The American Bible
Copyright 2003 by Frank Weltner. All Rights Reserved.

America is an idea in the making. She has been distorted many times. Even today, evil persons have entered into her heartland with the sole purpose of corrupting her people and destroying them.

Only through study and eternal vigilance of America's historical and emotional past, armed with the force of divinely inspired narratives from within America herself, a force laced with all of the verbal power that her on-going cultural wars can paint inside a human heart, can the forces of evil which have entered our nation in these recent Trojan horses of unsafe immigration ever be driven out entirely.

This American Bible is the soul of our nation. It was written from forces inside her heart. For all who live here and elsewhere who are bent on her destruction, take heed of these books. Some of  those who are here belong here. Some of those who are here do not belong here. In the apocalyptic future envisioned in this bible, those who do not belong will leave these shores, so that their poison will no longer infect us and bring us to ruin.

The main enemy of America's spirit is suppression of ideas which protect the interests of the majority. Political Correctness is the personification of the Anti-America we have always feared. She is the tyrant that kills us, hidden inside the Trojan horses placed here inside the foreigners who live amongst us and plot our ruin, for she hides us from our wounds while these foreigners who hate us bleed us out and lead us to our eventual death throes.

The American Bible...

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The American Isaiah: Visions of Michael Worley of Des Arc, Missouri  
The American Psalms 
The Book of Kansas
The Revelations of Weltner
The Book of Theologica Americana