The American Bible
Copyright 2003 by Frank Weltner. All Rights Reserved.


The land was fertile and good. But the people let unfertile souls enter their lands from strange nations, people unlearned in their ways. These persons brought strange cultures and corrupted the good ones. Through the concept of equality, those not equal were thus unfairly elevated to high positions, and, making bad decisions, brought the land to waste.

And prophets sprang up to protest. They were beaten down and defamed in the presses. NEWS stations, owned by persons who were not really on the side of the good ones, but instead wanted to bring them low and enslave them through destroying their progenies, penned articles and presented false commentators who either misread their sayings or ignored them entirely. Thus were the prophets beaten back, mostly ignored, kept hidden from their own people by the evil ones who dominated all the methods of communication and used them well. They edited these prophets of doom out and liquidated them as unwanted assets. And so, the people never heard their leaders who knew the means of their recovery, who might have saved them.

Year by year, the bad seeds entered their lands, filling their cities with hostile and unruly workers, mostly persons who preferred living on state doles which had to be supplied by the sweat of the original inhabitants who had caused the land to thrive.

The bad seeds soaked up the wealth of the land, producing more and more babies, many of whom grew up to become criminals, committing vile crimes against their fellow men, women, and children, children who, as men, sold narcotics to children, robbed stores, killed their wives and children in rage, and who filled the prisons where they were housed, watched, and fed at state expense which had to be paid on the backs of the good ones. And at prison, where they found a good one, they raped him.

The good ones who were fortunate, in the beginning, to own land or a home, were ruined by loans from bankers who were in collusion at the highest ranks of government where the law makers were corrupted to the banking side, the dark side of the nation. Although contracts for loans may have been marketed well so that they seemed to the farmers to be opportunities to better themselves, the bankers knew otherwise. They wrote their loans as financial traps, as chattel agreements whereby family farms would be forfeit to themselves in cases where loans could not be repaid, even if by natural causes such as drought, floods, or prairie fires, over which no farmer has the slightest control. And thus, because of things over which no man has any personal means to manage or make good, a few men, owning many banks, were able to take all the land of the counties, bearing the signed papers to judges who were owned by them also, insuring that justice would be done the way bankers wanted justice done, so they could own everything and bring to waste an entire culture to satiate their endless greed for control and wealth.

These bankers were, for the most part, bad seed that had been allowed into the lands under various edicts of tolerance whereby very dangerous persons were to be treated as equals under the law, so that persons wishing to not have their communities contaminated could never do anything to protect themselves and their children from their evil influences.

So these bad seeds unwanted by the good ones were spread throughout the land through unwise laws, which on the surface seemed virtuous, but when applied to cover the non-virtuous with equal propriety, allowed evil persons to walk freely among the good ones, and everything they said was reported by their friends in the NEWS media, and everything the good ones said was ignored and never reported. And so there was no way for the land to heal itself, for there was no communication, no warnings, and thus the good ones went about their lives unmindful of the engulfing evil that was befalling them.

A prophet and seer named John, who was from a small town in Western Nebraska, came to the town of Liberal, Kansas, speaking of the end to come, saying to whomever might listen, "Take heed for the dust storms of the Depression which blotted out the Sun in Kansas for days on end are like pure daylight now in comparison to the total darkness that our enemies have now eclipsed onto the good people of Kansas, leaving them in total darkness and despair."

"You have been blinded by your leaders who are in the paid employment of your enemies. They say they represent you. But they do not. They represent those who pay them, no one else."

"How many of you has sat down with a Congressman or Mayor or Governor or even with an Alderman at dinner and been asked how you want them to vote on even a single issue? Almost none of you has ever done this."

"Yet you continue to say they ‘represent’ you when you know they do not. None of you can argue they are representatives, because to represent you, you have to be friends with them, and you know they want nothing to do with you, for they are never around you. Instead, they are up there, in the halls of government, postured high above you, peering down, yet they see you not."

"For you are not in the thoughts of your leaders. They have forgotten you in their rush to power and riches."

"You are like a man who entrusted himself to an unbroken horse and was crushed against a tree or a wall, because the horse refused to be ridden but instead wished to rid himself of you, even thought he understood that it meant your immediate death, disfiguration, or dismemberment. So, does a Congressman rub you off from his back and stomp you when you are at ground level with his filthy hooves, showing how you are so far beneath his powerful position over you."

"I will say this also, that you are like a woman who is pregnant and does not know the father of her child. When she has the child, it grew up to be a bad person, yet she was good. How then, do good parents have bad children? Does the infant not reflect the seed from which it grew? So, if the woman does not know the father, how can she know her own child and what it might be, whether good or evil, for if evil is placed inside her seeds, then weeds will grow from her, weeds difficult to train, impossible to trim."

"There was a man in our city who tried to speak like I am doing. He told me in confidence that he was continuously beaten. I asked him how this could be since I saw no scars or bruises, and he seemed perfectly fit and healthy. He said, ‘There are worse beatings than with fists, branches, clubs, knives, and guns. There is the beating of a man by refusing to repeat what he says for fear of offending others or for some other unproven trifle. There is the beating of a man by removing him from the purview of his fellows, so that when he speaks, his words are heard by one or two when, in effect there are millions with ears to hear and eyes to see which, because he does not own the means of reaching them, are lost to him.’"

"I say this also, that you are without a mouth or a tongue, because you are so numerous that it requires an entire newspaper staff or NEWS staff to prepare what you have said that your fellow citizens might hear you. Because your enemies own these NEWS facilities and protect them from you with locks and guards, you have been devoiced, and your freedom to speak does not exist."

"Yes, you are free to speak to whomever is on the phone with you or to someone on a street corner or in a restaurant. However, in today’s world, no one hearing you on a street corner would even stop to listen. In a restaurant, if you stood up to speak to the diners, the owner would remove you so you would not further disturb their death slumber. And, when you speak to a person on a telephone, he is probably watching television or working on his computer or masturbating and so he hears nothing you have said."

"You are a beaten and strung out people, a nation of sheep who are driven by the dogs of other nations, dogs whose pasts and presents are not like yours, but who have cleverly owned your banks and the means of freely printing money to loan to you at interest and have thereby purchased all you own with contracts, including all of your farms, homes, and NEWS facilities using money printed freely to them at the U.S. Treasury, but to them only, and never to you."

"They control the money in which you trade goods and services. While you are sweating for your money, they are simply printing theirs, for they have the right to order the money from the U.S. Treasury, but you do not. So, equality, in American life is a lie. For they are more equal than you, and since money is the measure of power and wealth, and they are able to trade in money and to even order it made for them, but you have to earn yours, you will always be under their heels."

In Goodland, John camped beside a dried up stream where nothing had grown for several years, and a number of those who were following him, whom people had said were Apostles to his teachings, gathered in groups and talked behind his back, saying, "This man is dangerous. In talking this way, we are placing ourselves into the noose of the Federal Conspiracy Laws. If they prosecute him, they will prosecute us for being with him. They might even prosecute our mothers and fathers for having known us, and that we had been with him, suspecting that we talked about his views in private to them, and they did nothing to report us."

A man named Derek who was born with a deformed hand, one who slithered like a serpent when he walked, and so was called "snake" by his friends, heard them talking, so he said, "A man who is dangerous can do great harm to his friends. One of my best buddies was with a friend who robbed a store late at night. All he did was drive the car. A man was killed in the store, and he had not known of it, that there was going to be a robbery, yet he was placed in jail, and he is waiting for the hangman’s noose even today."

John heard them in his soul, for he often knew what others thought, or so he knew inside himself, for John was reputed to be telepathic and to understand thoughts, although they were not spoken aloud to him. Kneeling on the soil, John’s hands reached deep into the continent’s heart, feeling the power of nature, saying, in his soul, "Oh, land of fathers, forever changing, listen to the men about you, for they speak evil of me and would sell your richness as property, not knowing how you are living beings made from many, yet one."

And John came up from his prayer and talked with one group of men whose names were Bill, Frank, David, and Ben, and all of whom were dressed in Levi’s. "Do not say that I am dangerous, for the most dangerous things about you are your own minds. There are places deep inside you of which you have not developed the knowledge of control necessary for men to be wise. Someday, in another time, perhaps, you will awaken with such knowledge. First, you must know the will of the land and people around you, know it in your inner heart, let your mind meander down the highways on the sides of which live many people, and, in connecting them into a greater ideal, you will immerse yourself in a higher understanding of the interconnectedness of yourself to all of this, the world in which you live."

"Right now, at this moment, you are in agony, although you may not know it. This hurtfulness comes from inside you, for there is a loneliness born of emptiness which is the unfulfillment of the knowledge you need to understand more than you will ever need. That knowledge is there to be grasped, but like the seeds of the grasses on these prairies and the acorns falling from a tree in the midwestern mountains, you must be there when the moment of ripeness comes, for, if you miss that time, the dropping of the seeds, that pristine moment between the promise and the fulfillment of the seed’s destiny, that moment of birthing, will never come again."

John motioned for them to follow him. He took a stick and dug into the dry bed of the creek which had not shown any water since the last rain. "Although the rain falls, the land flows with water, then all becomes dry and evil again, so that no life can be sustained by it. However, the seed of the rain remains locked forever in the soil. Look, as I dig with my stick how the water comes to it." And in a few moments, water began to fill the hole where John was digging into the sandy soil. "This is the secret of America, that life itself is contained in all of its layers, because, if this were not true, then death would eventually, being so permanent, soon rule this land, and no life could come of it, only death."

John paused. "I was born of the wetness you see by the stick brought forth, and, like the water coming to the penetration of this wooden twig, also, the life of which I am a part, came forth in the watery well of my mother where I dwelt in situ, waiting for the day I would emerge."

"The sky above, the earth below. Both are the same. Both are united. They only seem to the untrained eye to be differentiated. Instead, they are halves of the same whole, quarters to halves, and so on down to the nimblest quark. For each of us comes from nothingness, as did the universe itself, for in that nothingness is the spark of God. Otherwise, there would have to be nothing forever. Therefore, we know that Nothing is the stuff of God, He is both is and is not, and, it does not matter if we are in our moment of seeing God or in the moment of transcending him, for, whatever is, IS, and whatever IS NOT, also IS, and FOREVER."

"For NOTHING is lost, for NOTHING is always moving into BECOMING or BEING, as are YOU and I. WE are together becoming something new each moment of our lives. When we come together, our beings merge into a larger group of us, and, when we exit, our beings separate, yet do NOT separate. Something of our meetings leave with us, changing us forever. For NOTHING is lost and everything is moving into BEING."