing, as he always knows, for he knows all that ever happens and what will in future times occur, and thus he knows the time and measure of the death their wickedness requires of them.
  10. The wild beasts of the deserts newly formed by God's triumph holy arms, now satisfy themselves with bones and rotted meat that hangs from all the evil ones who died of their iniquities upon the earth's fouled face whereon they stood and laughed. Though they be Negroes, false Jews who say they are the Jews but are not Jews, the Mexicans, the lowly Haitians, Cubans, and the Islanders, all who hated Adam for his whiteness, for his wondrous creativeness, inventiveness, his governmental goodness, and that handsome, blushing face of God's own person, peering gleefully into the world at large, this Adam whom God loves and lives inside, all these mamzers I have judged and broken in the end, their lands made deserts, and their dreams of lowly conquest and disgusting criminal conduct stilled forever by my victorious arms, so that all the earth may rest away from their most crude and hateful ways and feel anew God's love within the men he truly loves, whom he calls the flesh of God or Adam's men.
  11. The Lord shall cast the lot for all the bones of dead and dying mamzers, and their garments shall he take to leave them naked, shamed, and all alone. For mamzers are of least concern to God, for they are those whom our Lord hates and will not sanction to be near the blessed men in which he lives, breathing in and out the breaths of Adam, inside each and every one, giving him, those men in aggregate, the wisdom which those men with God alive inside them have which no one not of God can ever understand or know.


Chapter 35


The Surviving Northern Europeans Gather on a Peaceful Earth in Which All Life is Perfected Through The Lord Himself in Adam's Sons


  1. From out of deserts where the mamzers died, the men of Adam shall rise up and come together, forming families and tribes again, unmanacled by unbridled hatred of their enemies so recently expelled by God's own arms, the serpent seeded men who came to hate, pollute, and slur the men of Adam's holy and wise ways, for they are gone, all banished into other worlds where only darkness pokes its hideous and wanton nose.
  2. Those of evil and of serpent seeds, who focused on the evils of the world, those things in which their hearts reveled, rest darkly now and ever more.
  3. Now, come, and take your place, and I shall make the deserts bloom again. For first, to cleanse the world of evil have I burnt out all the brush against which all the tribes of vicious anti-Adam people lusted all their lives to slay you unawares, the serpent's cunning in their hearts, and fornicated in the wild, as though this stench into the very sight and sound of God's creation would increasingly befriend and promulgate the poisons that they spun each day into the world by means of their most ugly seeded folk, into its soil and air and fire and water, all directed at the glorious men of Adam.
  4. Now, says the Lord, now I have punished them. I have sent them into the perdition of eternal silence. Their hearts no longer beat. They have no power to control and harm you now, says the Lord, I, the Lord, who dwells inside your hearts and not in ignorant priestly temples, synagogues, mosques, or churches, for the Lord is he who is the breath you breathe for he has breathed himself inside of you, through that first glorious kiss of Adam's innocent and perfect lips, and I have stayed in all of Adam's children, staying there for all of time, passing through his flesh into his children, even to the present day.
  5. Now, says the Lord who is inside your very bones and muscle, Look! Behold! All persons are made whole by me. The blind now see, the crippled walk again, the idiot is full of wisdom, and the broken bone, healed wrongly in the past, is now re-healed in comely fashion. No awkwardness exists, for I have banished awkwardness.
  6. No elements of serpent poison stand, for all the world is healed by I who am the Lord who once created all that is and set it flowing through the endless stars. The highway through the stars and galaxies that I have made for you, this road to future places stands forever, leading only to the paths of righteousness, even through the stars and galaxies where Adam's men shall visit planets filled with life, each beautiful and suitable to his needs.
  7. The Lord now gives this to you, as my gift, Oh Adam, for your progeny, and so that never in the future times you sin by mating with the foe, have I removed them from the earth. But just one caveat. If you reject me this time, then, I shall rediscover mamzer, recreate him, though I must reach into the hold of ancient mythic Hell and bring him back, and, if you make me do this through your sins, I shall see that he will punish you five times for each rejection you have made of me. For I can raise them from the dead and have them crawl atop the sand, regain their muscles and their flesh, then come for you.
  8. Let not this crime occur, and you shall not be hunted by the seed of Satan ever more, but know that they await you if you cross your Lord and walk from off the destined path that I have planned for you. For the ransomed of the Lord are free to choose, to be themselves, to live in peace. Or they can also choose to cross me, resurrect the mamzer threat, and then, in tears, to look back and to mourn those times of hurt in which the planet fumes again in war and death, a place of pestilence and bombs where Adams kill themselves for the dark amusement of the devil men who love to trick them into this.
  9. Love me as I love you. Do not deny me this. I shall see that gladness is everywhere. Each day you live will be for you and me and not for them, and sorrow will I banish from your daily lives.


Chapter 36


Recitation by Michael, The Lord's Prophet of the Judeo-Bolshevik Anti-Christ Red Revolution


  1. Woe to the Romanov Tsars and to the People of Adam for whom Russia, their Motherland, nestles them in her fertile arms. For the Days of the Tsars is ending, and the Days of the Jews, those who claim to be Jews but are not really Jews, has just begun. And an evil greater than any before in that great land shall cover it with death, for the Lord has spoken it.
  2. And it came to pass in 1915, said the Lord inside my heart’s grand vision, when the Russian troops of Tsar Nicholas Romanov were stretched thinly across the Eastern Front against the German Armies of Kaiser Wilhelm, his blood relative, the ear of the Tsar and the Tsarina had been poisoned while living sumptuously in their White Stone Palace at Lavadia. For, inside Lavadia's rooms they had secreted away a seer and astrologer named Grigory Rasputin whose magic and reputed accuracy in prophecies and healing was so well noted that almost all of Russia knew of him and his works.

    The Royal Family of Tsar Nicholas


  4. Of the Royal Family, says the Lord to me, these were the main persons:
  5. Emperor Nicholas II
  6. Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, former Princess of Hesse and their five children:
  7. Tsarevich Alexis Nicholaievich
  8. Grand Duchess Olga Nicholaievna
  9. Grand Duchess Tatiana Nicholaievna
  10. Grand Duchess Maria Nicholaievna
  11. Grand Duchess Anastasia Nicholaievna

    Rasputin's Evil Influence


  13. Though Rasputin, who was illiterate and an actor by trade, had told the Tsar, that soon his reign would end, the Tsar and his wife would hear nothing of it.
  14. Their smallest son, Tsarevich Alexis Nicholaievich, suffering from a blood disease, like his father, was in regular or perennial illness due to the savagery of the disease that floated in his veins. Yet the healing magic of Rasputin had aided the young man a great deal.
  15. Oh Adam, woe to the tiny Prince Alexis, for whenever he slept in a bed with Rasputin, he felt healthy, and, so, sleeping with the Devil, the young boy, one of Adam's sons, destroyed his soul, and that of his father's family, by denying the Lord in his heart, and, instead, embracing the Devil's wily tongue, which was the tongue of a necromancer, for Nicholas, his father had approved it, thus, Nicolas, too, denied the Lord in his own heart.
  16. So, says the Lord: At the age of nineteen, Rasputin married Praskovia Fyodorovna in Pokrovskoe. They had three children: Dimitri in 1897, Maria in 1898, and Varvara in 1900. None of them ever came to any good. For they were not of Adam's flesh but were of serpent seed, vile and disgusting, imbued with their father’s evil. And so, they languished in evil during their entire lives, all in accordance with the Lord's judgment upon their father.

    The Tsar's Vision--The Death of Adam's Sons--The End of the Tsar's Dynasty


  18. Then, the Angel, who is also named Michael, who protected the Garden of Eden from trespassers lest they eat of the Trees of Knowledge and Eternal Life, came to Tsar Nicholas Romanov, in his sleep in the Palace in Lavadia.
  19. The Lord says, Behold, this archangel that came was dressed in regal clothing, similar to the Tsar himself on the day of his coronation, and the angel smelt of the finest perfumes as had the Tsar on that day.
  20. The Angel, Michael, opened his mouth, out of which came a sword with the seal of the Romanovs, and he said to Nicholas these words: "You have sinned against the Lord by bringing a man of Satan into your home whom you foolishly trusted even though you knew it was wicked to follow a necromancer, and, relying on him instead of on the power of the Lord himself, who is invested inside your own heart, as you are a Son of Adam, to heal yourself and your son. As a result, the Lord has entrapped and ensnared your nation and family into a Great World War from which you will not escape with your life nor that of your family's lives, for soon, not one of you shall live."
  21. The Lord also said to Nicholas, "What Grigory Rasputin has told you is true. You and your family are the last Tsars of Russia. But he did not tell you that this is because you chose him instead of me to help you." The Lord's mouth came like an animated drawing from the Sword's razor tip, the Holy Sword that was emerging from Michael's Holy Mouth, and it loudly told Tsar Nicholas Romanov, "You must kill Rasputin if you want to live out this year, but even this cannot save you, yet you must do this for it is commanded, and I promise, if you do this, I shall delay your doom for several years. Trust the Lord in what he says. Do not tarry. Your time is short. Refuse to carry out my command this very moment, and there shall be no time at all."

    The Difficulties in Executing Rasputin for the Lord


  23. The Tsar was very upset with this dream. And he awoke and made certain that very morning that Rasputin was put away once and for all, which happened on December 16, 1916, but not without unexpected trouble. For, the Lord said, Rasputin refused to die easily and had to be murdered again and again, so powerful was the magic of Lucifer that controlled his mind and flesh. For the Lord said, that the methods used to kill Rasputin were ineffective.
  24. First, Grigory Rasputin was dosed with poison, but the vast amounts of cyanide fed him inside cakes and breads did not kill him. Second, this son of Lucifer was shot by his assailants, but still would not die. Finally, Rasputin was tossed into the Neva River where he drowned.
  25. The Tsar was filled with dread, for he knew his time was short. He saw visions of Russia in flames, of Jews with rifles, killing Christians, all because of what Nicholas had done concerning Rasputin and his son.
  26. This task completed and duly reported to him, the Tsar knelt and prayed deep inside his heart in his chapel, and he saw the Lord there holding his family including the little Prince, Alexis, who was so ill and was the cause of the Tsar's iniquity.

  28. The Tsar Consults Concerning the Subversion of the Judeo-Bolsheviks and Judeo-Democracy Advocates

  30. The next day, Tsar Nicholas looked about his realm to see what else he might do.
  31. He prayed to the Lord in his personal chapel once again, entered the Garden of his own heart where the Lord dwelt, and received answers to some of his questions. The Lord told the Tsar that he saw the false Jews who were not Jews but claimed that they were Jews, who were pushing Judeo-Bolshevism and Judeo-Democracy in Russia and in the entire Adamic Worlds, had sprung up everywhere and were causing troubles.
  32. So, the Tsar consulted with several Bishops of the Russian Orthodoxy concerning the false Jews, but he received very little in the way of sound advice, except to be told that the Jews were mostly atheists, not real Jews but only pretending to be so, as they had done for hundreds of years, so not to worry about deporting or dispatching them, if the need was there, which in their opinion, it was, or so said the Lord to me.
  33. The Tsar consulted in his own heart with God, and so, the Lord told the Tsar to put an end to the false Jews' cunning deceptions concerning their Judeo-Bolshevism and their Judeo-Red-Revolution. Why did the Tsar not listen?
  34. Beware, Nicholas, you have been warned. Why did you not adhere to the Lord inside you instead of your advisors, none of whom loved Russia or the Lord's will? Woe to you, Tsar, for you are defeated on the battlefield. And your heart is held up before the icy moon by your enemies.
  35. The Lord's words were immediately reconfirmed. That very day the Tsar envisioned the Judeo-Bolsheviks, as an envoy came to Lavadia, was allowed an audience, and informed Nicholas that the Jews were planning and carrying out insurrections under the Judeo-Socialist, -Bolshevik, -Menshevik, and -Socialist Democratic Parties, that their Judeo-Communist cohorts had embedded themselves inside the armies of Russia with the idea of bringing about a totally Judeo-rebellion which would end with the killing of both the Royal Family and most of the Christians of Russia. In addition, word arrived the same day of several revolts in the armies of the Tsar, and that some were marching toward the heartland of Mother Russia with the idea of a military overthrow.

Chapter 37

The Rape of Russia and the Tsar’s Family by the Adam Hating Judeo-Bolshevik Serpent Seed Men Continues


  1. So says the Lord. Woe to the Russians, for I see their lands of milk and honey reduced to stubble. Their cities and towns are burned. Their streets contain the dead. The birds circle in black clouds filled with lightning and thunder and the sounds of wings fluttering softly overhead for the feast of the people's flesh.
  2. For I, the Lord, saw to it that Tsar Nicholas spoke with the false Jew, Kerensky, who was really not a believing Jew at all nor a true seed Jew but a Mongol from Khasaria, who had advocated democracy in Russia, concerning the charges against the Judeo-Bolsheviks. I, the Lord, made certain that Kerensky told The Holy Russian Tsar not to worry about the Judeo-Bolsheviks, that the Judeo-Democratic movement was the real stronghold of Jewish thought, and not the Judeo-Bolsheviks.
  3. For Kerensky lied when he said that Christianity would be protected by these Liberals. And lying is not only what the serpent seed do, but what the Christians ask for and seek in their hearts when they trust in the falseness of Jews. For, as I have always told them, when they trust in them, they trust in lies. Yet, when they trust in me, they trust in truth. For I, the Lord, am always honest.
  4. And so, having chosen lies over the truth, that is what the Tsar and all of Russia received. Convinced, because in his heart he wanted to be convinced, for he did not listen to the Lord in this, I, the Lord, allowed the Tsar to let the two most popular Judeo-Bolsheviks, Lenin and Trotsky, who, like Kerensky, were hidden Jews, men who were not Jews but falsely claimed they were, to continue to freely move about Russia, thinking in his mind that they were not Anti-Christs, yet, in fact, they were. For I, the Lord, was using them to chastise Russia for allowing Jews to enter their lands and corrupt them.
  5. Oh, Russia, says the Lord, you who are, Adam, you have wickedly rejected the Lord by choosing Jews over my commands. Therefore, shall I, the Lord who lives only in the sons of Adam, allow these serpent men to revenge your rejection of me. I shall use their bloody serpent hearts, filled with murderous intent against you for that purpose. For, so says the Lord: When Adam rejects God, and does not follow me in his heart, so does the Lord invariably reject Adam, for the Lord cannot live with serpent seed, and, nor can Adam’s sons, for God is no longer in him.


God Recollects the Events Surrounding the Death of the Tsar. How the Serpent Seed’s Judeo-Bolshevik sedition against the Christian State Proceeded to its Grisly End…


  1. Later, says the Lord, on account of many murders and bank robberies committed by Trotsky and Lenin’s Bolsheviks, which were committed in order to buy arms and pay for their revolutionary activities, the Tsar's men arrested Trotsky and Lenin. Moved by the firm and sure hand of the Lord, they subsequently deported Trotsky to New York City, the home of Judeo-Bolshevism and the Jewish Menace for the world at large. They also arrested and deported Lenin, to be rid of him during the Great War.
  2. Behold, the words of the Lord, for the nation of Russia is overthrown. The Tsar and this family are dead. The land is laid waste. The churches are burnt and the priests have been crucified by vain Jews wearing a Red Star of David on their caps.
  3. Then the Lord said to me, Thinking that would settle the matter, I saw to it that the Tsar continued his life with the Tsarina, Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, hoping that what the Angel, Michael, said was wrong, but knowing in his heart that his dynasty and family were marked and had little time left. For the Tsar being a righteous and true Holy Tsar of Russia believed in the Lord and would not confront His decrees or edicts.
  4. In the early days before the war started, said the Lord, Nicholas had talked with envoys from Kaiser Wilhelm, his relative, who told him that he had placed his faith in England and France, both of which were declining powers as was Russia, backward and behind in technologies which gave the Germans predominance on the battle field.
  5. A few years later, the Bishop's right hand man, one of little stature but quite outspoken, as though a prophet of sorts, reaffirmed much of the vision of the Angel, Michael, before Nicholas, saying, "You have given yourself and your nation over to the ungodly, the Jews who are pretenders who always say they are Jews but are not but instead are atheists and socialists and anti-Christs full of hatred for the Sons of Adam, and they have free reign to publish, walk about, and agitate your citizens. You should arrest them and place them in prison while the war progresses. Then, also, you must bend your knees before God again and bring Russia back to the religion of their grandfathers to escape what the angel said to you."

  6. How the Tsar Disobeyed the Lord Again by not Killing the Judeo-Bolsheviks

  7. Yet the Tsar, although holy and righteous, trying to placate everyone, placated no one, and, feeling himself powerless to so act, continued drifting and doing little to save himself. Oh, Nicholas, last of the Tsars, who are you to disobey my warnings? For, if you had turned to me in earnest and had publicly declared me to be your God, you Lord, proclaimed a rejuvenation of the Russian spirit and denounced the Adam hating Jews, especially the Judeo-Bolsheviks with murder on their minds, your subjects would have stopped the Judeo-Bolsheviks for you and for themselves and for me.
  8. Woe to you for doing nothing of the sort. Now, Romanovs, your line is shortened even further. I shall turn you over to the People of Babylon who mistakenly call themselves "Jews" but are not, but are Babylonians and Mongols, worshipping from the Babylonian Talmud, people who hate Christ and carry old scrolls which have nothing to do with men or them, except they like them and have chosen them over the Lord.
  9. For the false Jews who claim to be Jews but are not, for they are Mongols with Babylonian scrolls, are the people of death to the Men of Adam. They detest the good with all their hearts, entreating all Christians to murder their Holy Kings and Emperors and replace them with easily misled commoners, people whom they find easy to imitate, control, and deceive in their false newspapers in which lies about the Lord abound.
  10. Woe to them who defile their Holy Monarchs with atheistic Judeo-Democracies, for these governments are always the minions of the Jews, the nations they find easiest to control with their corruption, bribes, and deceptions.
  11. Michael's Vision of the Defeated Russia at the Hands of the Serpent Seed Judeo-Bolshevik Menace


  12. Alas, I beheld a Russia white as snow, yet the whiteness was the whiteness of death. It was the whiteness of dust from the raging inferno of her cities and homes, many of which were burnt to the ground. And the smell of it was the smell of annihilation, for the savory bodies of the flesh of Adam, roasted on the flaming pits, then tossed into the burial graves, hovered in the air like swarms of birds sailing the horizons in seasonal flight. For these were the Nights of the Jews in Russia.
  13. Woe to the inhabitants of Russia, the Caucasus Mountains, the Urals and to the Baltic Nations, for I shall bring you to the pit of Hell for having within your cities the detestable Jews who have always hated you, wanted you dead, and wished to enslave you and, as parasites, to suck the energy from your bones, until all of you are consumed and are as nothing.
  14. Because you have disobeyed me and brought them here to handle your usury and banking needs, so shall I allow them to handle you as they handle your accounts and books. They shall place your names in their books, then come for you, and the debt you must pay to them shall be your lives, your destinies, your history, and you futures.
  15. For I shall give you over to the serpent seed, those who call themselves Jews but are not but who lie and say they are Jews. To them, shall I make you as "goyim" or "cattle", using their own Yiddish words, for they are written clearly in their Babylonian Talmud, for you to follow.
  16. Whatever they say for you to do, you shall do it. If they tell you even to kneel down so that they may shoot you in the nape of your neck and kill you, that, too, shall you do.
  17. And, when it is over, I shall make them to lie and say it never happened. Not only that, I shall make them make up stories about Germany and say that it was the Germans who did these things, so you will transfer these death experiences onto Russia's most formidable enemy and ignore how the Jews used you as they always use their host nations as their whores.
  18. The Lord inside me, told me this: In the night, the Tsar slept, dreaming of his family, especially his little son, Alexis, how the Jews would kill him, how all of them would perish for his wickedness in allowing the Jews to roam freely and seditiously throughout Russia, spying the nation out, and planning to kill as many of the White people who lived there as they could in the near future, all the while posing as their friends under the communist, socialist, liberal banners, none of whom contained a reference to God, Godliness, or a Church, nor even to conscience, unless it pointed a falsely guilty finger at the Sons of Adam, whom they were seeking to destroy.
  19. Woe, said the Lord to Nicholas, For I have dug many a well in Russia amongst the green grass, and I have come up with only soil, dryness, and a bad taste. For all has been trampled in the killing fields of Jewry, those who are of Satan and have always hated you, for you have Me in your hearts, and all they have is Satan. For they are the children of the serpent seed, and them have I marked for lives of disgraceful greed, wishing only for power, control, and the dry echo of paper money across their fingers, the tingle of gold, and the dross of false coinage.
  20. For them, have I made false, false as the testimony of Jacob to his father, Isaac, as he blasphemed his father, turned against all of the rules of God, and stole the heritage from the Sons of Adam. For the false Jew, his falseness is everything to him, and evil is his middle initial. For that is why they are the snake people.
  21. I see a Russia white as snow, with vines wrapped about her forests, choking them and hauling down the great trunks, killing off all that the Lord has made for you, burning the cities and towns, and placing Jews over the floors on which the sons of Adam, the sons of God, kneel in submission to their evil hearts, and, even then, they shall kill you.
  22. So says the Lord, for your iniquities do I choose to punish with Jewish hands, for they are always ready for your blood, and, because you have bowed to them, you deserve to die. For you have turned your back on me, and now shall I return your rejection.


Chapter 38


The Trail of Death at the Hands of the Serpent Seed Judeo-Bolsheviks – The Red Crane – The Millions of Dead Lamented – All Because Russia Did Not Follow God’s Words to Adam’s Sons


  1. Woe to Russia, for her defenses are open to all spies, especially those of the false Jews roaming about within her, many of them enemies of Christianity, imbued with hatred for Adam's sons and filled with the subversive spirit of Judeo-Bolshevik ideologies.
  2. For the Tsar has unwisely allowed the Judeo-bankers from whom he must secure loans for the World War to see the military lists including the numbered cannon, the trucks, and the rifles, and where they are stored. Even the names of the officers have been handed over to the Jews in the banks as trust for bad loans, each of which, piled atop the other, helps to suck dry the marrow of the Russian Empire, and, meanwhile, the bankers work hand-in-hand with their Judeo-Bolshevik brothers.
  3. The Lord says, In the streets have I made the people angry. I have overthrown the Holy Christian monarchy, installed the atheistic minority-run Judeo-Democracy by its side, to rule together for awhile, filled with squabbling Jews and their Christian cohorts, which is corrupt beyond compare, even beyond the corruption of the Tsar's regime alone, which also rules, and whom they continue to nag and criticize.
  4. Behold, Russia, I the Lord have allowed Judeo-Bolsheviks to infiltrate your sovereign state, pollute your armies. For I have placed loud and rebellious serpent seeds, mostly Jews with nagging voices, screaming their incendiary hate-speech on the corners of the Russian Capitol, passing out Red Star of David literature, for, on their hats, I the Lord, to punish all of Russia for destroying their Holy Tsar whom I love and following Jews to the eventual slaughter of their people and the Tsar himself, I the Lord have allowed them to place the five-pointed Red Star of David, the real star of King David in Israel, and the first evil Jewish star that ever was upon their hats and shoulder patches. And I have seen them commandeer guns, leading riot after riot and rebel platoons against the police stations, hoping to murder their officers and grab control of the cities.
  5. Says the Lord: Inside the jails, the Jews sit and plot more victories against the Tsar and his nobles. The Tsar is consumed in working with the false democracy, as long has he can develop all his war plans, which he does. He knows, yet does not know, of the danger within his nation. Yes, I the Lord, who live and love him deep within his heart, have warned him, but being innocent and headstrong, as a holy king should always be, Tsar Nicholas has refused to look inside his heart where I recline within him, preferring his own logic, as a man might do, and, so he does not see me there carrying the truest diadem of power the cross and ball of life in my hands.
  6. Instead, although he knows it means his death and that of his family, friends, and nation, although he borrows serpent money to fulfill the constant pall of death of Adam's Sons in Germany and Hungary and Poland. He looks straight ahead, patiently awaiting his fate whatever it might be.
  7. The Lord sailed in trenches all along the vicious front of war whereon the Jews tricked Adams into killing their brother Adams in a ritual of death and dying that seemed to never end. Even there, the Lord has placed the emblems of the Tsar's most Holy Christian Dynasty, a sign that re-infuriates the Jews who are the Anti-Christs of Russia, for whom the sight of Jesus Christ or any object of Holiness in which his spirit dwells, brings hatred even beyond the grave to kill, for the serpent seed are dead set on killing Christians.
  8. In England and the U.S.A., I the Lord, have seen the Jews plotting more harm to my people, which I let them do, because my people did not want to follow what I said inside their Holy Hearts. Instead, they longed for profits, war, and Jewish loans, and pounds of flesh for pounds of flesh, for which these Holy Ones who are the sons of Adam in whom I live are perishing around the world.
  9. Is there ever blood enough for Jewish hatred of my most beloved European people, who are the sons of Adam, asks the Lord? No. For they are of the serpent, says the Lord, the sons of he who hates me. He has taken them to be his own, and what he can do to tear the hearts from Adam's Sons, he will. And the Jews, his sons of darkness, shall he use, for he has placed them like an enemy force behind their walls, many of them hiding under false names, pretending to be Christians in their hardened hearts in which only the Devil lives and dances in the raging dark.
  10. I, the Lord, see the reddening dance of death in the face of many Jews in Russia. What now is reddish blood upon the German Front, now turns and flows into the Russian cities, down the highways. "The troops! The troops! They have rebelled!" Unkempt, unfed, untrained, unarmed, their guns a worthless nest of faulty metals firing only in a fortnight after years of fondling their triggers, the Russian soldiers stalk the Russian fields, burning out the farms, murdering and raping women, and heading into Moscow and the other cities.
  11. The Jews make ready for the tide of Revolution, and they unfurl like clockwork, just as the rebelling Russian soldiers enter cities, their gawdy Red Stars of David flags that rustle in the streets, screaming the words, "Rothschild!" "Rothschild!" meaning "Red Flag!" Red Flag!" for that is what "Rothschild!" means. Jews imbued with hatred of Adam's sons injected in their minds and bodies by their serpent seeded fathers, which is their true inheritance of Satan's line, rallied thousands to their speakers' stands throughout the doomed and shaken Russian cities. In St. Petersburg, Lenin rages, also Trotsky.
  12. And the traitor, Kerensky, he who ran the fledgling and deceitful Parliament which was only the precursor of the flood of evil from the Judeo-Bolsheviks, mostly made of Jews and Bankers, saw the marching boots of other Jews upon the Parliament's stairs, the boots of the Judeo-Bolsheviks, climbing the staircase, and, being Jewish themselves along with all their guards, would not fire upon their fellow tribesmen. For their sovereignty was with the Devil of Israeli hate against the Sons of Adam, not with God and Holy Mother Russia.
  13. Thus, the Jews met Jews upon the rails and stairs of government, their Satan eyes flashing in a sea of vicious winks in which the seeds of evil flew about, and passed, not harming one another, some even shaking hands inside the government's halls beyond the cameras' reach. Both were bent on killing Russians, not themselves, not Jews, for in their hearts rose Satan, and on the floors of prisons all they wished for was the endless blood of Christian Men whom all Jews hate and seek to murder.
  14. Oh Lord, I see a white crane on the river's edge at Gorky Park, it's golden beak is dipping in and out of flowing water, drinking blood from all those dead and dying in the cities, those who trusted Jews and lived to die within their rule and at their deadly hateful hands. The crane turns red from all the blood it has consumed, and, swimming in the reddened streams, turns red himself all over, his feathers thick with Christian blood, and glistens brightly in the golden Sun. Upon his crimson feathers rests the dying, dripping Seed of God in Adam. Here, behold, the red crane's body, and the life of Adam wasting on his feathered coat of arms.
  15. This is what I always speak of, says the Lord, that he who trusts the Jews shall always die, for they have only trusted they who are of Satan's sons, and, in rejecting me by choosing them within their hearts, where I find refuge in this world, I am rejected by the voices of the Sons of Adam. For they have forsaken me, and so shall I return the favor unto them as well and shall reject them ten times more.
  16. Thus, shall I curse those who curse me with many horrors and also those in whom they obstinately rejoice, and all shall find vile solace in their screaming, horrid deaths.
  17. The oysters in the Northern Sea are filled with all the sands of death, for all the streams of Russia pour out death into those seas, and all the pearls and shells and meats are filled with Adam's blood. Eat not these oysters for more than seventy years, for these are the times I have counted for the rage of Satan over Adam's Sons, as Jews kill Gentiles and rule as Bolsheviks and blind the population from the mind of God.
  18. For I have left them. Therefore, are they dead and dying at their hands. And after all, they chose these Jews above their own kind, and so they have now what they have chosen.
  19. They now have death.


Chapter 39


How the Lord Laments the Fallen Holy Russian Tsar and the White Northern Europeans at the Hands of the Jewish Serpent Seed Sons of Satan


  1. Woe to Russia, says the Lord, for her Holy Tsarist Family have the false Jews bewitched, murdered, and buried in an unmarked place of cold and wet inside a forest lane, where no one shall find them, until I have removed the menace of the Judeo-Bolsheviks, their false Jewish brothers, and the vile people of the shadow worlds, who follow their serpent seed lies, from off the throats of Adam's men.
  2. Adam, your sons and daughters have beget new children inside these newly fortified and deadly Russian gates, and you have sent them to Russia's new Judeo-Government schools where they are learning to hate me.
  3. Lenin, the Judeo-Bolshevik, who is married to a Judeo-Bolshevik woman, that same V. I. Lenin, who is the murderer of Christianity, it is he whom you bow down before.
  4. Trotsky, the Judeo-Bolshevik schemer, leader of the KGB, who is the most vile and vicious Bolshevik killer, Trotsky, alias David Bronstein, who was a Jew who lived and acted in Jewish Motion Pictures, in the Judeo-Bolshevik World Capitol in New York City, Leon "David" Trotsky, have you loved.
  5. Stalin, who is married to a Judeo-Bolshevik woman so his daughter might be Jewish and a serpent seed woman and not of God's seed, so that he himself might seem a Jew in their eyes, Josef Stalin, have you worshipped in your hearts.
  6. For this, while you were focused on your love for the serpent seeds and not for me, the Jews slithered nightly into towns and cities, taking you away, one by one, coiling themselves about your throats, hissing, and killing you.
  7. And yet, O Adam seed, you did nothing. Nor did I. For you had left me. And you looked not for me in your hearts. Yet I was there. I witnessed what they did to you, felt your terror at their bloody evil hands. For the Jews are the worst of the serpent seed, and their hatred of Adam's sons is ten times stronger than those of other sons of Satan in the world.
  8. As these Jews murdered you, my sons, I died inside you, one by one. Each death you died, I died, also. Oh Adam, I felt you dying under the pistol shot of each Judeo-Bolshevik. My sons, how vile are those hideous pistols which these Jews placed against your neck to fire the shot of death into your brain.
  9. My blessed child, I watched inside you, from deep inside your heart, I felt your fear, as a Jew pointed that unholy Jewish pistol at the nape of your neck. I heard your pain, your scream, and felt your beating heart in panic, as the Judeo-Bolshevik shot you dead, sending you out of this world, without mercy, on the flattening edges of those singular, vile, and murderous bullets.
  10. These horrors, O Adam, as you died, all sixty million of you, oh my sons and daughters, I shall experience, forever.
  11. Shame upon you, Adam. You lifted not one finger to impede the deadly horror of these Jews against your children and your parents. And, thus, within the sanctuary of your meadow of cowardliness, where green grasses flowed within the storms of blood and dying all about you night-by-night and day-by-day, you held fast to Jewish governments and laws, and also you read the Jewish NEWS of the Judeo-Bolshevism which further poisoned you.
  12. In the morning of extermination of the Holy Russian Family, came the Jews with guns to kill my Holy Romanovs at the Palace in Ekaterinberg. My Holy Ones sat quietly inside a tiny room, while all of Russia sat and waited, doing nothing, never rushing the miniscule number of the Jews who ran their lives. No one came to protect the Holy Family and themselves from slaughter by this deadly Judeo-Menace who were their Trojan horses placed within their borders.
  13. Instead, while all their future Holy Tsarist dynasties were tucked into the tiny room where only I and they were sitting, I, within their White Adamic Hearts, calming them for the execution which they knew was coming, for I had willed it on them for their iniquity in letting Jews roam within their realms, so that it came to this, their deaths, for that is but the way of Satan, and the Jews are always of and in him, and always were.
  14. I saw to it that the vile Jewish executioner, whose name was "Yakov Yurovsky," whose first name "Yakov" was the surname of "Jacob," he who founded the dynasty of Satan's web known as "Israel" or the Tribes of Yakov Israel, was he who murdered them, which I found most fitting.
  15. My desire to have the Jews kill Nicholaus was ordered by that vile Judeo-Bolshevik, named V. I. Lenin, whose real name was Vladimir Illych Ulanov, whose mother was a Jew, also his wife a Jew as well, so he was Jewish to his core and seed, the seed of Satan, as were his children, born of that vile, politicized Jewish mother, who had appointed Yakov to the chore of murdering my own Tsar's Family of Holy Ones, to rid the Empire of the Greatest Christian of the Realm.
  16. Like they did to Jesus in Judea in his crucifixion, so did the Jews who destroyed my Holy One in Russia, and that curse holds true for all the blood of their most damnable sins, which I do place again upon their bloodied hands, for Jews are evil unto death’s dark core, and, unto the death of all of Adam's Sons, which they delight in doing, especially when they accomplish it at their own hands, then live to lie about its goodness and the savor of its vile taste on their Jewish lips, to all who will listen to their incessant babblings.
  17. And, thus, the eyes of Holy Russia were extinguished, and Lenin, was then nearly assassinated by a Jewess by the name of Fanny Kaplan, another socialist and hater of Adam's sons. For this Jewish act against his Jewish self, he did not punish Jews, for Jews were most of what he had to work with, what he was himself as well, for all of the Bolsheviks, like him, were Jews. Instead, Lenin used this assassination event by another Jew to point his finger solidly, not against the Jews, but instead against "the Christian right militias" and set about to burn their churches and cathedrals, melt their gold for to pay for more arms to kill more of them and more, and kill their priests, parishioners, and peasants, for all of who had God inside their hearts, which made them Lenin's enemy, the Men of God, those in whose breath, the life of God resided and did smile upon their holiness, their radiance, their sanctification within the divine breath of God's inhaling spirit, and their basic goodness, as opposed to Lenin’s inner serpentine nature, for he was a Jewish mamzer born.
  18. Oh, Russia, you have died to make these wicked Jews, who are the serpent seeds of Satan's lust, your Kings. What futility is this? You have suffered your own loving God to leave, and invited to your shores the hateful Satan horde of Jews, and did this in defiance of the dictates of your Lord to love yourself, protect your kind from evil, but instead, you turned yourselves over to the men of Lucifer.
  19. If you had listened to your hearts and not to Jews and all their newspapers which they daily wrote and filled with hate and lies about your people and your world, you'd be alive today. Why did you not burn down their newspapers? Why did you allow these hateful serpent seed to sell their vileness each day you lived in these seditious newspapers on the holy streets of Russia and never toss their carts and papers into piles of rubble and make them daily into a warming bonfire, and destroy them? Instead, their lies continued, and, through their lies within these newspapers, they convinced you, that you were bad and they were good.
  20. And then, then when they disarmed you with propaganda, and they noticed you did not rise up to fight them, then they rested, then they plotted what to do to you, and then they came and killed you.
  21. Did I not tell you they were spies and not to let them in? I did. Yet, Sons of Adam, will you never listen to my words? Must they continue to destroy your kind, kill your babies, kill your men, your women, and then burn out your homes?Yes, I see you must, for you have let them come for you. And I have let them do this dreadful thing, for you rejected me in your association with them, and I do not exist with them around, and thus I leave, because to stay, would mean, that, when you look at them, I being in your heart, I also would be looking at them, through your very eyes, and they are evil sons of darkness, and this I shall never do.
  22. So your choice has told me I should leave.It is only you and Satan. Silence comes. You hear no God inside you anymore. Woe to the Sons of Adam when they choose the Jews and Satan Seed instead of God inside their hearts, for they are only choosing death and slavery. And I have always warned them, yet they listened not. And thus, they handed themselves over to the Jewish death squads dressed in David's devilish Red Star of David hats.
  23. Adam’s sons, so huge and masculine, so muscled in their arms and legs, became like women to these Jews, and groveled so willingly, so openly before their feet. And so, they fell before the Jews and the Unholy Red Star of Judeo-Bolshevism's hate for Adam's Godliness. Each Adam died with the begging eyes of an innocent babe. With smiling Holy faces do they march in step to their annihilations. Willingly, they face their glistening guns and offer no resistance.
  24. Oh Adam seed, I saw within your physical death, even then, when you had stooped so low, there never seemed a lower place, the beauty that is me. For you are made with my own image, and I see myself in death wherever there is carnage in your midst, and you lie dead and stilled, your heart cold and empty of the lighted glow of God.
  25. Each time you die, I die. For you and I are one. Each death you feel, I feel. I, the Lord inside your heart, I am He who suffers when you die forever, and so my death is the most tragic death of all. Such deaths are never stilled.
  26. For Russian hills and valleys grow above the hundred million Christian graves wherein the stilled, dead hearts of Adam lie in silent shame, naked of remorse, and all the while the Jews who are the Bolsheviks bemoan how they, the Jews, are victims, and how Adam hurt them.
  27. For Jews are evil to their core and their hate for Adam knows no end, and never shall. For these vile and jealous sons of the wily serpent lust to kill the only men in which the Lord reclines inside their hearts. For never in themselves shall God reside.


Chapter 40


The Lord Remains Steadfast In Adam’s Heart, Despite Adam’s Many Rejections of the Lord by Foolishly Choosing the Serpent Seeds


  1. Be comforted, Sons of Adam, for your revolution has ended. Now, the Jewish Mafia has lost its shroud of legalisms and been cast down with Satan, out of the halls of government, yet the Jews continue to pick the bones of the Soviet Union’s corpse.
  2. They shall own all of her slave-built industries—the petroleum companies, rails, automotive manufacturers, airlines, television stations, newspapers, banks, utilities, military companies, and most of the other economic activities. In addition, the criminal Mafia, which milked even the communist state, day-by-day, with bribes, threats, and thefts, shall continue to mock you, until, as I have said before, you rise up as the People of Adam, with the sword of the Lord in your mouths and hands, and cut off the head of the multi-headed Jewish monster that confronts and baffles you.
  3. The voice of a people crying in the wilderness, the silences of the lambs inside your cities and governmental agencies, the cat that winds its way through the streets in search of food yet finds none—these are all about you, driving you mad and leaving you without sustenance.
  4. All of your bread is gone, your money is dross, and the international Jews have hamstrung you once again, even though, in government, some might be missing, yet, still, even a small dash adds the spice of evil to your doings.
  5. If you follow the voice of the Good Ones whom I shall send, refrain from taking up the Jewish slurs of Nazi which perches like waste from an animal upon their foul lips and tongues ready to be spit out upon Him, then shall you find a leader and leaders. Then shall you have the means to cast out these devils and rid yourself of them.
  6. The voice within said, What shall I cry? All flesh of Adam is grass, and all of their beauty is the flower of the fields. What is more full of life-giving power than the grass which covers mile upon mile of desolation, grows from tree to tree, shrub to shrub, taking up all of the space it is allowed without end? For the grass is the stuff of life, and it gives life to the cattle, to the birds that fill the skies, and to all mankind who meander in my meadows. Even the bread you eat, is made from the grasses.
  7. The Lord blows his breath into the grass, which you see as waves of powerful energy undulating in the time of God’s breathing in and out, same as He breathes within the lungs and hearts of all the Adams of the world, for we are as grass, for we are of the Lord’s breath. And the flowers and the grasses bloom and give forth beautiful children, same as the loins of the men and women of Adam, not the children of serpent seed who tear at the flesh of the good ones, but children of God, and of his son, Adam, those whose heart blends with the breath of God that moves inside him.
  8. Oh Adam, lift up your voice to the Holy One, to live inside Your Breath with Him, to beat inside Your Heart in Him, for you and He are one and the same, for in you only does the Lord come to live, for He moves within you wherever you go, as a nomad tending his flock, as a Father tending his children. He is a nomadic warrior-father clothed and holding a heavy spear, He tends the People of Adam, and, inside each of them, does he curl up and sleep.
  9. Behold, your breath, for it is the handiwork of God. Behold your hands, for God arms you with lean sinew, muscles that may be articulated to speak with sharp swords and weapons of mass destruction, weapons so fine that the Jews, if they are not allowed to see and therefore steal their secrets and sell them to your enemies for profit and use them also to threaten you, their very life-giver, shall defeat Adam’s every enemy on earth.
  10. For the steel in your arm is the sound the Lord makes when you speak, when you charge your enemy and scream for the kill. It is the voice of God screaming in your throats, screaming into the horrified faces of the serpent seeds, as you slice them apart and send them down, down, into Perdition’s empty core. O Adam, it is I, the Lord, inside Adam, as you hurl my bloodied sword which you shall hold high within your muscled arm and it descends in bloody slaughter on their shattering serpent seed necks, it is I, who guides you to victory in battle.
  11. I the Lord am sitting on my golden throne of victory’s celebration, for I am shouting inside the core of each strong sword of Celtic victory you hold within your bravest hands, O sons of Adam. My sword and spirit guide your hands to victory over evil in this world. Each time you stand and fight, I stand and fight with you as well. I am the steel inside the voice of all of Adam’s brazen warrior yells, for these awesome screams of the Northern Europeans as they slaughter all of the serpent seeds who seek the death of Adam’s sons, yea, these screams, from their foul and wretched mouths, these are the truly beautiful sounds of the Lord’s deliverance.
  12. He shall come to his flocks with strong hands, and he shall feed them and lead them into clean pastures. He shall teach them right from wrong, speaking inside each of them.
  13. Who has measured the oceans to the last drop?
  14. For the Lord made all there is, and He already knows the numbers of drops of water in the world, even the fresh and the salted water. In addition, through his clouds, his thunder, and his lightening, does he distill from the salty, the fresh, and then return it salty again to the ocean, and, through gravity and streams does he separate the waters, the salted from the fresh, so that all things requiring fresh shall receive it in abundance and the same with those who receive the salted waters.
  15. Who has ever directed the Lord and been His counselor? Who has ever instructed and taught the Lord? Step forward and speak, for you shall be deemed a liar, for the Lord is above all men, yet exists inside the Good Ones, the flesh of Adam, and in all others is He distantly separated, for the Lord does not mix with Evil but only with the good ones.
  16. The nations are like a drop in a proverbial bucket, yet many of their drops, to be certain, contain poisons. Keep your nations separate from theirs, for your water is fresh and clean, and theirs is filthy and contaminates the Lord when He is inside you. There is not one nation of serpent seed that, if burnt with nuclear weaponry, would be an adequate sacrifice to the Lord, for they are forbidden to be seen by Him or to be near His men.
  17. For serpent nations are poison to the Lord in a man’s heart, for they constantly harp on the beliefs of Adam with the intent of destroying them in him and driving the Lord from him, and, henceforth, from the world.
  18. Not one graven image is worthy of the Lord, but all fall short of his majesty and power. The strongest automotive, aircraft, or ship’s engine is but a puff of smoke in a sandstorm next to the vastness of power wielded by the hands of the Lord. There is nothing crafted by the hand of Adam or of any serpent seed man that is even close to Creation or to the handiwork of the Lord.
  19. Even the grasses and the flowers, in all of their beauty and ability to sustain life on this earth are stronger by far than even the largest megaton hydrogen bomb. Here is why that is. You see, Adam, once a bomb is dropped, its power is but of a single momentary duration of horror. But the grasses and flowers go on forever.
  20. You shall never see a house or an automobile made by the hand of a man that shall not rot or rust and become as nothing. Yet, that which is made by the Lord, though it die, and the Lord does not die, yet, shall his handiwork continue throughout all ages, for, unlike the automobile, even though each flower or blade of grass must wither and die, its idea, as expressed in seeds blended of parents throughout the ages, recombines itself, season by season, and, unlike the superficiality of automobiles, the models rarely change and the children continue to resemble all of their parents.
  21. What brings Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Kings to nothing?
  22. It shall have no effect upon the Lord, and He shall remain in each of Adam’s Sons forever, if Adam’s Sons refrain from being with the serpent seed, for, if you even live next door to one or go to school with one or buy a sandwich from their hands, then shall you be bereft of the Lord in your heart, for, as you know, He will not live in you if he has to see them through your eyes. So stay away from them, refuse to associate, and ensure yourself by remaining in settlements of Adams where you may be forever separate.
  23. What say you, Adam, concerning the power of the Lord? Do not the young men eventually lose their strength, yet the strength of the Lord inside them never withers? For although they are one, the Lord is by far the stronger of the two, yet together, often are they strong as steel and win wars by overwhelming prowess, power, and ability. For the others, the dross serpent men, are abusers, parasites, and have nothing to offer except evil.
  24. When the young men fall faint from their sport, then shall they enter their hearts to see God and be with Him, then shall they enter the beds of their women and feel the Lord rushing through their souls as they impart to the egg their mightiest sperm in which the Lord’s breath comes over as well, for it is also implanted in miraculous beauty and handsomeness of aspect.
  25. For the Men of Adam’s loins shall rise up as eagles and walk with the speed of a sports car, and, though they weary, they shall always know that inside their hearts is the endless font of eternal driving power known as the Lord who shall revive their spirits, strengthen and grow anew their sinew, and impart into them all of their continuing desire to win.


Chapter 41


No One is Mightier than The Lord Who Will Always Stand With Adam’s Sons Against Their Foes


  1. Behold the Lord, for His ways are the ways of strength and of power. For He is mightier than the sword, mightier than the dollar and the ruble. For there is nothing, not even massive turbines that drive a city and light it on fire in the evenings that can even touch the hem of the Lord's garment. For He is larger than life. Yet He is Life.
  2. Keep silence before me, Oh Coastlands. Let your waves be stilled and your tides be without flooding. Let your fishes and your plankton play within the depths and in the shallows, each feeding each, same as I feed the souls of Adam's flesh.
  3. Who raises up the nations and helps them to enforce surrender on their enemies. Who makes them sign the terms of war's end, to bring the dreadful killing and starvation into history's lore and off the day's newspapers? It is neither muscle nor machine. It is the Lord. For the Lord lives inside the heart, and without heart there can be no armies, and without an army there can be no victory.
  4. Only the will of the Lord, sequestered eternally within the heart of boys and men, can loosen the power of an enemy and turn his head around, until the bones in his neck are shattered and he falls in death onto the floor beneath the raging boots of Adam's victorious armies.
  5. Who has created life in a test tube and made it flourish? Who has filled the oceans with fish? Who has created the man-woman bond of flesh so that all the pieces of a man may be injected into his woman's flesh until his genetic deck is rearranged in such a way as to produce different children who nonetheless resemble each parent? Behold, there are those who are not with the Lord, and they shall be ashamed and confounded.
  6. Many are seeds of the serpent. For them there is no redemption, and Adam shall always hold them in inferiority, submission, and isolation, for Adam is forbidden to integrate or immigrate with them, for to do so is madness and shall lead the sons of Adam into vile wantonness, adulterating the blessing of Adam, and offering only a baseless and dross eternity with no God, no heart, and no hope, only greed for money, power, and control, none of which bring solace or a sense of completeness or even momentary happiness, but only years of sorrow and hatred for the Sons of Adam whom their enemies, the serpent seed, seek to always despise and want to kill off.
  7. All who hate Adam shall be incensed and killed, for they shall not have sway over him, for the Lord shall keep them away using a variety of means including power, disease, and government. And anyone who shames Adam by entering his domains who is not of Adam's seeds shall be open to death at a moment's notice, and all shall be licensed to kill them.
  8. I shall affix, in Adam's cities, factories, which shall operate themselves. No one shall have to tend to them, only those who do so for pleasure and service to mankind. For all machinery and manufacturing shall be for the purpose of sustaining ourselves and not for greed or usury or Jewish control over Adam's requirements.
  9. The food that you eat, I shall look after for you. You shall neither have to experiment with seeds, producing unsure hybrids, nor shall you mix the seeds of strange plants with others using instruments of tampering, for it is I who have done these things for you. Yet, if you do these things, make certain it is only by Adam and not the serpent seed, for if they do it, know this, that they shall do it to kill you. For that is what they do and why they reproduce. For their absolute hatred of you and of me who am in you.
  10. I will plant in the wilderness all of the trees you shall ever require, and I shall tend them, and I shall protect them all from fires using new means at my disposal, means that I shall see you invent and distribute lest they fail. For you and I are forever one and the same, and what I invent, invent you also in my name and for me.
  11. Whatever you consider, know that I have considered it long before you, for there is nothing you can think that I have not already solved and known, for I am the Lord, and you shall always be my subject, and, if you come to me inside you, in your heart, and listen to me, and stay clear of the serpent men of this world and send them from your sight and from your domains, then shall I make you prosper. Otherwise, shall they kill you, for that is the rule of their game and how they play it. And, after all, if you chose them, then you disobey me, and, if you disobey me, you do not respect me, and if that were so, how can I help you?
  12. Oh mankind, even Adam, look upon the works of your hands and weep. For even the huge pyramids of Egypt are in disrepair, and no one can attend to them without a great expense of money, which no one seems to have enough of.
  13. You have constructed massive nuclear whales made of metals which you call submarines that crush their hulls when they plummet to the oceans' deepest places. Yet my living whales, which dwarf you and your ships, may plummet to the oceans floors for many years, yet never do I crush them in the Ocean's depths, for they return again and again to spew their air holes high into the wetted ocean air, and fall back lazily into luxuriance, for that is how I made them. Show me a single ship that is the likes of them, for you cannot, and you shall never make such things, and mine can reproduce without your hands to aid them, for within them have I marked out these miraculous things.
  14. Woe to the man who believes he is alone and is of Adam's flesh, for he is obtuse and blinded by the works of the world. For in him are things so much larger and far reaching that the eyes that peer into the world are like the eyes of a man who was blinded at birth, for in him is light, but because his mind is so fixated on the things I have made with my hands, he cannot see me resting inside his heart, nor hear me dialog inside him. So, he is lost and is an artificial Mongrel, one who is like those in whom there is no God living, whose breath is like death counting out its time.
  15. All is vanity. The world of men without the Lord in them is a world of mere illusion. And what seems beautiful and dear to the eyes of a man are mere trifles in the mind of the Creator, small things, like specks of meat rolled from his table as he dines on wondrous cuts. For a man's eyes see only a small part of the whole and the rest is not perceived. Yet I perceive that ninety-nine percent a man can never see, so I am his Seeing Eye, his inner self, which is so much stronger and more powerful. There is no comparison to my wisdom and me.
  16. For mountains may seem large to a man who has always lived in a valley, but if he fly overhead, then they shall seem like slight bends in the land, tiny veins, nothing more. For the mountains on the Moon I made far higher than any on the Earth, yet from the Earth, high above the Moon, or far below the Moon as men are fond of saying in their point of view which is miniscule at best. Yet from the Earth, the far higher mountains of the Moon are like a man's footsteps as he walks across a sidewalk. For to him, so far above, they seem as nothing.
  17. Where is the man who has these visions of perspective? I have searched in vain for him and not found him. Yet he will come, by the millions, to populate the earth, filled with the Lord, made rich with knowledge, and these millions of Adams shall recreate their worlds within their minds first, then within their hands.
  18. They shall build machines, which shall not kill them. Instead, these machines will prolong them, make them better people. And all of this inventing shall come from their minds.
  19. But first they must lose their vanity and their focus on profit and usury. For what is the use of money and riches, if, inside your heart, you are still empty?
  20. Nothing of good comes from hand-made products, unless they were conceived with the healing mind of the Lord. Such things are medicines, and medical equipment, designed to ease pains and prolong life. Yet, even there, a man must know when it is time not to prolong life past its measured time, for this, too, is an evil thing. To prolong the life of a blind, deaf, and mindless old person wracked with pain is not wise.
  21. Of what use is this to him or to yourselves? For if he lives, he is in suffering and his cost to be kept in a condition of torture is immense. Instead, lay him by the side of the stream of life and help him to go home to where he has always been headed anyway, for I have appointed just so long for him to live and no more. To unnecessarily prolong this time is to commit a great deceit against him and me and against yourself. For it is the natural right of the old and painful son of Adam to die and be relieved of his many old age agonies, for that is why I gave death to the world, so Adam might escape into painlessness when he is fatally ill or injured and needs a way out.
  22. I have searched for a teacher or a counselor throughout the lands of Adam, someone to stand up and lead my people, but this has been in vain, for all of them grind their own axes, and none has struck the correct sharpness to hone my edges and make me known to their brothers and sisters.
  23. But in time, he shall rise up and be made known. For that day is promised by me. And all other days are days of vanity and struggle.


Chapter 41


The Redeemer Who Collectively Resides with God Himself Only In the Holy Hearts of Adam’s Sons…


  1. Behold my servant, he in whom I reside, my servant in whom the blood of Adam, which is my blood, my flesh, my seed, and my breath, in whose heart I lay plain all the facts needed to sew the world into a fine garment of clothing, to keep him warm, safe, and sure, a garment in which my power resides forever. For my Spirit within him shines, and my wisdom is imparted exceedingly within his spirit where I bond and meld and bring about the transformation of his being.
  2. He shall not make loud noises in the street at night, nor shall he sell drugs to children, nor murder grandmothers with his claw hammer. No, these things are of the Negroes and other low persons, not of Adam. Yet, if any of them should stoop to this, then should they be slaughtered before the whole and hanged like strange fruit from the nearest tree for all to wonder at the power of the Lord, the holy Lord inside the men who followed my messages in their hearts and took revenge upon the ones of Lucifer who seek to harm them.
  3. For I shall cast them out and not allow them sanctuary anywhere upon the earth out of the knowledge which I have within my being that they shall harm my people.
  4. My servant is great, for I am within him, and he is Legion. He breaks the reeds of evil and tramples on the grapes of their iniquities. Wherever he finds vileness and iniquity, he burns out the root and replants it with the good and righteous. He uplifts the spirit and never tears it down.He is a light post in the wilderness, a lamp on a dark corner within his village and from which light travels far into the night. He that is lost sees him by his light and by his words. For he is awesome in attire. For his attire is in his breath and in his words. For his voice is dear and the words coming wherefrom are sacrosanct and filled with piercing truth, strong as a lighthouse on a distant bay, saving ship after ship, bringing my people home to my quiet estuaries by my warm side. He shall never fail nor be without potential nor shall he ever be discouraged. He has set justice over the earth. The nations wait for his laws to be promulgated, published, and employed.
  5. The Lord who created all things including Adam and kissed his lips and breathed his own divinity into his lungs, the Lord says this: Behold, it is I who stretched out the heaven this way and that, who created perspective, whose geometric laws created things in all dimensions, up and down, in and out, right and left, he who rolled the earth into a ball and rolled it into orbit around the golden eye of the Sun forever so that it falls at the same rate that it goes away and is locked forever in its orbital ring.
  6. It is I, the Lord, who walk amongst you. I have called you to righteousness by which I mean the goodness to stand tall, to resist the evil traps of the idols who are your vile governments who wish to take over my direct reign of you and steal from the Lord his due powers, transferring them to mere men, even mamzers who by evil laws they falsely hold to be equal to the sons of Adam, which they are not. These governments promulgate these laws so they can enslave and steal from you.
  7. Remember, Oh Adam, I have servants in whom I live, who will keep you, teach you, and give to you personal understandings for a true light unto the nations and not the myths of church fathers for whom I am merely a business to make their living from. For I was never that. For I am I alone.
  8. He shall open the blindness of your eyes, bring you out from the prison of darkness which is this world in which you move about, for he shall open your heart into that aspect wherein my light shines as a beacon into your centered parts making you whole in me. I am the Lord and my name and graciousness do I not give to another person such as a priest or minister, much less to a church or synagogue, for these are just foolishness and corruption, places that do business in my name, but are not of me but are against me.
  9. Behold, the older ways have ended, and the older times are gone, and the new are before you, for my servants have made these things clear unto your hearts. They have opened your insides to the sunlight, so that your inner parts are seen. They are perfect. They resemble an oyster with the soft pink meat inside, where I, the Spiritual Pearl, reside and glow, giving warmth and kindness to your being. He has opened the cave to your being, rolled away the blocking stone, and allowed you to see me in all of my glory. For I was always here, bathed in light, yet you did not see me.
  10. Sing a new song unto the Lord, sing to me of happiness, of love, of insights. Make songs of merriment that salute no armies of vindictiveness, but also sing songs which say that you shall always trample the vile and darkening forests of the serpent seeds, for that is what you do who love me.
  11. For evil ones are there, hiding within the twisted branches, even in the end time, waiting to undo you. These are the Negroes, false Jews who are dead set on Adam’s death, Aborigines, Asians, Arabs, and all of the other mamzers in whom God does not walk. Never integrate nor immigrate nor in any way communicate, live close to, buy from, or deal with them, even if you suffer for it. For your suffering is far worse when they exploit you, for they will feed from your heart, and destroy that which contains me. Then, you will again be lost.
  12. Be of good cheer, reject the mamzers, those who are not a part Adam's pure and blue-eyed race of Northern Europeans. If their eyes are green or brown, they are Adam's eyes as well, and even hair of black. But by their skin tint wherein the red wine of my love for you flows with truest holiness within your beauteous faces, shall you know them as yourself, for on that have I set my mark to let you know with whom you shall associate and with whom you shall stay separated always least they contaminate and slay your soul and bodies.
  13. For the Judeo-Bolsheviks, Negroes, Chinese, Aborigines, Japanese, Samoans, and the Middle Easterners, and also the false Jews who say that they are Jews but are not, all of these seek to kill you. Do not associate with them. In the future, you must kill them out. Wipe them from the earth. Or they will do the same to you.
  14. I the Lord say, Go not quietly into that dark night. Your war is a war of extinction, a war of annihilation. Give no quarter. Expend all your efforts in ridding yourselves of their presence. Build yourselves private places, afar off from the maddening crowd of serpent seed, settlements where there are only whites and no one else resides in loving beauty, imbued with the Lord in their hearts, and, in their seed, they shall pass that beauty and that Lord to their progeny forever.
  15. Remember also that a government is not as strong as I am. Nor does the government have any right to force these mamzers into your existence considering their history of killing your people. It is the natural right of all men to defend themselves against the strange, the weird, and the alien. Why else would there be borders and fences? It is to keep them away, and, if governments say you cannot, then defy them. For you are mine, and not theirs, and if they do not represent you, and they do not, then they are no government of yours, but are alien enemies bent on your death and destruction as are all the mamzers whom they represent.
  16. In the future, all government officials shall I execute. All of its representatives shall I murder with my own hands. I shall send diseases, radiation, and other ills against them, until they cease to exist. All who might survive, I give to you, Oh Adam’s sons, to hang from lamps and trees, only do it swiftly and humanely, for death is death, and a clean death is better than an unclean death which soils your hands. For you are better than they are, so you shall not torture them as they have tortured you.
  17. Let all of my people give glory to the Lord. Let even the mamzers pray to me, although I shall not save these serpent seed because of it, for the devil is their father, and I am not. My glory shall reign upon the flesh of Adam, within all of their hearts. Let them give glory and declare praise for their visions, which come from inside them, through me, throughout all their nations.
  18. The Lord shall go forth like a mighty man. He shall stir up jealousy like a man of war. He shall cry, scream, and roar enough to startle all his foes. And he shall prevail against them all.
  19. I have kept my peace for a long time. Now, I shall wail like a woman in travail. I shall destroy and devour all at once.I will waste the mountains, laying them as low as valleys so that all are but plains from end-to-end, flat and smooth, for with my brazen hammer shall I do this, and the earth shall shake and the people shall be jostled with each banging tap of my hammer's claw.
  20. I will dry up the Oceans, rivers, and pools, and lay waste everything. I shall lead the blind into the light that they shall see at last. And those who have eyes yet saw not my glory, those shall I make blind so that they shall still not see me. My enemies shall be turned back and slaughtered, and the earth shall taste their salty blood. Even the things made by their hands shall I destroy, their homes, cars, clothes, rings, coins, all shall be gone in an instant.
  21. So the blind shall see me in all of my glory and a world that is mine forever, yet those who should have seen me shall never see me, for I shall blind them, then slay them so they shall never breathe again to mock me.
  22. I am pleased with my works, and then shall I magnify the law and make it honorable. For the law that I shall make shall each man, not governmental tyranny, oversee. Each man shall be a government unto himself, and in his heart, an Eden in which I the Lord shall walk and counsel him, so that he shall never sin nor want to sin, for it shall never be within his heart to do so.
  23. And I shall give him instinct to destroy the strangers, those with different ways, so never shall a mamzer enter his domains again. For those who are hidden away are a snare unto you, who see you as spoil. Instead, I shall shine my light upon them, then shall I destroy them with my hands. Only, here and there shall I leave one, so that you, with my sword in your muscled arms, may strike them dead. In doing this for me shall you thus prove yourself to me. Nestled in the regard of killing evil and of rewarding the good, therein are my people made righteous.
  24. Who among you shall give ear to this and listen? Who created Adam and breathed himself into him? Did not the Lord do this? And is the Lord not he against whom you sin whenever you decide to integrate with foreigners who are not of Adam's flesh?
  25. For they breathe not my breath, but breathe and spew the breath of serpents, and their bites shall constantly be upon you, all their parasitic ways which they have made to weaken you. Kill them. Allow them not to live, but kill them now. For as they live, they sap you of your strength, until you finally die.
  26. For it is either they or you, them or me. Which shall you choose? For my anger is best poured out upon the mamzers and not on Adam, who are my sons, and, yet, if I must, I shall again pour it out upon Adam's children, if they commit iniquities against me.
  27. Remember this, and live. Do not enrage me or I shall have my way with you and bring you low. But do my works and kill the mamzer horde, make safe your nations against the presence of the serpent seed, refuse to integrate with evil's hordes, and I shall comfort you and you shall prosper.
  28. Either way, I am the Lord. I win. It is up to you to win or lose. But I the Lord shall always win. Remember that. Keep it close. Never forget it. For I am inside you. Use me. I will fight your fight. But fight me and choose the mamzer, and I shall place my sword into the mamzers' hands and kill you myself.
  29. It is them or me.
  30. You decide whom I shall kill.


Chapter 43


The Lord Says of Adam How He Has Loved Him Always, Been Angered by Him Many Times, and How He Has Blotted Out His Transgressions…


  1. But now says the Lord who created you, O Adam, and he who formed you with his own loving hands, O Nation of Adam, Fear not, for I have redeemed you, I have called to you by your name, and you are my Adam, you, the white race of men who blush the red wine of my love for them in their faces, for that is why I named you Adam, for you blush, and the reason that you blush is that I blew into your lungs, and such is the force of life within my breath that when you breathe, my life force rushes through your face and glows with all of your reddening blush.
  2. For my breath is there inside you always, so that in the blush wherein my breath imparts my love to you is my design upon you, my mark, my testimony of who you are, my sons, the only Sons of God.
  3. When you pass overhead in the skies or through the rivers and oceans or across the lands where I have made you places to rest your heads, I will be with you, even in your faces, there, for all to see and wonder on. You shall not be turned away by winds or rivers, but shall march truly in the ways of your fathers, for I am with you in all things.
  4. For I am the Lord your God. I am the Holy One of Adam's flesh. I am the breath you breathe, the heart you have inside you, the feelings of well being that only the Lord brings to you through his inner glow inside your heart.
  5. I have given all the mamzer nations for your ransom, and I have made you lord of all that you survey.
  6. You are an honorable people, and I have loved you for it. I have given you children to adore, sons to fight your wars, and myself have I given, placing my portal in your heart so that I commune inside you and blow the fiery coal of life into your limbs.
  7. You need never fear, Adam, for whether from the east or west, north or south, from all the places where you travel, I am there to bring you home. And you are home even in the farthest hinterlands, for I am there also. And I am in your breath, your heart, and your spirit. And, if you listen, I will speak to you, not in words, but in feelings, knowledge, and with the gentle shove that a father gives his sons in earnest gentleness to help them brave the path of righteousness. You need not think of right and wrong, for I the Lord am in you, and my being leads you straight away and never to the bent and twisted, for in you I shall always live, so you cannot go wrong.
  8. I shall say to all the earth, bring him home, my son, my Adam. Do not withhold from me, my vast inheritance, my family of Godly Adam. For I have formed him, made him, breathed myself into his lungs, and he is mine forever.For the Lord so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, whose name is Adam, and whom he formed with his own hands and breathed into with his own breath, that whosoever remain true to Adam's holy seed and does not intermarry with the Mongrel seeds of serpent men shall contain forever in his kind the Lord's own gracious breath, and all of the life of God himself, and of his force, forever.

    The Unforgivable Sin of Blasphemy Against the Holiness of Adam's Separate Seed Line which is Mongrelization of the Race


  10. God help the Adam who betrays his race and sleeps with mamzers, for that is the denial of the Holy Spirit or the Consciousness of Separation and this is blasphemy of the Holy Seed. For those that violate this truth, their progeny shall languish in the hands of Satan, breathing only Satan's breath, for they are his, so that such mongrelization of the Godly Race is Miscegenation and Annihilation of the Holy Breath, and in those Mongrels are their children forever lost by the mixing of their seeds. God shall escape from them forever, never looking back lest he see the face of his own rejection, and of Satan, and of evil's deadly eyes.

    The Lord Assembles the Race of Adam from His Many Nations & The Serpent Seed to Tell Them of His Plans for Adam's Seed


  12. Bring forth the blind that have eyes, and the deaf that have ears. Let all the nations be gathered together. Assemble here, all the Adams who are of My Seed Line. Assemble there, all the mamzers of Old Satan Seeds. Who among them can declare that all nations be so assembled? And who, once assembled can show them all the former things of history? Let them bring forth witnesses to justify all their actions, or let them hear the accusations I have raised against them, and say it is the truth.

    God is the Only God and Adam is the Only Race that Can Know God. All Other Races are Serpent Seed and Sons of Lucifer


  14. You are my witnesses. There are no other Gods like me. Only I contain the Force, the Realm, the Endless Dynasty of Spirit Being. For I am the Creator, and there is none like me but me. I am the Lord. I am formed, and there is no other formed. I have shown you here assembled all my Spirit Ways, my powers, my goodness, and my sense of destiny including yours.
  15. There is none like me, and now you see that, for that assembling of you here has given you the insights of my greatness.
  16. Remember I am he. There is no other. Only me. Take heed of me. Remember me. Remember me. Remember me. For on the day that you forget me, you shall die.For I the Lord am all the life you have, and to deny me, you deny your very lives, for I am all that keeps you, no one else, just me.
  17. Thus says the Lord, your Redeemer, the Holy One of Adam's Breath, who lives in Adam's Heart and in no other hearts shall he exist. For your sake, Adam, I have broken all the mamzer trees. Their reeds have I shattered into bristle, their entire fiber busted, all their strength denied I to them. Only Adam have I energized with my internal warmth and light, to guide his hands in battle, to engage, and to slay his foes. For he is mine, and they are but his enemies, and therefore are they my own enemies, for I am Adam's breath of life, and filled with righteousness.
  18. All those nations here assembled who have not the Breath of Adam which I the Lord entwine within, shall take their tanks and planes and ships into the ancient hell of battle, dying in their pods, their guns unworkable, their eyes so blinded that no radar peeps into their darkness. All about them is but a blanked-out map on which the men of Adam look and see their own formations, they not his.
  19. I the Lord am both the seer and the blinder. I make them to see who are of me, and those who are against me do I blind.
  20. Consider not the things of old, for in this new and Holy World of Adams, I shall wield his sword. Each Adam fist shall be my fist. Each sword he swings is mine. Each woman he impregnates, being purely Adam's daughters, do I mate within and breed anew the flesh of God in those new children through whose eyes I see the world about them.
  21. For all is made anew. The beast of the field shall honor me, for they are all the mamzer nations. I have crushed their rebelliousness and roasted all their iniquitous spirits in the endless flame. I have given water to the wilderness including streams in the desert, to give drink to my people, my chosen, my breath sons. But to the mamzer have I given nothing, only slavery and cunning and deception and death, for mamzers are the beasts of burden, and the liars, and no God within their minds and hearts exists, but only the desire to kill off Adam, for the Lord exists inside of Adam only, and, not in them, and, for this, the serpent seed do seek his death.
  22. Because I have formed these many sons of Adam for myself and from myself, so shall they show forth my praise within their joyful and courageous spirits. For their hearts are filled with me, and through them flash the light of God that activates their energies and fills them up with life.
  23. But you have not called upon me, Adam, recently, nor have your many nations. You have not brought me the sanctity of your quietness of mind inside your heart, where I the Lord embed myself, to bond with your sweet self to alloy all your muscle and your bone to one effect—the ways of righteousness, of honor, and of service.
  24. I will feel you in me in your acts of war, for on the battle field you come to me, and ask my strength in you, and then I come to you and wield your sword within my hands, which are your Adamic hands, that we may together slay them, sending them away from this vast Hell on earth in which they live, Godless and afraid, jealous of my Adam's heart, of God in him, and righteousness of spirit buried in his soul, which they shall never have.
  25. I even I have blotted out your transgressions, though they are countless as the grains of sand nestled by the trillions of trillions in all the shores and deserts of this world, innumerable transgressions have I covered over with my holy cloak. The first father, Adam, sinned against me, first, in wanting Woman, Eve, your mother, then in wanting to preserve her even by committing sin and eating what I had forbidden him to ever touch, lest she be killed by me and he be left alone without her. For this, have I profaned the women and the priests alike and I declare that all the churches of the world are sick. For you, O Sons of Adam, have preferred the pomp of churches and their priests to me. For they are your own Eve, and through her have you once again forsaken me.
  26. Chose now the Lord. Turn you away from churches and from priests who wiggle wine and bread within the air, for I am not in that. I am in you, where I have always been. No priest, no wine, no bread, can stand between the Lord and his Creation, Adam.
  27. Each time you bend your knee to others, not to me who live inside your every breath, you do profane your world, and this, I say, I the Lord, Cease this very day to shame yourself before them. Look inward and behold your Lord, my Son.


Chapter 44


The Lord Praises His Son, Adam


  1. Yet hear now, O Nations of Adam, you European People, white-skinned with blushing faces, reddened in the coldness of your histories and the vile winds of your many winters, for I am inside you, and I breathe the very air you breathe, and out of your mouths I do roar against your enemies.
  2. For Adam, I have made you, chosen you, pulled you from the dust, placed my breath within your lungs, made swell your muscles, and made of you the most beautiful men and women on the whole earth, that other races may see you and wonder, and know the shape and essence of God who is in you and is one with you inside your heart.
  3. Thus I the Lord say who made you in the womb of Eve by seed of Adam, not of serpent seed, as was your half-brother Cain, the evil one who begat the mamzer people who wish your end, and who, like Cain their father, man of serpent seed born, slew the first Adam son, Able, and was cast into exile forever, and cursed for all of time by God our Father who is inside us and wields his sword in our mighty arms.
  4. Fear not, O Adam, my child, my breath, my heart, my powerful seed, for you are he whom I have made. Behold, Adam, in the mirror, my handiwork, and see my form, for it is you. For I will pour out water upon all who are thirsty, and cast floods across the deserts. I shall pour out my Spirit within your seed, and my blessing upon your children, for only through you do I appear. They shall spring up as among the grasses of the field, like willows overhanging crystal clear streams.
  5. One shall say, I am the Lord's child, and another shall call himself an Adam's son, and another shall call himself Britain, Denmark, Germany, France, Lombardy, Normandy, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Estonia, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Australia, and New Zealand. On a thousand thousand hills my people build their homes, and my sun sets not upon them so that both day and night am I alive and well inside their eyes and hearts, ministering unto them and bringing my goodness into this world of mine.
  6. Thus, says the Lord, to all these Adam Lands and Nations, all their hills and valleys, isles, peninsulas, and rivers, I am your redeemer, and I am the first and last, I live only in you and no one else. Keep yourselves separate from all the people of the serpent seed and remain safe forever, and come inside your heart and rest in me, beside your breath, your very life, beside me, here, in you.
  7. I have appointed all the ancient and the modern people, cast them like nets across the land, to take these lands and possess them.
  8. Fear not, for fear is only evil in you. Cast it out. It is not me but he who is in the world, the evil serpent who casts doubt within his twisted snares. Have I never told you, from the day I made you, there is no God but me? For there is no God but the Lord who is in your heart, Adam, for, I, who know all things, know not any who is there except for me, and certainly no other beings who are the same as me are there around. For I am the One and Only. There is no other God but me.
  9. They who make light of me, who reduce me to rags, those who cast their own nets about you and engulf you in their schemes and take you from me, I shall render small again. There shall be no more flags and shields of armies nor of government. Their seals of state I shall destroy, and no one shall make you worship them again.

    The True God Is Inside Adam Only, Not in the Serpent’s Idols of Government and False Knowledge


  11. For the free Adamic man is ruled by God alone, within his heart,
  12. and when another man steps out and harms another, I will deal with it. So there is no need for governments, police, or prisons, nor other means of ruling you in place of me. For these societal idols become like gods. They are corrupted beings, playthings of the devil. They are soon controlled as usual by the serpent seeds. For the serpent people have cunning, devilish minds that grant them easier access to the government. For a serpent can control almost any hillside from a single rock, where he hides, coiled and ready for the strike.
  13. The rituals and offices of government are false and evil idols. Do not bow down to them. Do not recognize their power. Refuse to know them. If they have power where you live, respect that power with rigid disdain. For you are only an entrapped animal who respects the metal claw that holds fast his leg and makes him slowly die for lack of nourishment. For they have made you feel your pain by means of your imprisonment within their walls.
  14. You are held within your home, under house arrest, where their policemen and their armies wave their swords and guns at you, and threaten you with prisons, hangmen's nooses, and other threats which are their means to control your comings and your goings, to let you know that you are taken prisoner by them and shall remain their dutiful slave as long as you live.I will hew down these trees of governments and philosophies that ensnare my Adams, so that you may pull your leg free at last from the iron claw traps they made for you and that hold you.
  15. I shall hide your children from the educator who wishes to obscure the living God within their hearts with other gods that rest like strange manmade fruit upon the teacher's fraudulent and corrupting desk.
  16. In this regard, I shall cut apart the idols of false Jews who claim that they are Jews but are not, all of their quazi "Ism-Gods", the Gods they have made with their own corrupted minds to fool you. Those gods called communism, bolshevism, socialism, conservatism, liberalism, constitutionalism, libertarianism, Americanism, Englandism, Mexicanism, Freudianism, all the sciences, the mathematical disciplines, the engineering and agricultural sciences, and a thousand other of their gods, and like them, make they also the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, all the icons of powerful idolatry they cast upon you as your "choice" of gods within their limited serpent seeded gazes, using these manmade and inferior creations as idols to blind you so that you are kept far away from me.


Adam to Not Attend the Serpent’s False Churches


  1. Keep yourselves separate from these minor and false gods, and from the serpent seed who create them. For they are only there to consume you in a war of words, and thus distract you from your view of me, and make you weak like them. For in their hearts is Satan's will, the adoration of themselves, ejection of all Godly men of Adam's flesh for whom they long to kill and maim. For should they silence you, their world will be completed.
  2. Therefore, ignore their gods, and pray inside to me. Pray not inside their churches, temples, mosques, and synagogues, for there I am not. These are dead places. They are merely businesses of the false God worship, where those who never knew me, pretend to know me, then sell me to others for a profit, using statues, books, songs, and music to achieve an atmosphere that takes the place seem to be of me but which are far away from me. For they are as atheist as any other believers in a false god.

    God Lives Inside Adam’s Living Seed Lines Only, Not in the Dead Buildings of the Churches


  4. For I am real, and I am only inside Adam's sons. How then, my being inside you, could you hope to find me in another place than you? For into other places go I not, but only inside you. To sit inside a church, while I sit inside you, is but the height of folly. For whether you are sleeping or awake, eating or fasting, running or sitting, working or playing, always am I with you, in you, present in your every breath. Why then would you look elsewhere for me? Nothing is more foolish.

    Non-Adamic People are Serpent Seed, the Evil Ones, Who Seek to Murder God’s Holy People


  6. As for those who are the mamzers, Negroes, Jews who say that they are Jews but are not Jews, Chinese, Japanese, and persons of mixed blood with both Adam and the serpent seed inside them, therein do I not live, for they are evil ones, who wish to kill me.
  7. For you and I are one, and you, as Adam, are their killing fields. Do not go near them. Do not borrow, buy, or deal with them. Remove them from your nations. For their hatred of you is immense. It is eternal. It shall never end. Satan is their Father. Yet your father, Adam, is of me. For I breathed into his lips and lungs, and in his seeds I come and go, into all his children, holding fast, I seize their bodies, minds, and souls, impart my Spirit to their ways, and make of them the world's most beautiful and healthy people.
  8. For they are in my image, thus, they blush with all my power, their blood and life rushing through their cheeks, for my own life is rushing here and there within them, and when they sleep, I am their protector, standing sword in hand, upon their chests, my feet positioned with all my holy warmth from within their inner selves wherein I am standing tall for them.
  9. And in the days, do I discuss with them their choices, give them counsel, wisdom, knowledge, all the Godly gnosis in the world, and even in their footsteps do I walk.
  10. Therefore, I shall burn down the houses of the serpent's icons, burn out all of their governments and armies, waste their offices, and destroy their roads and airports. All the means of reaching Adam’s son and making him their pawns, shall I make as nothing. When they build a road, I shall come behind them and over-turn their concrete, smashing it to dust, and planting trees and thorns.
  11. And, you, my Adam sons, shall never work with them, and, even in weakness, shall you turn your backs on them, utilizing passivity and negative resistance, all performed without weaponry, anything to keep them from attacking you, until the time I choose to kill them and release you from their slavery.
  12. As long as you believe in me, and come to me within your heart, and speak with me inside, then shall I hold at bay these serpent’s icons of idolatry, especially their governments and agencies and armies and police, for they shall never know that you and I are one, for there is no church where you have entered, nor any synagogue nor temple, nor some mosque, so how shall they ever know you are of me?
  13. Only I know this, and I shall never tell them, for I do not associate with serpent seed or with their idols.
  14. Only consider your heart, and I am there with you. If you ever consider their serpentine idols, I shall leave you, and you shall be alone. For it is either their idols of government and philosophy and all their other serpent seeded uselessness, or me, whom you can really trust and use to your refinement and protection. For their protection is merely of the shadows, a form of window dressing to hide the evil behind the curtain where they lurk to kill you, as they have always done, for they are serpents. You are not. And, so, they hate you, always.
  15. For I have shut their eyes to all that I attain, so that they see not me nor my people, for I have hidden my people among the serpent seed, as does the devil always hide the serpent seed among the flesh of Adam, who are my people, in order to kill Adam. I do the same. The serpent seeds, like Adam, are weeds with the various gardens, yet Satan is no match for Adam, who shall overcome them within their unholy gardens and burn them all away. For I am the power and the glory and the conscience of mankind who lives inside Adam's sons forever, never in the godless hearts of serpent seed people who are bent on Adam's death.
  16. Remember your Father, Adam, in whom I come to live, in you. For I have blotted out the darkness in the heart of night, made bright the day of sunlight and have placed the moon in phases high above the nations.

    Adam’s Sins Forgiven


  18. Thus, also, have I blotted out your sins and transgressions, even concerning how you let the serpent seeds inside your nations, how you deal with them, treat them as equals, forget their evil hatred for your kind, their deep desire to kill you for they cannot be like you and thus they hate you quietly inside their snake-like hearts.
  19. For you, my sons, have returned unto me, come inside to see and hear me, intertwined within my loving soul inside your breath and heart where I set forth domain and stay forever yours.

    Adam’s Sons to Travel to the Stars and Inhabit Trillions of New Worlds in God’s Loving Arms


  21. Sing, O Heavens, for the Lord has created.
  22. Shout, you low life men of serpent seed, for the Lord shall mete out death for you for having persecuted me.
  23. For Adam's sons are mine, not yours, and I shall spread forth all the stars of heaven as their own, but not a star to you.
  24. All galaxies and planets have I nestled into orbits for their future ships to find and settle, and, since Adam's sons are self-sufficient, free, and need no outside force to make them right, as they have me inside to comfort and to guide them, thus, shall all these worlds be free of mamzers and their idols. For only they and God their Lord inside their breath shall be there turning all the universe’s alien sod, and growing crops to bless and feed the powerful God within them.
  25. I am the Lord who formed you even before the womb, then through the womb have I followed you, through all of your seed, as long as it is pure and not adulterated with the seed of Satan's kind. Down through the ages have I come, to live and sing inside you, and to stretch forth my arm to hold the swords and guns which you must have to kill the mamzer hordes and forge your way into the lands that I have meant for you to have.
  26. All these worlds and planets have I given you. On them have I placed rivers, oceans, mountains, valleys, and so many trees that you could never build so many houses for your sons and daughters to deplete them, for I would not let you, and, as I am in your heart, and no mamzers shall there be within these realms, then, so, shall there be only wise use of the land and resources I have created there for you, as it should be.
  27. And you shall till your fields, and hunt your game, and cook delicious foods, and, when your lips shall taste the gravies of these worlds which you shall place upon your plates, so then, shall I, too, taste them all, for inside you I am, and there I sense those things you sense; for you and I are one.
  28. In a trillion trillion Adams do I live, from ancient times to future ancient times, from earth to all the stars. And in their homes and beds, I dance as they impart me to their newborns, and when their eyes are opened firstly to their natal day, so, too, are mine awakened once again, and, when they cry and stretch and rest inside their parents' arms, so too do I rest sweetly inside them, and feel the love and warmth of your fine homes.
  29. Adam, never was a God so blessed, as I am blessed in you.


Chapter 45


The Lord Blesses Northern Europe and Curses Israel, Land of the Vile Judeo-Bolsheviks Who Hate the Sons of Adam


  1. Thus said the Lord to Russia, England, and the United States, that he shall unlock the key to Israel, that adolescent head-strong serpent seed state of killers who poses falsely as the people of the Lord, yet are of Cain. For these Israelis are the vilest serpent seed, almost all of them are atheists, and of those few mamzers there who say that they believe in God's existence, thus says the Lord, Not one of them shall ever have the Lord within his heart.
  2. Thus said the Lord to Russia, England, and the United States, I shall give you all the land of Israel wiped clean of Bolsheviks, those evil men, posing as God's children, their hands dripping with the blood of the innocent Baltic and Russian sons of Adam, my blue-eyed and blonde haired children, born of my sacred Adam's flesh, whom they murdered for their pleasures, for these are the Judeo-communists of Russia's Commissariat, the KGB, and the Judeo-communists of Poland, Germany, and all the Baltic States, the false Jews, the Marxist atheist Bolshevik Jews, who claim that they are Jews and yet are not, those people in Jerusalem and who falsely say they are Israelis, but are only those criminals of Russia who murdered many Adams in their gulags where thousands of Semitic guards extracted suffering upon my people, Adam, and who now continue to commit similar and vile murders on the Arabs all around them.
  3. For murder is their name, their blessing, and their curse. They never seem to stop. The knife that slits the throat of their defeated victims, slits the throat also through which they breath. For millions they have murdered rise upon their graves and shout, demanding all their Jewish blood to pay for their past wrongs, and all their present tortures, murders, and atrocities. Thus says the Lord, I hand these Bolsheviks to you, and you shall kill them all. Leave not one alive, for they are cursed beyond redemption. I will go before you, opening their gates, causing them to argue, to publish books about their crimes, admitting all their guilt to the entire world, where now they hide it, utilizing their foul ownership of all the presses they can buy.
  4. In Israel, there are no hidden riches, only future death. For all they own are nuclear weapons, tanks, and guns. They are a bastion of armaments, collected for one thing: Collective war against the Men of Adam's Race. For these are men of serpent seed, cursed through all of time, yet posing as Adam’s friend, so they can kill Adam’s sons.
  5. For it is only within Adam, in whose breath I live. I named him for his "blush." For the word "Adam" means, "the man who blushed." In Adam alone out of all the people in the world, does God reside, and in Adam only, and not in other men.
  6. The murdering ones, the Jews, shall never blush, and thus you know they are not Adam's sons, although they swear to God that this is what they are. It is not so.
  7. I am the Lord, and there is none other, no God beside me. I reside inside the breath of Adam only. No one else shall know me. For the others say they worship me, yet they only think I love them, for I hate them. All that they can do is to "believe in God," but they shall never see me, as the Sons of Adam who are Sons of God, see me.

    The Lord is Only in Adam and The Lord is the Creator of All Things Who Sees and Knows All For All of Time


  9. I create the light, the dark, the wind, the rain, the seas, for I am everything you see, and I am also nothing that you see. For what you see is me inside you, Adam's child, where I exist in you to teach you, lead you by the hand within your inner garden.
  10. All the storms and earthquakes have I made which make men curse me, for they do not see that I have done these things to punish their transgressions, bring them low, that they may know my awesomeness and feel my justice. For my arm is stretched a thousand miles across their realms. I flick away their useless armies like a swarm of gnats batted back by swirling hands, for they to me are as nothing.
  11. Righteousness is through my portal, which is Adam. Salvation shall not come, unless I say so. And who are you to question what I do or me?
  12. Woe unto him who fights with his Creator. He is like an automobile that argues against Henry Ford and tells him what he is, yet Ford designed his form, his style, his engine, and his brakes. Shall the car say to Henry Ford, Why did you make me? Why did you think I'd believe you made me, Mr. Ford? Evil shall befall the child who scolds his father, saying, What have you beget? Or tells his mother, What have you birthed?
  13. Concerning the work of my hands, all these eons, as I created and moved the pieces that walk upon this world, all these species, all these things, all these people, they are all my work and no one else has made them.Ask me of the future. I will tell you all. For I have known it all forever. All the ancient things I knew before they happened, well before, and even now, I know them.
  14. I have raised up Adam every time he fell, bestowed upon him walls of stone and iron, weapons of destruction, and the bravery to see that he prevails.

    The Lord Protects Adam; He Tells Adam to Give Up the Judeo-Idols and Only Look to The Lord in His Heart


  16. Thus said the Lord, concerning Japan and China: They shall fall beneath your feet, bow down before you, and disarm. Whatever you may ask they shall perform, because I am in you and not in them, so surely shall I see that you prevail.
  17. Verily, the Lord exists and is a wonder to behold. Look not outside, but peer within, for if you are of Adam's flesh, inside he waits for you to come, to peer into himself, to feed upon his Spirit, and to know the joy that strength and kindness bring.
  18. Those who worship all the idols of the Jews—the governments, philosophies, technologies, media, publications, libraries, universities, schools, and sciences—shall be ashamed. Their lives have they made to their confusion, for they see me not. For I am not these idols, not these fairy powers, but I am real, and I am not outside above you, but am within you, in you, seeing all that you do see.


The Salvation of the Sons of Adam Come from The Lord Within the Heart of Adam's Sons and Nowhere Else


  1. I shall save you, O Adam, for your salvation is my power in you, for you to fight for your dominion over all the other races of mankind, and to remain perfectly separate, unmixed with them. For every mixture of yourself with their vile serpent seeded flesh will make your children into serpent seed as well. For one drop ruins the whole and brings damnation's serpent bite upon your children's blushing faces for eternity, for in these serpent seeds of quasi-Adam sons I do not enter in. For I stay only in the truest seeds of Adam, and never in the Mongrels do I walk.

    The Lord Stays only in Adam’s Sons and Not in Serpent Seed. The Serpents Are Forever Cursed.


  3. Thus, say I, the Lord, I who made the Heavens and the Earth and all that are within and on and up above it, I am the separated holy one, the only Lord thy God, and only you contain my Spirit, no one else.
  4. The non-Adamic people are of serpent flesh, devoid of God, and listless in their hearts, and all they wish is your extinction.
  5. I have entered into the seed of Adam not to be annihilated by your falling from my words through integration, immigration, and miscegenation, entering the vast perdition of eternal serpent seed, devoid of my eternal Spirit. Those of you who disobey and integrate or immigrate, both in and out, the mamzer stock of Satan's seed, shall die for it. For I have always forbidden this to you, my sons, and if you disavow my covenant and squander your most holy seeds by mixing them with those of serpents, born of Satan, then surely you shall die.
  6. Assemble your nations and come. Together, we shall commune. All of you who escaped the guns and executions of the vile Judeo-Bolsheviks, those false Jews who called themselves Jews but were not, come here, and look inside and see me. In me there is no usury, no parasitic governments, police, or armies, only power, the power of inner seed, that I have entered into with you, seeding all the world with God through your commingling with your stock and with no other. Bring your children near and let me look upon them, see them with their eyes through which I see all things. Will you say to them there is no other God but me, and I am also them? That I reside in Adams only, never in the seeds of serpent men? To stay away from other races, never deal, or buy, or sell to them? Never live close to them? Never breed with them for all your children by them will be Satan's and never mine, and they shall I curse forever?
  7. Look inside yourself, for I am there. No idol of government, philosophy, or science shall you ever place before me. These are all of serpent seed, those who live without a God like me, for know that there is only one of me, and only one of you whom I have made for me to live within, and I am inside you and not in serpent seeds, for they have I forever cursed.
  8. I shall tell you this, that someday all shall come to you and bow and then shall I extinguish them, commit them to eternal death and void, so that they never shall come near you, never harm you, never wipe you out through integration, immigration, marriage, or association of any sort.
  9. For I the Lord am one, and I the Lord have chosen Adam only, for only Adam have I made with my own hands, breathed into with my breath, and set in him my seed forever to be transferred to all generations of his progeny, as along as he is pure of flesh and never marries or associates with men of serpent seed. Do these things for me and for yourselves, and I shall always live within your hearts and make you strong as iron, and you shall fly into the stars and propagate my seed to all the universe. And as you fly, so shall I love you in your hearts, and be with you, a standard bearer and a source of wonderment.


Chapter 46


The Lord Warns Adam's Sons of the Judeo-Bolshevik Menace


  1. New York bows down to power and wealth. Washington succumbs to Empire building and its evil ways, even bringing mamzers home to bewilder all the sons of Adam inside her shores, infest his Godly seed with that of serpent men, the deadliest infection in the world, the one I warned against, the one that cuts off Adam from my hope and my refined internment in his heart, to give him power and all the sense of wisdom he can ever gather.
  2. All the men of European stock bow down before their governmental idols, swarming full of refugees of serpent stock, bent on their annihilation, the usurping of the blessings I bestowed on them.
  3. Is there some other God like me? Step forth and show him. Show not your money or your gold, your fine electric toys, you new communications, presses, and the like, all of which the mamzers own and use to tear you from me, make you reach for things of him who walks within the world, not me who walk within your heart and soul.

    The Lord Commands Adam's Sons to Annihilate the Serpent Seed and Grab the Scepter of Universal Inheritance


  5. Listen carefully to me, O European Nations, Men of Adam, that small remnant of the progeny that Adam spawned into my world. I am here for you, to guide you through what you must do. Annihilate the serpent seed, for times are late, and they conspire to kill you off, to make of your extinction sure and fast, forever cleansed from this, my world, your destiny to reach and settle planets in the stars above, broken and ended before it starts.This is my pledge, that, I shall kill you if you do not kill them, for if you hesitate, for they strike you dead each day within their presses, banks, and governments, then shall you die before I lift my arm.
  6. Each drifting mamzer brought into this world seeks only death for you. Why, then do you intend to tolerate your murderers? Because you hate the Lord and want me dead? I live in you, Adam. When they kill you, they kill me. It is me they want. If they kill you, I am dead, or so they think.
  7. Yet, I would make another Adam, for I cannot die, one so strong he cannot fail to kill them off, and in his heart I'd reign. Yet in my heart of hearts, O Adam, I would grieve for you, for I would miss your pretty smile, your blushing faces, eager to be good, to follow righteousness, eschew the bad, and to develop all the things of which I made you concentrate and act upon.
  8. I shall therefore never let you die, my sons, nor let the people of the serpent seed survive you. Never shall that happen. I shall stay by you throughout all times, and fight for your sure victory, for I am here committed to your goals, to settle all the lands, wipe out the men of evil.
  9. Understand, my Son, when their annihilation comes, you shall be free of Satan, and shall have an open door to righteousness, and health, and strength, and you shall settle all of my wondrous galaxies that I have made within these universes, some of which you cannot even dream, so beautiful they are, beyond compare, that they shall dazzle in your beauteous eyes forever.
  10. I am the beginning and the end, yet I can never end. All ancient times, I know, for I was there. Even before you entered all of these vast worlds and times, I knew you. I held you in my arms, until you came into this realm, and when you die, I'll hold you also, and, as you live, I also hold you.
  11. All the gold and precious gems are not the likes of me. For I am worth more than everything that is, for I am all the sum and total of these things, plus more. There is nothing greater than I am, not even all the aggregate that I created. All the substance in these worlds that sparkle as they spin within their orbits around the many planetary stars, as does the Earth, contain my works. My various moods reflect themselves in different ways, so differently that you shall be amazed as you sail forth to take upon yourself these things that I have made for you, these planets, asteroids, frozen chunks of matter, floating endlessly within my cosmic dance.
  12. I have discerned the end from the beginning and the beginning from the end, the resurrection and re-sparking as the bands of time wind down, renewing all these things in splendor, entering realms as yet predating their creation, yet I shall create them, all in their due time. These things I offer you, my Son, my Adam.
  13. Hearken unto me. Be ravenous in your blessed Man Spirit for my God Spirit. Drink of me forever, as I drink of your own spirit all the time. Like Father, like Son. We are the matched set that never can be broken, forever connected at all points within the grand continuum, for I am you and you are me, and we are one, and as I am I am, so also am I in you, all the time.
  14. Adam, in you, I am most blessed.


Chapter 47


The Condemnations of Israel by The Lord's Own Prophecies


  1. Israel, thou whore of mankind, serpent seed nest of vipers, come you down and sit upon the ground, naked and without your jewelry, clothing, gold, spices, and contracts by which you have bound and harmed my people whom I made with my own hands, the Sons of God, my people who are the Sons of Adam and no others in the world are of me, the Lord.
  2. Israeli women, you daughters of Satan, you are undone by me. No more shall you be called tender and delicate. Israeli women, you daughters of the Serpent, supremely cunning and wicked of all nations, take the chains about your ankles and wrists which I have placed upon you and gently move them so that you do not cut yourself more than you have with your sinful ways already, for I mean to have you work for your meals until your time ends, only now shall you work for food with your own hands, and not with the innocent and muscled hands of the Men of Adam, my Sons, whom you defamed and called in your sadistic Talmud "cattle for the slaughter."
  3. For now I shall punish you for this ultimate of sins, for Adam is the hope of Mankind, the only hope, and you, like the Negroes are anathema, and a cursed seed. Nowhere in the world are you wanted, for you have shamed yourself in every nation. Your nakedness shall be seen by all of the earth's people, and you shall even be lower than the Africans. Your private parts do they laugh at, and the black men slide themselves inside you, even if you do not wish them to do so, and force you to have their babies, the same as you had propagandized the children of Adam to do. Now, then, so shall you do this, until your seed is black as coal, and your minds as thoughtless and devoid of soul, as that of the black man, for this is my punishment: To make you do that which you wished for Adam, my son, to intermix and ruin your seed, which was already ruined, as you are the serpent seed and of no value to the Lord.
  4. You have run out your time. Those who bowed before your schemes, signed your crooked contracts, tried to befriend you to their undoing, they now shall see your undoing at the hands of the Lord, he who breathes inside Adam and no other men.
  5. As for the redeemer of Adam, the Lord is his name, and Holy One of Adam, and he resides only in his breath, his heart, and his courage. Nowhere else do I roam, but strictly in Adam's temple, which is his living self.
  6. Israel, land of the false Jews who claim they are Jews but are not, for hear me, the Lord, the God who is in Adam only, for you are killers, Bolsheviks, twisters of rational minds into a sarcophagus of filthy philosophies, books filled with vile articulated words, sounding strong with intellect, but merely false as is everything else you have done here on earth, for you are of serpent seed, and all who are of this seed are evil and dangerous to Adam. And you are, therefore, the enemy of the Lord, who is Lord of Adam and the only God there is and ever was,
  7. O Israel, you false Jew nation, sit silent and in darkness forever, Oh daughter of the Chaldeans, who are the Babylonian soothsayers, no more shall you falsely be called the Chosen People of God, for you never were, and it was all lies, twisted in your deceptive minds only to defeat the Sons of Adam and deflect their Spirit, which is the Spirit of the Lord. For you, Oh, serpent seed nation, are of the Devil. Therefore, you are ingenious, deeply sick, and twisted on a cross of dross metals. And like the serpent who is your father, you pull yourself across the land, slithering like your crippled father, the light pouring from his old, gaping wounds, like erroneous sparks, beams of light, falsely golden, artificially silver, bolting from him into the awaiting and hungry soil.
  8. I was angry with Adam, and I polluted many of him, for I handed him over to you to punish, placing his gentle and pure soul into your hands, which are the hands of the serpent's lies. You showed him no mercy. You entangled him in debts from which he could not escape. You attached his farms, homes, streets, businesses, cities, schools, states, and nations. Even a flimsy United Nations, did you invent and then control to Adam's detriment, orchestrating his harm through a vicious compendium of third world mamzer peoples, all of whom, like you, dropped from the same serpent seeds, passed down through the generations, with the same serpent's hatred of Adam. For I was inside Him. And he was a wonderful race, unlike the others who were mean, uncivil, and dull of mind, like you, O Israel, whom I am punishing for your viciousness and continuous streams of iniquities against my people.
  9. And you, false Jewish peoples who are liars about your Jewish ancestry, for you are not Jews at all, but are a whore of many whores, listen to me, you harlot, for you are an evil woman, filled with hatred. You have never bedded down with good, but only with the bad. To you, all things evil made you strong. You have whored incessantly around the entire world, embedding your vile and painful fingernails into the hearts of my precious children, until Adams, in multitude, quaked beneath your vicious scorn and exploitation. Like the harlot you are, Israel, your loveliness is short in passing, but your old age is spent in desperation. All of your holdings are taken from you, your falsely gotten goods destroyed, and you shall work all the remainder of your days, in the same manner as you treated Adam.
  10. For you did think you were better than the Children of God who breathe my breath, and, being serpent seed, your ego told that you were better than my sons? Did you believe what you pretended your ugly self to be, but in reality, you never were, O Israel, and you never shall be? You are as dirt beneath the hooves of a knight's horse. No one thinks of you, except to step upon your sodden face. A cruel hoof print now rests where your false beauty, made of ointments, salves, and jewelry once hovered, smeared in mud right there in place of your true face, which was the face of a diseased and wanton harlot, willing to do anything for money and false power and the wrong glory.
  11. From your eyes, only darkness shone, for they were the snake eyes of an evil woman, soaking up the light into your black hole of self fulfillment and greed. For you believed that all things were made to fall into your hands, but you were wrong, and now I have made you pay for this mistake.
  12. Now hear the Lord of Adam, the only God in all of my universes, for there is none other but me: You were given to pleasures and to a false sense of security that came with easy wealth taken from the innocents, the Children of God, Adam, in whom I pleasure, not in you. In your minds, high up over the backs of Adam who worked for you in accordance with your cheating contracts, agreements with wicked clauses, too small to read, which deprived him of his self respect and livelihood, you felt secure, a feeling that was only in your mind, for you were not secure and never were, for your day of reckoning was always coming, the day of nakedness upon the sand where I have forced you to sit, to lie down, to squirm, and to weep for yourself in grief and displeasure.
  13. In only a mere swipe of my hand, what you believed would never come, has come down hard upon you, and you cannot escape. Your children are taken from you, and so are your husbands, and you are a widow and a mother with no child, weeping for their closeness which will never come again. These are the deserved ends of your sorceries and the innumerable tricks you committed against Adam's sons in whom I breathe.
  14. For you trusted in your wickedness, and your iniquity has bitten you with the same serpent bites that you sank into the thighs of Adam all those many years of his captivity within your scheming cities where you had your way with him. For you trusted in your great abundance which you had amassed from the work of others, especially Adam, my sons, that they would always preserve you in your abilities to corrupt the leaders of the governments whom you enticed to help you in the destruction of my people. In trusting wickedness and abundance, you were blinded, yet you always were, for being serpent seed born, you could never see me and denied that I existed.
  15. Therefore did the evil you feared come upon you unawares, for I saw you but you saw me not, for I had blinded you so that my strikes were from nowhere, as you saw them not come at you. You were easy prey in such a world of darkness, in which your father, the Devil, had cast you, in making you of his seed, and not of mine.
  16. All mischief comes upon you from the dark side, in which you reside, for you see not that which is light and good and moral, only that which is forbidden, empty of fullness, and material in aspect, for you have no heart, no soul, no Spirit, but were blinded by your greed.
  17. Thus, your nakedness and desolation. It has come upon you in the drooping of an eyelid, and, even before it was closed, the trap I set was upon you, snapped about your wicked claws forever, and you shall never escape it.
  18. Stand up now using your enchantments, and watch me slap you down. For you shall never again stand upright. Like the snake from which you were procreated in your dysfunctional mannerisms, you shall crawl upon your bellies, and all mankind shall see you and scorn.
  19. The multitude of your sorceries, including your bibles, synagogues, mosques, and churches, all of which you falsely spun from the devil's handiwork and passed off as mine, has come to do you in, rendering you as nothing.
  20. For each nail that you hammered into the hands and feet of Adam, ten more shall I hammer into your hands and feet, so that when you feel his nails, the ones you placed inside Adam's body, so you shall also bleed ten times more than Adam did, losing more than enough blood to die from it, yet I will not let you die. For I intend to extend your torture and your pain, and I will see to it that it lasts six million times longer than you tortured Adam, and I shall delight in the taste of your constant screams. For six million is the number of the evil ones. For I do not live in books and psalms, nor in churches or other structures, but only in the bodies of Adam who are my sons, in whom I am proud, and in whom my very breath is alive and well. All of your enchantments and sorceries, and all of the nails you placed inside of Adam, have been insufficient to dislodge my Spirit from my sons around the world, and, being hidden inside them, unknown to you, all you did to destroy me, only worked you the harder and from it you received only confusion and more hate for my beautiful sons and daughters whom I love and live within.
  21. All of your false teachers, priests, rabbis, Sufis, counselors, and psychiatrists—none of which has ever spoken the truth but only lies spun by you at different ages in the past as times and cultures—have created immense suffering, but in reality, they have done nothing to permanently harm Adam's sons, for they are as strong as before, and as many, for I have made the Sons of Adam to be fruitful and to multiply despite your evil tricks, and, in the future, they and I shall kill you and all the other mamzer races in which your evil swirls, and in which you deal, once and for all, for this world has no place for serpent seed, for it is evil, cunning, and seething with the chaos of your despair.
  22. Now that I am here, pushing you into the dirt and sand, in your nakedness and filth, unwashed, never to be washed again, let your stargazers, monthly prognosticators, NEWS commentators, leftwing university professors, and other seers save you from these things I have placed upon you. Let them remove one nail I have placed inside you. I dare you to make me stop my punishment of you. Call them all forth here and now, and make them stop me. Ha. You make me smile with your wretchedness and your suffering. For they cannot save you, for they are like chaff just as you are.
  23. They are wastrels, and their words are mere cracks spewing lava in the continental crust, spreading wider and wider with time into grandiose geologic faults, aglow with the pain of bubbling rocks. I shall make the earth quake and fill their mouths with lava, and when it cools, their lips shall move no more, and their words shall be doomed to silence forever, and they shall harden into stone, never to be heard again.
  24. For I have made all of your instruments of propaganda and religious ecstasy into the uselessness which they always were. They shall not comfort you again, nor shall you use them against my peoples, hammering them like mental nails into their innocent minds. For wherever you exist, you shall be naked and mistrusted, not allowed to open your mouths, and eventually I shall utterly destroy you so that, as the snake you are, you can never bite anyone again.


Chapter 48


The Lord Exhorts the Many Nations of Adam Around the World to Gather and Look at The Lord inside Their Hearts of Goodness


  1. Hear this, O Adam, Listen, All you nations of Adam's seed, all the people and sons of Adam, in whom I am manifested in your breath and in your hearts, I who flush red within your face's lustrous blush by which I named you "Adam: He Who Blushes Red with God's Blood and Life Force," hear your Lord, Adam.
  2. You are come out from the lands and isles where I have hidden you.
  3. Though you have suffered at the hands of the serpent seed, for you have abused me sorely by adulterating your nations with vermin including Negroes, false Jews who say that they are Jews but are not but are the seeds of Satan, the aborigines whom I had hoped you would extinguish, Asians, and Mongrels, I have come back inside you, gathered all of you together, to save you and make you well.
  4. Look inside your hearts, each son of mine, each Adam child, and see my face inside you where I rest and speak with you. Hear and feel me in your breath, for I have been there always, only in you, and in no other men but Adam's sons.
  5. If you are yellow, black, or brown, you cannot blush, for you are not of the Lord. Instead, you are of evil, of serpent seeds, the children of the devil. And if you cannot blush, then you cannot have me in your heart, for I shall not come through you, for you are madness, and I am goodness. I cannot coexist inside you, ever.
  6. My people are the Sons of Adam. They shall call themselves the Holy People, Children of God, the Good Ones. And they shall dwell with me inside them always. In their hearts, they shall always find me. Deep within their reddened faces when they blush, my life and being glows inside them, red as a Russian rose, starkly crimson, shining in the whiteness of their skins. This is my miracle and my appearance, for I am blood of Adam, flesh and blood, made man and God inside of him.
  7. Do not question me about this. You are men, not gods, and only one of me exists, and only I shall know the fullness of the meaning of my words, so do not try to fathom the Lord. For what I am is you, yet not you, for I am more than you, yet you are me. Do not question what this means. Only know it. Feel it. Live it. For it is my gift to Adam's sons forever.
  8. I have declared the world's happenings, including these words, from the beginning, and all that has happened and will ever happen come through me, things that I declared before what you call "time's beginning," for I was always here, and, therefore, as I am in you, even before you were made by my loving Father hands, and even before my breath lusciously ran from my mouth into yours and down into your lungs, you were here always.

    The Evils of Integration Denounced


  10. Because I knew you in your predestined being, not yet formed, but waiting inside me to emerge into your world, I knew that you would betray me, invite into your worlds the Mongrel men, the seeds of Satan, Negroes, Aborigines, Asians, and false Jews who say that they are Jews but are not Jews, and would adulterate your nations with these evil dross creatures of Satan's seed lines.
  11. You even told yourselves that they were equal, when your very eyes showed you they were not, for they were different, more violent, deceitful, criminal, and of low estate, many of limited intelligence, barely able to function, yet you taught yourself to lie, to say that they were your equal, and for this I let the false Jews who are not Jews but say they are, punish you severely, for I was angry with you, for you forsook me for mamzers, preferring them to me, for you knew that I did not like them, yet you chose to be with them and confound me in your heart. You destroyed my image, mating with them, working with them, living next door to them, having them wait upon you hand and foot, so that all I saw from your eyes were serpent seed, the devil deep inside their eyes, for I could see him in them.
  12. I have shown you hidden things, and new things, from time to time, and always, I showed you they were different. Were they not darker? Were their pronunciations not defective? Where their only thoughts of money, not of love, of biting Adam’s innocent and God-blessed arms? For I made Adam for love, not money. All the others, those of Satan seed, are guided toward the beggar's cup, always begging for more and more, hoping you would toss one coin after another to them.
  13. Which you did, to your discredit and to my disdain of you. You integrated with them, all those serpent seed, despite my laws against them coming near you. Finally, you told yourselves that they were better than you were, that you deserved to disappear within your nations, to go quietly into that darkness of annihilation that the devil plans for you, but which I, the Lord, abhor and fight against in your behest.

    How Jewish Nails Were Painfully Placed Into Adam's Sons


  15. Behold, my Adam's sons, I have created you to save you, keep you close, to hold and love you, feel your breath, which is our lives, pumping in and out of you each moment of our lives, flushing redly in your face, for there is this inside you always, a thing like the full life and pumping blood of God inside you which I am, being the Lord. And, when the false Jews placed nails in you, I bled with you and into you, for they placed nails in I, the Lord, as well, for I am you and no other shall come near me. Their nails pinned us together permanently, bleeding into each. For many years, they tortured you, for you heard me not, or very little, and the prophets came and went, and, the false Jews stirred themselves to kill the prophets, as they like to do, to keep you from my truth, and all the while, did the false Jews nail you to the world, and torture you on account of me, for I was in you and not in them.
  16. For you are born from Seth, the full-brother of Able, who are of me and of my son, Adam, whom I made with my own hands, and of your perfect mother, Eve, whom I pulled from his body at his request. They are Cain, your half-brother, who are of the devil, born out of the monstrous rape of your perfect mother, Eve, by the vile serpent, who was the evil embodiment of imperfection and hatred on earth.
  17. I laid the foundations of the world, and the heavens, and the continents, and the oceans, and into these places came the darkness and the light, and I came also, to bring order from disorder, to weed out the evil in the fields of the Lord, to burn them out and make holy, separate, unadulterated, unbedeviled, and perfect the harvest.
  18. All of you, those who are Adam, assemble here with me. Who among you has declared these things? The lord has loved him. In so loving him, he who is Adam in his heart, has the Lord made Israel low, crushed the harlot's blackened heart of evil, made her naked, so Adam and all his nations laughed at her travail.

  19. The Lord Hammers Six Million Nails Into the Jews for Their Iniquities Against Adam's Sons


  20. For each nail that a false Jew who is not a Jew but says he is had nailed into you, Adam, I shall nail six million nails into him and for six million times longer than they nailed you and bled you on this earth. And you and I shall hear their screams of remorse, but we shall not end their suffering, and, when their suffering ends, so shall they end as well, for I will not suffer these denizens of darkness who have purposely harmed my Adam, trying to destroy him, wipe him out, brought mamzers into his many nations to adulterate and destroy them, to live anymore.
  21. I, even I, have spoken. Come near unto me. Look into your heart. Feel your blushing face. That is the Lord in you. I am I am in you.

    The Lord in Adam Promises to Kill All of the Mamzers Forever So Adam May be Free of Them and Their Hatred for Adam's Seeds


  23. Thus says the Lord, the Redeemer, the Holy One, is Adam and his Sons. For they shall I redeem as I burn out all the mamzers of this world, down to the very last, until Adam is safe from their nails and their contracts and their banks and their cheating which is without end for the devil seed is in them.From now on Adam shall hearken unto my commandments, work for himself and not others, feel me in his heart, be fruitful and multiply, having ten babies each generation, restocking the race of white men to all the corners of the world, and then into the stars and all the planets, which I have made for him to live within.
  24. And I shall lay waste all the serpent seed on earth, so when you travel to the planets, they shall not be here to confront you, cut your life lines, cut you off from your own natal planet, as they would if even one of them remained alive. So, I shall kill them, and your arms shall wield the sword within my hands, for the Lord has spoken, and Adam shall always follow the Lord, for his is a good life, and the good ways are always his in his heart and in his world.

    All of Judeo-Bolshevism Is Annihilated by The Lord's Redeeming Vengeance Against Israel's Serpent Seed


  26. Adam, the Redeemer, through the multitude of your seeds, shall I plant the universe with peace and goodness. And Israel, the evil harlot, and her people, shall I end, that you may live in peace, away from Satan. Not one of them shall be left alive, for each is as repulsive as the other, and none is better, by far, than one, or any of them, for even one is too much.
  27. There is no peace unto the wicked, says the Lord. And yet, when I, the Lord, burn them like stubble, so that they are gone forever, never to return, then, shall they too have peace, for as they are nothing, they shall also feel nothing always, and this is their peace, the peace of burnt and turned stubble that exists no more.

    The Jewish Nails Removed from Deep Inside Adam's Flesh by The Lord

  29. For they thirsted not for the Lord, for the Lord was not in them. Yet the sons of Adam thirsted for me always, even when the nails of the Jews who are not real Jews but lie and say they are Jews, were embedded in his flesh, there also was I to comfort and be with him, for I suffered more than all the Adams in the world, for I am greater than he, and, therefore, suffer I all the more for him.
  30. Adam, I have removed the nails, and multiplied them and their pain into the ones who cast them into you, for their transgressions and their iniquities, and they shall suffer all that you suffered six million times more and six million times longer, for six million is the number of the evil ones.


Chapter 49


The Redeemer of Adam's Sons


  1. Listen, O Isles and Continents, unto me; for I am your heart, your breath, your Lord, and in me does the only God within all universes come to walk and muse within this world called earth. In me, the Lord reclines in majesty. When I am loving, he is loving, too. He watches through my eyes. Whatever world I see, he also sees. Whomever, I love, he loves also. If I lift a rock, he lifts it also. If the river flows around my legs, it flows around the Lord as well.
  2. For the Lord called me from the womb, even from the body of my mother, and inside her as I grew within her waters, the Lord made mention of my name, and he protected me. The Lord has made my mouth and pen like a sharp sword and a fast automobile that travels all the ends of the earth, replicating itself at each crossroad, each home, each room, each door, in which it enters and must choose a way. Into all choices, do I go, my mouth preaching to all the world and into its corners, so that nowhere am I not heard.
  3. The Lord has made of me a polished shaft, faster than lightning, bright as the summer sun, hot and powerful, streaking the night skies like a falling comet with a long white tail flanged in a wild green light round about that amazes all who see it in the quiet shade, and in his blue quiver has he hidden me, and from his quiver has he aimed me at your eyes and ears, and into you and in your heart does his arrow fly, along with my words which come from his very lips.
  4. And the Lord said unto me, and unto you, Thou art my servant, Oh Adam, and in all of your Sons of blushing faces, filled with my resolve, I rush, and I am glorified in you to all the world.
  5. And I said, Surely, Lord, I have labored in vain, my strength counting as nothing, confronted by injustice and the court of wrongs, governments that massively overpowered me in their vast corrupted hands, the playthings of serpent men bent on my destruction, and to kill my work which is the very work of the one and only God, whose eyes see the world through me, whose mouth is my mouth, whose love is my love.
  6. And now, says the Lord unto me and to all the world, the Lord who informed me from the womb to be his servant, as he has informed you, if you were listening, to bring Adam before him, blushing hot and red, the face of God implanted in his countenance, his features bright and shining as the blood within his veins, which is the Holy Blood of God Himself. Though Adam not be gathered, even so I am glorious in the eyes and of the eyes of the Lord, and my God in me shall be my strength.
  7. And he said, it is a thing of redeeming light that you must do, being my servant, to raise up the Sons of Adam, to restore the Garden wherein I made him and his wife, Eve. I gave his children as a light unto the world, unto the planets, and the stars, that all of you shall be my own salvation unto the end of earth and of the many universes, which I prepared for you.
  8. Thus the Lord says, Redeemer of Adam's Sons and Daughters, his Holy One inside his many hearts around the world and all the planets where I intend to send him, I say this: To whatever nation despises my Adam and his Sons, to whatever man harms or seeks to harm him, to whoever seeks to make him a servant of rulers, I shall raise Adam higher than the nations where the mamzers lurk, high above their darkening ways, their crimes, their evils, and their greed, and I shall see that Adam never bows again before them, but they shall bow and worship him, and cry because the Lord has brought them low to punish them and drive them from existence for their sins, that their iniquities shall vanish evermore.
  9. For the Lord has chosen Adam, from the vast beginnings, far before the universes came into existence, for Adam lives inside me, always had, always shall, and I in him shall dwell in holiness and separation lest the seed of serpents twist their sinful selves about his loins and strangle out the Lord within his heart.
  10. But this shall never happen. I shall twist their bodies into wasted shells and sit them out upon the sand, devoid of life and moisture, dry and torn apart, for what they wished to do with Adam, whom I love.
  11. The Kings shall rise up from their graves, also the Popes, the Ayatollahs, Saints, and Rabbis, all the selfish wastrels of the world, especially those who said that I was theirs, as though they owned me, then recycled me for sale to others, using me for profit as a business, and these, afraid from being resurrected into Adam's realm, shall quake and cry, and I shall judge them.
  12. In the sight of the golden sun again, these ancient souls shall be refreshed and full of hope, then find that I condemn them for their sins against the Hearts of Adam's Sons, for all their dry, conniving ways, their dogmas, laws, and regulations, each of which entrapped the many Adams in their worlds across the vast expanse of times in which their empires and religions ruled those worldly parts.
  13. Then, shall I send them once again into perdition, to the darkness of the spirit which they fancied they could sell to others, for they are born of serpent seed, even those of Adam's seed, who worshipped endlessly these serpent gods, but felt me not inside their hearts.


The Redeemer is the Heart of Adam Where The Lord Reclines


  1. The Lord says, the Redeemer is the heart of Adam; he is I who am inside you, for I breathe as you breathe, I love as you love, and I fight when you fight.
  2. For my sword is in your hand, and when you feel me in your heart, bowing your knees before me in supplication to my presence there, then do you worship me and give me your respect, for, though I am yours, though I am in you, so also are you a man, unlike me, yet attached as by a holy vein, a rod that hurls itself into the mountain's rocky sides, a rod filled with gold and silver, plunging down into the mother lode.
  3. There rest I in your heart. I wait. I love. I am the watchman who never sleeps but always remains on guard for your safe passage.
  4. Therefore, I the Lord, say this, O Adam: At the right times I have heard you. In the days of salvation have I helped you. I will preserve you and your seed for all of time, and in the covenant of my kiss upon your father's sacred holy lips, as I breathed my breath into him, and his eyes opened into my eyes, and beheld me in and out of him at once, the only man to ever gaze upon his Lord and live, for it was only in his coming that he saw me, not yet quite alive, yet still a part of me, thus, then he saw me, at that moment did I covenant with him that I would save his seed throughout the ages, placing them in all the stars, in ships throughout the universe, so that my face in his face would shine on all the planets, filled with all my love and power, so that the red wine of my love would be sewn into his face forever.

  6. The Lord Gives Adam's Sons a Trillion Worlds

  8. All the desolate planets, moons and asteroids shall feel the footsteps of the Lord in Adam's shoes, alighting on their sands and crags, his goodness stepping here and there, implanting to each world a sacredness that slides from Adam's heart onto the empty planets' dawn when first man's eyes beheld the sun rise high above the rounding edges of a trillion worlds. All these are yours, my sons.

    The Serpent Seeds Shall be Cast into Perdition Forever


  10. That you may go forth and say to the prisoners, come forth, your cells are opened to these worlds. No more shall chains be fettered to your arms. The mamzers I shall kill, and only you shall walk the stars, for all the serpent seeds shall be dead forever, so that you, the good ones, may walk forward and not look behind at their approaching evil, for I have removed them all from you forever.

    The Universe Shall Bend Its Knee to Adam's Seeds


  12. Step lightly on each planet's rim and peer into the gifts of life and minerals which I have made for you alone, for I am the only God, there is no other, and in you alone, do I reside and give my power. All other life shall bend its knee to you, and in them shall no serpent be, or, if he be in them, then shall I slay them with my sword inside your hand, swinging down a crushing blow, enough to send the strongest dragon down into perdition's darkening maw.
  13. Be not afraid, for your Redeemer is inside you, always there, alive and well, and peering into all your ways. Stand up, and go forth now, Adam, all your trillion trillion sons and daughters, giving light to all these worlds, discovering the vast potential of your bodies, minds, and spirits, all that God inside your hearts has given you from love at the beginning of the first breath that your father took in Eden's Garden where I knelt and kissed his lips, beheld his opening eyes, and flew into his heart forever.
  14. Show yourselves. Be not afraid. All these Adams shall feed their hunger. Their pastures shall rise in all the high places. They shall never hunger anymore, nor thirst, neither shall the heat nor sun smite them; for he who has mercy on them, even he, leads them to the springs and lies down inside him, drinking forever of the life within these sparkling waters. And I will make my mountains, brooks, and meadows all about him, and my highways to and fro shall be exalted, especially shall I made clear the highway from his heart into his consciousness so that he sees me in the outer world reflecting like his image in the sparkling bays, his smile filled with the blush of heaven and the crimson tides of God's sweet lavish love that swims within his face.
  15. Behold, they have come from afar--North, South, East, West, In, Down, and Overhead. Even from the stars, they come. I greet them now. Sing, O Galaxies and Universes, of my love. Oh, Earth, the natal planet whereon Adam breathed his first, and even to the farthest depths of space in which my universes spin in graceful starry planets made for Adam's footfalls, come all my people to Redeem for me these places, fondle them with softest hands, feel all their edges, smell their fragrances, and raise their children into graceful tidings, singing, Oh Lord, I feel you in my heart, Oh Lord, through me you see the universe you crafted with your hands, the hands that made my father and the breath in me that you breathed into me for I am blushing, having floated here, in sweet remembrance, swimming through Adam's blessed and innocent seed lines. For the Lord has comforted his people, made them whole of heart, bereft of devil's darkening ways, innocent and pure as sunlight dancing on a morning stream, and he has mercy on him.


Adam is Afraid and The Lord Reassures Adam of His Wondrous Future


  1. But Adam says:
  2. The Lord has forsaken me, and he has forgotten me.
  3. And the Lord answered:
  4. Can a woman forget her child within her womb? After the child is born and is nursing on her breast, will that same mother not know him?
  5. And will she not again cast compassion on the small fingers of the baby, later, even after he is grown into his larger manhood? And if it were possible, that a woman might forget her only child, yet I, whom am the Lord inside you, Adam, I shall not forget you. This is my solemn promise, Oh Adam, I shall be within you always, to the end of times and times and times, forever more.

    Adam's Image Is Now Engraved on the Hand of God as the Sign that God Shall Always Remember Adam Every Moment


  7. Behold, I have engraved your image on my body and in the palms of my hands, and your walls are continually before me and around me.
  8. I nestle deep inside you, never being gone from you.

    Adam Shall Be Fruitful and the Universe Shall Be His Childrens' Biological and Spiritual Sanctuary Forever


  10. Your children shall come in droves from you and march across the ageless mountains, crafting civil ways throughout my planets, all of which I give to them to own.
  11. No more destroyers shall there be, for all who wasted thee have I already wasted, and their way is clear.
  12. Lift your eyelids, gaze upon the trillion worlds I've made for you. Be not afraid, for I am with you always. I lift my hand, engraved with your own image, and you pour from out my palm to fill these planets full with me. For these are places made of matter, light, and plasma, and you, O Adam, you are likewise made of matter, yet with God combined, and through you come I into Creation's Way to see and feel my properties and swagger in your steps upon my shores, for I am always in you, of you, you of me, for we are one, forever flowing, proceeding each from each and into each, and into all of these many universes.
  13. Lift up your eyes to gaze around yourselves, and see all these whom I have gathered here together, and thus you come to see inside yourselves the Lord, for you do clothe me in your many selves.
  14. For Adam's sons are numerous and vast. Within each Adam resides a beauteous pearl, whose light and brilliance dazzles all the universe at once. I am that pearl. I swim inside your glorious blushing face.
  15. All that harassed you shall be gone forever, banished from these realms, for in their narrowness, shall they slide down into perdition through the sides of time and matter, for I have made their bodies all so thin, their minds so shallow, that nothing here shall hold them. For they have slipped between the cracks and disappeared. They have been swallowed by their own regards and never can return to Adam's plane.
  16. And you and your children shall say, Why have you born me? For this place is too narrow for the richness of my heart. Give me a place where I may dwell. Then shall you say in your heart, just between you and me, the Lord, in personal commitment to me: Who hast begotten you in me and in my people's hearts? For I am lost and I have found you now. I was desolate and captive. I had no children and no future. And who has saved me now? Who has given me all these children?
  17. Behold, I the Lord, I have raised up my hand on which Adam is engraved and brought you forth from the captivity of the serpent seed, wiping them away, leaving you these many worlds to conquer. Bring your sons and daughters in your arms to me, that in your eyes upon them I shall come face to face with myself and so shall you. When you child is born, Oh Adam, I command that you shall place your hand upon their foreheads, and, as you do so, shall their lives and bodies engraved become upon My Own Hand forever, says the Lord.
  18. And when I raise My Hand, they shall come forth from it. For from your hand to mine, shall they come forth into my realm. For your own hand, says the Lord, is likewise, my Hand.
  19. Carry your children upon your shoulders. The dead shall be cast from you forever, but the living shall be yours, and none among them shall enslave you, none shall be of serpent seed, and in your lives no usury shall bind your arms and legs, so all you earn you shall keep, and your families shall prosper.
  20. I have taken from the mighty who were false and evil, all their prey. Even their so-called lawful captives have I delivered to my realms. All the captives of the mighty have I taken away, for the mighty have fallen, the good have arisen to be with me on earth, and the prey of the terrible have I delivered.
  21. Like the songbird that is trained to eat fresh and succulent seeds from the hand of an admiring man, so do my people feed from the graven and furtively writhing image of Adam in my palm, and feed of themselves, for themselves, and by themselves, and in me do they live, and in them do I glory myself and engage all of my many heavens, universes, and peoples.
  22. For none shall contend with Adam, for I will save my children. I will feed them that oppressed you with their own flesh, and they shall be drunk with their own blood, as with sweet wine, and all flesh that survives shall be Adam's flesh, and in their faces shall the sweet red wine of my love flow so that all who live shall bind with me in glory and their faces glorify the first sweet breath of life imparted into Adam's bountiful lips, for I, the Redeemer, and the Lord, I am the Savior and the Mighty One of Adam.
  23. I am your heart, your breath, your life. I am the Lord's red wine that swims within your blushing face, the Lord who dwells each day inside your moving heart.


Chapter 50


The Lord Speaks to the Redeemer, Who is The Lord Himself in Adam's Heart


  1. Thus, says the Lord: Where have all the legalities fled? Where is the settlement of your mother's divorce? Where is the usury note for your house, your car, your farm? To whom have I sold you?
  2. Behold, says the Lord, your own iniquities have sold you, but I shall be in your heart to help you, no matter how many times you have transgressed against me. Wherefore, listen to your heart, for I am there. I serve the red wine of my love throughout your veins. Your beauteous face is filled with all the redness of my love for you, for I the Lord am surfing through your blood. As you gaze into your mirror and behold your visage smiling at the world I made for you, ask me all the questions you may have, for I shall answer you.
  3. The face you gaze upon is the very face of God Himself, I the Lord, for in my image made I you, for you are Adam's son, the man who blushes with my very life, the man I filled with love, and strength, and force of arms; therefore, also are you my true seed, and you were born of God's own blood. Is your pulse lessened that you cannot see the Lord blushing in your glorious countenance? No. For I am always there.
  4. Is there no power that your heart's blood cannot redeem when I am in your heart and blood and blush, when I am surging throughout your soul in the vast ocean in which I live in you?
  5. Thus says the Lord to Adam's sons: I dry up the sea, make waste the forest, yet in you is there always moisture until the end comes and I leave you high and dry, my red wine spilled out upon the mindless world, for without you and me inside you, no mind exists.
  6. Until the end of time, I am in you, and I breathe my life into you. You are my Adam, and I am your God, blowing life into your lips and lungs, pumping my life force in red wine through your vineyard, emerging in your face, flush with my loving flow.
  7. I am your heart. I make the heavens dark and create sackcloth for you in your grief, for your tears of travail shall always cover in their blessings the gushing wine of my glory.


The Redeemer in the Heart of Adam Speaks


  1. The Lord has given me into himself, engraved me deep within His Hand, immersed me in the tongue of the learned, those whose education is more worthy of my being, that I should speak inside you, God and heart together, mind beyond all words, your conscience, imbued with God's own ways. If you are weary, I shall give you comfort and renew your spirits.
  1. In him, shall I find the words to speak, to counsel and guide you. He wakens me in the mornings and he makes my ear hear like the ears of the learned. In the morning, when he raises his hand, I emerge, flashing in light across the skies. The Lord has opened my ear, and I was not rebellious, nor was I turned backward from my brothers.
  2. I am your heart. Hearken to me. Come close.
  3. To the serpent seed only, I have turned my back, walking away from them, fighting them when I must, yet have I never shamed myself before them but fought all that they stood for, even smashing swords into their brazen words, dispatching all their evil thoughts forever down into perdition's darkly opened door through which they plunged into the vast eternal waste lands of their hearts, which are of the darkening heart of Satan.
  4. If I am smitten, I turn my cheek. No one do I fear. I stand tall and mighty. In His Hand am I engraved. For the Lord God will help me. He fills me with the wine of his love. Therefore, I shall not be confounded. I have set my face ahead like the hardness of a stone bluff, and no one can destroy me, for I am mightier than all the others. He who justifies me is near. Who will stand against me? Let us stand then together against them. Let them come near to us and see what happens.
  5. Behold, the Lord God will help me. Who, then, shall ever condemn me or bring me low? No one. They shall all grow old like a garment. The moth shall consume them. Who is inside you that fears the Lord, that obeys my voice, the voice of the servant of the Lord, who walks in darkness and has no light? Let him come into his heart and mine and that of the Lord, for we share the heart together, and call upon the name of the Lord and the Redeemer and of the Son of Adam in whose heart he comes to hear us and enlighten all our ways.
  6. Behold, dear Adam, all of you who kindle in your hearts the fire of God, the breath, the heart of gold, the glowing fuse of God that sparks in lightning's flashing fingers deep inside your self, and walk inside his holy fire, and in the sparks that you have kindled here inside yourself by God's own doing, for even if you have rejected him, even then, shall you lie down in sorrow in my arms, while I still flash and rage inside of you and send forth all my life and love and power throughout your sinew and your loins, until you know me once again, until you stand and rise above the serpent seed who have tormented you, and seek to hold my blood-tipped sword of rage against those serpent seeds swinging down upon their necks with God's strength buried in your muscled arms and hands and slay those horrid fiends who seek to wipe out Adam's sons.
  7. Adam, in you always, am I the Lord, blessed.


Chapter 51


It is the Lord Who Prepares the Many Worlds for Adam’s Glorious Future


  1. Hearken unto me, you of Adam's flesh, who follow after righteousness, who stay clean and do not mingle with the mamzer hordes in whom the devil lives, you that seek the Lord, who lives inside your breath and pumps inside your heart, lends redness to your blushing cheeks, the reddest wine of God's sweet life inside your temple to his garden place.
  2. Look upon the rock from which I carved you, the hole from which that rock was hewn away.
  3. Look unto your Father, Adam, the only man whose lips I kissed, whose lungs I breathed within, and unto Eve, his wife, whom I tore from out of Adam's side, who bore you for him. For I called him alone to be with me, no others, and blessed him, and increased his seed around the world.
  4. Hear, Sons of Adam, what the Lord is saying: For the Lord shall protect Adam's people whom he has strung out across the world, from Russia to Europe to the United States to Australia even into Africa, wherever you shall dwell, and all your waste places shall I restore to wealth and verdancy, green with meadows, wild with swelling brooks. I shall recreate like Eden all her wilderness, even her deserts like the Garden of the Lord. Joy and gladness shall be found there, thanksgiving, and the voice of musical intonations, of whose melodies there are none sweeter.
  5. Hearken unto me, my people, and give ear unto me, Oh my nation, for a law shall proceed me, and I will make true justice in your lands, and it shall rest as a light to guide you. My righteousness is near and always was. My salvation is gone forth, and my arms shall judge the peoples; the coasts shall wait upon me, and on the pride of my arm shall they trust.
  6. Lift up your eyes to the stars where you shall built your nations anew, filled with laughing children and a trillion suns and look upon the lowly earth on which you came to life. The stars and planets all shall pass away, and all the people die, yet I who am alive inside your heart shall never perish, even though you die and all your kind, yet still, in me, silent as a sea before the storm, shall Adam live and stretch forth a trillion arms in ecstasy before a trillion trillion suns wherein he lives.
  7. For my salvation is forever. Once you know me, you cannot forget. Nor I, knowing you, living inside your arms, nestled in your gracious being, cannot forget each moment that I spent inside your heart. Each love you have experienced, it lives in me forever, day-by-day, second-by-second, endlessly repeated like a song of beauty from a song bird's mouth, exquisitely enchanting, always charming, always there, for it has become an ecstatic vision etched inside my heart of hearts.
  8. Hearken unto me and always follow me, for my law is your command as you are righteous, for within your heart I live, and where my law is fixed, implanted in your self, your very essence grows upon my vine, so you shall twine within my loving arms throughout your life.
  9. Never fear those razor sharp reproaches of your fellow men that try to make you bleed inside, for in their criticisms there is only vileness, for I alone shall give you meaning, and my words shall be your only validation. In my vine shall you reside.
  10. For the moth shall eat away the garments, and the worm shall eat away your flesh inside the grave, and so shall their own garments and their bodies disappear into the mouths of moths and worms, but in you alone, the sons of Adam, where I live, shall grace and righteousness reside forever, and my salvation be from generation to generation if you keep your self clean of mamzer men.
  11. Awake, awake, put on strength, O arm of the Lord. Awake as in the ancient days, in the ancientness of older generations where the children laughed and old men fell and perished in their midst, the endless song of life that plays. Was it not you who slept with Eve to slay the serpent's bite upon her thigh which bore her Cain, the Killer. And did your love not make her true to God's own flesh again when Seth was born of you and Eve? For in your blood I float, and all my love is felt inside your pumping hearts, inside your breath, so close inside your being am I always.
  12. Oh Lord, was it not you who closed off Eden to another curse, far worse than Satan's bite, and thereby kept the Sons of Adam from the curse of life eternal, which was only meant for you to taste? Why then do all the temples, mosques, and churches say eternal life is found inside their shrouded walls? Is it because they are of Satan, Lord?
  13. For they beheld the Lord within their seeds and kept their seed lines pure and never married serpent seed nor dwelled for long with them, so did the Lord remain with them. Within them, never did the Lord look out upon the serpent seeds, those evil races in the world, for Adam kept himself in pristine holiness, alone, away, separated by the Holy Spirit and the Sacredness of Mind which only separation from the wicked races at the gates of hell maintain.
  14. Therefore, these redeemed of Adam's seed, whose heart is vindicated by the love of God within, whose comfort in them knows all things within them and transfers into their righteousness all that Adam needs to know.
  15. They come, therefore, to lands resplendent in the seed of Adam, wherein the Lord resides, and everlasting joy within their hearts resounds, and sorrow, mourning, and bereavement never come again.
  16. I am I am he who lives inside, who comforts you, I am I who am you, the spark of the Lord inside, that never shall you be afraid of men who die and of the son of man who shall be made like grass within the fields. Who are you to forget the Lord within you, who has stretched the Heavens and laid the foundations of the world? Who are you to fear the oppressor of the serpent seed men who come for you and never fight them? They are evil. You are good. Take up your sword and slay them. For all their fury, they are nothing. You can destroy them in an instant, for they shrink at violence and only are a puff of endless words. So, then, where is the fury of the serpent seed?
  17. The captive comes quickly from the pit that he may be loosed and freed and not die there, and that his bread shall never fail. But I am the Lord thy God who divided the Sea and who divided the hearts of man by seed lines into good and evil, whose peoples roared like waves upon the seas, the Lord of Hearts inside the Adam men, the holy one of Adam's flesh. And I have placed my words in your mouth, and I have covered you in the shadow of my cupped hand, that I may plant the Heavens with you, lay foundations for your worlds, even of the earth and all the planetary stars, and say to you, O Adam, how I love you, how you are my people, only you, how I have warned that you must never integrate with others not like you, for if you do, then, shall I have to leave you.
  18. Awake, awake, O Adam! You have drunk at the hand of the Lord the cup of his fury, for you have drunk from the dregs of his cup of trembling and wrung them out. There is none left to guide Adam among all his sons whom he has brought forth. Neither is there any that take Adam by the hand of all his sons that he has brought up, on this earth, and in the stars, where I shall have set him.
  19. These two evils have rubbed themselves across your faces; who shall be sorry for you? Desolation and Destruction are their names. They come from the famine and the sword. By which shall I give you comfort?
  20. Your sons have fainted, lying down upon the streets, their bodies trampled by the feet of mamzers whom they once invited to their nations, let them in to bite and nag them, to make themselves again unhappy with their nations. Now, they stomp and kick him, for he trembles in his cup of integration, all the madness, evil, that the seeds of serpent men reveal within themselves, the evil of the Negroes, Aborigines, Asians and the Jews who say that they are Jews but are not Jews. They strike him with their rods and make you whimper.
  21. They have trapped him in his net of lies which they constructed, which his mind has spun around his promise, snuffing out its brilliant strength and reducing it to powdered death, where once the living strength of arms and pride protected him. They are full of the fury and revenge of the Lord, the rebuke of their inner God to whom they had not listened.Therefore, hear this, O Adam, you afflicted and drunken race, but not with wine but will the swill of mamzers sailing through your streets:
  22. Thus, says the Lord, the Lord, and your God who pleads the cause of his people, his alone, no others: Behold, I have taken out of your hand the poisonous cup of trembling and of integrating seeds that kill the Lord inside your flesh, even the cup of my revenge against you for your evil in associating with the serpent men; you shall no more drink these poisons. But I shall place this poison you have drunk with them, into their hands, to afflict them, who have said to your seed, bow down that we may control and work you over, place your body on the ground beneath our feet, and like the street, shall we of serpent flesh walk atop you.


Chapter 52


The Lord Promises to Remove the Serpent Seed from Adam's Sons Forever & Burn Forever All of Adam's Sins


  1. Awake, awake! Put on your strength, O Adam. Put on your beautiful garments, Oh, you Nations of the Sons of Adam, you who are Russia, England, Germany, France, The United States, Australia, New Zealand, and all of the other nations of the sons of Adam's seed, for your faces are red as wine, filled with the love of the Mighty One, the Lord, who lives within your heart, whose breath dances on your lips, whose words and thoughts are yours and yours alone.
  2. Listen, Adam, to The Lord who breathed his life and love into your ancient, innocent, and perfect father. To all of you, the nations of Adam's sons, the Lord says, no men of serpent seed shall ever come near to you again, nor harm you from afar. Shake yourselves from the dust, arise, and sit down, my sons, you men of Adam's seed, and sit your women also down and take from them the curse of daily work, the menial tasks of earning money, living lives of loneliness in offices, without the blessings of a solid, decent home.

    The Sins of the Jews Against Adam’s Sons


  4. For the Lord says to Adam: My people were cursed by the false Jews who said that they were Jews but were not Jews, who turned a profit from Adam’s work, and made of them their slaves by charging usury and pricing out of reach their education and their necessities, including a Jewish predatory industry of medical care and medicines that stole from widows and from those in old age, taking from them the resources they needed just to feed themselves, even stealing their homes and savings during the very last years of their lives.
  5. Your selfishness, O false Jews, you who are born of the serpent's seed, was bad enough, but then you legislated laws against my people concerning immigrants. You wrote into laws that only the basest of serpent seed might immigrate to lands in which the sons of Adam lived, and only serpent seeds, and never Adam's sons, could immigrate, thus beginning a system by which Adam would be annihilated in his lands. For this betrayal of Adam, you evil ones, have I decided your fate, that I, the Lord, shall kill you.
  6. I say to you false Jews who have done this vile deed to my sons, that none of you shall breath the air at all, polluting Adam's ways, adulterating all his progeny, and casting out the Lord from all those innocent, loving hearts within his future sons.

    The False Jews’ Plan to Destroy Adam Entirely


  8. You false and evil serpent seeds, you who are false Jews who hate me and my people, thought that, by replacing the innocence of Adam’s sons with evil men, with vile persons who are the men of serpent seed, those vile and ugly Sons of Lucifer, many of them the basest of blacks and browns, in whom I never speak but stay away, and in whose rancid, iniquitous lives their soulless selves rage in darkness, most of them darker within than in their skins without, trapped within the faulty kernels of their confining darkening walls, all of it created of the evil seed of Satan's Godless orchestrations, that you could defy me and wipe out my people. But you were wrong. For I have my sword in my hand to defeat you.

    The Lord Promises Adam He Will Ransom Adam’s Sons from the Jews who are the Vilest and Most Dangerous of the Serpent Seed.


  10. The Lord says now to Adam: You have sold your destinies to false Jews, and all for nothing. Yet, for nothing also shall I ransom you, for you shall be redeemed without a payment. Not a speck of gold shall pass through hands, yet you shall be cut free. For the Lord your God loves you, and to prepare you for redemption have his people knelt down beneath the heel of Israel, the land of the Judeo-Bolsheviks, those evil captains of the Russian civil war that chained the communist killing yoke around the necks of Christians. More than 60 million Adams did they kill, for nothing, just for pleasure, just to see me die within their evil hands and their sadistic, laughing faces.
  11. For I allowed your sojourn in the hands of evil, when you debauched yourselves by letting Jews run free within your lands, though I had told you not to do so. Then, they killed you, as I knew they would, for deception, chaos, violence, and hatred are their names.
  12. Now, we have come to this. Should my people be taken away for nothing? Should the false Jews who claim that they are Jews but are not Jews rule over Adam in whose heart the Lord reclines in loving worship of his being? Shall those who blaspheme my name each day take out and kill the sons of Adam?

    The Redeeming Lord Within His Heart is Adam's Pure Redeemer


  14. Henceforth, shall my people know my name and look each day into their hearts and see my eyes inside themselves and hear my breath within their lungs and know that I am their Redeemer, Lord, and Master. On that day, shall they know that when they speak I speak, and when they laugh I laugh, when they make love I also love, and in their seed I pass through them unto their sons forever, having come through Adam and through all their fathers unto them and to their sons, thereby forever passing on my being and my power into Adam's sons.
  15. How beautiful, O Adam, is your heart, for it is filled with me, and through this heart you gain an understanding of your worth, your grand possession, for the Lord inside you is your hope and pride, and in my love shall you be covered head to toe, each cell completely blessed, all fluids in you flowing with the power of God. And in your grand and blushing face comes up the red wine of my love, which you cast forth for all to see in your remembrance of my place inside your heart.
  16. How beautiful upon the mountains and the planets overhead become the feet of him that brings good tidings, who publish peace, who speak of good, who publish your salvation, who say throughout the worlds of Adam how God reigns within him everywhere.
  17. Your watchman shall peer inside your heart and with our voices synchronized shall we both sing, seeing eye to eye, and feeling flesh to flesh, for the Lord inside you shall be brother to your thoughts each moment of the day and night, and in our thoughts, come harmonies beyond the world’s imaginings.
  18. Break into songs of joy. We sing together, you and I and all the Adams in the wastes of Earth and all the planetary stars where Adams dwell in future times to comfort these great men whose bodies are the Temple of the Lord, whose faces blush the radiant wine of God's sweet love.
  19. The Lord displays his arm and sword to all the mamzer nations, cutting them to shreds, dispatching evil from the universe forever, fully armed in all the eyes of Adam so all the ends of time shall see and feel the power of Adam's sons, those who shall always be my people and none other shall I live within or know, for all the others, they are dead within their serpent seed, returned unto the darkness which they lived within.
  20. Depart all unclean spirits, seeds of serpent men—those Negroes, Aborigines, Asians, false Jews who claim that they are Jews but are not Jews—all of whom are Satan's sons, devoid of God and filled with hate for God's own children, all the blushing sons of Adam, red with all the love of God which flows like wine inside their glorious aspects.
  21. Go out from here, O Satan, leave my children forever. Be every one of Adam’s sons cleansed into my awesome goodness within the earth's encircling globe. Now, Adam, come you out and wait upon your Lord, and I shall wait upon you, also. Pinch your cheek and feel the rush of wine, the red love that I wash throughout your being, cleansing you with my encircling arms and hold inside your heart your very soul, for in my arms you rest, the child within you, he you were when you were born, you who float inside my arms forever.
  22. For you shall not go out into the worlds in haste or fear, for I shall go before you, making sure no mamzer comes to take you, and behind, shall I protect you as rear guard, that serpent seed come not behind you unawares.
  23. You shall deal fairly and prudently with all your relatives, for they are also Adam's sons, and in your dealings shall each of you exalt yourselves and be extolled so that all you do shall elevate your beings higher even than the fallen angels.
  24. As many were astounded at the knowledge that you and I entwine inside your heart, even saying how, because of this, a new Redeemer came. And they shall say of this Redeemer in your heart wherein I stay, His flesh was marred and so his visage, too, was marred, more so than any man, and his form marred more than the sons of man.
  25. So, sons of Adam, shall you look inside and die into your heart, becoming me for once and all, together, spun of flesh and spirit, filled with righteousness and hope.
  26. My arm shall flash and flicker in your heart with my all powerful, ever reaching, burnished, golden sword which I shall always wield inside my glorious hands, a sword whose blade is fashioned with a divinely hardened edge and a point of glistening, cutting steel, a Redemptive Flaming Sword, which I shall use inside your heart each day you live to cut away your fears, impart my light, and burn away your sins into the smallest ashes. So minuscule shall they be that they shall disappear and never show themselves again, invisible to both my eyes and yours for all of time, and I shall cleanse you unto me.
  27. Adam, you shall be alive and strong and pure of heart.
  28. Forever is your Lord. Forever is your Heart.

Chapter 53


The Redeemer As the Pure Embodiment of the Many Sufferings and Awakenings of Adam's Sons


  1. Who has believed our message? To whom is the arm of the Lord revealed? For he is a person who reveals all the histories of Adam. He is hidden from the world at first, then all at once he comes, is seen, and worshipped. He has been many nations, many times, for he is both tall and strong, both healthy and then beaten up, misused unto the point of death inside your dungeons, O you serpent seed who hated him the most.
  2. For now the Sons of Adam rule on all these worlds with all that wondrous grace bespeaking all the God that lives within their hearts.For He is the Redeemer. He is Russia, England, Germany, and France. He is the Viking sailor lost upon the frightening icy seas, his arm enraged, his sword held high, his eyes forever forward. He is exploring in the Amazon while stabbed to death by natives, tortured to his inner core, and all the while, inside him, I have comforted his soul unto his end. He is the Spanish coast, the Seas of Old Johannesburg, the Bay of Sydney in the South, of Auckland's snowy mountains plunging into clearest water down below, the Bay of San Francisco and New York, the Great Lakes of the New World's grace. He is the many nations in which Adam lives, or lived, and yet will live within in future times.
  3. He is the one that waxes strong before the Lord, a tender plant, a root transplanted in a rock-strewn land. He has no form nor comeliness, and yet his beauty causes us to see in him what all men in the world desire—nobility, grace, intelligence, artfulness, and sound foundation in the heart of God that dwells within his bodily temple white as snow—and from this Lord, the red wine flows across his face, which is the love of God's devotion to this man he made, the only one he lives within, all others being devils.
  4. He is despised and rejected by the serpent seed, a man of sorrows, his many nations placed in chains, beset by evil serpent minds, corrupted in his heart by false Jews who are not Jews but claim that they are Jews yet are not Jews, who draw for them agreements, set in stone, which detail in the name of loans their real intent which is not loaning money but exactly how their lands and homes and farms shall these false Jews appropriate and take from them.
  5. He is killed and tortured by these false Jews, made to say that Bolshevism is his God, that God, the Lord, inside his heart is dead, that Adam is not blessed but cursed, and that false Jews are forced to murder him for cause inside that prison wall that Adam built for them to kill him in.
  6. He is a man of constant sorrow, and his acquaintance with grief, as we hid our faces from him, as our false Masters who are even falser hidden Jews who pull the puppet strings of governmental leaders, placed upon his wrists and necks and legs to make him dance their evil dance for all the world to see.
  7. Across the many ages rest the bent and rusted nails they placed inside his arms and legs as we, who are the sons of Adam, all were filled with nails, have hid our faces from ourselves and him in whom we rest as bitter nails, giving not to him esteem, but hate, as they have told us to, as though reversing what is evil might be good, though only out of evil has it come.
  8. Surely Adam's history has born our griefs, for he, the years of Adam walking on this earth, has carried all our sorrows, filled with nails from our detractor's evil minds and hands and placed inside our forms and souls by them, so we esteemed him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted by the God of outside worlds, while all the while he rested in our hearts and felt our pain and magnified throughout the greater man who is our own Redeemer, in whose form our history embeds itself, its nails, its hurts, and by that pain redeems our souls, our history, and our escape from all the evilness embodied in the hate whereof our captor's serpent seed abounds.
  9. For we were wounded by our transgressions and our pains, and we were bruised for our iniquities. Look here, where we bleed from integration and the vast adulteration of our seed. See the dross pollution of our seeds of God with Satan seeds, for we invited mamzers to live close to us in violation of our promise to the Lord.
  10. So we were beaten; so was Our Redeemer, who is us, and yet for him, since he was all of us, a million beatings came upon his bruised and battered self. He suffered all this while for our chastisement in the caldron of our failures. Had we but remained Holy in his sight, remained alone unto ourselves and banished all the evil ones, then none of this would happen.
  11. Yet we did not do this. We ignored the Lord inside our hearts and in his place invited serpent seed to lie with us. Now, he feels the stripes about his back and legs and chest, and with them we are healed. Like sheep we went astray. Like automobiles driving mapless in a fog, we lost our bearings, wrecked ourselves a billion times along these miles of highways.
  12. We have each one turned to his own way. But the Lord, kept all together in his being, laying on his shoulders all our hurt at once, for he is now the focus of our painful suffering, our beatings by the hands of mamzer serpent seeds.
  13. Our iniquity is in the eyes of Our Redeemer who is us across the world, strung out in many nations. He was oppressed. He was afflicted. Yet he did not open his mouth. Instead, as a lamb was he brought to the slaughter. As a sheep to his shear is silent and dumb, so opened he not his mouth to protest. He was taken from prison and from judgment, and who shall find his children, buried in the serpent seed that Adam left for him?
  14. For he was cut off from the land of the living, and, in the transgression of his people was he stricken. He made his grave with the wicked ones. With the corrupted rich, he died. Yet since he had done no violence to his foes, he was blameless, and in his mouth was no deceit at all.
  15. And it pleased the Lord to bruise and torture him, to place those nails inside him here and there, each hammer crack against a nail became a sign of loathing to the Lord, and yet a source of fatherly pride, to see him squirm upon the stick, his eyes gouged out by evil thumbs, so only heart and God were left of him, all else beheld disgustingly, despised, rejected.
  16. Yet in continuous rejection came a beam of clarity and clearest light that spanned the universes of the Lord. His soul became a perfect offering for sin against himself and others, his tortured death a knife now struck into the heart of serpent seeds, forever plunged and bleeding evil from the hideous wound. His seed itself became again the holy seed of God and Adam to prolong his days.
  17. The pleasure of the Lord in him shall prosper in his hand and be profound to all alive within the multitude of vast and fertile futures carrying the Sons of Adam to the stars and him within their hearts. He shall see the travail of his soul and shall be satisfied. By his knowledge shall my righteous servant justify many, for he has borne their iniquities. For he died into our seed.
  18. Our hearts resound with singing of the sighs of pains gone by, those million tragic deaths, the serpent bite of vast betrayals by the enemies of Adam, all the serpent seed whose multitudinous hatred flows like molten iron into our boiling souls and lights the fires of glorious resistance to besmirch and kill the evil ones who torture us.
  19. He shall within our hearts divide the spoil to all of Adam's kind, for he has poured out his soul within us unto death.
  20. He was numbered with transgressors, those who hated us, were of us, and among us, lost beneath their flailing swords and serpent bites, for he bore inside himself the awesome sins of many, the transgressions of the integrated and befouled Adams who with evil men did lie to kill his Lord within his seed, and so Our Redeemer who is us incarnate bore their vast iniquities upon his shield and tasted all their blood upon his sword's sharp pointed razor's edge and killed them yet again in judgment and in doing so did heal them into death's deep maw in which devouring darkness reigns in vast finality that all who swirl therein forgiveness find.


Chapter 54


Rejoice, Sons of Adam, for All of The Planets, Cleansed of Mamzers, Has the Lord Declared Unto You All, Forever


  1. Sing, O barren woman, nations raped by immigrants of serpent seed, you of Russia, England, Germany, France, The Balkan Nations, Eastern Europe, Poland, The United States, Canada, and all the Isles on which the men of Adam sit exhausted, wasted by the evil hearts of Negroes, Aborigines, false Jews who say that they are Jews but are not Jews, Arabs, Asians, and the other serpent peoples, all of whom bit you incessantly with serpent strikes. Break forth in song and cry aloud, for I have freed you, chasing all these snakes away.
  2. Now, let your desolate voices be heard, for I have chased away all these wicked torments, all the many serpent seeds from out of all your realms, those whom you foolishly invited in. You have followed false Jews who are not Jews but say that they are instead of me, believing what they said, that you should let the serpent seed immigrate into your lands. They did this only to destroy you. They have tortured you with foreign, evil ways, peopled you with vermin filled with hatred, grave diseases, criminalities, false icons, and uncivilized behaviors.
  3. These are disgusting people fathered by the Devil's lusty rod. I, the Lord, shall make them go away forever, and your lands shall I cleanse entirely of their flesh and their iniquities, and all, because I loved you, though you had rejected me by choosing them instead of me, but I forgave you, for I love you, Adam.
  4. Enlarge your cities now and architect for me exquisite homes in which to father children, raise them up, and sail your seed within them to the stars. For your seed shall inhabit all the earth and planets, all the universes I have ever made. First built your desolate cities back again, destroyed by baseless immigrants and sodden Negroes filled with lust and drugs and hate and criminal minds whose only thought was your destruction, for their ways were devilish, as was their father, the serpent, and their hearts were mean and cruel.
  5. They placed upon you all the guilt of faulted logic, weighing down your minds with arguments that children cast into the air, but which, being gentle, you accepted. For you pandered to their most wanton needs, and you believed their promises they always broke, though they were false as weakening ropes on which to hang a people’s hopes.
  6. Fear not, Adam, and be not ashamed. Be you not confounded anymore. All the vicious lies within the journals, NEWS networks, and propaganda filled media of the old false Jews who were not really Jews but say they are Jews, are like a dream gone bad, fading into darkness, never again to be seen by thoughtful, Adamic eyes. For your seed shall overcome their lies, and you shall inherit all the Earth, for it is yours and not theirs, and not an inch of land shall they possess, for only death is their reward for all their evil done here.
  7. You shall forget the shame of your youth and never shall you put yourself to shame again for there shall be no more mamzers haunting you, for I the Lord, have killed them all. For your desolate situation is no more.
  8. Your Lord is both your husband and your wife. The Lord of Adam's heart is he.
  9. In aggregate, Your Redeemer, the Holy One of Adam's Heart and Breath, you have become, to save yourself in all your nations.
  10. The God of Adam and all Universes and of all the Earth shall be his powerful names depending in what nations, worlds, and times you dwell, my Sons.
  11. For when you were forsaken and bereft, I came upon you, filling all your heart with light, bulking out your arms with muscles, and forging swords of sharpest steel and guns of technological advantage, all to chase away the evil men, destroying those whom you had immigrated foolishly into your domains and who sought to kill you for your glorious gentleness.
  12. For the devil knows no goodness, and he gives back only evil; so, too, with his seed, of which they were, each one of them, for evil begets evil, good begets good, and neither mix, for all breed true to self, and the bitter and the sweet shall never flow from the same fountain.
  13. Though I had forsaken you, hence have I gathered you within my arms with all my tender mercies, giving you these universes, cleansed of devils, filled only with your splendidness, forged by the Lord within you, breathing with you every moment of the day, our voices merged in holy rhythm of the life sustaining winds within your mouth.
  14. In wrath, I had hid my face from you for one short moment, but with everlasting kindness shall I shower down my mercy, I the Lord and the Redeemer, Adam's heart and soul.
  15. Like the waters of Noah have I come to save you, and I swear no more to place you in the flood of evil over all the earth's innumerable serpent seed for I have slain them all for you without the water's edge or boat's meandering voyage into darkening clouds and wave-hurled mountainous climbs;
  16. I shall no more be angry for your iniquities, inviting evil serpent seeds inside your nations, nor rebuke you anymore for that.
  17. For the world may be destroyed and all the stars on which I send you may explode in heated plasma, but this, my kindness, shall not depart from you, nor shall my covenant of peace inside your heart be ripped asunder, for I the Lord, am in you, and I am he who shall shield you even from the worst calamities, and hide you in my arms and keep you safe.
  18. You have been afflicted, tossed by tempest, left uncomforted, afraid, but not again shall these things bother you for all these worlds are free of Negroes, false Jews who claim that they are Jews but are not Jews, Aborigines, Asians, Arabs, all of whom are serpent seeds who hate you and who wish you dead, hating you because I live inside your hearts and not in theirs, for they are serpent seed like Cain, but never more, for they have I sent down into Perdition's gilded darkening smoldering ashes never to return.
  19. Your children shall you teach to look within and find me, where I rest inside their hearts and prosper in their breath and propagate within their bursting seeds. Each drop of holy liquid coming from them yields up every essence of my love. Great shall be their peace and all their future sons shall strive for goodness, for that goodness rests inside their hearts for all of time, a part of me, their Lord, inside their hearts. For as I am holy, so are they, for I am in them always.
  20. In righteousness shall your children be established, far from oppression's fatal edge, for terror and oppression have I banished from these worlds that they must face. Should selfish beings on these worlds gather together in a pact, should they attack you, I shall see that they are shattered in all those planetary worlds, for the smith that blows the coals of fire brings forth metallic tools of war so strong, no aliens may stop your onslaught, for their worlds are made for you, not them, and I deliver them to you, and you shall slay them with my many swords. I shall uplift your muscled arms, and when you strike, I, too, shall strike, as we together smash them to the ground.
  21. For all these worlds I made for you, and they are only tenants there, until you come to claim your lands. Then are these yours alone, for they are aliens and they are, as always, nothing unto me and you. No weapons that they form to hurt you shall succeed, for I shall cloak you. Every foreign tongue against your lives in judgment shall be smitten and condemned by me and silenced under foreign moons of neon colors hovering above the fields I've made for you to farm.
  22. This is the heritage I offer you, the future of the servants of the Lord in whose hearts I reign throughout your times and worlds, for all your righteousness is mine, and you are mine as well, for I the Lord am in you, but in all the others am I not.


Chapter 55


The Lord Sings To Adam's Heart


  1. I am here inside your heart for everyone who thirsts for life; come to my waters; even if you have no money, drink from me, for I am beyond gold and gems, for none are worth as much as one small taste of my elixir.
  2. Come to your heart and eat. Swallow that red wine of love that shines inside your faces in your blush which is the bloom of God's triumphant entry into Adam's being.
  3. Why spent you money for that which was not bread and wine? Why did you labor for those things that were not me and did not satisfy your needs?
  4. Eat and drink inside your heart, of me the Lord inside you, eat all of me, for I am good. The more you eat and drink, the more shall I replenish you, and each piece of me you take shall grow anew the moment that you swallow it away, for I am here forever, never gone, always complete inside you. Incline your ear into my lips and hear. My song shall make your soul alive, its melodies an everlasting covenant between the Lord and you, even the sure mercies of Adam who receives his father's touch upon his gracious lips engulfing him in power, muscle, life, breath, heart, seed, and promise.
  5. I have given Adam and his sons throughout all time for a witness to his people, each of them, produced anew each generation, and in each seed of Adam comes my heart.
  6. You shall know so many nations, some so far away you cannot find or number them, yet, you shall know that they are there, all flourishing, and in the sons of Adams’ hearts, am I the Lord, the ever watching Master and protector of their ways. In them am I glorified, for in me are they sanctified within their flesh, and all their lives, I speak with them and sing the melodies of truthfulness and bliss which salvages their lives and makes them whole.
  7. Seek you all, each Adam, for the Lord, and in your hearts you shall find him always. Gaze deeply on him in your hearts. Know him in your red wine's loving blush of God.
  8. Adam, let the wicked who had lived in these past times forsake these worlds and leave forever all their marks they hoped to leave upon your backs, for you have slain with me unrighteousness, so turn to me and open both your arms and slide into my hands which I have swirled around you in a cloud of circling prayers, and feel my mercies swim within your crimson pulsing face, for I your Lord, your blush, your reddish flush of grace, for that red wine of love within is I the Lord who am your Father and your God.
  9. For though my thoughts and yours are touched, yet are my thoughts not yours entirely, only insights borrowed from a mind so vast, that, should I show you all I know, you could not fathom me entirely and the brilliance and vastness of my light would kill you, and so I only show you that which you may utilize, and, in this joy I give to you from me, shall all your needs be met, your questions answered, and your minds be set to rest.
  10. For as the rain falls upon a planet's fields, or the snow falls and does not return into the cloud from which it poured upon the earth, but waters all it touches, and makes it to burst into full bud that it may give seed to the sower, and bread to the hungry, so shall my word be that which goes forth out of my being's mouth as my lips kiss your inner parts with insights which shall not return to me but stay within your mind forever, yours to cherish, yours to keep, to eat from, and to grow anew, and it shall bring about all that I have wanted you to know, and it shall accomplish all I sent it for in you.
  11. For you shall live in joy and peace, and it shall seem to you that all the stars and mountains in those worlds on which you stand do seem to sing for you, even the hills and valleys, and all the clapping trees within the storm, yet know it is the melody the Lord has sung inside you triggered by the outer beauty of these worlds which play in you the music I have placed in you forever.
  12. For there shall be no thorns from other men, no wild rebellious serpents, only love and peace, only I the Lord.

Chapter 56


The Lord's Commandments


  1. The Lord to Adam says: Keep justice and do righteousness for my salvation and my righteousness is yours, for I the Lord am with you. To whatever time or place you go, there am I first, so that when you arrive, I am there already. I am you, and you cannot escape me. I shall pester you with all my goodness and my power and my gift of love shall glow within your countenance of my red wine of love for you.
  2. Blessed is Adam for doing all I have said for him to do, mainly, to love himself, to father and mother his children, to open his heart that he shall see me and hear my words, for there is no church, no synagogue, no mosque, no temple, no government, no idol, only me for I am not a thing.
  3. I am a heart inside the heart. I am the force, the light, the truth. I am the man.
  4. The Lord has separated all the men of Adam, keeping them holy unto themselves, and the nightmare and chaos of integration, miscegenation, immigration, and ethnic diversity has ended forever through the deaths of all the serpent seeds that fell into perdition at my hands, falling through the cracks within all matter, down into the deepest places, never to return, so, free at last, my Adam is alone,
  5. just he and I remain, entwined in hearts of loving glory.

  6. Now, Adam, every day and moment is your Sabbath, every second that you live, a prayer. There is no time for churches built of stone and wood, for you, O Adam, am the only church in which I hover in my glorious inner haze of light and truth, and, in your heart, my rod is stuck, secure forever as a rod hammered deep into a block of granite, never to be taken out. It is a rod of gold and iron, stronger than a million worlds, that glows inside your being. Look in on me often and receive my loving thoughts.
  7. When you eat, each morsel is a blessing unto me from your own hands, Adam. Make sure the things you eat and drink are pure, for they are offerings to me. For when you eat, you feed the Lord.
  8. You shall not have servants, for you have two hands with which to summon all you need to keep yourself alive and well.
  9. None other should you have, for that is from the serpent seed who wished to use the men of Adam for their various desires.
  10. You may cooperate in joint adventures, but you must not work to produce a profit by which you can enslave your brother who is also Adam's son.
  11. For I have made you whole, and a man who is complete does not require the slavery of other men. Besides, no Adam may you slave. That is my most important Law.
  12. A minor thing, that you shall come to aid your brothers and your sons when they have fallen or are hurt, for you are all a family of Adam, all related, filled with me inside your hearts, so that if another Adam in way of harm call for help, you shall help him, even at a moment's notice, and he shall for you do this as well.
  13. I have banished all of the beasts of the field, the Negroes and the Chinese and the others; none shall come to serve you. You must, therefore, serve yourself. For self sufficiency shall be your proud foundation, yet, if you are upon hard times, then call upon the Adams all around you, tell them of your plight, how you had planted all your crops, yet see how they have failed, and they shall help you, and in future times, whenever their own crops are bad, so shall you do the same for them.
  14. For Adam unto Adam shall enlist in graciousness the help required of each in times of trouble, for such times shall come for each of you.
  15. I shall see all that you do from inside you, know all you feel, and I shall guide you, fill you with the proper thoughts, so that no outside forces shall be necessary for your control, but only all the goodness of the Lord, and none shall you place above me, no, not government nor factories.
  16. You may cooperate in building ships to reach the stars, in building the equipment which you need to farm and mine; however, you shall never do so out of greed, producing things for the corruption of money, for the real things of life that are good are not of money, for of money is corruption, desire, greed, gluttony, and the thought of enslaving others for your profit, which, as an Adam you should never do on punishment of death.
  17. Come, and I will fetch the wine of my love for you, O Adam, and we shall fill ourselves with me, and tomorrow shall be as this day and all the other days, each more abundant than the other, for the red wine in which I flow inside your holy cheeks is but the blush of God himself, who is but Adam's Father, who is you within the Lord's entwining vineyard.
  18. You shall forever be my blessed Adam.


Chapter 57


The Lord Discusses Covetousness of the Works of Man's Hands vs. God's Far Greater and More Intrinsic Gifts to Adam's Sons...


  1. The righteous die, and no one cares; and men who are merciless are also taken, and no one realizes how I have saved them both from all the evil to come.
  2. Many men of Adam shall enter into peace; they shall rest in their beds, each one asleep in his righteousness.
  3. Draw close, you who are of Adam's seed who see me not inside your hearts, you who have consulted the sorceress of advertising and spent endless hours shopping and indulging yourselves at the malls, for the seed of the adulteration is embedded in your spirit by your minds.
  4. You are the Adams who have mimicked many of the serpent ways, and you have slithered through the malls, a lustful serpent harlot of material things.Against what God do you compete, acting so haughty and so full of useless pride? Against whom do you open your mouth so wide and extend your tongue to inflame?
  5. Are you not children of the serpent, of Eve's rape and transgression, seeds of falsehood strewn like the sharp blades of broken glass shattered on purpose upon the innocent paths of my people?
  6. Are you not also the many wayward Adams who refuse to look upon my countenance inside your hearts and walk the serpent paths instead?
  7. You have inflamed yourselves with idols. The people of the serpent seed, composed of greed, have placed these things strategically throughout your days and nights. They are secured by masters of deceit inside their flashy retail stores, their products beckon to you, products which you suddenly desired because you saw them late one night upon a television screen, each displayed for your continuous greed, which is a form of endless lust, behind glass windows in their air conditioned malls.
  8. They are so cunning and hypnotic in their hold upon your mind that you have even left your children in a stranger's care inside a nursery inside the mall, to be rid of them. So, now, you may act the harlot and handle these dead baubles made from the mere hands of men and love them more than your own children. What does that make you?
  9. Among the aisles amid the vast well-lighted stores, upon their shelves, lie those things you covet in your heart. They are your sudden lot in life.
  10. Even to them have you poured out the red wine of your blush, trading your own God who dwells therein, for the madness that your wantonness for products has been cast like a net over your consciousness. You are a lost person, a plaything of the idol-makers of capitalist production, those who prey upon your wantonness to make you desire their worthless goods instead desiring I who am, the Lord, your God.
  11. Though I am yours and given freely, their lesser goods which fade rapidly and break in a single week for they are shoddy and weak; these are not strong as I am. Whereas, I shall never let you down, they shall always betray your trust and make you feel your sorrow. Should I receive some unimaginable comfort when you purchase them and take them home? Should I smile when you ignore me who am your Lord, the father of Adam, and instead crave these idols of plastic, glass, and metal, things that shall disappoint you sooner rather than later?
  12. Upon a television set have you placed your soul. You have moved your bed there also, so that you lie awake with the glowering tube, which flickers like an evil candle’s wicked light across the walls. It sends its evil grayish cast like the pall of the devil whose eye it has been torn from, so that the serpent seed people may produce and foster shows whose advertisements and actions entice you to evil things, expose you to wickedness, to people played by actors who are serpent seed people, and lure you to the shopping mall which has become a lesser God to heal your workday weariness which has drained your life away and made you forget your family, your sons, your daughters, and your lover.
  13. Once you bring home your new clothes, you strip naked and expose your body to them, slipping your legs inside the pants, your arms inside the newly purchased shirt, feeling yourself falsely anew as though these things of cloth have magically renewed you, made you well, when only have they made you distant from your body and your mind, hiding your real self behind some sorcerer’s costume in which you desperately seek comfort.
  14. You have dialed your telephone and also sent your emails, hoping to lure a lover to your bed, so that your new clothes may bolster you and make you a lure for another person.
  15. For instead of being alone with me and your family, you isolate yourself, sleeping with one stranger after another, hoping that each new sexual experience will make you wholesome and complete.
  16. Yet you remain empty. You debase yourself every day with these lovers. Your emptiness opens like a gaping cave, and when you look inside you see only the darkness you have sought, the hole into which your soul has fallen into its silent and darkening death throes. Though you are of Adam, you have made your life that of a mamzer, rejecting all that the Lord your God has given you, even the promise of joy and strength, of will, and the delight in children.
  17. Instead, you either abort your unborn child or cover the lover's rod with plastic or latex, keeping from the seed the seed that should touch and enlighten it into glorious life. Instead, only death is seen within the penis and the womb, a darkness that extends down tubes which long for urgency and life yet find only the probing sterility of their emptiness.
  18. All of the things I have laid upon your table and in your beds, you have debased. You have preferred the promise of life wrapped in a death wish, entrapping the gift I have given you in a web of deceitfulness from which your fruitfulness shall never emerge into the stream of regeneration, where the geese fly endlessly in the blue skies, where the fish swim within the crystal streams, all to no avail, for because of your harlotry, no children shall ever be there to experience them, to smile and laugh, to play upon the shore and feel me in their hearts.
  19. You have destroyed me in the life of your hand, carving with it from the world things that are far lesser than I, the Lord, who is freely here for you.
  20. Instead, you purchase automobiles that flash in the sunlight and drive them swiftly down the highways, passing mall after mall, store after store, entertainment after entertainment, until you are too weary to see me in your heart, but only wish to fall into a death sleep at the end of your complex days.
  21. You have not remembered me, nor have you been fruitful and multiplied your children. Instead, you have been greedy, open to hard work, usury, credit cards, and endless shopping for things of plastic which, sooner than you'd expect, you toss into the trash, then drive rapidly inside your flashing automobile to the mall to shop for something else to plug into the hole of mental depression in which you are crucified in a deadly game that you have decided you must play forever.
  22. I have held my peace and allowed you to corrupt yourself, defame your very being, and shame me in your heart. My mind has been destroyed by watching all the silly things you have held up and enjoyed, for they were so simple and crude, that to myself, a Lord of highest sympathy and intellect, they are merely like the iniquitous and vile droppings of cattle.
  23. I say that these works of your hands, and those of others' hands which you purchase, are worthless; for they shall not profit you, nor shall you find from them the joy and happiness that you seek. When you cry, let your employers comfort you. They will not lift a finger, much less hold you in their arms. Because to them you are only a unit of work, easily replaceable and nothing special. When you cry, you shall cry alone. The wind shall hide your sobbing. Your tears shall be soaked up and made dry by your endless vanity. But he who places his trust in the Lord inside his heart, provided he is born of Adam's seed and not a mamzer who is born of serpent egg, he or she shall I comfort and renew.
  24. And I shall bless the ones who are contrite and return unto my golden inner eye inside their hearts, and from the light that shines inside, shall I embrace them, soften their materialist resolve until it leaves them, leaving only I, the Lord of Adam, in their hearts and placing children in their lives whose laughter's glorious ring is louder and so steeped in satisfaction that their endlessness of joy shall be your grace.
  25. And I shall place you on a ship that sails the stars and give to you a place within the planets. You shall possess strange lands of savage beauty, in beauteous valleys you can only dream of, beauteous beyond those things you craved in endless malls, whose mountains, hills, skies, and valleys are so grand, that you shall lie upon the grasses blowing in an alien wind and cry in happiness for all the richness I have freely given you for all the love of Adam which I have.
  26. Each mountain in your world is holy and each thing you do is filled with merit.
  27. And your bond with me inside your heart is strong and firm, so that my strength has changed you to a miracle of life, so strong and powerful in mind and muscle, that you find your joy in being just yourself, and in your spouse and children, playing in the fields, secure, not tempted by the advertiser's call to live a soulless life devoid of God's sweet love, for he is banished from your sight forever.
  28. Adam, I shall remove from your neck the yoke of work and purchasing of worthless things, replacing it with an open pathway to your heart where you shall find me resting, holding you so close within my arms that all my warmth shall enter you and make you whole.
  29. For those who love me shall inhabit all the heavens of these worlds including earth, for in myself resides the hidden fusion of the mind and matter that slides throughout the sides of time and brings within its realm an understanding of the worlds in which you live.
  30. Inside your heart, you are the Kingdom and the Light, perched there upon the Holy Places, sitting so contrite and humble, that your mind displaces all the lures of those you used to follow like a dying bug, converting you into the sunshine and the warmth of summer's most delightful days, the golden eyeball of the sun, and I shall place you in a beauteous showcase flashing bright with blazoned colors wherein you dance and glow.
  31. Because I love you I shall not contend forever, being angry at your ways, for all those I have made would falter and their spirit die.
  32. Now says the Lord to Adam: For the iniquities of covetousness and greed was I angry and smote him; I hid myself and he went on backsliding in the way of his heart, never seeing me, for he had sinned against me, driving me away.
  33. I have seen his ways, and I will heal him. I will lead him to the places I have promised and I shall fill him to the brim, overflow his glass and drink of him, his liquid sparkling in dazzling glories within the realms and places of my many worlds. And when he dies, I will comfort his mourners.
  34. For I create the fruit of Adam's lips, fill his lungs with breath, his heart with understanding, and I give him Peace, Peace, Peace, for I am near, and I shall heal him, says the Lord.
  35. But the wicked are as the troubled sea and cannot rest, who cast up mire and dirt. There is no peace unto the wicked, says the Lord, for they are serpent seed in flesh and in their devil ways, and their hearts are angry clouds whose stormy darkness wipes away the sun.
  36. But O Adam, you are good, not wicked.
  37. Only serpent seed is lost.
  38. But the Seed of Adam is the bond of God and Man. In you, my children, sons of Adam, do I stay, inside your hearts to comfort you, and bring you home into the universes I have made for you, the places where your voices sing, and glowing in your heart, the joy of God resides.
  39. I am blessed in you, Adam, my Son.


Chapter 58


Adam Must Stand Up and Argue Openly Against Serpent Seed and Political Correctness Which Is Only An Argument for Adam's Death


  1. Cry aloud. Spare not. Lift up your voice like an orchestra before a great room filled with people, and show unto my seed, the sons of Adam, their transgressions against their Lord. Many of the sons of Adam seek my solace, and delight to know my ways, as a nation of nations that is righteous, good, and gentle, yet fierce in arms when awakened to its plight.
  2. They are brave, courageous, and true of heart. They forsake not many of my ways. They listen to me for the truth of justice as opposed to the play of lawyers who twist their worn out justice like a fraying rope ready to break apart at the first hanging of the guilty ones so that many escape what is their just due. The good ones of Adam approach me in their hearts and breathe with me, communing closely as a warm baby cuddling against its mother's breast.
  3. They say that they are good if they do not cause trouble, yet I say they are good only if trouble is all about them, for a world of evil requires a larger world of bravery, a world in which Adam's son approaches with vengeance the serpent seed that seeks his mass destruction.
  4. All at once, comes evil upon Adam, unawares. Within his schools, run by false teachers, many of whom are serpent seed, has Adam learned the vile lessons of the Devil, for he has learned to trust in men who lie and not in me, and it was for unholy reasons: To deceive him. To weaken the resolve of all of Adam's sons. To make fast the binding glue to his sword which cements it permanently to his halter, to make his sword so difficult to remove from its vast encrusted hold that it is useless even as his murderer hiding in Adam’s holy house slides rapidly to his bed post with his devil’s knife slicing the warm night air, dispatching Adam and his sons to perdition and the maddening darkness.
  5. So Adam, taught to be good by his teachers, most of whom were evil, was convinced that they were good, for they were born of serpent seed, daring to lie to Adam’s sons for the Devil’s sake. Thus, Adam’s teachers abused the sons of God, whose Adam's children are, lying to his holy sons incessantly, lying about equality, saying some equality exists between Adam and the many serpent seeds within this world, when, in fact, there were few points of sound agreement, except if Adam agreed, and assented to die eventually at Satan's hands.

    Political Correctness Enters the Mind of Adam


  7. All that came into his ear sails with the bloodied edge. He mouths the serpent seeded words that kill his mind, reduce him to a low estate in which no mind can think, holding fast instead to two most cunning words, spewed by the serpent seeded lips, "Political Correctness," meaning Adam must agree to evil and not to do or think that which would cause trouble, not for the teacher, but for Adam's sons. The dull edged sounds of those foul words entered Adam's soul each day and plunged their poisons deep into his veins. Each time his children tried to speak, this evil thing, this political correctness silenced them. The teacher's lips pronounced those words as though they had some meaning, yet devoid of meaning were those words.
  8. They meant that certain things could not be spoken, and, even if those things were true, and political correctness was a lie. Instead, a man must be a hypocrite and lie, cut out pieces of his mind and tongue and hurl them from himself, to prove that he might lie about the truth.
  9. For lying, these serpent seed have said, is better than the truth itself, for truth is second fiddle to political correctness which, opposing truth itself, is some new devilish ideal.
  10. By use of phrases such as these—"political correctness," "you have been misinformed," "what if others thought the way you do," "we must learn to get along even if it hurts," "you must not offend," and similar groups of words—the vice was clamped upon the minds of Adam's children, cutting off debate, and silencing real dialog, until mere whispers in the back of rooms and nothing else were heard to contradict the lies that came behind the teacher's desk, where his mouth opened and evil spewed with venom, mostly directly against the rights of Adam and for the rights of all the serpent seeds within the school and in the world at large.
  11. Oh, Adam, you succumbed to these vile words. Instead, you should have protested, refused to close your mouth and mind, and argued all the more, and pointed out that anyone who seeks political correctness seeks to misinstruct the youth, to say that what is good is lying if the truth might hurt someone, especially if the lie itself hurts all the sons of Adam, yet, if they might hurt the serpent seeds whose criminality is evident to all within this world, then by the magic of politically correct words, you must not say these things, for only Adam is bad and only the evil ones, who are the serpent seed, are good.
  12. My sons, my Adam, this deception is the greatest lie, for it is the lie of all lies, the master lie, for "political correctness" requires that you keep silent when your seed is cursed by all the serpent seeds, who, also, using it against you, curse the Lord who is inside you always, not in them.
  13. But if you tell the truth and say, "There is no God inside you mamzers, all you Negroes, Aborigines, Asians, and false Jews who say that they are Jews and yet are not Jews," they will object, say this is not correct according to the argument of political correctness, for that which is the truth, that they are serpent seed and evil and shall never walk with God for all their vileness, would hurt their self esteem, they say, so do not say it.
  14. Yet, they say that all the beautiful white ones, all the sons of Adam, are the trouble makers, though God is seen in the red wine of blushing love within the innocent and righteous faces of all of Adam's sons. Of this, they will never speak except to lie and to defame. Instead, from deep inside their hearts of brazen evil, they say the criminals are good, that murder even, if it comes from some foul Negro, cannot be expressed for it might offend the evil Negro race where crime is paramount, a sort of sordid king of actions in the hierarchy of serpent seed, political correctness being what it is.
  15. However, if a white man slip and kill someone, then it is shouted from the roof and all the gathering devils of the serpent seed lift up their evil mouths and cock their heads back on their shoulders, and yell as loud as possible to hurt the self esteem of Adam's sons. For that is their whole game: Defaming Adam and Uplifting Evil Men instead. For these tribes of wicked mamzers, each devoted to iniquities against the sons of Adam on this earth, are the devil's hordes.
  16. Those of Adam's sons who rail against political correctness and refuse to tow the line of lies before the schools, the states, the cities, and the governments, shall gain the power and indulgence of the Lord inside their hearts, for not to protest, not to stand and fight this nonsense, is the first withdrawal of the race of Adam from the face of future times.
  17. It is the full admission that the white man, he who blushes all the time that wild red wine of love which God imparts to Adam through his sacred seeds passed down for generations breathing all the life and love that God imparts forever through his father, Adam, shall be ended out of courtesy to evil ones, that serpent seed shall Adam bow his knee before, as though the Man of God should bow to Satan's Hordes to keep from arguing about the right of men of God to live upon this earth.
  18. If you draw your verbal sword to fight these shysters where they stand, to level all their flimsy arguments, to push them back upon their haunches, toss them to the ground with verbal thrusts of logic, calm, and deep remorse at all the evil these most evil hordes entail, then shall I come to your defense, my verbal sword poised within your lips, shouting flames against flames, burning out their lies and exposing the sheer stubble of their crumbling arguments, for they are flimsy, crude, and require your own approval to survive your wit and grace.
  19. Give not to evil your approval, for correctness is not found in lying or in saying things that are not true in order to protect the lie that serpent seed people are equal to you, for nothing can be farther from my truths.
  20. In my creation have I made them separate from you, inferior, evil, and less fit. And I instructed you to stay away from them lest destruction come upon you from their mouths and hands,. For serpent seed are set on your extinction, for they hate the Lord inside you, which is me.
  21. Now, do, O Adam, what I say. Stand up and fight. Defend yourself. Never let a serpent seed contend with you or cower you in any argument. Stand tall, each foot implanted on the ground, your mouth open in defiance, telling them that their suggestion that you lie in order to please their evil way of thinking is absurd, that God exists inside your heart, for you are of the certain Seed of God through Adam whose name means "he who blushes," and that all the other races not of white European stock are evil, crude, and dull, that Adam's do not deal with them, nor with their lot, nor sell to them nor let them serve him, for should the sons of Adam venture out close to the sons of serpent seeds, then does that God in Adam's heart withdraw in anger and in hurt, for he cannot abide the evil in their seed.
  22. If you turn away from those who spew these evil thoughts, my sons and daughters, you shall be true unto yourselves and me, for we are both entwined within this world to oppose the serpent seed, defy their evil arguments, their phrases like political correctness, all their slurs against our goodness, when in fact, these men of serpent seed are of the devil, and the sons of God, the sons of Adam are of God Himself, the Lord inside their hearts.
  23. So turn away from evil. Tell these men that they are serpent seed, that Adam cannot live or sit with them and never to come near you.If you do these things then I shall bless you, as opposed to you allowing them to damn you and to lead you to the darkness of their goal--which is your final end, your decimation, your adulteration, and the loss of God inside your heart, so you and they shall then be equal, united in their evilness and ready for my sword to slaughter you for your betrayal.
  24. For you shall not escape my wrath. Either you defend yourself, stand up for me and for your race, or I shall let them kill you.
  25. I shall even hold their sword as it descends across your shattering neck, for you shall never give way to evil, never accept the false arguments of political correctness from their low estate within the realm of serpent seed.
  26. Instead, I, the Lord, command that Adam’s sons fight these devil men with whom you shall not integrate on pain of death.
  27. Otherwise, you shall fight me, the Lord, and I shall kill you, though I shall shed my tears for you across your dying face.
  28. If you stand fast to protect your race and to steadfastly fight to honor your Father, who is the Lord, then shall you live and prosper, then shall you climb the mountain and look down upon the land where serpent seeds no longer slither through the woods, and plains, and cities biting Adam's innocent back.
  29. Look, my children. Hearken what you see. For only Adam's sons prevail, alone, completely segregated. For they are separated in accordance with the Lord's command. They do not mingle with the hideous evil ones born within the darkness, who are serpent seed.


Chapter 59


Beware of Political Correctness and Zionist-Judeo-Christianity all of which Seek Adam's Annihilation, Warns the Lord...


  1. Behold, the Lord's hand is not shortened, that it cannot save Adam's people; neither is the ear of the Lord heavy, that it cannot hear his cries at the hands of the serpent people who abuse him badly day and night and seek to wipe him and the Lord as well from off the earth's grand face.
  2. Oh, Adam! Your iniquities have separated you from the Lord your Father and your God!
  3. Your sins of adulteration with the serpent seeds who live within your realms and taunt you with their ways and with their horrid serpent bite upon your beauteous back have caused the Lord to wander far from you in order to escape their closeness, for the Lord dwells not in evil places, which your many nations are.
  4. The Lord has hidden his face from you, for these sins of association with the evil ones violate his warnings, those who speak with forked tongues, whose lies grace all your NEWS, your governments, your churches, temples, synagogues, cathedrals, mosques, and grand basilicas, all of which are idols of the corporate God business, are forbidden evil fruit.
  5. I am not in these things, for I live only in the hearts of living Adams.
  6. The serpent people do I hate with all my might and mind, for they are evil. See, how Lucifer shines in their sparkling devil eyes. Behold, my sons of Adam, for, if you look closely in the eyes of serpent seed, then, you shall see the old tempter inside their faces where the red loving wine of the Lord's blessing upon Adam is missing, as the Lord’s sign to stay away from them. These are the Negroes, false Jews who say that they are Jews but are not Jews, the Aborigines, the Mongrel halflings, and the Asians.
  7. I have placed many marks on you and them that you may notice and beware, for they are different. Behold their danger, for they always seek your death, my sons.
  8. Also, beware of the Lord, Adam. For your hands are defiled with your own blood, and your fingers with iniquity; your lips have spoken lies, your tongue has muttered the perverseness of political correctness, integration, miscegenation, immigration, affirmative racism for the mamzer as opposed to whites of Adam's kin, and all the so-called "political correctness" which is the devil's wandering sewer that pokes its stinking head into your streets and homes, connecting you to all the mental offal of the serpent seed and robs you of your glory, asking you to practice the glorification of the devil's evil ways, all in the name of the idol known as Political Correctness, a metaphor and synonym for Lies in the Name of Tolerating and Even Elevating Poison in your Life.
  9. None of you has called for justice. None of you have pleaded for truth.
  10. They speak lies. They trust the Deity of Political Correctness, which is poised with a hangman's rope around the neck of Adam's sons, to slaughter them. Yet, all the while, not one of them stands tall and fights their onslaughts and their slanders.
  11. Instead they cooperate with evil, for they gladly stand and nod and speak correctness, lies, and evil things about themselves, just to satisfy the minions of the evil serpent seeds who assemble daily to cast the sons of Adam into perdition and annihilation from the face of the earth.
  12. You also conceive mischief to please the devil and bring forth more iniquity, for your new masters are not the Lord, but the serpent seed, and in your heart, since you have immersed your selves in the chaos of their massive hordes, where evil nods its riotous head and misconception is the norm, as well as insults to the men of God, the whites, on which the civilization of this planet rests, for Adam’s sons invented laws, and honed them.
  13. Instead, you cower, and, in your cowardly manner, you allow the evil ones to destroy both law and you. They hatch the serpent's eggs, and weave their spider's web. Whomsoever eats of their eggs dies, and that which is not crushed breaks out beyond the shell into a full fledged viper. Their deceitful lusting webs shall not become your clothing, Adam, and you shall not cover yourselves with the work of their evil minds and hands. For their works are of pure evil, and their offspring, pure iniquities; wasting and destruction and annihilation of the seed of Adam, the world's sole seed for good.
  14. The only pure and Godly race, are cast down within their paths, and as you walk along their ways these adders bite and poison you each day you live with them close-by. The acts of violence are in their hearts and books. Their minds are frail and empty. They are quick to violence, and quicker yet to give the serpent bite of many slurs against you.
  15. Their feet run to evil places, and they make haste to shed innocent blood.
  16. Their thoughts are the objects of their iniquity. Their every aim is your destruction and suffering, to pry you from the loving mind of God. The way of peace they do not know, their aim, and the second fall of Adam, whom they seek to kill.
  17. There is no justice in their thoughts, for their paths are crooked.
  18. Where they walk, a man of Adam always stumbles, for the paths of the serpent seed are winding and circuitous, as the lies their mouths exhale. For they are vile beings, and I the Lord shall slay them for the iniquities they lay upon the souls of Adam's sons. Whoever of Adam seeks their path shall know not peace, but only chaos, and his heart, like theirs, shall enter into darkness, for I am no longer in it, not being a God who would live in evil ways.
  19. Therefore, on account of their crooked ways and doings, justice is not in them, neither does righteousness come out of them. The light within their ways are shades of darkness. All their lies are cloaked in strange obscurities.
  20. You search for brightness in their eyes, but in their hearts and minds and faces and their paths, walk you and they in darkness only, for the cursed shall languish in the night, for even in the day, the light shines not upon their ways.
  21. Blinded by their curses, we are lost. We grope for the wall like the blind, and we grope as if we had no eyes; we stumble at noonday as in the night; we are in desolate and empty places like dead men as yet unburied, puffing in the darkness, and foul odors streaming from our pours. We roar like a tank in a great battle, yet we have so little heart, we mourn like simple doves for our dead, saying almost nothing. We look for justice, hope for their forgiveness, that they shall let us live, but they will not do so, for in them is only hate, and forgiveness never enters into serpent seed unless in abject mockery of Adam's ways.
  22. We seek salvation from their annihilation of our numbers, for we see how they are planning to destroy us. Yet we speak nothing concerning these things, and as for salvation, there is none, for they are evil. For our transgressions against our selves and against the Lord inside our hearts is multiplied by our inaction in the face of danger and amid the hordes of evil persons we have brought within our walls to live with us, and then to kill us in the night which is their favorite time of striking with their final serpent bites.
  23. Our sins of adulteration of our nations with the bad seeds of the Evil One testify against us as a people. For our treacheries are with us, and the enemies are all within our gates, hacking us to pieces; and for our iniquities, which are their presence all the time in everything we see and everywhere we go, are all about us, and we know them.
  24. In transgressing and lying against the Lord, and departing from our hearts, speaking oppression and revolt, conceiving and uttering from our hearts words of falsehood in the way of political correctness for the pleasing of the serpent seed, and letting all these serpent seeds inside our safe and civil nations, are we damned.
  25. For we have turned away justice, appointing as attorneys-of-law, justices, and congressmen, many of these serpent seeds, to represent the sons of Adam in whom God resides, yet in the persons not born of Adam but of those born of the serpent seed of Satan, the non-Adamic evil ones, who are set on our destruction.
  26. For many things within our worlds are upside-down, and righteousness stands afar, kept far off from us by law's intended curse, the mamzer's legal touch, the laws which serpent seed have crafted, using it as swords of steel against us.
  27. For the truth is fallen in the street and not one Adam stoops to help her up.
  28. Discrimination is the law, discrimination of minorities against the multitude, so that minorities may place their boots each day upon the throat of the majority, as long as that is Adam's throat and not the mamzer's throat.
  29. For the Devil is protected by these Devilish laws, yet the Lord is crucified again and the rusted nails are placed inside of each and every Adam by the serpent seeds, and we are crucified within the caldron of iniquities, where equity can never enter.
  30. Yes, the truth has fallen, and any Adam departing from the evil of these criminal times makes of himself a prey. For the mamzer government of anti-Adam laws shall hunt him down and slay him. And many Adams languish in the darkness of the mamzer's horrid dungeons for their whiteness through which the blushing wine of the Lord's dear love for Adam's only seed shines out upon a hideous world of serpent leadership.
  31. For the Lord sees everything, even the good and even the evil, and so it displeases him that there is no justice.
  32. And, the Lord says: Beware, Zionist-Christianity and Judeo-Christianity, For in it, where are Adam's Sons? Have they not been slated for extinction by its Ministers? Have not their vile prophecies been twisted to focus upon the false Jews in violation of my real prophecies concerning the sons of Adam who are the only ones in whose beauteous hearts I shall ever recline, all other men being serpent seed and the sons of Satan in whom I shall never walk?
  33. Have not these holy Christians turned to worshipping the mamzers, elevating them high up, even Negroes, Aborigines, Asians, Mongrels, and Jews, beyond the sons of Adam who are the only men in whom God reclines?
  34. The Lord says: Christians have bowed their knees before Satan's evil gaze. They preach for new members in a sea of devils, seeking mostly those of serpent seed in whom I, the Lord of Adam's sons, shall never enter. Why then, do you enter through the collection plates of their Cathedrals, Basilicas, and Churches, when they are leading all of you, who are Adam's beauteous sons, into extinction? Their wine is poison to Adam's sons, and so is their bread poison to Adam's sons also.
  35. For the only blood of the Lord that ever existed in all of my Universes is in the red wine of my love for Adam, which exists only your blush, O Adam, who are Northern Europeans, and the Lord's flesh which is only in your body, O Adam, you, who are Northern Europeans, and never in the lifelessness and vile darkness of the wine and bread from the Devil's altar.
  36. The Christ of Old have you never seen, for the Church was deformed to hide Him. And The Bible has been written by the serpent seed, especially St. Paul, who murdered most of Christ's believers in Jerusalem, for Paul covers His words with lies.
  37. Know these Christians by their works which demonstrate their hatred of God and of Adam’s sons in whom only God resides among all mankind and only in Adam and never in other men, for they are of Satan. These vile Christian Devils preach concerning the adulterization and eventual annihilation of Adam's sons by association with Negroes, Aborigines, false Jews who are not Jews but who claim they are Jews, as well as Asians, Mongrels, Arabs, and others who are serpent seed and are the sons of Satan, all the evil minions who work for the death of God's children, who are Adam's sons and daughters.
  38. The evil fruits they feed to you include the death and extinction of Adam's sons through the iniquities of horrid integration, immigration, miscegenation, political correctness, equality of the races of God with the vilest races of the Devil, the adulterization of Adam's sons, annihilation of Adam in Northern Europe and elsewhere, and other ideals of the serpent seeds whom they are.
  39. The Lord commands that all of the sons of Adam must depart from those who seek Adam's annihilation by the Serpent Seed, who are the Devil's Children.
  40. They are not of Jesus Christ and never were, for Jesus was Adam, your father; he was made by the hand of God and placed inside of Mary's womb. Yet they preach the extermination of Adam's seed, which is the seed line of Jesus Christ.
  41. By their fruits shall you know them. These Christians are misled. They are evil and dead set against you. They preach to the serpent seed and tell you to associate with these sons of Perdition.
  42. They even send missionaries into darkest Africa to convert Negroes in whom Satan lives. And, in doing so, they seek your extinction.
  43. But with your extinction, comes the extinction of The Lord, The Lord who reclines only within the hearts of Adam's sons and never enters into serpent seed.
  44. Therefore, says the Lord to Adam's sons: Of the false Christians, know them by their works, their aims, their words, for they are evil and of the devil. Go not into their buildings. Do not speak to their followers. Do not deal with, purchase from, live next to, or sell to them, for they seek your annihilation in the name of Christ's damnation of your race as spoken on their false and evil pulpits day and night, as they betray you to the death of immigration and the fiery caldron of integration, miscegenation, and adulteration which, I the Lord, command you not perform.


The Prophetic Interpretation of Michael


  1. So the Lord determined he would set the record straight, defeat the serpent seed, and mingle heart-to-heart with all the Adams of the world. For God saw that in the future there would be no Adam's left, how no intercessor would appear with strength enough to lead, because the false Jews who claim that they are Jews but are not Jews owned all the presses, and they had left poor Adam without means to hear his voice amid the rising vileness of their screaming voices amplified on paper, in the air waves, and on billboards, all of which defamed his people day and night.
  2. They elevated Negroes and the false Jews themselves, who claim they are Jews but who are not Jews, as well as Aborigines, Asians, Arabs, and all manner of serpent seed people who were totally devoid of God within their hearts, for God would never be in someone evil, which they are.
  3. Though millions of them practiced fantasy religions for their entertainment, all of which were false, yet none of them were blessed in any way, as seen in the destruction of the cities where they howled and politiced and raged, for all were set upon annihilating Adam in whose face shone God's red loving wine.
  4. And God determined that within the heart of Adam would each man be intercessor to himself, and in the whole of Adams all around the world, each dedicated to the good, which is the defamation and destruction of the serpent seeds who had tormented him with such infernal vileness even to his own annihilation, that their sentence against Adam, would the sons of Adam execute upon the serpent seeds themselves, to wipe them out forever that Adam, and not evil men, might triumph, and the world at last be good and filled with children's' laughter and within their hearts, the warming hands of God massaging all their Holy Spirits.
  5. For the Nations of Adam put on righteousness, each accepting in himself the kiss and breath of God upon his Father's lips in Eden, vowing to discard the bad and elevate the good, casting out the devils--all the Negroes, Aborigines, Arabs, Half-Breeds, Mongrels, Indians, Asians, and their Master who are the false Jews who claim that they are Jews but they are not Jews--sending them into perdition's darkening gulf, that with God's sword within their Celtic hands, each Russian, Swedish, Irish, Anglo, Saxon, Dane, French, and Lombard Man and all the other blushing heroes in whom God resides within their hearts might live and never perish at the hands of mamzers.
  6. Hearken to the Lord that that dwells so lovingly inside your hearts, O Adam, for the Lord makes this his solemn vow and covenant between your seed, yourself, your heart.
  7. Your Lord this very moment witnesses my words. I dwell within your heart and in no other peoples' heart for they are of the serpent and you of God's own hands and breath were born in Eden. Know the worlds where you live may cease to turn, the stars above may cease their awesome spectacles atop a trillion Earthean planetary skies wherein all Adams of the future live and prosper, yet always shall his words be true, and shine forever in the spirit stars within, for always shall his covenant be honored, for The Lord's words which he has placed inside the prophet's mouth and sealed herein upon this page for you to read and painted in the blushing blood that gushes through your heart as well as mine, for through these books and all their chapters and their prophecies, all written for your eyes to read, and so, once read, to understand to Adamkind on earth and all the other planets where he lives, these covenants forever shall be honored by The Lord.

    The Lord's Chorus


  9. For the Lord is blessed in Adam, who is the one and only blessed Holy Man. There are no sacred others for they are all of serpent seed, and I am not in them.
  10. For only inside Father Adam's seeds resides the Lord.


Chapter 60


Praises for The Lord’s Glorious Redemption of Adam’s Sons


  1. Arise, O Adam, for the time your light shall shine upon the earth has come. The glory of the Lord has risen in you like the great golden eye of the day's full sun. He rests inside the sun and inside all the stars. He even shines inside your heart. His light inside you swirls. It ladles out delicious streams of gold and silver, and these mysteriously meander through your system. In you, sings the Lord sweet songs that melodiously swim throughout your pulsing veins. And he sends his wine of reddening love into your face.
  2. You see him when your children smile at you with reddened cheeks of God’s sweet love for them and you.
  3. Behold, the darkness of the serpent seed no longer covers all the nations of the earth. No more do Satan's spawn of Negroes, Aborigines, Asians, Arabs, and false Jews who say that they are Jews yet are not Jews darken grossly my young Adam's sons who once had mixed therewith in violation of my laws to his damnation thus turning all his cities into mamzer killing fields.
  4. For now, the Lord has shone within your hearts. His glory shines again within your face. Your arms of hardened steel flex strong. Your swords possess once more the sharpest razor's edge. These arms and swords I felt within your hands. They ripped the earth apart when recently raged war against the evil serpent seed.
  5. I tasted all the savor of their horrid screams, of devils going down into perdition's darkest gates, until from out the devil's hands you wrested all the earth, restored the vast continuum of goodness, which I created in old times, from out of the monsters' hands. As you dispatched the serpent seeds into graceless darkness of perdition's deepest pit, I felt redemption of mankind, a glorious set of moments which renewed the heart of man and straightened out the twisted byways of the dark side where Adam's sons were corralled and herded for the slaughter by the serpent seeds, the darkness of the serpent seed you vanquished in your gloriousness.
  6. The glory of the Lord now shines. And all the blushing faces in the world now smile the holy smile of the Lord's red wine of love for you, in which I am the very blush of Adam, blush within the blushed one, and for which I named you and my blessing. For all I kissed inside your Father's awakening lips, his eyes opening onto mine, I kissed in love for you this day as well. Remember, Adam, how I breathed into his heart and lungs on that first day in Eden.
  7. And the nations shall rise up without the serpent seed to shake their branches and weed out their Adam kind, to persecute and mock, for they have lost their darkness
  8. Come they now into the light upon the brightness of your rising. Lift up your beauteous faces. Cast your eyes about, and see the world all made anew. They who are Adam's sons, all gather themselves together, unto themselves alone. I see their sons and daughters; they shall come from far away. I see their children nursing in the golden light.
  9. There is that light of God who shines within your heart, Oh Adam, and from all the starry heavens which I gave to you, so that all the cracks and crevices are bright. And all the darkness of the serpent seed has vanished in the darkest pits in which you cast them, and whereon I placed a stone pure white and beautiful as Adam's countenance. In these days you shall flow together, and your heart of the Lord's blessing shall fear me, because the grand abundance of the air and earth, and seas shall be yours to hold and no one else's, for the forces of your nations, free at last from serpent seed, all come alive and gather round your homes.
  10. The multitudinous quiet shall be yours, and you shall want for nothing. All the land, the seas, the skies, and all that lives in them are yours. All the animals and plants you have alone to hold, to care, to raise, to husband, and to eat. These things on which you gaze, I give them each and every one to you. You shall be satisfied for once and all, and my satiation inside your heart and soul shall be complete, for I the Lord do shine within your being, and I fill your soul so high with life's sweet goodness, that you sing within each day and pray with me each second, for our bonding is a song that sends our melody throughout the world wherein you walk.
  11. It floats you higher up, even out beyond the billowing clouds, into the stars. And there shall no more be those walls about your mind and soul, for those who tore you down are gone forever, and I have banished for all time the sin they called political correctness.
  12. All the walls you built to hide from mamzers who are serpent seed, since they are gone, I now tear down. You peer about your world and see the light reflecting on the natural lands, and this alone shall fill your heart with reminiscence of those ancient times in Eden, and even that sweet day I breathed into your Father's mouth. It surges through you day by day; for in each breath you take you taste my lips and feel my gentleness and love.
  13. No foreigners shall come to rape your wife and kill your sons. No Negroes walk the streets to deal their dope. No false Jews who say that they are Jews but are not Jews shall publish their foul and misinformed NEWS to ruin your days with lies.
  14. For what you see is all that you shall have. You shall not pay usury for what you have anymore, but you shall own clear and free your lands and no one's government shall ever tax you. You shall rule yourself, and I the Lord inside your Adam's heart shall be the only government you need.
  15. All who would not serve you shall have perished. Serve now your self. Worry not your fellow Adam men with debts and contracts or with governments. Instead, leave each alone to see inside his heart and feel his Lord's instructions, for I know best what each of Adam's sons must do, and I shall see that they shall hearken to my voice, that no man's lash shall ever rip their backs in reddish stripes.
  16. Yet, if they walk astray and harm another man or try to make him do his will instead of mine, then shall you kill him as a retrograde, a serpent seed contained in Adam's flesh, and suffer not that he shall live or you shall suffer from him at my hands.


The Box of Divine Freedom Made by God for Adam’s Newly Redeemed World and Way of Life…


  1. There is a box with opened sides, and whatever objects place you inside that box shall fall outside its walls. That box cannot hold water, air, or matter, and of men to hold, it is quite useless. This box I built for you, O Adam. It is the world of freedom's form. There are no walls, no corners, and no top or bottom, no beginning and no end. You walk through it like wind across the stormy sky. It holds you not unto itself. For you cannot be cornered now.

    A More Perfect World


  3. The Lord has freed your hands. Let no one place a manacle upon your limbs again, for I have banned them all. You, who were despised, are elevated by my hands. Come hither. Blush, my blessed ones. Your faces do I redden in my love for you. Your children laugh and tumble in the open fields, which I have given you.
  4. Be not greedy, and do not control the other Adams whom you meet. For they, like you, already are controlled by me. For I the Lord am in their hearts as well. So, when you see them smile and give a knowing nod, knowing that you are brothers in the Lord who sails into your hearts and sets you free and makes you happy through my blessing.
  5. Violence shall no more raise its mamzer head within the world. The Negroes are not here to kill and steal and rape, and the false Jews who are not Jews but claim they are the Jews have no more NEWS to bite you with, and all the others--Aborigines, Arabs, Asians, Persians, and the rest of them--have you and I destroyed, for with them Adam could not be free and live his life in goodness.
  6. For the serpent seed are history. They languish only in your memories, and, should you dream of evil in your sleep, know now, it is completely banished from your lives, and, had the mamzers never lived, these things would never have been manifested in your worlds, for you are good and they were filled with evil. For the devil was their Father, and the Lord they never knew.
  7. The sun shall be no more your light by day, nor shall the moon be for brightness in the nights, but the Lord shall be for you the light forever, and the days of mourning in the midst of serpent seed where darkness reigned about you ended long ago.
  8. The sun slide down into the lands and seas no more, nor shall the moon withdraw its beams at night. For you, O Adam, are the light unto the worlds I give to you.
  9. Your people shall be righteous, all of them. They shall inherit priceless lands throughout the universes I created for their future families to own. Forever, shall the branch of my planting, the work of my hands, be yours, that I may be glorified while living in your heart.
  10. A little child shall become a thousand, and each small child shall grow into great nations.
  11. I, the Lord, have sworn it from that altar that exists inside your hearts.
  12. For I am blessed in Adam's sons.

Chapter 61


Warnings and Praises of the Lord to Adam Continues…


  1. I am the Spirit of The Lord Inside Your Heart.
  2. The Lord anointed me, then placed me there, inside your beating heart.
  3. I swim within your blushing face.
  4. I preach good tidings to the meek and brave.
  5. To the broken hearted, shall I pray.
  6. I proclaim liberty to many captives.
  7. Those who were bound in prisons, have I freed.
  8. All Adam's sons are but the plantings of the Lord. The trees that from them spring shall rise up to form great nations, not of governments, but men who are by heart and God so governed that no government shall ever govern him again. For the Lord within his sacred heart is his only governance, and all that he requires.
  9. They shall build again the old wastes and raise up the former desolation. The cities shall they all repair, and the desolation of the serpent seed shall not destroy them.
  10. For the serpents have gathered in perdition, tossed into the endless darkness of the well in which no water flows.
  11. For no architects, plowmen, and vineyard pruners, shall you serve. No mamzer lives to aid you. With your hands alone you shall employ yourself alone, commands the Lord. For being self-sufficient is your promise, how you feed and clothe and house your family. For honest work brings honest living, and to work another man for your reward, when you yourself can work, is evil, and so this you shall not do.
  12. But you shall be a priest unto yourself. Consult the Lord inside your heart. And this way shall you enjoin the righteous way to choose. Construct not demons inside churches, synagogues, basilicas, and mosques, for these are stone and wood, and only inside Adam do I live. Therefore, consult yourself, for I am in you; I shall guide you always. Reject my guidance and I shall pierce my sharpest sword of wizened steel into your heart where I should be. The choice is yours to make.
  13. The headstrong and the wise are brothers never. But the wisest man of Adam's sons consults his Lord inside his heart. He misses not a step. For all advantages are his. For in your personal glory shall you boast. But, remember, sons of Adam, this Godliness within your heart is personal. Not one thing shall you publicly recite that we have talked about within yourself. For I am hidden only in the hearts of Adam's sons. And though, no mamzer ever knew me or my ways, yet whisper not my secrets, even though no mamzers come about to harm you, for that quietness and grand humility, by my decision which I share with you herein, this quietness concerning all your conversations, shall give you strength.
  14. For your suffering, shall I give you double all you need. Ask not for more. Be satisfied. For in the future you shall die like all your fellow Adams. Therefore, are all things you own but temporary, and shall pass to others, and all things you see, for you are vanity.
  15. For you are but a traveler in these lands that I have given you. In time, some other man shall own them, and your grave shall lie beneath the grass like all the graves of all the men who came before and after you who rest there by your side in private coffins.
  16. Remember this. Release your hold with dignity when that time comes to pass away from here, for time's death-hold is always hovering about you, for your days have I numbered. You shall not die alone, for I am in you, and so when you perish, know, I also die within you, but my death in you does not end my life, for I go on forever, and yours is only dying for the moment; yet I, as Lord, do not forget; and so, in death and in life, I am the same. I live for all of time. My sorrow for you never ends, and my joy in your child's laughter on the shores, rings melodious within my being ever more.
  17. Hearken. Listen, to what the Lord says: I shall reward you with the truth. I shall direct your understandings. This is a covenant between us.
  18. Of the mamzers who were serpent seed and died into perdition's well, burn all their books, tear down their monuments. Let nothing of their memories remain. Their seed shall not be known throughout the Adam Nations, nor their thoughts revealed again, for in them only death and dying, the corruption of the sons of Adam, and the endless chaos.


  1. The Benediction of Adam Via Michael Worley…

  3. I am the Spirit of the Lord Inside Your Heart.
  4. The Lord anointed you, then placed himself in you, where you swim next to him, and in and out of him. Your soul is always joyful, filled with graceful ways.
  5. He has clothed me in garments of salvation in your heart, and he has covered me with you, who are my robe of righteousness, as a bridegroom clothes himself in elegant attire, and as his bride that very day of marriage adorns herself with jewels and sweetest smelling flowers, so do I cloth myself in you, for there is none more fine for me to wear than you, a blushing child of Adam's flesh.
  6. For as the earth brings forth her fruit in these lost gardens from the seeds which farmers throw upon the land, so shall the Lord praise your righteousness throughout these worlds where you, in all your vast Adamic glory cast your strength into the fields, spread wide your arms, and burst into a grandiose bloom.
  7. For in your seed does life spring forth, and through its propagation comes the Lord.


Chapter 62


How the Lord Dwells Forever Inside Adam’s Heart…


  1. For Adam's sake I will never hold my peace.
  2. For his many nations--Russia, The United States, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and the Vikings' Northern Nations--have I soared within their hearts. For them, I shall not rest. I witness how their righteousness shines forth as brightness, that their salvation burns as the lamps that light their worlds from end to end.
  3. For Adam shall forever see my righteousness, and my stars shall brighten all his glory. By a new name shall I call him.
  4. Now says the Lord:
  5. I am the Spirit of the Lord Inside Your Heart.
  6. The Lord anointed me, then placed me there. I am the reddening face in which the Lord resides, his blood and yours combined in lasting love, exquisite to behold, delicious in his constant tasting of your breath, for as you breathe, he breathes in you as well, for he is there with you.
  7. For you are a crown of glory in the Lord's own hands; your heart, a royal diadem.
  8. You are no more forsaken. No more are your lands desolate. For your possessions are healed, and your world is no longer twisted on the cross of evil, and for what you own, you owe but nothing. All your work you produce shall you own, and all your days shall you be rich in all that you have grown and manufactured.
  9. The wise man keeps it simple. Be like the young man who married a virgin and you expect your sons likewise shall soon be married also to your love. Likewise, the Lord shall love you as a father loves his son and as his son loves back his father; as you rejoice, the lucky bridegroom in her touching hands, so I rejoice as well in you, my blessed son.
  10. I am the watchman in your very heart, Oh Adam. My words are in you, coming from your mouth like swords into the air; the Lord shall never hold his peace whether in the day or night, for you who know the Lord, shall speak forever, and all his words are my words, never his.
  11. Give me no rest, but come always into me.

    For I am the Spirit of the Lord Inside Your Heart.


  13. The Lord placed his love in there, inside your beating heart, and swimming in your blushing face.
  14. A bond emerges there, a bond that winds down time into the heart of Adam, and pours in God's own tongue from Adam's moving lips.
  15. For the Lord in you has sworn by his right hand which in his strongest arm holds high his mighty sword, saying, Surely, I will never give your grain to serpent seeds. As there are no foreigners, your life is safe forever, for it is that wine inside your heart for which I labored on you, the red wine of my love within your cheeks that I might mingle all the time on your behalf.
  16. He who has gathered the food shall eat it. No one else may even touch it. You shall share it with your brothers at those times when they are hungry, as they, also, with you shall share in your times of trouble. For the courts of my holiness shall speak within your heart that you shall do the righteous things.
  17. Go through the Gates. Tear up the highway stones. Let not a government come near you.
  18. Without roads, no government exists.
  19. Pick out the stones and concrete of the roads, and hide them that no man may follow where they were and come to you. Lift up a banner to my people, Adam's sons, whereon your heart and that of God enjoin, for only he shall govern you. All other governments are idols, and you shall not recognize nor worship them.
  20. Behold, the Lord has proclaimed to all of Adam's sons, in all the worlds, saying, behold, your salvation is here and it is you alone and me, for the Spirit of the Lord Inside Your Heart is your salvation; your reward is through him and of him only. You are the work I placed before him, and in you am I most blessed.
  21. In Adam's seed my Spirit dwells, and you shall call upon my love inside your heart, and all the holy people I have known. And they shall rest in you through me, both now and in the past.
  22. For I redeemed them all. They are the remnant seeds. In their blush shall they be named, for in the radiant red wine of love in Adam's glowing face in which I swim forever, shall my love be honored and be seen forever.


Chapter 63


The Prophet, Michael, Recounts the Failures of Adam’s Sons and the Unwarranted Redemption from the Vile Serpent Seed, the Judeo-Bolsheviks, After Much Suffering, by the Lord


  1. Adam asked:

  3. Who is this that comes into the Adam nations dressed in beautiful garments purchased from a second-hand store?
  4. Who is he who is so inglorious, yet travels in the greatness of his strength, and whose visage is astounding, and whose light shines as brightly as the beauteous sun at noon?

  6. And a mighty voice responded:

  8. It is I, who speak in righteousness tomes, and strive to save the host of Adam's remnant people.

  10. Adam asked:

  12. Why are you red in your apparel, and why are your garments like those of a peasant who treads in the wine vats all day long?

  14. And a mighty voice responded:

  16. It is I who trod the winepress all alone, for there were no people anywhere near me. For I shall tread them in my anger, and in the grapes shall I trample them in my fury; and their blood shall be sprinkled upon my garments that all my raiment shall be stained red.
  17. For the day of vengeance is in my ear, and the year of my redeemed is at hand.

  19. Refrain:

  21. And I looked, and there was none to help.
  22. And I wondered that there was none to uphold.
  23. Because of these things, my fury was intense.
  24. My own arm brought salvation unto me.
  25. And I will tread down the peoples who abandoned me in furor, and make them drunk with my anger.
  26. I shall topple their strength and bring them down into the earth, and as they fall to the ground, I shall be vindicated.
  27. I will testify concerning the Lord's love and kindness which is witnessed by all that he has given unto us, the great goodness placed in Adam's sons by the Lord's loving graces, which he bestowed on them according to his mercies, and according to the multitude of his loving kindnesses.

  29. So did he testify:

  31. Surely, they are my people, these sons of Adam, their faces blushing in the red wine press of the Lord.
  32. These children shall never lie. For that reason, I am their savior.
  33. In all their affliction was the Lord afflicted, and his presence in them saved them.
  34. In his love and pity he redeemed the sons of Adam, and he bore them through the hordes of serpent seed who railed and called for their demise and torture, their sticks and swords pounding at their flesh, and he carried them all the days of the ancient times, yet in the cloak was he invisible, and so the serpent seed have never seen him.
  35. But the children of Adam rebelled against the Lord within their hearts, thinking themselves better and more powerful than he, acting to all the world like shadows of the serpent seed whose father, Lucifer, did fall from God's delight to fight his goodness.
  36. In this, the Lord saw vexation and rebellion against the Holy Spirit which is the Mentality of Separation which keeps Adam from the mamzer horde so God may dwell inside his heart, as though he turned to be God's enemy, and he fought against them.
  37. Then, the Lord suddenly stopped, for he remembered that holy day in Eden when he loved the form of Adam and had blown his breath of life into the dust of Adam's body, how his youthful eyes began to open on his face, and how the smile of love played gracefully across his reddening face and lips.
  38. A powerful feeling flowed throughout the Lord on seeing this fantastic revelation of the ancient times when Adam's flesh gained life and up he came and danced within the green of Eden's Holy Garden, feeling all the plants and animals, and laughing in his innocence, and naming all that was within those Holy Gates kept separate and safe from serpent seed who scurried outside the Garden's Wall.
  39. The Lord carried Adam through the breech of loudly cackling serpent voices and their flashing swords to safety, thinking all the while how he had saved mankind with Adam's birth in Eden, how the Holy Spirit had been placed in him which was the Mentality of Separation from the dulling bite of serpent seed by which adulterating bite all of Adam's children might be taken from the Lord forever, for once a child of Adam mated with an evil one--a Negro, Aborigine, Asian, or a false Judeo-Bolshevik who claimed he was a Jew and yet was not a Jew, or any other mamzer--then would his progeny forever stand with Satan, all his flesh for all of time be lost, no Lord inside their hearts, no understanding of the goodness in the world, but instead they practiced only evil in their heats, as the sons of Satan must.

  41. And a mighty voice said:

  43. Who is it who imparted into Adam the Mentality of Separation from the serpent seed, which the Lord has dubbed "the Holy Spirit"?
  44. Who is it who destroyed the false Judeo-Bolsheviks of Russia who had murdered 60 million Christians, and who claimed that they were Jews but were just false and lying Jews who claimed that they were Jews but were not Jews?
  45. For as my garment shines so red with blood of Adam, so, too, shone the soil of Russia at the Jews' own guns and swords, as they destroyed the greatest crop of Adam's blood and hoped to rid the world of God's sweet people.
  46. For then, the blush of Adam, cut asunder by deceptive, warring Judeo-Bolsheviks, who claimed that they were Jews and were not Jews, and even hid their names from all the Adams inside Russia, flowed redly in the winter snows.
  47. And in that red upon the whitest frozen turf, the blush of Adam froze and died the Lord within his heart, because the sons of Adam cowered before the few and offered no resistance.
  48. Therefore, raged the Lord, who held the hands of Bolsheviks who wielded guns and swords with which to kill their enemies.
  49. So did the arm of God strike metal to the bone of Adam, and his garments turn to Bolshevik Red, from out of the blood of God's own people pouring on the ground and splashing onto his white garment.
  50. Who led Adam to his death? Who leashed his neck and led him to the greenest valley's of his death? Who galloped like the empty seated stallion through the trees?
  51. For as a beast goes down into the valley, the Spirit of the Lord in Adam's heart caused him to rest, that God might seek his vengeance on a set of sons whose cowardliness before the onslaught of political correctness led to the inexorable pools of blood in which annihilation flowed across the continent from Europe to the vast Pacific shores, each slaughtered by the serpent seed, ordered by the seething foulness of the false Jews who claimed that they were Jews and yet were not Jews, as their guns cracked neck bones of the sons of Adam in the lonely woods, and millions fell before the gruesome harvest of the vilest Judeo-Bolshevik serpent seed people of the Red Revolution.
  52. Look down from Heaven, and behold from the hesitation of your glory. Witness how we die alone.
  53. Would you not come to aid us in our slaughter?
  54. Is our blood your dinner, Lord?
  55. Are all your mercies now restrained?

  57. The prayer came:

  59. Oh Lord, you have made us to err from your ways.
  60. You have hardened our hearts that you might punish us by separating us from you and pushing us toward them, who are the serpent seed, the criminal men of Satan's family.
  61. Come back. Free Russia, for your children's sake.
  62. The people of your seed and of your self, Oh Lord, have possessed their lands for a short time.
  63. Their adversaries have trampled down your sanctuary, which is Adam's sons, their living, beating hearts, the red wine of your love inside their faces.
  64. They are yours, O Lord.
  65. You never ruled them in their gentle, innocent hearts.
  66. They are known by your name, the Northern Europeans, those who blush, those beauteous Adams, living in the hordes of angry serpent seed.
  67. For Adam, like all men of God, blushed freely in the open air, their faces redly beaming with the Lord's sweet love; for they are what Adam means, which is "the blush of God, the red, red wine of the Lord's sweet love," for, only Adam blushes, only he knows God, and other men do not, nor never shall.
  68. For only Adam is of God. For he is white as snow.
  69. Yet in his face the reddened blush of wine in which the love of God's own being flows, to light the world and testify to serpent seed his presence in these sacred men.
  70. For only Northern Europeans blush. For only they have God inside their hearts.
  71. All other men are serpent seed and never can they see nor taste the power of God inside them.
  72. Thus are they forever lost within the floating earth devoid of happiness and only wish the deadly harm that they can do to Adam, for they plot to wipe him out, that none of Adam's children shall survive, and thus the world shall be the place where Satan rules, and not the Lord.
  73. Adam's sons, Oh Lord, are your own people, but their adversaries, those who chop them down, you never ruled atop them with your boot, and they were never called by your own name. Nor shall they ever know you, Lord.
  74. For only Adam, white as snow with face of love's divine red wine, feels God within his pulsing heart, and knows the power inside him of the Lord himself.

Chapter 64


Adam's Prayer for Deliverance from Evil

  1. Oh Lord, whose lips and mine have met a trillion trillion times throughout these times and nations, you who came down and formed me of the dust with your own hands, that I like you shall seem, most beauteous in form and mind, Oh Lord, I wish that you would come again, come down from those vast heavens, reside forever in our hearts, that you might flow like watered glaciers down the mountains' sides and water us with your grand presence.
  2. For you have fought for Adam, fought our wars, your hands uplifted with the blinding sword, its silver glinting in the golden light, red gushing from the adversaries' torn and jumping bodies in their fall to death's perdition at our hands.
  3. For the fire of your heart in mine makes melt the glaciers so the water flows in rapid streams into the crystal rivers, the fiery wrath of heaven's gate against my adversaries' towers and mountains causing even streams to boil, to force your cause inside us and your name upon our lips which you have kissed so long ago, to come forth that our enemies may perish in our grand collective wrath.
  4. For evil cannot live when you are near, and, since you live inside our hearts, we glean the earth of serpent seed and plant the good ones, from our very flesh, upon their dissolution of their native stones. When you made the earth tremble, the sky to rumble, our bodies to die of many foul diseases, then came you down within our hearts to lead us through the blind and difficult paths through which redemption gathers force and plunders serpent seed and other disbelievers with a grisly vengeance no man can withstand.
  5. For even wretched persons, at your touch are healed and turned into full men again, the fighting soldiers of your blessed cause. For righteousness is yours. And you are in our hearts.
  6. Come down into me, fill my heart with your warm righteous love for me. I am a basket, you my child inside my heart, the baby dwelling in my masculine womb. Break forth from me and show the serpent seed whose eyes no serpent seed toward God has ever cast and much less seen.
  7. What you, Oh God, prepare for him in wait, shall always kill him blindly, for he sees you not. Upon him unawares, your vengeance falls atop his mighty swords and casts him into dark perdition's grave.
  8. You bond with those who work in righteousness so joyously, we who your ways remember always in our hearts and feel your warmth inside our loins, for even when we walk or run, your sinew grows within our working bodies to illuminate our strength that we may shine for all to see in all your righteous glories.
  9. Yet, though you are angry at us for our fallen ways, our inattention to your love for us these many years, for all our sins and our omissions, our not listening to your counsel in our hearts, still, in us is your continuing presence and without us, though you live forever, in this world as nothing would you be and this is chaos and the death of hope for all the worlds you made for us.
  10. So, stay with us, come down into our hearts, commune, reach out your hands and float within our blood and veins, and save us with your kindness.
  11. For and we and you are he who walks these planetary shores, who plow the grain that sustains Adam's sons, that transfer you throughout our generations, foul as we may be from time to time, yet you forgive us, as you always have, when we forget our gloriousness and fall into satanic ways.
  12. Yet still we turn away and come to you within, and plead for your continued love within our righteous seeded hearts.
  13. For all that touch these planets are of substance, bent and twisted in the material nature of these worlds, both mind and matter and biology so intermingled that each chemical awareness that we have impinges on our righteousness from time to time and drives us wildly into evil things, into places where a man should never go, especially men inside whom you recline to aid us in our quest for good and righteous ways.
  14. So, all our righteousness, compared to your great glories, Lord, are filthy rags. They clothe us poorly, and instead of hiding all our faults, they amplify our wretchedness before your ever-seeing eyes of grace.
  15. As Adam's seeds, we die.
  16. Our days are numbered, Lord, by your decree.
  17. We all do fade like leaves which fall like our iniquities upon the wind. For in the end shall we be bound in funeral shrouds and buried in the dirt from whence we came, in which we wallowed, and in which you grant our final rest from this sharp ax of strife and happiness in which we walk so many days. Then cut you us asunder, and we fall.
  18. So many times, Oh Lord, none called upon your name within their hearts where you reside nor feel your violent sword within their hands against the foul oppressor. For you have hidden from us your empowering face.
  19. You have consumed us as a dinner you have served unto yourself, because of our iniquities.
  20. But now, Oh Lord, you are my father, and we are your soft clay, awaiting your deft potter's hands massaging from a mangled mass of clay the perfect forms of man bespeaking your grand frame and mind, as idols of your being, that you may see our travels, that we may now remind you of yourself as in your image we travail upon these worlds, as little children before parents sing and laugh, for we are all the workings of your hands.
  21. We pray our dealing, Lord, shall bring you pleasure and accomplishment, Oh Lord, that we shall ring within your father's heart, your handiwork, that in your holy workings shall be perceived in you the knowledge we were worth your love and time you spent with us each day.
  22. Be not angry at your children, Lord, and of the iniquities of Adam, there are many, yet we are like children stumbling through an untried field with stones that trip our every footstep.
  23. Look far beyond our falling, Lord.
  24. And please, Oh Lord, if it be your wish, bend down and lend your hand to Adam's tiny fingers. Pull us up and dust us off and smile into creation's innocence. Our eyes are yours. We looked into your face on Eden’s holy day when we were made by you, and we awakened from eternal death that first moment of our lives and gazed into your holiness and filled our hearts forever with your awesome loving eyes that gazed into our parts.
  25. You fill us with your love, and we respond.
  26. Make our iniquities fall from us like water from a bursting cloud that cleanses all the air and rends the world of evils, casting forth a savory odor of freshness and of life renewed wherein the rainbow of renewal sets forth its multicolored arch within the hanging water droplets in the changed and calmest skies.
  27. For at that rainbow's holy edge, do Adam's sons, by your own grace, my Lord, inhale the breath of goodness and resume our path in righteousness, renewed and strong in heart, and filled with your emerging mind.
  28. Oh Lord, your holy nation, Adam's seed, are a wilderness.
  29. America, England, Russia, France, the Isles, and all the rest of Europe lie in desolation's evil wintry grip.
  30. Our holy and our beautiful house which is our seed, our hearts, the place where you recline, wherein our fathers praised you, is burned up with fire and ash, and all our pleasantness with you laid waste.
  31. We pray, Oh Lord, that you restrain your anger over our iniquities, that for your children, you will hold back these afflictions, bring us all the peace which you have so righteously in your anger brought down upon the flesh of Adam, whom you loved, for with your loving hands created you him.
  32. Have us once again to frolic to and fro in laughter and in righteousness to bless your vision of your Adam seed, for, if you wipe us all away, you shall not have us anymore, and you might languish all of time without the comfort that our sweet and blushing childhood ways may bring to your parental, loving eyes.
  33. We pray, Oh Lord, come back and love us. Make us whole again, and let us feel your warmth, your love, your place inside our hearts


Chapter 65


The Lord's Answer; No Return Until Repentance


  1. Oh Adam, you are sad, for I am never sought by Adam's sons when times were good, as though the breaching of your nation's walls becomes my only calling card you carry in your pocket with my name upon it. For you did not think of me, until you suffered much, and then you found me right away.
  2. I say to you Adam, Behold me!, unto a nation that has not called within itself my name before.
  3. For I have spread my hands all day before rebellious sons of Adam who seem to walk forever in a way that is not good, not the way of the Lord, but that way that came from their bone-headed minds.
  4. Adam, you are a people that provoke me continually to my face, leading me to righteous anger. Someone must be righteous, for you are not.
  5. You worship all your idols--governments, power, information, money, propaganda, sports, and entertainment--and never listen to your hearts where I recline in wait to speak with you.
  6. For now, you know me not, unless you suffer. Then you come, and only for awhile.
  7. Adam signs his name on evil documents to gain possession of a home and car, then pays even for the money itself, not just the home and car, so that all of his time is spent in earning money for some serpent seeds in whom the rule of banking and of usury combines to slaughter Adam's future and build the wealth of all the evil ones on Adam's back.
  8. You wonder why you hurt, Adam. It is because you deal with false Jews who are not Jews but claim they are, with Negroes filled with hate for you as well, with Aborigines, Asians, Arabs, and all the other serpent seeds in whom I shall not dwell but loathe and long to kill. For they are sons of Satan, yet you mix with them, and, yea, you even mated with them here and there and cast me out from all their progeny. For in them and their bastard children dwell I never.
  9. Come out from among them, Adam, if you wish to find me, wish for me to save you. Within the realm of Satan's spawn, within these evil guests within your lands, these culls of man's iniquities, these filthy ones, you mixed the glorious blush of God's red wine of love, and force me through your eyes to look upon the forms of evil in your world. How could you torture me like this? Is it because you hate me? Do you hate yourself as well?
  10. You have cast away the blessing, drinking deeply of the serpent seed who poisoned your own soul, who sapped your strength, replaced your people with these bastard races dark and deep, these criminals who kill and steal and hurt you, the ones who bite your back and hope to wipe you out forever from this world.
  11. Why do you deal with them? Why do you let them serve you? Why do you purchase from them? Why would you even sell to them?
  12. Each time you sally forth so near to them, or shake their evil hands, or watch them in a movie on a screen, they poison you and me, for in your eyes I see them.
  13. They are disgusting to me. They are your shame. For those with whom you hang, so by them also shall I judge you. I shall hang you even from a rope. I shall hang these serpent seed you wander with as well.
  14. And I shall burn them and you in ovens so that the smoke fills the skies. The smoke shall fill my nostrils; it shall be a fine savor, for in its acrid stench I shall enjoy the taste of righteousness.
  15. Behold, your evil in mixing with the serpent seed is written before me. I will not keep silent about it. You have damned yourselves by your association with all the people of the devil, for all you know are Negroes, Aborigines, false Jews who claim that they are Jews but are not Jews and never were, Asians, Arabs, and the other serpent seeded minions.
  16. And, even worse, within your rotting heart, consumed by all this evil wantonness of gross disgusting creatures robed in human garments, dancing in your streets as equals to the Lord, you mouth the evil serpent bite of lies known as political correctness, because the serpent seed have poisoned you in teaching you to lie and never tell the truth, that there is something wrong with them, that they are evil incarnate.
  17. Your iniquities, the iniquities of your fathers, and of the serpent seed that you let wander in your lands has poisoned you to me. Now, you spend your time in search of gold and diamonds, of cars, and toys that sparkle in your homes, mere baubles next to me the Lord your God on whom you never call. For these mere things which you have fashioned with your hands replaces all the heavens I created free for you.
  18. Your lust for things has damned you. This is what you get for wandering amid the serpent seed. Their poison has invaded all your senses, and the Lord is lost to you by their despicable non-awareness.
  19. I say this to you, Adam: There is a new and tasteless wine amongst your vineyards and the fragrance of your cluster has it ruined, and yet, you say, Destroy it not, for a blessing is in its rottenness, and we, your blessed Adam's sons are lost inside it.
  20. For your sake, Adam, I shall not destroy you all, for a few of you are still my servants, those who do not work for serpent seeds, serve them, or buy their idols that consume their time and thoughts—those newspapers, governments, propaganda features, sports—which mesmerize you so and give you such despicable joy while all the serpent seed are placing more like them within your midst, telling you how wonderful they are, until that day they come to kill you all at once, as they have done in Russia, Israel, and China where their evil reigns in willful devilish homage to the darkness of their menial hearts.
  21. Instead, I bring out seeds of Adam yet untarnished. And I have placed them in the lands of all the Northern Europeans where the children blush each day. And my mountains which are nations hidden far atop the lesser ones, shall these elect inherit, and my servants in their hearts are dwelling there. And the Urals shall be a place for my people to lie down with all their flocks. So, shall they recline in majesty within the Caucasus, the Alpines, Transvaal, Appalachians, and the New Zealander's fjord mountain peaks above the crystalline bay. On hills around the globe, I shall assemble them.
  22. No mamzer born shall come to harm them, for the edges of their hills I make so steep that even goats cannot access them there. For in their hearts am I hidden, and in my heart, my world, I hide them well against the evil forces.
  23. I shall hide them in Ohio, Massachusetts, Cornwall, Chelsea, Brittany, Norway, Finland, Saxony, Czech, Ukraine, Siberia, and other places, so that all the world shall have them near for that great day in which my arm comes down with sword in hand to smash the forces of the serpent seed, dash out their brains, until not one escapes perdition's darkening hold, so all their seed shall die before my holy mountain, as Adam's hand comes down to send them packing from the earth forever more.
  24. I have prepared a table for my troops where a drink offering of wine, the blush of Adam, flows upon the napkin.
  25. For I have numbered all their men. For not one of them shall I allow to perish.
  26. All shall live.
  27. As for the rest of you, who are convinced of mamzers, thinking they are equal to the men of God, so also have I numbered you, but not to live, but to the sword I numbered you. And you shall all bow down to the slaughter, because when I called you did not come. You did not even answer me. When I spoke, you did not hear. You did evil in my eyes; you chose those in whom I did not delight. Therefore, my servants who love me shall eat, but you shall be hungry; they shall drink, but you shall always thirst; they shall rejoice, but you shall be ashamed;
  28. Behold, my servants in whose heart I live, how they sing for joyful hearts, yet you cry for the sorrow in your hearts and wail for your vexed spirits, for these things and people whom you love are evil, not of me, and those who are not of me have no joy, but only the pretense thereof.
  29. And you shall give up your name that bound you to me for you are a curse at the lips of my servants for your have admitted the darkness of the serpent seed into the sanctuary of your hearts instead of me. For I, the Lord God, shall slay you, and I shall forever call his servants by the name of Adam's sons. But you shall I number as the serpent seed in which you mixed and ruined yourselves.
  30. Remember, he who blesses himself in the good things of the earth shall bless himself in the God of truth, and he who did not do this shall be taken away forever.
  31. In the great cleansing of the world, the former troubles are forgotten.
  32. For in their annihilation of total death at my hands and those of my servants they are now hidden forever from the eyes of Adam.


New Heavens and New Earth


  1. For behold, I create new heavens and new earths, even this earth on which you wander, and the old heavens and the old earth shall be forgotten, nor shall come to mind, nor shall be remembered except within this book.

    Millennial Conditions in the Renewed Earth with Curse Removed


  3. Now, rejoice and be glad forever in all that I create anew. For, behold, the sons of Adam, all around the world rejoice.
  4. And I will rejoice in the heavens and the earths, for all my Northern European People, men of Adam, blushing faces red with wine of my own Godly love which pours across his smiling children's faces, for Adam and his wife shall blush. Never shall the serpent sleep with her or him or any of their kind again, for I the Lord protect them all from Satan's curses.
  5. There shall be no more infants dying in their cribs, nor old men who die before they fill their allotted days. The child shall live one hundred years, and if he live with me inside to teach him, years of happiness and joy, if not, one hundred years of tears and curses.
  6. And if anyone look back on serpent seed and wonder, him shall you kill lest he bring the curse again upon you by his thoughts.
  7. And they shall build houses and live in them and not owe a cent of interest; and of the vineyards and fields, they shall plant them and shall eat all of their produce themselves.
  8. No one shall build what another inhabits.
  9. No one shall sow and another reap and eat of it.
  10. For the days like trees are long and lean, and my hard people shall live many years and prosper, bending with the winds and never breaking.
  11. They shall not work in vain, nor cause trouble with anyone; for they are the seed of the blessed of the Lord, and their children with them.
  12. And it shall come to pass that before they call I will already answer them; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear.
  13. The animals such as cougars and tigers shall sleep with their prey, even with the lambs and calves, and the lion shall eat straw like the bull, but the serpent shall eat nothing. They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain, says the Lord.
  14. For the peace shall I make perfect peace. And all things that live and all other things I have created shall be perfect.


Chapter 66


The Lord, Whose Throne is in Heaven, Rebukes Hypocrisy, Relates the Past, Speaks of Adam’s Glorious Future, and the Total Defeat and Separation of the Serpent Seed, Who Shall Be Removed Forever, Never To Again Bite Adam’s Back Nor to Kill Him Out in the Future Times


  1. Thus says the Lord unto Adam:
  2. Your heart is my throne where I rule, and your life is my footstool where I walk within these worlds I have built with my own hands along with your mind and your body.
  3. For all those things have I made with my own hands, even you, and everything that has ever been I have created; but to Adam will I look for comfort and to give it, even to the poorest, most contrite of his children, or to he who is the bravest; to all of Adam's sons who love me as I love them, at my word do they tremble, and for my every thought are their feelings, eyes, and ears awakened, for they live to be with me.
  4. He of Adam who works with a mamzer--be he a Negro, false Jew who claims to be a Jew but yet who is not a Jew, Asian, Aborigine, Arab, or other non-European man--shall be as a murderer of his own children in my eyes.
  5. He who purchases from serpent seed people shall be as one who gives money to a pagan shrine, for he is wasting his money and his people by giving funds to his enemy who wishes him to die.
  6. He who watches entertainment created by a serpent seed is he who is polluted by the mind of Satan's sons.
  7. He who worships money and accumulates it for his wealth is like the one who blesses an idol.
  8. He who respects government, respects not me, for I am his only government, and all others are lesser than I am, for if I guide him not in righteousness in his heart, how then can someone outside him guide him in righteousness?
  9. Yea, they have chosen their own idols, their own ways, ways that are not of the Lord, for their egos are like mountains.
  10. Their soul delights in their own abominable acts.
  11. Yet to perform my acts which I will for them, these do they not consider, for they are willful and obstinate, and therefore are they sinful beyond compare.
  12. I will visit them with delusions, with irrational fears that will haunt them day and night as punishment for their rejection of my ways and all their willful intentions to create a world without their Lord.
  13. Because, when I am called none did answer; when I spoke, they did not hear.
  14. Instead, they did evil things before my eyes. They chose integration with the devil man, the mamzer, the serpent seeds, the ones whom I detest, the sons of perdition's ruler, Satan, in whose stead they walk to harm my people, Adam's sons. And Adam's sons chose all other things in which I am not delighted, giving their nations to Satan and the non-Adamic folk, whose souls are empty and devoid of God, in whom, the seed of Satan swirls, lusting for Adam's death and gross annihilation. So the good of Adam is rewarded by his death and dying at their evil hands.
  15. Hear the word of the Lord, you who tremble at his word: Your visitors hate you; they seek to cast you out in Satan's name, because you live for my name's sake which is their Underlord. For I am God, and they are Satan's folk.
  16. But the Lord says: Let them glorify me, all the sons of Adam in whose flesh I breathe, in whose hearts I recline and teach the way of good. The Lord in your heart appears to your joy, and the serpent seed shall be ashamed and so shall all the sons of Adam whose lives were spent in things instead of in the Lord within themselves.
  17. For you are living in a sacred war. This is a war for annihilation. When the end comes, only one of these peoples shall survive. It is up to you to fight, to determine whether you survive or whether the cunning deceivers known as serpent seed, who are the sons of Satan, are all that stands upon these worlds, these galaxies which I the Lord created.
  18. A voice of noise in the evil cities where the mamzers come and go, killing and stealing, a voice from the temples of the evil ones where God shows not his face, the voice of the Lord inside his people's hearts, who renders death to his enemies, his sword held high and flashing red blood drops within the charging mamzer hordes of Satan's folk, those ones who wish to kill the Lord, and kill his Adam, for they hate the Lord and all he stands upon, even creation itself.

    Adam's Nation Reborn in a Day


  20. Before your wives travailed, even as you fought in battle to destroy the mighty raging hordes of Satan's lust, the mamzer troops that charged in maddening elixirs through your gushing sword-drenched military lines, she brought forth Adams to replace you, filled with me.
  21. Before her pain came, she brought forth a man-child, he who fought beside you, saved your life a thousand times, his sword held high, blood dripping from its gory razor edge.
  22. Who of you has known this thing or even heard it?
  23. Who has paused in battle, seen his thousand children take his place? Shall my created worlds be made to bring forth in one day the bloody man-child of Redemption? Or shall a nation of Adams be born at once? For as soon as Adam's wives travailed, she brought forth all her children.
  24. Shall I bring to the birth all my promises for Adam, then reject the seed before it is even born, asks the Lord? Shall I cause Adam to be born again, then close the womb and still the future times for Adam's breath, asks the Lord again?

    Joy in Adam's Nations in the New Creation


  26. Of these things the Lord has said:
  27. In Russia and England do Adam's sons reborn suckle the teats of their mother; in France and Australia, come the children holding to their mother's hands, blushing in their faces;.
  28. The United States, devoid of armies, sports the masculine blushing fathers sporting with their sons upon the open fields;
  29. The Viking Lands abound with children as their parents look within and fondle all the Lord has placed within their hearts, their children laughing in the ocean spray's delights.
  30. For in these lands no serpent seeds are left, nor in the world itself
  31. In all these lands, my people are a nursery, where children come and grow to our delight. Soon every acre in the world shall hold the footsteps of Godly families, and Adam's gift of God within his breath shall brighten all the world. Nurse these children well, and send them with me to their future worlds within the stars, for I created for you trillions and trillions of planetary systems where you shall soon sail and live, where no men of the serpent seed shall be, for as I promised, they are gone forever.
  32. For your mothers' breasts within each nation shall I utilize to fill you to the brim with consolation so that you might drink deeply of the Lord inside each mother's heart, another byway through which I may pass into your lives; so be delighted in the vast and beauteous abundance of her glory.
  33. For I, the Lord, say: Behold, I will extend peace to her like a river, and the glory of your many nations like a flowing stream; so, shall you be nursed, borne upon her sides, and bounced upon her knees.
  34. As a man whom his mother comforts, Adam, so shall I comfort you, and in these worlds I give you, feel your comfort. Now shall your heart rejoice in the Lord, for your abundance given by him through you.
  35. Your bones shall be strong as steel, your heart like the finest alloyed elements, sure and paced, your bones shall never break again.
  36. By herbs shall you be healed and kept alive. Fresh foods shall be your dinners each and every day.
  37. The hand of the Lord shall be with you, both to teach and to administer justice.
  38. You shall have few enemies, for by my fire and by his sword will the Lord protect you.
  39. He shall come in fire and ice, with his chariot wheels spinning in a golden whirlwind flashing through the skies, for his anger shall be rendered in fury, and his rebukes in fiery flames.
  40. For by fire and by his sword will the Lord plead his case with all flesh; and those slain by the Lord shall fall in many places.
  41. Those who destroy themselves, and despise themselves in the gardens of evil, by eating overly-fatted flesh, pouring sugars on their plates, who fatten like a sow, and bow to the tree of unhealthiness shall be consumed in the grossness of their every meal and die a lonesome death.
  42. Those who bow their knees to greed and seek to own more than they need, they shall die young.
  43. For I know their works and their thoughts. They are retrofits of serpent seed, each filled with chaos and the evil tuning fork that sends out messages that lure another then another to their deadly tune of greed within them.
  44. Thus, shall come a time in which I shall gather all the nations of Adam and they shall see my glory.
  45. And I will set a sign among them once again, the blush within their faces filled with me, and I will send my fury unto those who have been retrofitted to the evil ways, for I shall not allow it in these worlds.
  46. And those whom I allow to escape my wrath shall be so afraid, that they shall escape to many quarters of the earth and tell all Adams there of my vast glory and my awesomeness that I may easily unleash against them.
  47. And they, too, shall come into their hearts to see me and train all their children likewise wherein the chariots of God himself with golden swirling wheels shall mete out ecstasies within the sons of Adam all about; and they shall ride on ponies, horses, mules, and swift beasts to spread their knowledge, teaching others how to find me in their Adam hearts, and how within their breath I live forever.
  48. And they shall close the temples, churches, mosques, cathedrals, basilicas, and synagogues and send the priests and rabbis home to honest jobs. For no one in these worlds have need of these.
  49. For I am in their hearts, and no one profits in these worlds, except through love and life.

    Forever in God's Presence


  51. For as the new heavens and the new earths and planets, which I will make, shall remain within me, says the Lord to Adam's children, so shall your seed and your name remain along with your blessed blush of red wine love that says to all that I recline inside your glorious hearts.
  52. And it shall come that from each moon to another, from each Adam to his son, shall I come through you, by your glorious seed, to visit you, and teach you everything you need to know, and all flesh in which you reside shall come into these worlds alive and holy and shall worship in me.
  53. They shall sail forth into new galaxies in tiny ships, looking back upon the carcasses of the men that have transgressed against me preserved in their electronic histories; for the memory of this worm shall not die, neither shall their evil fires be quenched, for integration, immigration, and miscegenation of the seeds of Adam beside the vile abhorrent flesh of devilish men, who are the serpent seed, who are the anti-Godly of this world, who hate the Sons of Adam, and who seek to annihilate the sons of Adam's love, and in whom no God resides, their memories shall be abomination unto all of Adam's flesh.



  55. The war of utter annihilation between Adam and the serpent seed is won.
  56. The serpent seed have ended, never to return.
  57. The sons of Adam who are shining lights into the many universes I have made shall live forever in the stars, communing in my soul, and in their laughing children find I joy at last as Adam rests in me upon these myriad worlds.